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Super Truck Racer is a 3D Truck Racing game which is thrilling aswell as entertaining for those who want to enjoy the truckingsimulator and driving. Play the Super Truck Racer and enjoy thefeeling of driving a super truck. It is a simple 3D Truck Driving& Racing Championship game. You have to install the game,select your Truck, and Start the Race. As soon the race starts, youare to keep winning in order to unlock the new driving and racingtracks.

App Information Super Truck Racer - 3D Racing

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    Super Truck Racer - 3D Racing
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    March 28, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Terjemahan Al Quran Bahasa Melayu MP3 Bacaan Al Quran mp3 (audio)dan terjemahan dalam bahasa MelayuAl Quran dan Terjemahan bahsaMelayu MP3 OfflineAl Quran MP3 Melayu adalah aplikasi Quran Kareemterkini dengan terjemahan dalam bahasa Malaysia. Melalui aplikasiini, anda boleh membaca Quran Kareem dengan bahasa Malaysia, danmendengar bacaan yang indah dengan terjemahan audio. Berikut adalahciri aplikasi ini:1 - Terjemahan penuh Quran Kareem dalam bahasaMalaysia dan Inggeris2 - Transliterasi penuh Quran dan Majeed untukmemahami pengucapan (Tajwid) Ayats3 - Bacaan Audio MP3 114 SurahsQuran dengan terjemahan audio4 - Dengar Tilawat al-Quran yang indahdengan suara Qari Mishari Rashid Al Afsay5- Anda boleh menukarTranslation, Transliteration, Font Saiz dan tuk dalampermohonanJadi memuat turun aplikasi Quran ini direka indah denganterjemahan dalam Melayu dan Mp3 bacaan , dan berkongsi supaya andaboleh mendapatkan rahmat Allah.____________________________________________________________________________________AlQuran MP3 Melayu is a latest Quran Kareem app with translation inMalaysian language. Through this app, you can read Quran Kareemwith Malaysian language, and listen beautiful recitation with audiotranslation. Here are the features this app:1 – Full translation ofQuran Kareem in Malaysian and English2 – Full transliteration ofQuran e Majeed to understand pronunciation (Tajwid) of Ayahs3 – MP3Audio recitation of 114 Surahs of Quran with audio translation 4 –Listen beautiful Tilawat of Quran in voice of Qari Mishari RashidAl Afsay5- You can change the Translation, Transliteration, FontSize and Reciters in applicationSo download this beautifullydesigned Quran application with Translation in Melayu and Mp3recitation, and share so you can get blessings of Allah.
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Step Counter (Pedometer) is a basic smart fitness application whichcan be used to record the number of steps you have walked anddisplays them again along with the number of calories that you haveburned, distance, and walking time. With multiple walking mode, thebiggest feature of this application is 30 days running challenge.For someone who is wondering ways on how to lose weight, this 30days running challenge cannot only be good for weight loss, butalso, you will run into shape and develop a habit of daily runningand walking for fitness. It is an easy to use Pedometer app thatyou will start according to selected mode and start walking orrunning. It will correctly record the number of steps you will takewhile walking or running. In addition, its calorie calculator willdisplay the number of Calories burned during the fitness runningand walking. How to Use STEP COUNTER: - On the main navigation, Goto “Settings” of pedometer app - On the app settings screen, enteryour Body Weight as calories burned are measured considering yourbody mass index (BMI). - On the same screen, From the Exercise ModeType, select the Pedometer for Running or Walking as per yourfitness schedule. - Now on the navigation screen, select STEPCOUNTER to start pedometer. Press “Start” button and enter mobileinside your pocket and start your exercise. (Note: In order to workthis accurately, use or attach your smartphone with you where thestep tracker can sense your walking or running activity) - Oncedone running, stop the pedometer and it will save your step counterrecord. 30 Days Running Challenge: 30 Days challenge is a specialfeature added to this pedometer application for those who want todevelop a habit of running daily and those who want to quickly loseweight particularly belly fat. You are given a 30 days running planwith daily Goals. Each target should be achieved within 24 hours.By the end of this 30 days, you will definitely feel thedifference. History As you exercise daily, the application dailytracks your steps and saves in the history section. So you can keepa check on your walking and running activity anytime. Features 1 -Shows Calories, Number of Steps Recorded with Time i.e. StepsTracker 2 - Shows Multiple Records for the same date 3 - Runningand Walking Mode 4 – 30 Days Running Challenge for weight loss 5 –Accurately Calculates Calories Burned using Body Mass Index FeatureInstall this Pedometer app and get your fitness running steps onrecord.
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Translate English to Tagalog (Filipino) with Help of TagalogTranslator and Filipino Dictionary. English to Tagalog Dictionaryand Translator (FILIPINO Dictionary & Translator) is an offlinetool to find meanings of English words and sentences in Tagaloglanguage. The Filipino Dictionary contains the meanings ofthousands of English words with their accurate meanings in Tagalog.In addition, you will be able to see the perfect use of that wordwith example. Moreover, the English to Tagalog dictionary andTranslator gives you the Antonym and Synonym of that particularword. It is a fast offline Tagalog Dictionary that you can downloadand start finding the Tagalog translation and meanings of theEnglish words. Furthermore, you can listen the audio of the word toknow the accurate pronunciation. Here is a brief overview ofEnglish Tagalog Dictionary: 1 - Fast English to Tagalog TranslatorWith the Tagalog Translator, you can translate English to Tagalog(Filipino) language quickly and accurately. 2 – Enrich Vocabularywith Word of The Day This app will daily notify and alert you witha WORD OF THE DAY. That is basically to increase your Englishvocabulary with their meanings/translation, Antonym and Synonym inTagalog. 3 – Fast Word Search Engine With thousands of words andtheir English meanings, you will find English to Tagalog Dictionarya very fast tool. All you need is to start typing in search bar andit will automatically start suggesting you the word you are lookingfor. 4 –Search History Every word you search in this app isautomatically stored in the History section so you can later findout the words you have searched. 5 – Favorites In addition, if youpersonally want to save some words there is an option to Favoriteso you can later revisit your favorite Words with their FilipinoMeanings. 6 – Thesaurus’ Thesaurus is the most unique feature ofthis app through which you can select an alphabet and find allrelated words. So install this free Filipino Dictionary andTranslator Offline and Start Increasing your Vocabulary for BetterEnglish Understanding and translation.
Girl Fight Monsters on the Run 1.0 APK
Girl Fight Monsters on The Run is a subway fighting and adventuregame in which the beautiful girl has to fight and kill monsters andDracula on the run. It is one of those monsters fighting game inwhich the girl has to do wrestling with monsters and creepycreatures on the run using Punches, Kicks, power punch and flipkicks.Not only the girl has to fight with monsters on the run, butalso needs to cross through the difficult obstacles such asswinging bars, moving sharp edge needles, and iron rods that cankill your girl on the run.Your target is to avoid and smartly passthrough these obstacles while running and then killing themonsters, enemies and robot fire Dracula.Enjoy and Play anincredible flight simulator designed fighting game for lovers ofGirl fighting and wrestling with monsters, Dracula and robots likestreet fighting games.If you are confused on how to play this, thenhere is how you should use the controls in order to avoid obstaclesand kill monsters on the run.Game Controls:- To Move forward andback use navigation buttons on the left bottom corner of thescreen- To make the girl run, double tap the forward navigationbutton- Press “X” for left kick while “Y” is for Girl's Right Kick-Similarly use “A” for left hand punch and “B” for right hand punch-Also, to power Flip Kick the enemies, double tap “Y”- And doubletap “B” to Power Punch and kill the scary creatures- Swipe up onthe screen is for jumping up the Girl to avoid obstacles.Enjoy Girlfighting in a way that you've never actually feel the power in yourfists, your opponent hits the hard as you can, be sharp on thecontrols, smartly avoid obstacles, kill the monsters, Dracula androbots, and do not let anyone get in your way.
Rabbit Runner 3D 1.0 APK
Rabbit Runner is Smart 3D Subway running game in which your targetis to run the rabbit and help it to escape hurdles, eat carrots,enjoy vegetables, and collect coins as to keep the game going.Enjoythis endless running and entertaining game.
Block Puzzle - Drag & Fit Blocks in Right Space 1.2 APK
Block Puzzle is a very simple and addictive android game, you needonly drag blocks and fit them into right space in order to earnpoints. Block Puzzle is an old style free puzzle game that ishighly addictive and classic when it comes to slide puzzle games tokill time. Unlike other puzzle block and sliding games, this blockgame is smart and features only 10 levels but are highlychallenging. How to Play Block Puzzle Game Here is how to play thisclassic Block Puzzle game and enjoy:1 – Drag and slide the puzzleblocks to move left and right2 – Drag down or use Fast button todrop the blocks to fill up the empty puzzle block walls3 – Tap onScreen to rotate the screen4 – Play and score quickly5 – Beat HighScore and try to challenge your playing skillsMore levels of BlockPuzzle games are coming soon and with advanced Game centre andArcade style puzzle blocks. Install now and play this will take youback to the childhood. Besides on main menu screen, you can turn onthe sound which is amazing background music. The background ofBlock Puzzle game is one of its unique type that will make you fallin love with tettris and this gameplay.
Super Truck Racer - 3D Racing 1.0 APK
Super Truck Racer is a 3D Truck Racing game which is thrilling aswell as entertaining for those who want to enjoy the truckingsimulator and driving. Play the Super Truck Racer and enjoy thefeeling of driving a super truck. It is a simple 3D Truck Driving& Racing Championship game. You have to install the game,select your Truck, and Start the Race. As soon the race starts, youare to keep winning in order to unlock the new driving and racingtracks.
Learn Chinese Language in Urdu 1.1 APK
Learn Chinese is a latest education app that focuses on teachingChinese language to Urdu Speakers. For those Pakistani Urdu andEnglish speakers who want to learn Chinese Language, they shouldinstall this amazing Chinese Language learning app in Urdu andEnglish. This will step by step enable you to learn Chinese withAudio pronunciation.You will learn Chinese in Urdu in the followingway:1 - Chinese Vocabulary in Urdu - There is a great collection ofChinese Words with Their Chinese Pronunciation in audio andtransliteration.2 - Phrases in Chinese -With urdu examples, youwill learn phrases in Chinese with their audio pronunciation.3 -Conversations - Also learn how to completely speak in Chinese withother people. There is a great collection of situations in whichyou may want to speak in Chinese. Learn it and you will be able tospeak chinese in different situations.Why LEARN CHINESE? Becausewith CPEC in PAKISTAN, a great number of job openings are about tostart and there is great opportunity for those who know how tospeak in Chinese. So install this will help you get job with someChinese company.