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The universes of blocky multiverse has aligned togetherandcollided. An even bigger collision than the previous collision.Theheroes of each blocky universes crafted their path to thediamondplanet world in the center of the multiverse. The strongestandmost powerful heroes are picked to fight in this blockymultiversearena. The end is near. Champions gathered together tofight in skyisland to find out who is the strongest hero ever The12 heroes ofthe many universes has come to fight each other. Fromthe brutaland incredible Smash Monster, to the cunning, fast andfast hero,Thunder Speedster to the heroic, Captain Megastar. Thebattlesbetween heroes on the sky island is inevitable. The battleofsuperheroes is about to clash in an massive proportion! Features:-Become superhero / supervillain! - Battle in awesome arena!-Simple and nice blocky 3D graphics! - Ultra awesome gameplay!-Many heroes to pick! From Flying Superhero, Black Whip, GiantHero,Spider Cyborg to Thunder Speedster, Justice Mech, X-Wolf,ViolentLightning and many more! - One of the best 3D action game of2021Play this crafty game of superhero champions blockymultiversearena!

App Information Superhero Champions: Blocky Multiverse

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    Superhero Champions: Blocky Multiverse
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    July 4, 2021
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Nixerd Hero
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Flying Superhero: Blocky World 0.6 APK
Nixerd Hero
Since the Incredible Smash Monster attack on Blocky World,theblocky world has become an unsafe place for everyone to crafttheirbuildings. The blocky evil company of Amazing Dead Ropes andhisrobots has risen. They plan to remove the evil and acting ashomecoming vigilante. Flying Superhero, aka Delta Man is thepolicebest warrior. This super hero with superhuman power willbepowerful enough to destroy mutant Smash Monster from Crime Cityandthe evil company of Dead Rope Hero and his futuristic robot.Theevil company of Dead Rope is planning to stop the crimethemselves,but they are also a threat on their own. They will tryto mineevery diamond, gold, iron, steel and copper in exchange offalsesafety they give to the people of block world. It's up totheblocky world cops and Flying Superhero to stop both criminalsandmafia of blocky world. Features: - Craft your own destiny!-Survive in the blocky arena! - Amazing 3D graphics! - Extraawesomegameplay! - Evil mobs to fight! - Another best 3D actiongame of2019 Download and play the best blocky world arena ofsuperhero!
Smash Monster: Blocky Arena 0.7 APK
Nixerd Hero
Many villagers, builders and heroes has built mines, city,villageand many other creative buildings within the blocky world.Theybuild, craft and shape the world carefuly with heart in this3Dblocks world. But suddenly the Incredible Smash Monsterappearedout of nowhere in blocky arena. This powerful beast comesfrom aplace called the Crime City. It is a place for many bad guysthugs,gangs, and criminal. Incredible Monster is a street fighterandfuturistic professional boxer that exposed to radioactivewaste,survive, and become much stronger than any normal human.Flamedwith his super instinct, his war nature made him want todestroyanything on his path. So he went to destroy the blockyworld.Blocky world's police wont stand still. The police call thehelpfrom SWAT, army, robots, and our hero, Flying Superhero to stoptheinfinity powerful Incredible Smash Monster. Will Smash Monsterbeable to successfuly destroyed the blocky world? Help SmashMonsterto survive in the hazardous world of blocky arena! Features:-Survival mode for single player to destroy buildings and mobs-Destroy any blocks you can punch! - Stunning 3D graphics -Ultrafun gameplay - Many mobs to fight! - Best 3D action game of2019Download and play the best 3D block hero craft game and survivethedeadly arena!
Dead Rope Ninja vs Smash Monster Street Fight 0.6 APK
Nixerd Hero
The dark superhero, Dead Rope Ninja has long dead and revivedtopunish this evil world as an anti-hero. Revived by a namelyD.E.A.DCorp, this deadly assassin is so far from home and is cominghomeback to the America to punish a corrupted captain of America,theCaptain Mega Star Y. On the way of his mission, he metseveralgangs of thugs, mafias, criminals and many other bad guystrying torob, kill, escape from jail. This amazing spider-likeanti-herowith his trusty hook can't stand still and started todestroy andpunish the evil. At the end he found an ordinary boxerfrom the badguy gang. It turns out that this is not an ordinaryboxer, but morelike a monster! People used to call him the SmashMonster. Thisincredible monster is ready to smash everything on hispath. Nopolices, swat, or any armies can stop this raging monster.Withbulky big body and boxing skills, only the amazing hero: DeadRopeNinja can stop this menace criminal from escaping and smashingthecity. Features: - Pick your favourite hero! Become the amazingDeadRope or incredible Smash Monster - Cool 2D graphics - Funandawesome gameplay! - Cool kicking moves! - One of the best 2Dactiongame of 2019 Download and play this amazing superhero fight!
Dead Rope Ninja: Blocky City 0.6 APK
Nixerd Hero
Rope Ninja was a good hero. He helped many people in the BlockyCityto build and craft this very world. His trusty hook and ropehelpedmany construction blocks to be done. But accident happens.Whenbuilding the city, a giant diamond block fell from the sky andhitthe Rope Ninja head. The superhero fallen instantly and dead.Notlong after that, the dead Rope Hero has been resurrected by agroupof evil scientist of mafia for criminal purpose. Given a newblacksuit, the Rope Ninja hero soon become the Dead Rope Ninja andthisfallen superhero is ready to take out everything on his path.Thediamond blocks on Blocky City was stolen by a group ofcriminals ledby an anti-hero called the Smash Monster, a mutantmonster that iswar ready to destroy the blocky world. Dead RopeHero is called tocomplete the task and eliminate all targets.Would he be able to dothis mission? Features: - Swing like aspider hero - Craft yourstory! - Amazing 3D graphics! - Ultra nicegameplay - Criminals,mafia and thugs to defeat - Epic Boss fight!Defeat the incredibleSmash Monster! - One of the best 3D actiongame of 2019 Download andplay the best blocky city of spidersuperhero!
Dead Rope: City Ninja 0.2 APK
Nixerd Hero
The top hero of Alliance of Super Heroic Elite Ninjas(A.S.H.E.N.),Dead Rope, is once again out to defeat evil in HeroCity. TheLeague of Evil Guys (L.E.G.) is once again terrorizingciviliansaccross the city. Armed with the Living Rope, Dead Ropeswiftlymoves through the city to defeat the evil guys. Themysterious andstrange Dead Rope appeared on a stormy night in HeroCity. No oneknew who or what he was, but he showed himself as anally ofjustice and defeated any villain he found. A.S.H.E.N.soonrecruited him and trained him with the Living Rope. Now, hefightswith all the other heroes to eliminate all evil from HeroCity.Against his strange techniques, brilliant strategies,andoverwhelming power, villains will tremble in fear of the nameDeadRope. Play as Dead Rope, and use his signature weapon, theLivingRope, to defeat thugs, mutants, mercenaries, and demonsbefore theydo harm to Hero City. Prove your mastery over the LivingRope anddestroy as many villains as possible! Features: -Full 2DGraphics!-Combat Effects and Sounds! -Simple Controls! -Upgrades!-EndlessEvil Crushing Gameplay! Destroy Evil as Dead Rope in thisawesomeendless 2D running game. Become the very best Dead Ropeinexistence!
Black Whip vs Thunder Speedster Street Brawl 0.6 APK
Nixerd Hero
The black mafia is a powerful gang that control huge varietyofcrime business. It has many notorious members as the highrankingofficer. One of them is the Black Whip. Black Whip is avillainthat is a combat expert. Her most favourite weapon is theenergywhip. The black mafia is targeting the D.E.A.D corp as theystoremany futuristic alien technology for their own good.Thecorporation is heavily guarded by tons of bodyguards andeliteguards alike. Thunder Speedster, in particular is the blackmafia'starget. They want the technology of Thunder Speedster'ssuit, as itcould produce a very high voltage of electricity andmove the userin the speed of flash lightning. Black Mafia then sendtheir goonsof mafia, criminals, thugs, mobster, gangster and such.Thecorporation know this and send their bodyguards and theirbesthero. Who would win in this epic clash of superherofactions?Features: - Choose your faction! Black mafia or D.E.A.DCorp! -Cool flashy graphics! - Awesome, fun, and thrillingactiongameplay! - Choose from 5 heroes, Black Whip, ThunderSpeedster,Incredible Hero, Spider Cyborg and Dead Rope Ninja! -Heroic actionmoves! - Amazing 2D action fighting game of 2019 Playthis coolchampion contest of two factions!
Punch Hero vs Mad Monster Street Brawl 0.4 APK
Nixerd Hero
The earth is under invasion of the old titan, Mad Monster Kingandhis armies of Mad Warriors. This Mad Monster is seeking forasecret stone hidden in the earth to power his body, soul, andmind.The titan then arrived in the US. Polices, SWAT, FBI andarmiesstarted to gather around and fight the invasive army.Evencriminals, thugs, mafia of crime city preparing themselvesagainstthis futuristic alien invasion. Together with FlyingSuperhero, ahero from Saitama, Japan comes to offer help to defendthe earth:the Punch Hero. This super hero is a very strong andquicksuperhero with super punch that can defeat even thestrongestopponent. With superhuman mutant strength and super speed,thishero ability is unmatched and ready to defend the earthfromfuturistic mad warrior enemies. The Mad Monster is nothing tobetaken easily. This infinity power titan is a huge, purplebaldmonster that is hungry for power. He suits himself witharmor,gauntlet, helmet, and boots to gear up against human army.Thearmour is bulletproof, thus human need to attack itwithhand-to-hand combat. The Mad Monster is also has a massivestrengthand endurance. He has managed to win over infinite wars,includingthe civil war, world war, and the end war. Together withthe madwarriors, would he be able to take over the earth and obtainthesecret stone? Will it be an end game for the earth? Features:-Choose your side! Human or mad monster! - Cool futuristicgraphics!- Fun action gameplay! - Play as the Punch Hero or MadMonster -Amazing human army vs monster alien - Awesome cool moves -Crispy2D action fighting game of 2019 Play this marvellous futureforcegame!
Spider Cyborg vs X-Wolf Street Fight 0.7 APK
Nixerd Hero
The agent of D.E.A.D corp, Mr. Jake Spider is experimenting ontheDead Rope Ninja's battle suit. He is obsessed with spiders andhetried to make a new exosuit based on a spider. He did it. Hebecomethe Spider Cyborg. Slowly but sure, he started to replace hisbodywith this titanium-based spider-like exosuit. Mutant Wolf hasbeenwandering around for long enough near the D.E.A.D main HQ. Heissent by the Mr.X, leader of the X Associations of the Mutantstoget the secret titanium mine map. This mutant Wolf is justavolunteer of the x mutant whose DNA combined with the DNA ofawolf. He become the werewolf, mutant Wolf with superregenerationsuperpower, super strength, super speed and diamondclaw. Themutant Wolf has defeated many of the D.E.A.D guards andbegin toenter the inner HQ. But Spider Cyborg comes out and breakthefight. Kicking the mutant mutant Wolf to the outside and trytofinish the fight on the street. With the titanium spider suit,heis trying stop the mutant Wolf once for all. Features: - Pickyourfavourite hero! - Futuristic graphics! - Fun and cool gameplay!-Play as the Spider Robot or the Alpha Wolf! - Epic mutantandfuturistic robot clash! - Impressive fighting moves! - Very nice2Daction game of 2019 Download and play this mutant vs robot fight!