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With great powers comes a great responsibility. To make the perfectSuperhero costume to banish evil with your awesome charisma! *Customize your own Superhero/Heroine.* Choose the color of yourcostume and your cape to best represent your Hero.* Choose if youwant equip a Legendary Sword, a Shield or pound crime with barehands.* If you want to keep your secret identity hidden behind amask or you want to show the world your face.* If you wouldbrandish a logo that will evolve into a legend, or do you want yourclothes neat.* Thousands of possible unique combinations.* Send usyour story.* Become the Legend.Make your Superhero. Become theLegend.

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    Superhero Costume
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    December 9, 2014
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    26-F Gulberg 2 54660 Lahore Pakistan
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Thunder Rider - Jet Flight 2.0 APK
Thunder Rider is the Ultimate Jet FightingGame on mobile. Choose from a colossal line of fighter planes. Ithas absolutely everything including Dogfights, Close air supportmissions, Stealth Recon missions, Survival missions, Tacticalstrike missions, Suppression of enemy defenses, Air interdictionmissions and Forward air control missions. Multiple control schemeslet you choose your preferred controls, while different view modeslet you play in first person shooter (FPS), Freefly or Orthogonal.The best jet fighter and an absolute android must-have.Lieutenant your Country needs you!Pilot a classified fighter jet and save the world fromannihilation.DIVERSE CAMPAIGN MODE!Today at 0200 Hours, one of our undercover operatives contacted HQ.We have received intel on a coup that will be staged by roguemilitary officers before dawn in our neighboring country.Your mission is to pilot a fighter jet, evade radar and destroy theenemy's missiles and silos before their troops are able to launch.If you are shot down, captured or compromised, we will deny anyinvolvement and declare you a rogue defector.ADDICTIVE CHALLENGE WAR MODEIntroducing our awesome Challenge War Mode! You have 15 minutes tosurvive and destroy as many ships as well as fighter Jets. Engagewith these MIG 29’s in a dog fight and set the highest score.Compete with friends and share your achievements on Facebook.BUY AWESOME JET UPGRADESUpgrade your Jet by increasing the power of the Machine Gun or theamount of missiles that you can fire with one shot. Buy a Nuke anduse to clear the level in one go.Customize your Jet with cool skins and buy health packs for them tobe handy during gameplay for instant Jet repair.EXTREMELY COOL CAMERA VIEWSChoose from 3 different Camera Views to select your favoriteviewing mode. Choose from Orthogonal, Free Fly and First Person tohave a riveting experience.THE BEST JET FIGHTER 3D SIMULATIONEverything you need in a Jet Fighting Simulation Game under oneroof. All the fun to be had with unlimited ammunition, amazingmaneuvers, gripping story, super cool updates and much more.MULTIPLE CONTROLS TO CHOOSE FROMChoose from 3 different controls to Ace the game. Use the onscreenjoystick to fly your Jet or use the tilt controls to get the feelof traditional simulation games. If you really want to take it upthe notch try our Simulator mode and use your phone as to pilot theJet as a real world pilot would.INTEGRATION WITH MOGA CONTROLLERSIf the phone controls aren’t your thing, then play this super gamewith MOGA CONTROLLERS. Use the gaming controller to play the gameas you would on a handheld gaming console.NEW PLAYABLE JETS JOIN THE FIGHT!!!- F16- F-22 Raptor- EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON- SU-47 BERKUT- SU-27 FLANKER*- SU-35 SUPER FLANKER/ FLANKER E *- SU-39 FROGFOOT (SU-25TM) *- SU-34 FULLBACK*- MiG 29*- MiG 31*- MiG 27*- MiG 21**PurchasableVisit our official site at http://www.fiveriverstech.comFind us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thunderrider3d
Zombie Chase - Walking Dead 1.4 APK
Zombie Massacre War puts you in the middleofthe zombie apocalypse in the ultimate battle for survivalagainstthe hordes of the undead in an exhilarating First PersonShootergame. What started off as a survival mission once, is nowturnedinto a post-Armageddon battle, and now you are taking thefight tothe monsters.You are Mike ‘Deadmaker’ Rogers, one of the only survivors inaworld overrun by zombies. Your team has taken upon itself toanswerdistress signals and provide extractions for any survivorsamidstthis chaos. Your specialty is to hold off hordes of zombiesas yourteam extracts survivors or secures resources. It is acommonlyuttered myth in the world that remains, “Even when theundead feelnothing, they still fear Deadmaker Rogers.”- OVER 20 UNIQUE LOCATIONS- ALL LEVELS UNLOCKED FOR FREE WORLD EXPLORATION- NON-LINEAR GAME PLAY, TACKLE MISSIONS AS YOU LIKE- REALISTIC UNDEAD HORDE- HAUNTING ATMOSPHERIC LEVELS- SPECIAL MUTATED ZOMBIE OVERLORDS- &A WHOLE LOT OF GUNSSee it to believe it!Follow Us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zombie-Massacre-War/493162607450960
Tiny Birds Run - Ice Age Quest 1.1 APK
"What an awesome app - Editor's Pick from AppEggs.com"RUN! RUN! RUNfor your life! Help these Tiny Birds Run away from the fastapproaching ice age. Slide and Glide through various levels toreach as far as you can.If you like playing physics based gameslike Tiny Wings, Dragon Fly, Flying Penguin, Moon Chaser and AirPenguin then you will love Tiny Birds Run.Tiny Birds Run is Kiipenabled! It will allow you to unlock many achievements as youprogress in the game and be rewarded by actual prizes for e.g. apacket of crisps or a discount coupon from your favorite retailstore.Merge your virtual and physical worlds together with thisamazing game Tiny Birds Run. Reap the benefits now! Hurry as thisoffer is till the end of October.Disclaimer: Actual rewards mayvary from user to user according to Kiip Policy.★★★FeaturesInclude★★★★45 Challenging levels★★5 Different worlds★★4 Birds tosave and 1 EGG! Yes, EGG!★★Extremely fun Physics basedgame★★Realworld rewards through Kiip★★Classy graphics★★SmoothAnimations★★Different outlook everytime you launch the app★
Warid Bus Timing 1.1.1 APK
You can now plan your travel easily withoutany hassle, as Bus Timing app allows you to check intra city busroutes in Pakistan along with their travel charges and timings.This app will help users to keep track of Daewoo Pakistanschedules, while saving their time and allowing them to quicklyaccess the information.Features:Covering all Daewoo destinations’ timings and travel fareContact information of all the terminals across PakistanFind the terminals locations on the mapEasy to use- In- App call feature allows the user to directly callthe helpline for bookingShare the app with your friends and family through SMS, Email andFacebook
Warid MyCinema 1.1.2 APK
MyCinema is a cinema schedule app covering allthe major cinemas of Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi. The app willallow users to browse through their favorite cinemas and will getthe latest featured movies along with the movies’ cast, trailers,cinemas’ contact details, and map locations. The best part is, themovie lovers will be able to see movie show timings which will beupdated on regular basis.Features• Browse through details of all major Cinemas of Pakistan• Featuring current movies and their show timings• Description and detail of all the featured movies• Gallery Images• Trailers and cast of the movie• Push notification for latest movie updates
Warid Zakat Calculator 1.0.0 APK
Zakat Calculator is a helpful app forcalculating your Zakat with ease. It covers all the importantaspects of one of the important pillar of Islam-Zakat. MaintainZakat logs and also help your family and friends with calculatingZakat for them. The app has a feature of multiple accounts.Moreover, you can also get the other details like Importance ofZakat, Who Pays Zakat?, Nisab and the Factors on which the Zakat ispayable on.
Skitrix Words Saga 1.0 APK
Celebrating 30 years of Tetris and 75 years of Scrabble.Forthousands of years, the Word Kingdom prospered in glory. Alphabets,words and knowledge was spread throughout the land, under theLordship of King Alpha. However, all of that changed one day...whenthe darkness came.The Word Kingdom is in trouble! The Demon ofIgnorance has struck and taken all words and knowledge with it! Itfalls to King Alpha to save his people from absolute chaos, bygiving form to gibberish, and remake the words. Milly and Mollyhave appeared from the future, just in time, to protect mankindfrom the Evil of incomprehension.The Battle against Ignorancebegins!"Like Scrabble and Tetris combined!"<<< MakeThousands of words from falling alphabets >>><<<Use Special blocks to help you in your adventure>>><<< Over Forty Levels of Addictive Gameplay>>><<< Unique Intuitive Word Puzzles>>><<< Achievements and Leaderboards>>><<< Share with Friends on Facebook>>>
Cupid Sniper Assassin Target 1.0 APK
Take out your target! This Valentine spread the Love where and whenit's needed. Become the Cupid Sniper. Play as the Celestial SniperCupid out to save the world. Snipe your target like an assassin,except your missions are far more important than any assassin.- Asa cupid, you get to take on the most unexpected target of themall.- 10 Unique Targets.- Take on a Dictator about to launch Nuke,while avoiding Body Doubles.- Prevent Alien invasion to protect theworld from annihilation- Stop a Runaway Bride Chase- Stop a Vampirein its tracks- Save Lives- Zoom in to locate your targets - Manymore exclusive missions!