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Superhero Epic Fight - start a new story about superhero life.Dangerous adventures, epic contests and a missions definesuperhero’s identity. Universe of the superheroes is aboutchampions, who have united together to fight against a dark force.Only together they can defeat their enemy and save this world fromdestructions and chaos. Create a new league of superheroes withyour rival. This is the only way to protect the world. Only a superteam will win this war! So, forget about confrontation and fighttogether. One more contest with superheroes! This world will alwaysneed their help.Super adventure with super champions is waiting!

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    Superhero Epic Fight
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    January 25, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Fun Action Apps
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Welcome to a new contest, where you should protect a world againstarmy of Dark forces. Strange Hero: New War - when a universe facesa danger, there is only one way. Fight and protect this world! Onlyreal champions can complete this task and win a contest. Preparefor epic fighting action with super heroes team. This is gonna bethe greatest battles in war history. War against assassins,champions, hitman is nothing compare with this contest. Don’t letyour enemies to capture the city. Meet your friend and draw up aplan of fighting.Be ready for a challenge, don’t lose even a singlefight. Save your friend, who got captured by your enemies.These andmore missions are waiting for you in the game Strange Hero: NewWar!We have considered all the feedbacks and made everythingpossible to make the game more interesting, exciting andfascinating!Update the game and enjoy it:New excitinggameplaybecome a real hero to complete the game!New modern cityTheexact city for superheroes to struggle in!Comfortable flightmodeyou gain achieve your aim and track down the enemy faster whenyou fly!Improved battle modeapply different skills to fight against4 enemies simultaneously!Advanced upgradeyou will become invinsibleafter the character will be upgraded!New tutorialteach you tocontrol the character like an expert and let you outbattle the mostpowerful opponents!We’ve simplified the interface of the game tolet you feel comfortable by playing and complete the most difficultquests!Enjoy! We will be glad to receive your feedbackfunactionapps@gmail.com
Amazing Superhero: fatal fight 9.0.0 APK
Ready! Steady! Go! Superhero app on your personal device – justdownload, save your city and the whole University!Free amazinggames for everyone – feel like a superheroThere is a virtual worldof brave pals with extra power. Here you can be as an Iron man inthe world of battles. You are the part of an amazing team ofguardian dudes. Now you must save good citizens, help policecaptain to keep the order and kick the bad ones. Experience anincredible conversion of a rogue into a super man.The plotWhatshould you do with your super abilities and power? How to become achampion in a short time? There are a couple of opportunities:1. Amartial art practice.2. A special academy graduation for uniquepeople, like Superhero.3. Fighting with bad guys in your freetime.4. Learning to control a force.Or you can break into thesecret laboratory and steal hidden incredible stuff here. Decisionis yours. But you should know that with great power come greatresponsibilities and new challenges. Career criminals and guys frommore than four criminal structures notice, that something goeswrong in Strange City and there is a new hero and champion and heis not from Comics. But you have one “iron”fist, or even two, andstrong will to fight with criminals. Are you ready for an amazingcontest? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – let’s go – be a hero and take care ofStrange City’s future.LocationYou are in Strange City – place,where nobody can be safe. There are a lot offences here –shootings, fights, car accidents, armed robberies and so on. It isa place with a lot of shadows and criminal’s rules. It is a globalcontest of the war between good and evil. This city needs superbrave heroes and you are the champion among of them.The main goalOfcourse you have to fight again crimes. So you have special questswith specific purpose. When you finish your task, you will haveamazing benefits, such as coins and a new game experience. You havea map, where you can see crimes and the definition of mission.There is epic, fatal battle against criminal man or group of themin each mission. You can solve the problem with blood or without itaccording to circumstances. Use your fist to save civilians. Alsoyou can use iron weapon. What is more, you always can double yourprize according to the rules. For you, now after your coolestadventure, where you are a champion, it is an epic homecoming.Themain features:1. Free app. 2. Interesting quests.3. The ability toturn into superhero.4. Feasibility graphic.5. A strong sense ofjustice development, because of virtual fighting with bad guys.6.Games are different from comics and their typical plot.7. It isclear for woman and man all ages, even for kids.8. Dynamicgameplay.9. Playing in a format of adventure. 10. Offline action(no Wi-Fi games)11. Unlimited play-time in the app.The games fromFun Action Apps Company become more and more popular because theycreate a Superhero Fatal Battle and other fantastic apps for menfrom America and all around the world with love. They help gamersfeel the atmosphere of real combat, turn into hero and fight withcrimes or even with alliance (oops, some kind of spoiler). It isamazing opportunity to become an entirely new man. Download andchange your future in the hero way!Superhero Fatal Battle – thecoolest combat app about superheroes this year.
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If you enjoy story-driven games and adventures with superheroes,this new contest was made specially for you! Go on all-newadventures in this action-packed game! Steel Hero Story - play asyour favorite superhero!DISCOVER A NEW MARVELOUS ADVENTUREWORLDSuper hero’s special academy and school are usually created toprepare a team of champions to help the world. But not this time.In a secret hidden laboratory one builder started to create amarvel team of champions with super power. Your mission here is tosolve the mystery of this experiment. You are not going to become adetective; you are a part of this contest.You woke up in the hiddensecret laboratory and don’t remember anything. But you perfectlyknow - that moment you got a new identity. Now you are not a commonman, but a superhero.Your actions and choices will determine thefate of the superhero.Operate your character – superhero to findout the truth about his superpower. Explore the story throughsecrets scattered throughout the mystery marvel world ofsuperheroes.Get back your own identity or start a new episode ofyour life.Improve your skills and superpower as you uncover secretsand subterfuges.Find out who you are – an assassin, hitman orsuperhero?
Vegas Mad Crime 1.0.0 APK
If you like action or gangster games, you will love Vegas MadCrime. Where are the most dangerous crime gangs of the world?Right, in Vegas City. Who will control the Vegas City will controlunderworld empire of gangsters. So, it’s up to you. Are you readyto become the # 1 in the criminal world?So, what does it mean to bethe # 1 in the criminal world? Take your gun and go to make yourreputation in this gangs’ battle. There are plenty of quests andmissions to challenge you. Street racing, shoot-out with police,and, of course, mafia gangster boss strike. Don’t let anybody tostop you. This grand world of big money and gangster’s clash isyours. Fight the global war on crime and become the king of theunderworld empire.Strike a decisive blow against your enemies.Showwho is a boss of this mad city.
Gang of Wrestlers 2.0.0 APK
Gang of Wrestlers - knockout your opponent and be the ultimatefighting champion! Fighting ring is waiting for you. Who will bethe next champion of this greatest fighting tournament?ABOUT THEGAMEYou and your character are going to go through 3 matches. Yourmain aim here is stay on the top of the champions list. If you wantto win just knockout your opponents, make them to hit the ground.MAD LEAGUEShow us your best combination! The greatest tournament ofthe champions is waiting for you. Are you angry enough to take achallenge of this madness beasts? Strike a decisive blow! Win thisbeasts battle!FIGHTING CLASHThere are no special rules to win thischampionship. Mix of boxing, wrestling, karate and kung fu. This isnot a dumb way, but the way of madness to the championship.