1.3.18 / August 30, 2018
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Supernova bubble shooter lets you play and enjoy the classic bubbleshooter game with a new twist making it even more addictive andfun. In Supernova bubble shooter you need to save the planet fromfalling stars by shooting them down by destroying all the bubbles.With hundreds of different levels, each with a unique puzzle, thisbubble shooter game will have spending hours of your time every daybecause it’s just that fun! We want you to have fun no matter whereyou are which is why unlike other developers we don’t need you tobe connected to the internet all the time to play our excitingbubble shooter game. With realistic physics and modern graphics,this is a family-friendly game that everyone can play with 3 funand unique modes. ★ Classic Mode Get ready, take aim and shoot tomatch 3 balls to make them pop. While it does sound simple, youwill need a strategy to solve these classic puzzles. As youprogress, the matching the right color balls will start becomingharder as you face different challenges and puzzles in this superfun free game. ★ Arcade Mode Enjoy shooting down approaching starsin the retro-themed mode. Swipe your finger across the screen andshoot matching color bubble to pop as many pairs of balls you canto advance levels, face more challenges and have fun! ★ Puzzle ModeChallenge yourself in the puzzle mode with hundreds of fun puzzlesto master. Memorize patterns, use your brain and test your matchingskills to advance in this addictive casual bubble shooting game.Features: ★ Match 3 Bubble Shooter Game. ★ 3 Game Modes: Classic,Puzzle, Arcade. ★ 10000+ Levels. ★ Realistic Game Physics. ★ NoInternet Is Required. ★ Light Game. Warning: We just want you toknow that this game is seriously fun and super addictive! You willget hooked. So what are you waiting for? Download this free gamenow and start shooting the stars to save Earth from beingannihilated!

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    Supernova Bubble Shooter
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    August 30, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Bubble Shooter is our biggest game, with millions of downloads,always being polished, for your enjoyment! The game has 3 modes:Puzzle, Arcade and Classic. Puzzle mode: You need to clear thescreen, but pick your shots. Every number of shots the roof willdrop, making your job a bit harder. Arcade mode: The same goal asthe Puzzle mode, except the roof constantly approaches the bottom.Clear bubbles to pause the drop of the roof for a while. Classicmode: The original gameplay of Bubble Shooter games. Clear thebubbles in an endless run. Basics: You clear bubbles by matching 3or more of the same color. Mastering skill shots and using themwill help you through the tougher levels. Aim and Shoot with yourfinger. Beautiful and aesthetically pleasing graphics. Constantupdates and tweaks to keep your game experience fresh and fluid. Ifyou didn’t win, try again, you'll get it next time! Our games arefree to play, so if you enjoy this one, Please consider giving it a5 star rating and try our other games.
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Piggy needs your help to blast through brightbold puzzles to free his ducks from different enchanted worlds.Accept the challenge and help him save his trapped rubber duckfriends!New and Challenging Bubble Types!Never before seen gameplay challenges!Can you master the skill shot twist? What's that you ask?! Play andfind out!Go alone or bring friends to compete for the high score!Free & easy to play yet challenging to master!FEATURES:• Challenging levels – more coming soon!• Exciting Skill Shots: Well placed shots can lead to hugesuccess!• Enchanting graphics & characters that will leave a smile onyour face.• Leaderboards to defeat your friends and competitors!• Special boosters & bubbles to help you when you just need ahand!• Available to play on iPhone, iPad an iPod Touch.Brought to you by Pinka!Want to learn more about Bubble Bath Blast strategy or discuss thegame:For a glimpse behind the scenes Like us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Bubble-Bath-Blast-917123631656503/timeline/For updates on new game modes and upcoming releases please followus on Twitter at: @BubbleBathBlastNeed to report an issue? Contact us at yanixon@gmail.comPERSONAL NOTE:There are many bubble shooter games out there so with a lot of loveand hard work we tried to create the best game. Unlike other titleswe are indie game developers trying to compete with industrygiants. SO, if you just downloaded the game please give it a tryand in case you like it please come back and rate it as we willlive or die based on your ratings. Any issues please let us know atyanixon@gmail.com
Bubble Shooter Puzzles 1.0.3 APK
Intruding a bubble shooter game with newfeatures and awesome game play.This game has both arcade and puzzle game modes, with hundredslevels on eachmode your bubble bubbling pleasure is guarantied!If you are a bubble shooter fan there is no doubt you would likeplaying this game.In case this is your first bubble shooter gaming experiences pleasebe advised:-Choose a game mode Arcade or Puzzle.Arcade means long continuously moving downwards bubble gridwhile puzzle means that the bubbles matrix is steady on screen.-How to play?This applies to both gaming modes. On the bottom of the game screenyou will see a cannonwith a certain bubble color in it, that's your shootingbubble.Place you finger on the screen to aim the shooting bubble,see if you can connect it to a same color bubble, shoot byreleasing your finger.3 connected bubbles of the same color will pop.-Win the game by popping all bubbles of the screen.-Try to gain more points by clearing large group of same colorbubbles.
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Pop two or more bubbles of the same color to score.The more bubblesyou pop at once the higher the score you’ll get for each bubble.Ittakes time to get the hang of it, but when you do, you’ll gethooked.This game will test your brain, and with time improve it.Howto play:★ Tap two or more bubbles to break them.★ Plan ahead toreach the highest score.If you didn’t win, try again, you'll get itnext time!Our games are free to play, so if you enjoy thisone,please consider giving it a 5 star rating and try our othergames.
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Pop all the bubbles to win the game. There are 3 different modes ofgameplay for you to enjoy. Puzzle mode - Solve a bubble poppingpuzzle before the roof crushes you! Arcade mode - Survive thecontinuous advances of the bubbles, until you clear all of them!Classic mode - Endless bubble popping when you want to get in thezone. Features: Low usage of memory space. Aim and Shoot bubbles.Slick and polished game engine. If you didn’t win, try again,you'll get it next time! Our games are free to play, so if youenjoy this one, please consider giving it a 5 star rating and tryour other games.
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Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience crushing bouncingballs!Features:-NO WIFI-Use your finger to Aim and shoot-Aim andShoot balls-Match 3 of the same color to crush the balls!-Colorfulanimations & Awesome graphicsIf you didn’t win, try again,you'll get it next time!Our games are free to play and no intermentis required, so if you enjoy this one,please consider giving it a 5star rating and try our other games.
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This is a Bubble Shooting Classic, it has 3 modes and a lot oflevels for you to enjoy! Puzzle Mode: Try to clear all the bubbleson the screen before the reach the bottom, the roof drops everynumber of shots. Arcade Mode: You race against the ever closingroof that is always lowering towards the bottom, while you try toclear all the bubbles from the screen. Classic Mode: An Endlessmode where you play for a higher score. Basics: * Aim and shootwith your finger. * Match 3 or more bubbles of the same color. *Pleasing aesthetics. If you didn’t win, try again, you'll get itnext time! Our games are free to play, so if you enjoy this one,Please consider giving it a 5 star rating and try our other games.