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Adorn your every day with daily Islamic supplications and masnoonduas which boost spiritual comforts. Every moment is justify inIslam and it dictate different ritual facets for a Muslim and heneed to impose those features in life for each fair action. Islamicapplication for duas mentions distinct praying words which areselected from Quran and Hadith and these prayers are literallyintegral part of all steps and actions of Muslim life from dawn todusk and from prevailing of night to getting sleep. Take a brightinitiative, open your eyes and utter morning praying words for areally divine start of day. Islamic supplication app offers youdaily used azkars and duas for you and for kids. It overshadows thewhole day and facilitate your from masnoon duas and supplication toimplement at every occasion for instance it retain morning andevening remembrances ( Zikar), after prayer azkar, duaas forrepentance and forgiveness, and so forth.Your android phone screenwill show a beautiful decorated page with written dua in Arabic andits English translation in addition to its Quranic reference.Follow the supplication list to obtain required dua. Theapplication is favorable to teach dua and its meaning to youngerchildren for religious education and hence it enhances theknowledge sharing to some extent.The quote of surah name and ayatnumber dismisses uncertainty. Easily move on or back to any dua.Theenticing merger of Azkars and Masnoon Duas awash your life with Godfear and His possible rewards for obeying Him. Every obedient stepasks for His grace and absolution. Since the man is bound to errbut these little efforts serve to pay alternative source to discardunseen sins. Apply supplications to different events and occasionsfor a bestowed life.Download the app and incorporate withsupplication practicallyFeatures• Unification of Islamicsupplications• Equal blessing for young and old• Categorized duas•Classification of whole day with respect to masnoon duas•Adhkars……. Morning and evening, sleeping and awakening and afterprayers• Masnoon Duas like Eating & drinking Repentance &forgiveness departure from home Prayer regarding mosqueDuaeIstikharaDuae QanoutFuneral PrayPray after prayer and so on•Standard font for reading verse• Well define content list• Easyaccess to demanding materialHow to Use- Install IslamicSupplication application to your smart phone- Follow the categoryto precede further- Get your relevant prays from the list- Readazkars for different timesLike us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/deenekhalis.infoPowered By:deenekhalis.info

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Asma al Husna - Allah Names 2.9 APK
Asma-ul-Husna - Allah 99-Names, Can listen 99-Names of Allah withnice Audio with synchronized Asma ul Husna Names. The mostbeautiful names belong to God, so call on Him thereby. Al-Quran(7:180) Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction inthe remembrance of GOD, for without doubt in the remembrance of Goddo hearts find satisfaction. Al-Quran (13:28) Features: > Asmaul Husna with synchronized audio with each name. > Completedetails of Allah Names in English. > Complete details of AllahNames in Urdu. > Very beautiful layout designed all androiddevices.Its Ads supported version, Support developer with yourpositive feed back and ratings, so we can produce you more goodquality Islamic Apps for FREE thanksLike us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/deenekhalis.infoPowered By:deenekhalis.info
Surah Ar-Rahman Audio (Urdu) 3.0 APK
Complete Recitation of Surah Ar-Rahman (Arabic: سورة الرحمن) invoice of Qari Wahid Zafar Qasmi and Urdu Translation in voice ofShamshad Khan in your android phone.Install this Very nice andimportant App into your Android smartphone.Its Quran Karim'sBeauty! Very beautiful and heart touch recitation by moulana WaheedZafar Qasmi Along with synchronized Urdu translation withdisplaying Arabic, Urdu and English text. Quran Arabic text issynchronized with each reciting ayah.> Play Complete SurahAr-Rahman Recitation Audio.> Can book mark the ayat.> Cancustomize the text color, font and size etc.> There are otheruseful features added to give you maximum good user experience.>Can change background color.> Show/Hide Arabic, Urdu and Englishtexts.Surat ar-Rahman (Arabic: سورة الرحمن), or al-Rahman, is the55th sura of the Qur'an with 78 ayats. It has the refrain: "Thenwhich of your Lord's blessings would you deny?"One of the main aimsof the sura is to chastise men and jinn for their lack of gratitudetowards Allah, who has showered them with an abundance ofblessings. Verses 1-30 describe some of the resources (fruits, palmtrees, husked grain, fragrant plants, fresh and salt water, pearls,ships) that Allah has graciously provided for the men and jinn hecreated, in his infinite mercy, out of clay and smokeless fire(55:14), and set down under a sky illuminated by the twin risingsof the sun and moon (55:17). In addition to these materialblessings, verses 1-4 recount the fact that Allah taught man how tocommunicate and even gave him the Qur'an to guide him on the pathto righteousness. The refrain, “Which, then, of your Lord’sblessings do you both deny?”, chastises the bountifully-providedfor men and jinn for failing to acknowledge their indebtedness toAllah for his tremendous mercy. The punishment that awaits theseungrateful creatures is briefly described in verses 35-45; for theremainder of the sura, the delights of the gardens of paradise(replete with shading branches, flowing springs, fruit, maidens,couches, cushions, and fine carpets) are lyrically described,punctuated throughout by the stinging refrain which draws attentionto the discrepancy between Allah’s mercy in providing suchluxuriant rewards and the ingratitude of men and jinn.
Umrah Guide Hajj Guide & Makkah Map 1.1 APK
Hajj and Umrah Guide gives you relief from stress of searchingmultiple locations and proper instruction for performing ritualacts. A complete introduction and guidance for pilgrims.The pilgrimperforms a series of ritual acts symbolic of the lives of Ibrahimand of solidarity with Muslims worldwide and for this purpose theyturn towards Saudi Arabia. Now the Makah is not an unknown city forvisitors the elegant app familiarizes you from the road map andentire directions of monuments. Supportive map applicationentertain you with offline map regarding to various integral placesit guides you for hospital, ATM, bank, school etc. The issue ofnearby residence and travelling will be resolve in few second bylatest counseling app.The consultant will find it as mentor whichensures the performing of acts in correct way. Simple butbeneficial Hajj and Umrah Guide is furnished with vital aspect ofhajj from introducing of hajj to till last night stay at Mina. Allthe necessary ingredients are enlisted by orderly manner. It awareyou from the Holy places of Makah with certain criteria ofdirection availability that helps to make your approachpossible.Once after install it the user can use it anywhere withoutthe access on internet.The Umrah and Hajj is not compulsory buthighly recommended for Muslims. Pilgrimage refers thecircumambulation (twaaf) of Kabah Sharif and practice of duas andprayers. That’s why all the particular words and prayers are therefor your learning and help.This locator is significantly designedfor finder of Makah land who will be no more a stranger to wanderaimlessly. The app is supportive and time saving for user becauseit provides you instant information regarding Hajj andUmrah.Features• Clear map of Makah City• Proper direction of Holyplaces like… Jabble Rehmat , Jannat ul Baqi etc.• A convenient stayat Saudi Arabia via guidance regarding Hospital, Bank, Parking andATM etc• Enlisted steps for a complete Hajj and Umrah• Availabilityof prayers and duas to be practice at• Offline functioning of theapplication
Masnoon Morning Evening Azkar 1.0 APK
Adorn your every day with daily Morning Evening Azkar which boostspiritual comforts. Every moment is justify in Islam and it dictatedifferent ritual facets for a Muslim and he need to impose thosefeatures in life for each fair action. Islamic application forAzkar mentions distinct praying words which are selected from Quranand Hadith and these prayers are literally integral part of allsteps and actions of Muslim life from dawn to dusk and fromprevailing of night to getting sleep. The enticing merger of Azkarsawash your life with God fear and His possible rewards for obeyingHim. Every obedient step asks for His grace and absolution. Sincethe man is bound to err but these little efforts serve to payalternative source to discard unseen sins. Apply Morning EveningAzkar to different events and occasions for a bestowedlife.Features• Unification of Morning Evening Azkar• Equal blessingfor young and old• Categorized Azkar• Classification of whole daywith respect to masnoon Adkhar• Adhkars……. Morning and evening, •Easy access to demanding material• Share with wit friends andFamily on Social MediaHow to Use- Install Morning Evening Azkarapplication to your smart phone- Follow the category to precedefurther- Get your relevant Azkar from the list- Read azkars forMorning and Evening Like us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/deenekhalis.infoPowered By:deenekhalis.info
Easy Urdu English Keyboard 1.4 APK
Urdu Phonetic Keyboawith colorful Backgrounds. Urdu phoneticKeyboard Nastaleeq is fastest Urdu typing board to write Englishand Urdu text to all English and Urdu speakers. Urdu and EnglishKeypad Nastaleeq has a new typing version for two languages,English to Urdu and Urdu to English with easy typing steps. Urdukeypad Phonetic Old type writer helps you to make long documents,write letters and messages to native and international socialfriends. Use fast Urdu English keyboard to have expertise oflanguage skills. Urdu Keyboard Phonetic has best standard font andtyping speed for quick service. Nastaleeq keyboard Urdu English isthe most demanding language tutor and English-Urdu easy typingkeypad for the curious language learners. Urdu keyboard for androidmobiles (Urdu, Eng) is multi featured emoji keypad Urdu thatpossess English Urdu Keyboard Alphabetic. Urdu keyboard withBeautiful backgrounds. Urdu Keypad Alphabetic has been removed theuncertainty to composed long documents with in short passage oftime because of its typing quickness, Urdu Nastaleeq Keyboard AsanUrdu kibod is friendly users with emoji keypad English. UrduNastaleeq Keypad is boosted with rich Urdu vocabulary. SearchEnglish Urdu content from by Urdu Text typing Keyboard dualexpression. The writing ability from English to Urdu and Urdu toEnglish works systematically to enhance the usability of classicalUrdu English language keyboard at daily basis. Its customizableEnglish urdu keypad setting shocked the writer who longs for smoothwriting format. Set the personal aspiring background in Urdukeyboard with Picture change. Share the Urdu content and verses tosocial media and have a emotional Urdu chatt with Urdu languagelovers via Urdu Text typing Keypad. Soft Urdu Keypad Native Urdukeyboard App helps to create friendly bond with non-Englishspeakers, so choose this tool to have good relation with natives.Urdu to English Dictionary and English to Urdu Dictionary promotesthe language craze and translation makes you understand thelanguage in better way. Send emoji, smileys and face expressionwhich is given in the bottom line of Urdu Keypad. Work on Urdutyping keypad. Easy and fast Urdu typing. Urdu keyboard with smileymakes gossip more interesting. Urdu Phonetic keyboard alphabetsplus English urdu keypad with emoji creates attraction incommunication because the words and emotional faces both displayyour feelings pleasantly. Urdu English keypad with smiley the asanUrdu English kibod is attributed with some more highlights suchas.... * Emoji chats with friends through Nastaleeq Font * Sendstickers and GIFs * Attractive backgrounds and stunning colors *Adjustment of preferred photo for background * Beautiful keyboardsthemes and smooth typing of keys * Best source to search UrduEnglish content Highlights of Urdu English Keyboard Emoji withPhoto Background • Easy steps.... The user no need to get bothersregarding the functions and usability of the Asan Urdu EnglishKeypad because it proceeds only with easy and simple steps. •Emoji, Stickers or Gifs ....To make your chat lovely you can sendemoji, stickers, funny smileys etc to your friends and relatives. •Dual language writing expression........ English to Urdu and Urduto English • Numbers characters.... Top first row is for numbersand digits • Beautiful and Stylish themes.... To attract the usersthe kibod is lavish with themes, colored keypad skins • Add pictureto background... Fix a photo by importing from your phone gallaryto get your favorite background How to Use Through internet onlyyou can be downloaded it - Enable the required mode of languageeither English or Urdu - select the input method, words prediction,auto correction etc. - Settle down the default setting of thekeyboard - Pick any keyboard theme or place the pic at background -Go for general setting of keys' sound, vibration and size - Disableor enable the Language type with e click
Prayer times(salat Timing) & Qibla Direction 1.0 APK
Namaz Timing and Qibla Compass free.An application Islamic Prayertime qibla direction finder app that is specially designed to helpthe find direction Muslims around the globe to address and managetheir everyday common yet fundamental matters of islamic prayertiming. Kibla Muslim prayer time 360 Mecca finders is not just anordinary Salah notifier Qebla Islamic Prayer app rather itencompasses the broad range of primal aspects from getting Salattime notifications to authentic Friday rituals connect Qibla.Muslim Masjid Prayer time connect Kibla Prayer App give you theazan facility when enter the prayer time. Kibla directionfinder.Muslim Prayer Timing and Qibla Finder Free.Alqibla alqabaMuslim Prayer Time adan time prayer islamic Notifies the bestpossible accurate Salah/Namaz timings based on one’s country andcity (manual)in this Alkaba Muslim prayer time Prayer App.FindQibla direction with qibla compass free.Allows to Islamic prayerkompas Qibla direction user to get the exact calculated Kibladirection to pray the wakatu Salat with adhan time. Qibla Finderdirection & Prayer of muslim app Salah Times app helps Muslimsto find Qibla & Salat times to see prayer times with azan allaround the World. Prayer Time table and Qibla Direction andGuide.Namaz Timing and Qibla Direction free app.Shows and notifies(with audio azan notifications) Salah/Islam Prayer timingsaccording to one’s local suburbs. Islamic Prayer time. Adhan app iseasy to set Azan alarms for prayer time athan app. And you cansnooze the alarm to perform prayer later with qibla finder prayerapp.Muslim Prayer time table.Prayer App muslim assistant gives thedetailed and most authentic step in Muslim prayer times app qeblalocator azango prayer time by step pictorial guidance to performWudu\Ablution, and Salah/Prayer kibla locator. The App Pro muslim360 gives prayer time of millions locations around the world. Justwith changing the location of azan prayer app 360 islam pro, itwill automatically show you the prayer timings of that area allover the world.Muslim Guide pro.Salat Time Table and KiblaFinder.Prayer app Islam adhan qibla finder allows user to read fromcomprehensive After Salat/Prayer time Adkaars with their authenticEnglish Translation in Muslim Prayer time Qibla direction from mylocation. Qibla Direction Compass and Muslim Prayer Times.MuslimQibla finder Prayer time app offers its users to read mostauthentically practiced Morning, Evening and SleepingAdkars/Supplications with their English Translations Islamic qiblafinder. This Prayer app Prayer time helps you in finding Qiblahdirection wherever you are in the world. Prayertimes and QiblaDirection and Muslim GuideMuslim masjid prayer tine qibla finderapp Allows users to concisely explore Friday practices withauthentic supporting Sahih Hadiths of Beloved Prophet Muhammad(peace and blessings be upon him). Prayer Times and Qibla DirectionPro for Muslims. Comes with 3 languages in Muslim prayer time, usercan choose to use app in English, Urdu, and Arabic in this Muslimprayer islam 360 Prayer App. Accurate Prayertimes Pro Muslim QiblaDirection.How to Use:-Manually select your Country and City inMuslim Prayer time app-Select your Jurist (Madhab) with Muslimprayer time 360-For accurate Qibla Direction place your device onfloor or table etc. -Keep your device from ElectromagneticEquipment’s. Features: -Aesthetic and Clean Graphics -You maychange your location anytime-Push alters for Salat times with islam360 prayer time app-Hustle free manual selection of your Countryand City
New Islamic Ringtones 2017 1.0 APK
Let's switch to the latest and modified New Islamic ringing tones2017 and get rid from the old version. With the beginning of newyear keep yourself updated with New Ringingtones consist on islamicsongs, i.e; naat,anashide denia, Azan and Birds voices and islamicprayers. It fulfills the requirement of azan with voices across theworld specially Makkah azan ringtones available there. Dont stickwith single melody of Azan .Sometimes you travel in the area whereyou can’t hear azan on the other side if you are frustrated andwant to relaxed, just go 2 step ahead and illuminated your mind andsoul via azan due to its instant availability as islamic ringingingtone or azan rintone in your mobile.New Islamic tones are notconfined only to ringinging tones, activate notifications tones,sms & alarms as well by using these tones. You can add yourmorning alarms and many others by enchanting birds voice toneswhich gives you soothing effect and makes you realize that you arevery close to the nature. Due to the tough life shedule no one hasextra time in searching a single thing from abudance of data uploaded over internet. I am very glad to share with you that thisapp has resolved the issue by collecting a numbers of Islamicringtones and mouzan’S voices in it.Create natural environment inyour surrounding while getting alarm or any call by the sound ofbirds voices like chirping of sparrow, cuckoos songs , Peacock–scream &Parrots – squawk. So enjoy the new and beautifulmelodies included birds sounds, Islamic ringing tone plus the Azanof MakkahShow your love for Islam and Azan and preach othersthrough your Islamic ringing tones. An ultimate source ofpreaching. The vary app is for giving an Islamic touch to your cellphone. Stop puzzling in choosing Islamic ringing tone app for yourmobile. Muslims become more emotional for their religionparticularly in Ramzan and Muharam, lean towards Islamic songsregarding “naat” “Anashid islamia and Dinia” For their facility andto avoid from wasting time in net serving all types of Islamicsongs and ringing tones has been gathered. The maker of applicationadded everything new and up to date for the maintainance of novelty, abstained from the irregular and indignify music.Feel free toinstall the islamic app (all in one). Download it and be an ocularwitness of all these attributes.Features• Top Islamic Ringtones ,Alarms, notification tones. • Use it as free adroid ringtone appfor your android phone.• Collection of different Azan voices fromthe famous mouzans of entire world regarding Makkah.• Time savingapplication due to specificity to Religious mp3 songs, naat,anashid dinia and etc.• Enhancing the beauty of app with a tinge ofbirds tones.• Easy to install and ready to use even when offline.•Search the demending Islamic mp3 ringing tone by just writing thename or phrase from the plenty of tones which are already presentin the app.• New and latest Islamic songs for the whole presentyear with a touch of uniqeness.• Prohibited the mess of non Islamicmusical instruments.• Advancement of using islamic tracks asplayback music.Like us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/deenekhalis.infoPowered By:deenekhalis.info
Holy Quran offline Pro Muslim Reading 1.2 APK
With the real page read quran turning effect this absolute freeHoly Quran app, you can handily recite the full text of Al Quranfor android on a go page by page. Read quran pak is free downloadcomplete Hafzi Quran and read the koran text offline also bookmarkand share on the social media. This quran majeed Asan Quran forandroid is a free app and works perfectly fine offline. Quran freeapp has smooth user interface and the crystal clear images in HolyQuran android free, which makes the visibility and readability foreveryone simple and easy. This quran reading free offline NobleQuran app is simple and easy to use. Read Quran offline in androiddevices using this application.This quran reader is the simple andeasy access, this Quran app has two separate indexes for Juz andcomplete Surahs of quran free. This coran kareem application isMuslim pro and image based. You shall have full access to Quranicverses at the home page of quran 16 line and we also have enabledfull page view on the single screen, so you don’t have to scroll upand down on this quran majeed. As the Juz and Surahs are dividedinto two different sections and are located at the top left of thescreen in this quran reader app. With the one simple tap in, youcan access each Juz and 114 Surahs of the Holy book one by one.Withthe bookmark option in this quran kareem app, you can bookmarkpages and Ayah, which will allow you to instantly go to the pageand the verses that you have saved. In this quran reading app smartsocial media sharing is enabled, so users can easily share a pageand verses on all social media platforms including Facebook andTwitter through this holy quran android free.The Quran majeed inthe Arabic provides complete guidance for every matter we have todeal with in our lives. Use this Holy Quran Free app to follow theproper code of conduct of the Islam. How to use:- On the home pageof the Al quran application you will have direct access to theQuranic text - Tap on the Juz and Surahs index section to accessany of Juz and Surah in quran majeed- Bookmark any page, so you caninstantly jump to your selection for the next time reading.- SharePage of quran reading Features:- Free download of reading quran -Smooth user interface and visibility - Ayah and page bookmarkingoption enabled - Works both offline and online - Beautiful styleand design- Smart social media sharing read quran pak