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Party, prom, celebrate, decorate them according to the contents ofcelebration or ceremony venue where we have fun time. In thissense, dressing materials and supplies has come to the fore.Decoration supplies is directly proportional to the purpose of thecelebration. Used to decorate a birthday celebration with a promsupplies may be different from each other. For the purpose of thecelebration of the elective and design decoration materials in thiscase we have to do according to the situation.Considering thissituation, we have made the application of supplies decoration foryou. Our supplies decoration in our application, the purpose ofyour celebration to find appropriate materials and decorations willget great design ideas in this regard. Now download our app andenjoy supplies decoration.

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As every season, we wear clothes separately for each special dayand special occasions.Our clothes will find application incarefully selected wonderful dresses for every moment.Our dressesapplication consists of 15 categories. There are 24 beautifulpictures in each category.Categories are as follows;- Green Dresses(24 Pcs)- Fashion Dresses (24 Pcs)- Purple Dresses (24 Pcs)- FormalDresses (24 Pcs)- Casual Dresses (24 Pcs)- Wedding Dresses (24Pcs)- White Dresses (24 Pcs)- Summer Dresses (24 Pcs)- ChiffonDresses (24 Pcs)- Long Dresses (24 Pcs)- Evening Dresses (24 Pcs)-Maternity Dresses (24 Pcs)- Prom Dresses (24 Pcs)- Maxi Dresses (24Pcs)- Red Dresses (24 Pcs)Immerses you'll see a total of 360 units,and you can get great ideas helpful pictures.You can share photoswith your friends in a social environment, they can get theirideas.Download the app now and enjoy our dresses.
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Bridal Dresses! Here bride "bride" as the most important factor.Wedding more emphasis on the need to pay attention to other detailsof the wedding choosing some point. Life of this most special,resemble the fairytale princess in a wedding dress like a dream inthe most beautiful day dream all young girls, however, since yourchildhood, you see your dreams ornaments or in shop windows, notenough to ask only one wedding dress you like in magazines. Theimportant thing is to determine a model and style that suits you.Wedding concept is also the model you choose and is compatible withall other details as needed.Choosing the right fabric and the rightto tailor the choice of wedding dress is so important. The modelyou like, you can move the trial so far tailor figures you choose.Surely business veteran, one of which must erect to keep your eyes.Because it did not have time to say you can not always be newdikkel. Determining the wedding dress price is actually working.Later, stone processing and then comes the fabric. If you want anexpensive, hard to find sometimes fabric cloth fabric on the basisof the price at that time may come first. Now let a part of thefabric used in the wedding dress.Silk slub fault: Way, texturedfabric. Dress of the fabrics used in the face, in comparison withthe conventional straight cut dresses more preferred.French lace:Used in veil rather than dresses. All applicable in weddingdress.Guipure (lace promenade), especially collars, available inthe arm and chest section. In autumn and winter wedding dress ispreferred.Cord to lace: it is preferable for this kind fabrics canbe used throughout the summer wedding dresses.Satin: This is themost preferred wedding dress fabric. Thanks to its silky texture isused frequently, especially in summer dress. This fabric is oftenused in wedding dresses suitable for every cut.Slub: Silk texturedfabric is shiny and rare works. Wedding Preferable both the top andthe skirt portion. Because silky structure is suitable for allkinds of wedding dresses.Chiffon: used in a transparent and summerwedding dress with fine structure. This fabric is suitable for alltypes of flying romantic wedding.Organza: It is transparent and anideal fabric for summer wedding due to the fine structure. Weddingdress is an ideal fabric for use in all body types. It can be usedin conventional and unconventional wedding dress.Taffeta: The mostpreferred fabric due to the structure in Wedding and engagement.Both pastels, and a fabric with bright colors. Available at the topand the skirt portion of the dress. It applied in more fluffywedding dress.Embroidery on tulle (embroidered French lace)finished motif on fabric lace is made of a fine mesh. Wedding dresscollar, chest and arms used in the section. Every season issuitable for wedding dresses.Ziberl: There is a silk fabric onfabric. Fay is thinner and silk. Couplers used in the weddingdress.If you have a wedding soon, and if you need a bridal dressesdesign ideas, take a look at our bridal dresses on the application.Our bridal dresses application suits you best, trendy designed, youcan find elegant and stylish bridal dresses. Download our app nowbridal dresses and enjoy sharing with your friends.