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The Benefits of Reciting Surah Ar-Rahman Hadith – 1 The Prophet(Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) went to the companions and recitedSurah ar Rahman but they were all quiet. He told them that he wentto the jinn and recited it to them and they were responsive. Andwhen he would recite the verses ‘And which of the favours of theLord will you deny’ the jinn would respond ‘There is nothing amongyour bounties that we can deny, all praise belong to Allah’References: Jami At-Tirmidhi, Ibn al Mundhir, Al Adhama & Hakim2/474 Hadith – 2 Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (Radi Allahu Anhu) reportedthat the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said, ‘Everything hasan adornment, and the adornment of the Qur’an is Surah Ar Rahman’Reference: Imam Bayhaqi (Rahmatullah Allaih) in Shuab Al ImaanVirtues of Surah ar-Rahman Surah ar-Rahman encourages us to reflecton the concept of Divine Mercy. Allah has given us various gifts.Life in this world is a gift too — the trees, food, oursurroundings, air, water, healthy body and mind, family, friends,everything is a gift. We take it all for granted, but at the end ofit all, every such gift matters. Surah ar-Rahman helps us rememberthat all such Divine Favours are not something we should neglect.By repeating “Which is it, of the Favours of your Lord, that yedeny?” this Surah tells us that we should not deny any of theFavours of our Lord. “Which is it, of the Favours of your Lord,that ye deny?” As per the context of that time, the disbelieverswere continuously and outrageously denying the truth and wereopenly torturing the Muslims. The repetition of “Which is it, ofthe Favors of your Lord, that ye deny?” was in fact a constantreminder to the deniers of truth who were ungrateful and blind tothe Greatness of Allah and in their pride, would attack and killMuslims without provocation. Surah ar-Rahman beautifully conveysthe infinite list of Blessings of Allah. It touches the heart andbrings tears to the eyes of true believers. The Ultimate TruthHuman beings have a weakness of ignoring the truth — we know thateverything is perishable, yet we remain madly in pursuit of theworldly riches and comforts. We should be aware that whatever wehave in this life is not permanent — our family and friends mightleave us, good health might decline, our wealth might perish, andso on. Yet, we remain proud and arrogant. Surah ar-Rahmanrepeatedly reminds us to be thankful to Allah because whatever wehave is His Gift to us. Thus, we must work for the Hereafter andget engaged in doing good deeds and strive to please Allah Alone.As such, we should know that, as practising Muslims, learning Surahar-Rahman by heart can prove to be a source of peace andtranquility. by reminding ourselves of the various Favours ofAllah, we can combat stress and depression and also strengthen ourfaith.

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Surah Yaseen 3.1 APK
Surah Yaseen (the Heart of Quran) is an Islamic Smartphoneapplication which lets Muslims all over the world benefit fromgreat blessings of this special Chapter of the Holy Quran. 1.Reading it when you wake up may invoke Allah to fulfill all yourneeds for that day. Hadhrat ‘Ataa’ bin Abi Ribaah (RadhiyallahuAnhu) says that the Prophet Mohamed (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)reportedly has said, “Whoever reads Surah Yaseen at the beginningof the day — all his needs for that day will be fulfilled.” 2. It'sthe equivalent of reading the whole Quran 10 times. “Everything hasa heart, and the heart of the Glorious Quran is Surah Yaseen.Whoever reads Surah Yaseen, Allah records for them a reward equalto that of reading the whole Quran 10 times.” — Maqal, Tirmidhi2812/A and Dhahabi 3. Memorization will invoke the blessings ofAllah. It has been said that Allah recited Surah Yaseen and SurahTaha for a thousand years before the creation of Heaven and Earth.Upon hearing this, the angels said, “Blessing is for the Ummah untowhom the Quran will be sent down. Blessing is for the hearts thatwill memorize it, and blessing is for the tongues that will reciteit.” 4. It invokes the mercy of Allah to forgive your sins.“Whoever reads Surah Yaseen for the pleasure of Allah only, all hisearlier sins are forgiven. Therefore, make a practice of readingthis Surah over your dead.” 5. It benefits the reader in this life,as well as in the Hereafter. According to one hadith, Surah Yaseenis named in the Torah as “Mun’imah” in other words: "Giver of GoodThings." This is because it contains benefits to both the reader inthis world and the next. It removes the afflictions of this worldand the next. Surah Yaseen also takes away the dread of the nextlife. Hashiya of Tafsir Jalalalayn, pg 368. 6. It will exalt thestatus of the believers, both in this world and the next. SurahYaseen is also known as “Raafi’ah Khaafidhah.” In other words, thatwhich exalts the status of the believers and degrades theunbelievers. According to a riwayat, Prophet Mohamed (SallallahuAlaihi Wasallam) said, “My heart desires that Surah Yaseen shouldbe present in the heart of every one of my ummah.” So, make sureyou memorize Surah Yaseen in order to reap its benefits. "Soundnessof faith rests on acknowledging resurrection and judgment," saidImam Ghazali. Surah Yaseen contains many virtues — includingresurrection and judgement, both of which it speaks on in adetailed manner. 7. It will grant you the status of a shaheed.According to one hadith, if anyone recites Surah Yaseen every nightand then dies, they will die as a shaheed (a martyr). 8. It wipesout your sins, alleviates hunger, and guides the lost. “Whoeverreads Surah Yaseen is forgiven; whoever reads it in hunger issatisfied; whoever reads it having lost their way, finds their way;whoever reads it on losing an animal, finds it. When one reads itwhile addressing the fact that that their food will run short, thatfood will then become sufficient. If one reads it while besidesomeone who is in the throes of death, then that process is mademore smoothly for them. If anyone reads it on a woman who isexperiencing difficulty in childbirth, her delivery will thenbecome easy. ” Imam Tibi explains in his commentary on Mishkatal-Masabih why Surah Yaseen is called the Heart of the Quran:"Because of what it contains. Overwhelming proof, decisive signs,subtle spiritual meanings, eloquent admonition, and sternwarnings." 9. It abolishes fear from your heart. Maqri (RahmatullahAlaihi) said, “If Surah Yaseen is read by one who fears the ruleror an enemy, one gets rid of this fear.” 10. Reading it at nightwill forgive your sins. The Prophet said, "Whoever recited SurahYasin in the night seeking Allah’s pleasure, Allah would forgivehim." Ibn Hibban, Darimi 3283/A, Abu Yala, Tabarani, Baihaqi &Ibn Mardawaih.
Surah Mulk 1.8 APK
It was revealed in Mecca, it is thirty passages long, consisting ofthree hundred and thirty words and one thousand three hundredletters. (Tafsir Al-Khateeb Al-Sharabini Vol .3 P.367.) Ibn Shihabsaid that is it known as 'the disputer' as it disputes with thoseof the grave! (Ibid) Those of the grave meaning the two angelsMunkar and Nakir who question the servant after they are buried andtheir relatives have gone. All of the Quran is blessed and parts ofthe Quran we have been informed about their specific blessing andothers we have not. One such Surah that we have been informed aboutits blessing is Surah Mulk. Notice that death comes first as thisis much harder to deal with its consequences than life. When deathcomes it takes us out of our comfort zones as it scares us intoconsidering our mortality. Life can be a trail for parents who donot wish to have children. They worry about provision and otherunnecessary concerns. When you ponder these meanings then you beginto think about the ephemeral nature of life and then you begin tocontemplate the afterlife. There are many hadith explaining itsqualities and its benefits we shall go through some. Ibn Abbas (mayAllah be pleased with him) narrated that the Messenger of Allah(may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) said, “I wish that“Blessed is the Dominion” would be in the heart of every believer.”(Al-Hakim in Al-Mustadrak 1/253 and Qurtabi in his commentary17/205.) This does not just mean that we memorize it verbatim butare heedless of its meanings. Learn the meanings as well, then whenyou recite it you go over the meanings thus increasing yourattendance in the prayer. Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (may Allah be pleasedwith him) said, “When the deceased are placed in their grave; itcomes in front of his legs and says, “There is no way for you hereas he used to perform the Surah Al-Mulk.” Then it would standbefore his head and say to his tongue, “There is no way for youbecause he used to recite Surah Al-Mulk.” Then he said, “It isprotector from the punishment of Allah. It is in the Torah thatwhoever recites the Surah Al-Mulk has increased and become morefragrant.” (Al-Qurtabi 18/205.) Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleasedwith them) narrates that the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bestowpeace and blessings upon him) said, “It is a protector; a rescuer;saving from the chastisement of the grave.” (At-Tirmidhi andAl-Hakim.) Ibn Mas’ud (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates thatthe Messenger of Allah (may Allah bestow peace and blessings uponhim) said, “Surah Tabaruk protects from the punishment of thegrave.” (Ibn Mardawaya.) The grave is one of the most dauntingabodes that someone will enter as it will be as you were, in theworld. There is no hiding or pretending in the grave and here, inthis place of maggots and worms, it comes to save you. As itsrecitation will protect us against being punished in the grave asthe time in the grave will be longer than the time on earth, it iswithout comparison. Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him)narrates that the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bestow peace andblessings upon him) said, “I have found in the book of Allah aSurah thirty passages long; whoever reads it when he sleeps thirtygood deeds are written for him; thirty wrong actions are omittedand he is raised thirty degrees. Allah sends an angel to spread hiswings over him and protect him from everything until he wakes up.It is the disputer who argues for it reader in the grave and it isTabarak alldhi biyadihi l-Mulku.” (Sura Mulk) (Ad-Daylami). Itprotects you whilst you sleep which is very important as you areunable to defend yourself at that time but because you read it anangel comes to protect you. Also look at the ninety other blessingsthat you receive for reading it.
Rizq Main Izafa Kay Aamal 1.0 APK
Rizak ka waada Allah ney kiya hai. Iss app mein Rizaq mein izaafayke liye wazeefay aur duaein hein jin se rizaq mein izafa aur barkatho gi.Rizq Mein Izafa Kay WazaifRizq Chappar Phaar Ker Aye Garizqka wazifaRizq Ka Istimalrizq ki duaqurani duain for rizqUbqari RizqKa Wazifarizq mein izafa ki duaRizq Mein Izafa Kay Wazaifrizq meinizafa ka amalRizq Ka azafa ka liye amalwazifa for problemRizqChappar Phaar Ker Aye Ga
Surah Waqiah 2.0 APK
The Benefits of Reading Surah Waqiah By reading this surah waqiah,one will never fall into poverty, and all the needs of the personwill be fulfilled. Every Surah in the Qur’an has many healingbenefits. Surah Al-Waqiah is one that has this amazing benefit ofreading it. There are hadith that pertain to reading SuratAl-Waqiah. Our Prophet (SAW), said in a hadith, “Whoever recitesSurah Waqiah at night will never encounter poverty” (Ibn Sunni620). Another hadith from our Prophet (SAW) says, “Surah Waqiah isthe Surah of Wealth, so recite it and teach it to your children”(Ibn Asakir). Many of the Islamic Scholars and Shaikh Ul Hadithdiscuss this and state that we should all make it a habit to readSurat Waqiah every night after Isha. Some say to read afterMaghreb, but after Isha is the best. Inshallah, if you are goingthrough a time of financial need, please start reading SurahAlWaqiah. Make sure that you read Durood/Salawat Ibrahimi (3 times,or 11 times) before reading Surah Waqiah, and then after youfinish, and make dua, read Durood/Salawat Ibrahimi again (3 timesor 11 times). Reading Salawat will make it easy for you to read,and will bring your dua straight to the throne of Allah SWT. Andyou get barakah for sending blessings to our Prophet (SAW).Remember, Allah SWT is always there for us and will NEVER leave usin any condition He knows we cannot handle. He will always providefor us in ways we don’t know and couldn’t imagine. *RevelationHistory* According to Quranic commentators, Surah Waqiah chapter isa Meccan sura, that is, it was revealed during the Meccan period ofMuhammad's (Sal Allaho Alehi Wasallam) prophethood. Somecommentators, although not in the majority, argue that part of itwas revealed during the Medinan period. Some of such commentatorsmaintain that verses 39–40 are the verses that was from the Medinanperiod, while some say 81–82, and others say 83. The traditionalEgyptian chronology puts the chapter as the 41th chapter by theorder of revelation (after Al-Tur), while the Nöldeke Chronology(by the orientalist Theodor Nöldeke) puts it as the 46th. Thechapter's position in the Quran, which is not determined by therevelation order, is as the 56th chapter, right after Ar-Rahmanwhich discuses partly related topic. Some commentators, such asAhmad ibn Ajiba consider Al-Waqi'a a continuation of Ar-Rahman.
Jinnat Aur Jadoo Ka Ilaj 2.0 APK
Jinnat aur Jadoo ka Ilaj is a stand alone android application toassist the Urdu readers to resolve the problems they face fromblack magic and taweez. This app lists out the solutions which areaccording to Shariah and can help resolve any problems of blackmagic and taweez. Save yourself and your family from all the evilsby reading and following the authentic solutions.Surah asr sa jadoka ilejghar sa taweez nikalna ka wazifataweezo ka asar khatam krnaka liyejado ka taweez ka asar khatam krna ka liye qurani ayat ekareemaquran majeed sa jado ka ilejjadu ka TorQuran Se Jadoo KaIlajJinnat Aur Kala JaduKala Jado R Bachaotaweez ka asar khatamkarnataweez ka torBlack Magic ka torkalay jadoo ki iqsamkala jadooki taweez se torkala jadoo ka quran ki surah se tor
Aab E Hayat Complete Novel 2.0 APK
Download all 25 episodes of Aab-e-Hayat novel in this app.Aab-e-Hayat's last episode is recently completed by Umera Ahmed inan Urdu Digest.The famous Urdu Pdf Novel "Aab-e-Hayat" complete ishere for free. This Urdu novel is authored by Ms. Umaira Ahmed whois a learned Urdu novelist, Urdu writer and one of the most popularUrdu Novelist from Pakistan. She has written many other Urdu noveland almost all of her novels are being appreciated by the Urdulovers.Aab-e-Hayat Urdu novel is considered the sequel of famousUrdu novel Peer-e-Kamil which was gone viral on internet because ofits distinguished topic. Later on the Peer-e-Kamil Novel was alsotranslated into English language with the same name Peer-e-Kamil inEnglish. Aab-e-Hayat is the second part of Peer-e-Kamil. This is ashort Urdu novel and another masterpiece of Umera Ahmed. UmeraAhmed has rocked once again by authoring this beautiful Urdu novelAab-e-Hayat. Aab-e-Hayat is the Arabic term which indicates toWater of Life.
La Zawal Urdu Novel 2.0 APK
Another worth reading Urdu novel "La-Zawal" and explore anotherlongest story by Bushra Rehman in Urdu language. "La Zawal" is thetitle name of this Urdu novel which is authored by Ms. BushraRehman who is a popular Urdu novelist, Urdu fiction writer and Urdudigest writer form Pakistan. She has written a lot of Urdu novelsand other Urdu fiction stories for different Urdu magazines, Urdudigests and Urdu novels. La-Zawal is the longest Urdu novel byBushra Rehman. This is a social Urdu novel related to the Pakistanisociety. This Urdu novel is a masterpiece of Bushra Rehman becauseshe has worked hard to create such a long Urdu novel of 964 pages.Although La-Zawal Urdu novel is long based story but the people whoread the first 10 stories, compelled to read this novel till end.This is because of the attractive writing of Bushra Rehman.
Soda Urdu Novel 2 APK
Download free a very sad social Urdu novel "Sauda" by Umaira Ahmad.This is a very sorrowful novel about the lower class poor peoplesin Pakistan. In this novel Umaira Ahmad focused on the difficultiesfaced by poor families in Pakistan.The writer of this novel e.g"Sauda", Ms. Umaira Ahmad is a very talented and popular Urdunovelist from Sialkot Pakistan, writing for digests, televisionchannels and novels since 1998. She is a distinguished Urdunovelist and many of her novels were very appreciated by the peopleof Pakistan.