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Choose the right side at this military conflict and ensure thevictory of your country with Surgical Strike Military Attack inPakistan War!Become the soldier of SpecOps! Defense of your countryas a true patriot! Your duty today is to stand for the protectionof our homeland, emerge on thrilling combat army commando fightinglike never before in any sniper chopper games! Make surgicalstrikes against enemy militants, minimize collateral damage to thecivilians, sing patriotic songs and ensure the victory withSurgical Strike Military Attack in Pakistan War!The homeland, ourmotherland united against the invaders and terrorists! Thinkthrough your strategy of military war attack, grab your assaultrifle or sniper guns and be ready for precise critical guerillastrikes! Mind your patriot trooper indicators not to lose anyoneand have fun playing Surgical Strike Military Attack in PakistanWar!Check different weapons like grenade launcher, sub-machine gun,machine gun, sniper rifle, shotgun, and others! Remember that everyweapon has its own characteristic features, so choose wisely, thinkahead and think over your strategy – the moment is precious! Shootas more enemies as you can!Earn coins for each successfully passedbattle and buy new interesting weapons, skins for your brutalsoldier or the ammunition for your super patriot soldier! Completemissions with rising difficulty levels and defeat every army ofyour rivals!Surgical Strike Military Attack in Pakistan Warfeatures:Realistic army action shooterMultiple real-lifeweaponsPicturesque views of Indian and PakistanrainforestsExcellent enemy AIAddictive missionsSmooth and easycontrolsBecome one of the real legends among the other soldiers andprotect Motherland helping the SWAT members!Privacy policy:http://vasilijpervic.wixsite.com/assassinrevenge/single-post/2017/03/23/ASSASSIN-REVENGE-PRIVACY-POLICY

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    Surgical Strike Military Attack in Pakistan War
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    September 12, 2017
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Assassin Revenge
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