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A fun Egg surprise game for kids, with colorful graphics, vehicleswith their sound and name sound to educate your kids, variousanimation to keep your kid entertain and nice sound effects.ABSOLUTELY FREE.Watch your kids learn all the names of manyvehicles through fun and play. The game is full of animation,pronunciations for repeat playing and learning.Just tap on theeggs, and your kid will find a surprise vehicle images inside theegg with nice animation and vehicle sound and vehicle namepronunciation.Vehicles: Images and Sound and pronunciation ofvarious vehicles like- Airplane, Ambulance, Auto Rickshaw, Bicycle,Bike, Boat, Bulldozer, Bus, Car, Cement mixer, Crane, DoubleDecker, Golf cart, Helicopter, Jeep, Jet Ski, Police, Car, Rocket,School bus, Scooter, Ship, Shopping cart, Skate board, Sports car,Stroller,Taxi, Tractor, Train, Tram, Tricycle, Truck,VanFeatures:Absolutely FREE game.Clear vehicle sounds and namepronunciation.Beautiful high quality HD images of vehicle.Full ofsurprises for your kids.Easy to use for kids.Educational game forkids with many surprises that your kid will love.InterestingBalloon popping.Preschooler and Kinder activity.Kinder Surprises.

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    Surprise Eggs Vehicles Game
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    March 20, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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