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Gifts between ancient and people give eachother items. The purpose is to express goodwill, respect, or toplease each other. Gift also to celebrate festivals or importantdates. Whether adults or children all love to receive gifts thismatter, will receive different gifts at different festivals,perhaps a birthday or Christmas gifts ...... and so on.

While opening presents this action is undoubtedly among the mostanticipated and most stimulating, never knew was inside what size,what shape, what color's "mind."

Here are five picture outset the question mark will appear afterclicking 1000 under the first figure shows a full-screen image ofthe beautiful and, if they can reduce the tap
From left to right of the question mark will automatically displaythe first image of the beautiful just received, then click on themap may have been beautiful once again a full-screen zoom view.Take a look at those beautiful Keyihuode map it, Why not act now!!!

App Information Surprise Package

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    Surprise Package
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    December 26, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Itsuka Kotori
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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Bao Egg 1.0.2 APK
Itsuka Kotori
Very incredible surprise game!Contains many surprises, Baby knows, but baby do not say.This is a golden egg, it shines very bright gold,You have to constantly touch her until the egg split up.Even at hand cramps, but the baby is not responsible.You must tap the egg until all levels are completed,Finally there is a small surprise, I hope you can see that,Baby think this is a fun game to knock the eggs,Hope to see you can download and play, have fun,We will be very happy! ! !If you like this game, please give us a good review andevaluation.Thank you!
Key Box 1.0.1 APK
Itsuka Kotori
The safe had to try a lot of keys to open,keep looking until you find a real open the box to get the mostbeautiful and the most valuable and most valuable treasure, whichis the diamond, but not so easy for you to get it!You could get to it? There's a baby, not with the general approachto take, the player must be a little wisdom, perseverance,patience, observation, endurance, perseverance, self-motivated,naturally can open the box, is not simple, but the difficulty therealso exists a certain standard, as long as the players can work,will bear fruit one day, yes! Trying to have a chance to succeed,success is not accidental, failure is not without reason.After clicking finished, there will be surprises waiting for youto come up, I hope we are able to succeed, everything goes, goodluck, it's just a challenge to it, however, after which it is notsimple to face, play after this game, just remember, if they workhard, one day there will be results-based, adhere to and believe intheir beliefs, perseverance to achieve all the goals on the road inthe next, will be able to open up, I hope this game played people,can be realized, and this is the greatest significance of thisgame, "heritage"! ! !
The Strongest Egg 1.0.3 APK
Itsuka Kotori
Can you crack all the eggs it? Eggs are veryhard and very expensive especially great too!A total of six eggs, you have to Yiyi crushed, what will itlast?Even I do not know, I only know that the egg is very strong, youhave to beat him.You knock up to 24 hours continuously, it may also not enough time,because the back of the eggs will be more powerful, more rigid,more particularly it.Are you ready? With your fastest hand of God, constantly attackingthe eggs directly to the split, the replaced an egg, beat until allmay play a dislocated hand, but we will not be responsible for,very sorry, in short, hard hitting egg!Desperately trying to re-take the time to spend energy, there isalways broken off day, the egg is very strong, but the effort isdefinitely not inferior to the genius type egg yo ~When can knock eggs:★ attending a lecture, they can secretly mad knock click XD★ bored, you can pass the time chirp Mi ♥★ killing and students chatting★ in the back and when reading text★ As long as you are willing, when no problemAfter all your Qiaowan broken off, want to be able to comment,for us it is the greatest support and help.Thank you! !
Egg 1.0.8 APK
Itsuka Kotori
I like to eat fruit? Come and enjoy thissurprise stimulus, the fruit's rich entertainment simulation game.Cut, you have to constantly cut, will it be possible to see thefinal of the last things that may make you put it down,mouth-watering, will take time, but not tired of playing, can alsobe time consuming ground game, will I like to play!There are three fruits1. There are juicy and sweet fruit of flowering plants.2. The less water, but the banana plants have fruitsweetness.3. Has flesh, edible berries, citrus fruit, stone fruit, pome,false berry.The simple fun, rich and delicious delicious fruit, eggssurprises most people love the game, so you play ~
Red Ball 1.0.8 APK
Itsuka Kotori
Very casual entertainment games, a comfortablebackground music to do with, showing a fresh and comfortable gamingenvironment, players use buttons on the screen and jumping up anddown, move a little red ball, avoid traps, swinging walk, jumplimit , as well as the use of color to determine whether the objecthas a special function to remind the players are dangerous playersneed to use some brain power, with no time limit, the test playercontrols the ball carefully and endurance, players can follow therhythm of the music slowly to play the game to experience the gamein a variety of interesting features box.Shining star player controls the ball reaches the point that theclearance to the next level, to see a variety of color box, the boxwill be able to determine whether there are special features, earlyreaction, that way you can easily reach the end of a pleasant breakoff each level has the characteristics of each level and bodies,please enjoy a variety of fun games players slowly where, free toplay him.Behind the level will be more difficult, players need moreobservant, and note the characteristics of each functional block,the block will move, disappear, crashed down, stretch, zoom,rotate, and so even more, also need stronger intellectual quotient,some because of the color squares will mislead you, cause you donot know even how to die, so players can shine in their own waycontinue to play, because the music itself has a very relaxedplayers can better enjoy the taste of the fruits of victory of thegame, the latter will have a more extensive authority objects,waiting for you to experience the fun!Ball (English transliteration of Hong Kong known as "wave" ball)ball games essential goods. The ball is rotationally symmetrical,cube reflective symmetry. Ball will follow it with the physicalform of the ball, decided to use what contacts the ball for thegame. Such as football and other suitable shape and stretch theirfeet, the first hit, the hand is not easy, so football will be inaddition to the provisions of any part of the body can be outsidethe hand ball, the ball is really very special and fun to do anarticle.
Surprise Egg 1.3.2 APK
Itsuka Kotori
Constantly surprises memorable, this is asurprise for the kids egg interesting mysterious mobilegames.There are many egg cute animal pattern, waiting for your child todownload this game to collect, can be said to be one of the bestchildren's app, playable and can play for a long time, until youcollect all the toys surprises so far, very modern children need todownload this game to play.Prepare your phone, it is time to download this game Hello! Thisgame for children, can be said to be very educational game forchildren to understand that there is no unearned things, effortsmust be harvested only strive clicking surprise eggs, cracked eggs,until the moment came, there will be no Like the joy of existenceit! If you do not work hard click eggs will always nothing is noteligible, though a bit cruel to children, but they have to learnsooner or later efforts to pay, to spend time and energy on it,will have unexpected results exist yet!As for the surprise egg cracked in the end what is it? There aremany animals stored inside dolls, cats, dogs, teddy bears, rats,rabbits, chickens, etc., is very rich and diverse toys, waiting foryour child to collect it, do not call your children downloadit?How to play:Repeatedly click on the egg, the egg will not stop shakingPoint to the egg to split up, stopped inCollect a variety of dolls, all direct
Safe Box 1.0.5 APK
Itsuka Kotori
Ready to enjoy this puzzle app now! Multi-key,to find items, open the final super-mysterious treasure it! Withinthis Insurance hidden in the end what a rich reward it? Continue toget the keys until you can open up the box to see me in the endwhich contains a number of surprises and fun of it, this game isaddictive, oh!Magic is very safe for small children, the best application, onemust play the game of modern children is the ultimate safe virtualsimulation game. If your kids like to open the safe, it absolutelycan not miss this explosive surprise many games for children, is aperfect application, playing a play, play school, class play,school play, sleep play, play reading, without time limit, childrenwill love to play the perfect game surprises.In this application, you must gather the key to completeportion, will it be possible to open the safe, so efforts to obtainall the keys will be the ultimate goal and purpose for this takes alot of time and effort trying to get into the task in order toenjoy the fruits of victory, as long as they have enough metaphorserious efforts to accumulate knowledge and experience, will beable to eventually bear fruit, different keys metaphor of time,effort, dedication, wisdom and so on, are indispensable to succeedsuccess is a step by step, down to earth to obtain all the keys, isthe key to success in life, the teachings of this application hasgreat educational value of human existence.Magic is a fun and safe for most people to play children'sgames, will be a wide variety of toys and a variety of surprises,fun combined into one.Play Introduction:* Select the key to open* Click with your fingers constantly magical safe* Until safe to open, to get the final gemVery suitable for children's games, a lot of different keys andsurprises, let your child learn and grow educational games.Absolutely can not miss a game, come to play an exciting game magicsafe, constantly surprises enjoy the fun!Let your child learn to pay only the outcome must strive to give asense of accomplishment, and the process of trying to click theultimate treasure is a very rare experience, you must have moneycan get to work, there is no free lunch, most children one of thebest educational games.
Egg 1.4.3 APK
Itsuka Kotori
Ready to enjoy the magic egg a very fun game!More eggs, more than a surprise, over more mysterious things! Egghidden in the end what a rich reward it? Constantly knocking theegg until the egg to split up, look inside the egg contains a fewsurprises in the end and the fun of it, this game is addictive,oh!Magic eggs are very suitable for small children the bestapplication, one must play the game of modern children is theultimate surprise egg virtual simulation game. If your child likesopen egg surprise, it definitely can not miss this explosivesurprise many games for children, is a perfect application, playinga play, play school, class play, school play, sleep play, schoolplay, no time limit, children will love to play the perfect gamesurprises.In this application, you will find plenty of eggs and a varietyof interactive surprises. You will find many different gift for thecollection, such as the Princess and other cartoon characters andmovies, as well as a large number of children's favorite toys,bears, puppets, dinosaurs, rabbits, cats, dogs, etc. toys waitingfor you to collect.Magic egg is a fun and most people play children's games, thewide variety of all kinds of toys and surprises, fun combined intoone.Play Introduction:* Choose to open the eggs* Click with your fingers constantly magical egg* Until the egg split up to get toysVery suitable for children's games, a lot of different toys andsurprises, let your child learn and grow educational games.Absolutely can not miss a game, come to play an exciting game magicegg, constantly surprises enjoy the fun!Let your child learn to pay only the outcome must strive to givethe toys a sense of accomplishment, and strive to click on theprocess, it is very rare experience, you must have money can get towork, there is no free lunch, children best education one of thegames.

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