1.0 / August 15, 2014
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Oh no! You let him escape!!!

Caught the crazy alpaca!

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App Information Surround Crazy Alpaca

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    Surround Crazy Alpaca
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  • Updated
    August 15, 2014
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
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  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
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    Visit website Email support@ugamehome.com
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Stilland War (Online MMO RPG) 2.4 APK
The Best Fantasy MMORPG of 2014 and 2015!Content Rating: Medium Maturity ★★★★★Join thousands of players and experience the best MMORPGexperience on Android! Fight your way through the land of Stillandand discover the secrets of the elements. Refine and upgrade yourgear, find loyal companions, and much more to increase your powerto overcome the most difficult enemies imaginable. Explore our vastfantasy world, take on quests, and achieve heroic feats! Team upwith friends and lead your guild to the top of the leaderboard!Features:- Epic Storyline! The dragons have awakened from their long darkslumber! And the Elementals are fallen into darkness! War iscoming! Can you do to save your people?- Stunning Combat! Intensive turn-based battle makes it just likeyou are watching a movie!- Adventure with Your companions! Giant ogre, mysterious elf, ghostknight, insane mage and more!- Explore the world of Stilland alone, or live the true multiplayergame experience: make friends and enemies, have duels, communicate,and more. The wide range of interactions makes everyone a livingpart of this universe.- Join a party or guild to become stronger! Fight with yourteammates to overcome the most challenging part of MMO games: ourdreaded World Bosses.- Try your skill in the many seasonal server events to earnspecial, limited time rewards!- Earn rewards as you participate in the daily, weekly, and monthlyevents! Test your skill against other players in the cross serverguild and player championships to see who is strongest!THE WORLD IS YOURS FOR THE TAKING!Join the best mobile MMORPG, and enter the legendary world ofStilland now!Email Support: support@ugamehome.comFacebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/stillandwar
Call of the goddess 2.4 APK
An addictive game with totally new strategicelements, pure Japanese aesthetic style and awesome strikingeffects.Slingshot goddesses and avoid traps to destroy enemies in theirwake. Play with your friends in this co-op action RPG. Become themaster and collect over 100 unique goddesses in your adventure andreign over a Mysterious Land with your powerful group.FEATURES○ Pull the goddesses then sling them to deal epic damage.○ Clear quests and unlock special abilities to get strongergoddess.○ Collect over 100 lovely goddesses and raise them.○ Invite your friends to join your team and fight together.○ Use your brain to set up a powerful group.○ Join activities, and get awesome gifts and rewards.Join us and you'll have the chance to create goddesses in theimage of the people you love! Don't miss out on this awesome newexperience!Social Media:Facebook: www.facebook.com/ugamegodness?ref=ts&fref=tsFacebook Discussion:www.facebook.com/groups/1603447733257700/?ref=ts&fref=tsSupport:You can catch us on FB or shoot an email to goddessstrike@ugamehome.com
最後一個三國志 1.1 APK
三國志,我只玩最後一個!超爽快的手感盛宴,豐富的武將系統,極具策略的挑戰玩法。主公快來創造新勢力,開闢您的三國霸業吧!融合SLG+RPG的全新玩法,英雄搭配、技能控制、站位卡位,極強的策略性玩法讓你在戰場和對手血戰到底。遊戲和沙場完美融合,帶你體驗熱血三國!===遊戲特色===1、運籌帷幄,決勝千裏重溫熱血經典,真實還原三國群英傳浩瀚戰鬥。同屏千人大戰盡在掌中,輕鬆指點絢麗大招,經典的三國故事,不一樣的完美解讀。2、談笑間,檣櫓灰飛煙滅開啟塵封的熱血沙場,釋放壓抑許久的純正血性,上萬人同時交互,自由PK!無國戰不熱血,豐富的社交體驗讓你盡享兄弟情義,一統三國!3、烽火連天,調兵強將各路三國名將盡召集麾下,多套養成玩法伴你同行。遊戲融合了兵種克制,排兵佈陣、武將搭配等眾多策略玩法,好玩到爆,根本停不下來。4、兵馬未動,糧草先行各種海量禮包拿到手軟,還有專屬成長基金等你來領哦,更多好禮,更多意外的驚喜,盡在最後一個三國志!最後一個三國志Facebook粉絲頁:https://www.facebook.com/lastsango/最後一個三國志Facebook討論組:https://www.facebook.com/groups/720731331360841/?fref=ts最後一個三國志客服信箱:lastsango@ugamehome.comThree Kingdoms, I onlyplay the last one! Super refreshing feel feast, rich generalssystem, challenging gameplay strategy. Come and create new forceslord, open up your three dominance now!    Fusion SLG + RPG's new play, the hero withthe skills control stations for position, strong strategic gameplayon the battlefield and let your opponents bloody in the end. Gamesand battlefield perfect fusion, take you to experience blood three!=== === Game Features1, strategizing, winning thousands of milesReview blood classic, true Three Heros vast battle. The samescreen thousands of war in his hand, pointing relaxed gorgeous bigmove, the classic three stories, not the same perfectinterpretation.2, laughing, mast scull ashesOpen dusty battlefield blood, releasing pent pure bloody, whilethousands of people interact, free PK! No national war withoutblood, a rich social experience so you can enjoy the brotherhood,dominate the three!3, war-torn, forcing troop movementsThree brightest star do convened under the command sets todevelop a play with your peers. Game combines the arms restraint,formations, tactics, and many other generals play with, fun toburst, did not stop.4, troops and horses, forage firstMassive variety packs to get soft, and exclusive Growth Fundwaiting for you to receive oh, more gifts, more surprises, all inthe last of the Three Kingdoms!The last of the Three Kingdoms Facebook fan page:https://www.facebook.com/lastsango/The last of the Three Kingdoms Facebook discussion group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/720731331360841/?fref=tsThe last of the Three Kingdoms Customer Service: lastsango@ugamehome.com
Surround Crazy Alpaca 1.0 APK
Oh no! You let him escape!!!Caught the crazy alpaca!Share on facebook and compete with your friends!
Pixel Platoon 1.19 APK
Join the fight in Pixel Platoon! Battle it out with players fromall over the globe in this awesome shooter inspired by classic andmodern games alike! Face off against your opponents in thisreal-time PVP shooter with tons of awesome weapons and cool gear toget you through the fight! Enjoy a seemingly endless single playerPVE mode that puts your skills to the test. With awesome maps,international gameplay, and classic game modes Pixel Platoon willkeep you coming back for more!Features: Intense global multiplayeraction: Get into the fight with up to 12 players from anywhere inthe world and see who’s the best of the best. Win matches to getawesome prizes!Awesome single player mode with an infinite numberof levels to battle through, fight your way through each one andsee how long you can survive!Tons of real world weapons to choosefrom! Choose your favorite and lock and load!Load up on cool itemslike grenades, flashbangs, and awesome DNA Grenades that transformyour enemies into animals.