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Survival Military Training is a Survival game where Soldiers meettheir Sergeants and begin with Survival skills and techniques thata soldier may use in order to sustain life in any type of naturalenvironment. These survival game is meant to provide basic trainingfor soldiers life which include water, food, and shelter. Theskills also support proper knowledge and interactions with animalsand plants to promote the sustaining of life over a period of time.Outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, fishing, andhunting all require basic wilderness survival skills, especially inhandling emergency situations. This Exercise will make you mentallyand physically strong enough to fight against your enemies. Braceyourself to give out US a new trained army for armed forces inAmerican federation. Join boot camp of soviet armed forces andbecome designated honorable officer with Survival Military Training. This army game provides the users with different army trainingexercises to be physically strong. In the US Army Academy, basiccombat is the first step of training as a military soldier. Followall the instructions from your platoon. Practice to be a trainedshooter to cross levels. Improve your time management skill bycompleting levels within the given time. Play again and again tofinish the Survival mission within the least time. We welcome youto the army preparation school where we will be transformingrecruits into Soldiers at Survival Training. You have joinedacademy normally known as a boot camp . To be a brave soldier, youhave to pass all training session in military academy. Thechallenge comes as much from the difficulty of physical training asit does from the psychological adjustment to a hard time way oflife. Enter military academy, follow the sergeant commands. Stepinto combat that will leads you to clear physical and mentalsurvival training. This epic survival game will improve your targetsetting skills by providing you with different missions andchallenges. Grab your gun and hunt animals.. Completing theconfidence course involves navigating a host of grueling obstacles,with the ultimate goal of instilling a sense of accomplishment inthe soldiers as they make their way through it. Face difficultchallenges to be a brave soldier. Cross hurdles to accomplish thegoal. So enjoy this US army game, learn to face dangers and be astrong person. Instead of leading, a life of ease and luxury, youshould train yourselves to face any misfortune with a mighty heartand devote a part of your time in receiving military preparation.To be a hero, you got pass through all this tough training session.Complete intense obstacle course and follow chain of command fromplatoon instructors. It is all about being from ordinary toextraordinary by travelling the hardest of the paths leading to thegoal and that is to be a champ in the force. Clear militarytraining camp by passing the commando regiment test in this actionpack simulator game. At the end you will be trained to fight deadlyforce. Features Of Survival Military Training: Survival militaryTraining instruction Intuitive & smooth controls Best armysimulation game Realistic Military camp with jungle Environment.Different army fields to clearing course Play as Real army traineecadet to test your skills

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    June 9, 2020
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    Toucan Games 3D
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combat of iron tanks ww1 era is the topadventurous action packed tanks game. Its deserted world of irontanks. Shoot & Kill the army of panzer tanks and become a tankhero. Manage a roster of blitz all around in this tank war 3d game.With tactical precision and execution in tanks battlefield, you canwin the tanks battle game.Story and Gameplay of Tank War GameThere’s been a battle alert all across the world. World War ofTanks has just begun. this is the fight of the super iron forcetanks against the enemy war tanks Use your best strategy to fightthe world of tanks and win the tank battle game. Get use of themilitary fire age tank. There are deadly bombs, navy soldiers, gunsweapons, blasts military vehicles, infantry, crossfire and tanksattack everywhere in this free tanks game. Attack the enemy basewith your war tank. This tanks blitz is all about a top-secretmission to win the World War of tanks 3d.Your massive war tank in battlefield is equipped with all thenecessary weapons, steamy explosives & cannon to take down allenemy gunship tanks firing on your modern tanks. Your specializedmilitary skills will be tested to the limit by the task missiongiven to you as they are clearly out numbered by your panzer tankforce. Let’s see how you can deal with a battle tank in this tankgames to be a tank hero.Unleash a destructive attack on an army of tanks, as they havepillaged the suburban city and taken over the area. Nothing feelsbetter than shooting enemies in a battle. Navigate through stunningdesert environment. Locate enemy coming near you through yourradar. Shoot down enemy Tanks with your unlimited ammunition.Alert your Airforce and Army to join in the game of war with WordWar of tanks 3D. Imagine the destruction, It’s the war of nations.Deploy army tanks, train military tanks and engage in epic battles.Enjoy fun and engrossing intense crossfire.Your primary mission is to remove all resistance and take down theenemy tank army generals, who are ordering and assisting the enemyto attack and raise havoc on the area. The enemy generals will bestrongly guarded by gunner tanks and soldiers. You will have toinflict a deadly attack and tear the enemy apart with extremeshooting skills with accuracy, eliminating enemies at point blankrange. There is no Gunship helicopters in this tanks gunship gameor ww1 game.Navigate through the vast lands of the environments with advancedcontrols of the gunner tank, including swipe aiming of the tankturret, enemy detection radars and a heavily optimized scope withenemy tagging zoom.Play through five intense and deadly levels of gameplay, gunningand shooting down enemy gunner tanks, soldiers with death defyingattack and heavy impact bombs.FEATURES OF WW1 TANK WAR GAMES:• 5 intense levels of gameplay with tougher panzer war levelsproceeding further• Real time gunship battles simulation• Scope and zoom enhancements for the tank in first playerswitching mode for precise aiming• FPS shooting game• one of the best tank war 3d game• Stunning graphics• Fast paced and level based progression• Amazingly vivid environment and war scenery• Smooth touch and superior controlThis is for those who love tank wars, ww1 games, tank games, tankbattle game or tank gunship games. This action game is free-to-playfor all the adventure war-gaming lovers. This war games that letyou show off your tactical precision and execution. Tank games aremore fun to play. It’s a war of iron tanks. Attack & conquer!If you are a fan of action packet simulator games, you would findthis very interesting and addictive.
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Grand City Battle : Auto Theft Games is a best Crime simulator gameamong all shooting games & gangster games of theft autogangsters. Show your skills by fighting in open world real actiongame & Rule the Miami streets by Building Criminal empire.Grand City Battle : Auto Theft Games includes Shooting &Killing your enemies in this crime simulator 3d game. You havecomplete Arsenal of weapons Choose from a gun store: Machine Guns,RPGs, Sniper Rifles and Shotguns. Enjoy this Grand Theft Games ingrand City !! This Game is about Shooting your rivals, policeescape, Driving Car & Lots of mission & activities of autotheft games. Grand City Battle : Auto Theft Games is open worldcrime games. Shoot ordinary citizens and steal cars from them. Butbe careful before you shoot a police officer, he will pull thetrigger, chase you in the grand city and kill you. Be a real grandtheft and steel all you can. Take the most extreme arsenal anddefeat the criminal underworld in Grand City Battle : GangstersAuto Theft Game ! Drive any vehicle or take any weapon from arsenalas you investigate the 3D open world. The streets of the city arein chaos. A Gang war between crime gangsters leads the town toself-destruct under violence, killing and revenge. In Grand CityBattle , Sam Wick is an undercover person unofficially working forthe Miami Police Department. He was an ex-underground street racer& he left it after the death of his brother in an accident. TheMiami Police have sent him to infiltrate the underground crimegroup called ‘ The Rods ‘ without revealing his identity . SinceSam knows many underground people , it will be easier for him toearn their trust after taking a number of dirty jobs from them. Youarrive in the town just before the gang war and now it’s youropportunity to get involved in underworld, Steal the cars, andshoot down the mafia godfathers. The Rods ‘ are planning somethingbig for the New Year & Sam Wick has to find out their plan tostop them. Fight & Kill mafia gangsters, evil criminals in openworld game full of action packed 3D shooting action simulationgame. Grand City Battle : Auto Theft game is a critical strikebetween mafia gangster Vegas criminals. Shooting games or mafiagames are all fun addictive crimes and offering you to be a legendmafia boss. This Gangster game is actually a combo of shootinggames & Auto theft games offering crime simulator to all whoare willing to commit fun crimes. Once you were big gangsterinvolved in auto theft and many more crimes. Now you are oncritical survival mission in gangster’s vegas crime city. Let’sshow your super drifting & driving skills to combat in thisstealth challenging mission. The amazing gameplay with variousvehicles will let you enjoy the thrill and adventure of fighting.Show all critical shooting skills in Miami City to overcome thefear of facing the threats of evil gangsters. Plan your escape withyour crime squad and shoot all Vegas gangster in city of crime. Canyou escape as soon as possible in this newest violence and full ofaction crime simulator 2017. Just load your gun and let the realgang war begin. Enjoy thug life by extreme rob, shoot and escape.Manage gangster escape from police before they kill you. Rushtowards store exit rapidly, shoot guards and become a real Vegasgangster. Take vendetta from crime city police squad and kill copsin combat shooting mafia war. This 3D ultimate racing &fighting environment with the slope streets and turns of vegascrime city gives you a genius fighting & driving knowledge.Features : Action based gangsters missions to become super heroAmazing open world city environment with realistic ghetto lifestyleSmooth and intuitive controls Epic & High Quality 3D GraphicsOutstanding real life weapons and gangster cars Real life soundeffects Engaging game play
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4x4 Offroad Hill car Simulator 3D is anextreme hill game to drive big jeep. Avoid smashy pathways, do notcrash and burn, drive ahead, bypass blocky rocks on road to disturbthe public transport and cars to reach the destination in time inthis offroad transport 4x4 games. Enjoy this 4x4 extreme carsimulator game for kids!Here is one of the most realistic simulator off-road to Android.Realistic physical behavior of an SUV while driving on a differentoffroad tracks. Enjoy world craft exploration with extreme hilldriving. Rush back for a total destruction. The roads are full ofobstacles, drive and steer the 4x4 off road hill car with safety.Do not crush the car while racing to the top. There are no trafficregulation. Escape the public crowded areas, drive far away thesubway and do not block the roads. 4x4 Offroad Hill car Simulator3D has the best hill car driving simulator experience to fulfillyour extreme driving fever with a beautiful suburban cityenvironment in this car simulator game. Get ready for an 4x4extreme driving adventure of car craft driving simulation. Be asuper car driver in this 4x4 car simulator. It’s a realentertainment for all the car driving simulator fans with amazingconcepts car physics behind for a smoother game play in this 4x4games of 2015.4x4 Offroad Hill car simulator 3D is an open world 4x4 drivingsimulator where you can drive offroad in a woodland environmentdoing awesome stunts, crashing into objects and exploring theamazing forest scenery.4x4 Offroad car games 3D features: - Drive with extreme safety-Awesome hill car driving challenge missions-Attractive 3D Suburban city environment with extreme hillclimbing- one of the best 4x4 hill car simulator GameUse your 4x4 off-road driving skills and Roam around the uphillarea, watch out for extreme hill and do not crush the crush the carin rocks while you drive through the routes. Rush to yourdestination on scheduled time. Become a real uphill climbing racinggame driver and roam around the off-road hillIf you like Simulator Games with open world map try it!!!We aim to deliver high quality games that include drivingsimulator, doctor games, car games, jet fighters games and muchmore . 4x4 Offroad Hill car Simulator 3D is a brand new idea forthose who love to play simulator games
Racing Cars Transporter Truck 1.4 APK
Are you ready to drive a real Grand truck totransport the crazy speed racing cars? Do you dream of being afearless fast crazy racer and a professional cargo transportertruck driver? Then let the driving games begin. Experience the mostrealistic driving simulation and witness the realworld extremeracing game. In this epic car transporter truck simulator game, youbecome the owner and driver of a sports car and of transportertruck looks like a big transporter trailer, drive around the cityenvironment and pickup luxury super fast cars in order to completeeach level in this car simulator game. You need to speed up yourride to the limit while you drive on the tracks without trafficcars. Test your real drift skills. Get behind the wheels, buckle upyour seatbelt, hit the pedal, steer your vehicle and race to win inthis car transporter games.Heavy vehicles driver, drive heavy trucks to excavate through andtransport the cargo to their destination in time. Racing CarTransporter truck is an all new, exciting transport truck drivinggame. Be the famous front line racer. Transport your hottest sportsvehicle to the tracks for the endless crazy races. Do thetransportation duty yourself. Load the vehicle in your truck,transport it to the destination and deliver it to another vendor ofcity for daily highspeed sessions. Hop in your speedway sportscar.Racing cars Transporter Truck is an extreme heavy engine truckdriving and racing game fever. The king of racing and transport itto another city for stunts and racing. Racing Cars TransporterTruck is the best transportation and car racing game. Buy a carfrom market and Become a truck driver to transport it to itsdestination. Drive safely through the tracks till the finish line,boost your speed, drift recklessly, avoid impacts and do not crash.Be careful; don’t let it get out of control. Hitting into obstaclesmight end up crashing cars and full body damage. Drift, Roll, Digand drag as the sparks fly from the rubber to win the battle. Thereare motocross fresh mad racers taking part in the race. Benotorious; Score the world’s best racer crown. In the midst of allchaos; accelerate, jump, flip and thrust for dominance. Let youradrenaline-fueled up!Racing Car Transporter Truck features:√ Dynamic Camera angles√ Intelligent traffic system√ Driving and racing game√ Use brakes to drift control your sportscar√ Ground breaking car driving physics√ Smooth Driving controls√ Real car stuntsThe racing games are about to begin. Rush through the traffic todeliver your cargo on the tracks before the big race starts. Havefun dodging cars while you speed up to limit to reach yourdestination finish line. Let’s take the transportation games to thenext level this year 2015. An exciting driving-racing game withendless chasing! Speed up, work hard for your survival & rushto the finish line to win the race.