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Presenting a unique app which gives complete details about eachSurya Namaskar Aasana(s). The app also includes the chakra detailsas well. We are providing image of each aasana so that yourunderstand how to do them. Hope you would get better health andpeaceful mind with Surya Namaskar. WARNING: IF YOU HAVE ANY SPINALCORD, HEART OR ANY AILMENT, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR ORSPECIALIST BEFORE TRYING. THIS APP IS IN HINDI ONLY. + Clean, clearand intuitive interface. + Better Hindi font for better reading. +Well tested software with no bugs and issue during execution. +Feature to add your rating and add comments. Please install andshare the app with your friends and family. We hope this app willhelp you. Please don't forget to rate us and add your comments.Your advises are always welcomed. We are always there to act yourcomments and give high importance to our audience.

App Information Surya Namaskar (Hindi)

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Dimagi Paheli - Hindi Puzzles 36.0 APK
This App is in HINDI. Dimagi Paheli - Presenting a uniquecollection of world famous tough puzzles in Hindi. These paheli arevery tough to solve but once you know the logic behind it is fun toponder and ask to others. These are collected from very toughinterview questions. Logical and mathematical puzzles, riddles(paheli) in Hindi language. Featuring below famous puzzles - 1.Heaven gate keepers puzzle 2. 100 prisoners and hat puzzle 3. 3daughters puzzle 4. Lion goat and grass puzzle 5. Missing dollarpuzzle and many more. We are happy to add new hindi puzzles time totime. Please read these puzzles and give us feedback. If you arenot to understand any of the puzzles, feel free to mail us, we'llgive detailed answers. Once you have read these puzzles, please doshare with your friend. Remember we are the maker of Number 1 -Paheli in hindi APP.
com.appsilo.moralstories 40.0 APK
Share great stories with family and friends. Collection of severalmoral and inspirational stories. Start your day with great storiesto uplift your moral. Learn the true human values with interestingstory. Use the lessons learned by these inspirational stories tochange your life. Story includes famous fables from around theworld. Several funny and humorous stories to teach you lesson witha laugh. Stories about love, righteousness, trust, unity, religiousand well being. Features + Big collection of inspirational stories+ Each has a good lesson to learn + Clear text to work on anyresolution + From main menu you can navigate to any story + Newstories will be added soon Please rate this application. Sharestories with your friends. Moral Stories app have all kinds ofstories like inspirational, funny stories, witty stories,motivational stories, spiritual stories and lot more. We havecreate this app with lot of passion and love, please rate this appif you like it.
Paheli 86.0.0 APK
A unique collection of Paheli in Hindi. A clean and clear interfaceand Hindi text with correct answers to each Paheli. We have alsowritten all Paheli(s) in Hindi so that our Hindi readers can readthem clearly. This is great pleasure reading in your language. Youcan also share these Paheli in Hindi with Facebook, Google+ orTwitter. Test your friends and family members how much they knowabout Paheli. All in all, this application is great, we enjoyed alot developing it, hope you would like it. SALIENT FEATURES - Acollection of Paheli(s) - Written in Hindi - Clear interface -Answer to each Paheli - Capability to share Paheli over socialnetwork or email. - We have included some of the paheli from AmirKhusro as well. Hope you would like this application most. It canbe a give you a great time with family by asking these Paheli toyour family members. Please do share your thoughts and comments. Wewill be waiting for your rating and feedback. We have correctedthis application many times based on response from our readers.Just send an email to us if you have different thought to improvethis application. Thanks to all of you who made this application agreat success in a very short time!!!
Numerology : Ank Jyotish 14 APK
Presenting best Numerology app in Hindi. Know about your moolankand all the properties related with your moolank.+ App is writtencompletely in Hindi+ Clean and clear interface+ No nagging adswhile readingHope you would like this app. Send your comments andadvises to us, your suggestions are always welcomed.Numbers aremagical, they can tell your past, present and future. After yearsof consideration it is believed that numbers has a lot of impact onones life. Although, it is not scientific, but mystics and magical.You can change your name based on numerology, this trend has beenmade famous by some celebrities and their astrologer.We do notclaim any science behind Ank Jyotish (Numerology, number astrology)but at the same time we do not dismiss its worthiness, as it isseen to be working for so many people for so many centuries. Thereare more than one way to check your Luck Number, methods forgetting some ones Luck Number are + By just the day of the month indate of birth (like 26th Sep 1980 will be 2+6 = 8) this is callJanmank+ By whole date of birth (like 26th Sep 1980 will be2+6+0+9+1+9+8+0=35, 3+5=8) this is called Moolank (mulank)+ By nameof person (Like deb will be 4+5+2=11, 1+1=2), this is calledBhagyank All these numbers has some or other significance in oneslife, while Janmank governs physical appearance of the person,Moolank (Mulank) governs the nature and mental status, relationshipand interest of person, Bhagyank governs the luck and fate of theperson. As it is not possible to change someones Janmank andMoolank (as it is based on date of birth), it is fairly easy tochange some ones name and hence Bhagyank. We can say that you can'tchange ones physical appearance or personality (Janmank and Moolankbased) but you can change the fate of a person (governed byBhagyank). Ank Jyotish was not rooted in India, as it is neitherbased on Indian Calendar nor on Indian Alphabets, but due to strongbelief in Jyotish (Astrology), Indians are now using Numerology(Ank Jyotish) more than any other country in the world. We see lotof celebrities with altered names, extra 'K' or 'A' in name, it isvery easy to alter the spelling of your Hindi name still keepingthe renunciation same. This app is in Hindi, and based on Moolank(Mulank) which shows about personality, relationship and mentalstrength of the person, it is some thing your are and you have.Thisapp is for pure entertainment purpose and does not claim anyaccuracy in prediction. Believe in yourself and work hard, you canachieve what you want as nothing is impossible.
Hasya Kahaniyan Hindi Jokes 10.0 APK
A great collection of funny jokes suitable for parties.This APP isin HINDI. Hindi short stories. Presenting a unique collection ofhindi short and funny stories (hasya kahaniya). These short storieswill make you laugh. Read and memorize these stories and then shareit among family and friends, you will be regarded as that cool guywith best sense of humor. These funny stories are short as a storybut long for a JOKE (chutkula / Chutkule ). Hindi Hasya Kahaniya -read and share unique long jokes which are less known but veryfunny. Read and see for yourself. Please rate our application. Sendyour feedback.
Mysteries Book (अनसुलझे रहस्य) 63.0 APK
Presenting a great collection of unresolved mysteries of India andWorld. This application is developed in Hindi for Hindi readersonly. This collection has set of the stories and incidents of theworld which are unresolved till date. This app is regularlyupdated, please check it for new unresolved mysteries. There aremany famous unsolved mysteries in this world. These mysteries aremysteries till date, there are many ideas and thoughts regardingthem, but there is no clear answer to them. We have chosen thosemysteries and stories and tried to present you in form of Androidapp. The collection includes stories from India and all over theworld. These mysteries are mystery and there in no answer and thatis why they are called Ansuljhe Rahasya. A new set of stories hasbeen added, hope you would like them as well. We are still writingso many other new and interesting mysteries of India and Worlds,keep updating. Please download this app and see the collection, youwould be amazed to read them. We are presenting a clear interfacefor our Hindi readers. You can share this app with your friends andfamily. This app can be read offline but we are updating it withnew incidents everyday, please update the app time to time. -Unresolved mysteries collection with photographs. - Clear Hindifont for better reading. - Added scientific proof behind each proofand done analysis of the subject. - Daily updates and new incidentsare added. This app is like a magazine of mysteries. Hope you willlike this application most. We are regularly adding new incidents,please keep reading this app everyday. Please send your commentsand suggestions to us. (Note : All pictures used in this app havebeen taken from public domain only. )
Lal Kitab Ke Totke 38.0 APK
Presenting a great collection from Lal kitab. This app has beenwritten in Hindi for Hindi readers only. We have collected acomplete set of totke from Lal Kitaab. Lal Kitab is a remarkablebranch of Vedic astrology. Collection of the 5 books, writtenduring the period of 1939-1952 is called Lal Kitab. Written inancient Urdu language, first time in the history of astrology, LalKitab introduced a new style of horoscope analysis with quick andaffordable remedies. Authorship of the books seems to be disputed.However, finding by our research community shows that the bookswere written by Pt. Roop Chand Joshi. This app is a collection ofonly famous totke which are appliable in general to most of theproblems in your life. We are add more and more totke time to timeso that you could get maximum benefit out of it. Any kind ofproblem such as employment, mental tension, financial crisis; thereis some solution given here. Even if you don't get benefit out ofthem, you are not going to lose anything out of following them.Try, it might help in your case, people have got benefited withthese totke and that is why this area of astrology is still living.Download this small app and take a look into them. We have tried tomake it readable and completely written in Hindi. Hope you wouldlike them. + Clean and clear interface. + No nagging ads todistract you from reading. + Share this app with your friends andfamily + Small app which does not take much space on yourmobile/tablet. + Option to move to external storage. Hope you wouldlike this app. Please send your comments and advises to us. We aregetting a great response from everyone, we will improve theapplication further on those suggestions. Thanks a lot forsupporting us! Think positive!!
Tarot in Hindi 27.0 APK
Presenting an app to perform correct prediction of your past,present and future. Clean and clear interface and fully written inHindi. + Clean and clear interface. + Completely written in HindiThis app is based on famous Tarot Card reading techniquesavailable. We have done enough research to provide most accurate,highly accepted and most trusted method of card reading. This TarotCard Reader is proud to be in Hindi for our Hindi readers. If youhave any query on your life, love, past, future, study, health, jobor family - get instant answer from Tarot Reader, that to in yourone language - Hindi. There are several ways of future telling andTarot is one of the most believed one now days along with Rashifal(Horoscope), palmistry (Hand reading / hast rekha) and numerology(ank jyotish). We already have created APPs for other ways offuture telling (ank jyotish and Rashifal), now we are pleased toadd Tarot Card Reading in our APPs listing. This Tarot Card ReadingAPP is in a very simple but still very useful format, written inHindi for Indian audience. Initial test done by us has shown veryaccurate results, please try yourself and see. This APP iscompletely FREE. No in-app purchage, no login and no internetrequired. Please Note : Text of this App is written in Hindi Only.We will release English version very soon. How to use this TarotCard Reading App? --------------------------------------- Read theHindi direction (Nirdesh) provided in the app. 1. Concentrate andthink of the question you want Tarot to give answer. It could beanything related to your work, love, study, job, health, family,friends, life, past, future or present. Think all related aspectsof the question. 2. Choose 3 cards as provided 3. Computer willgenerate 3 different cards for you. These will be chosen randomly.4. Computer will generate result for you query. Read all the 3aspects of the result. Why is Tarot Card Reading Famous?--------------------------------- Unlike other future readingtechnique like Horoscope, Ank Jyotish and Palmetry, Tarot CardReading is not based on some fixed things (like date of birth, yourhand or your name). Supporters of Tarot card say that such futuretelling techniques brand a person lucky or unlucky which is hard tochange or impossible to change. Tarot is not like that, it israndom and instant based, it work on positive and negative wavesaround a person which decides his/her current luck. For very longtime Tarot Card Reading was confined to only rich and elite classof society, they realized that Tarot Card Reading is very powerfuland utilized it in their decision making, but now days Tarot CardReading has became inexpensive, available on TV channels and inmagazines. Some prominent Tarot card readers have taken this cardreading techniques to next level. We have studied techniques ofseveral famous card and then created this APP with great care andaccuracy. Give it is try and if you like it, please share yourcomments with us. If you find it useful, please share this APP withyour near and dear ones. Don't forget to give us your comment andfeedback in form of rating. Your feedbacks and motivations make uswork hard and come up with new apps for Indian audiences. This APPis provided for entertainment purpose and do not claim anyaccuracy. This could be considered as a tester for Tarot CardReading technique, as trusted by millions worldwide, you may alsofind it useful. There is no scientific basis of any future tellingmethod, it all depends on trust. Please do not use this to take anydecision. We have taken all care to provide data about cards in "asis" manner.