1.3 / September 1, 2016
(4.0/5) (63)


You are a soldier of frontlines and it’s yourduty to your motherland to defend it at any cost.
You are in a middle of a modern warfare where you have to use yourtraining and ultra hardcore skills to kill all the enemies beforeit’s too late.
You have been trained by the USA elite combat forces; they haveturned you into a master assassin who wants to exterminate hisenemies.
You are very passionate about being an army soldier. Now use yoursharpshooting skills and get your city out of this mayhem.
Kill all the mercenary of the terrorist organization and free thepeople of this city. Be the ultimate hero for them by helpingthem.
You job is very simple. You just have to stand taking cover. Theenemies will come to you. You just have to use your sniper rifle.Take aim and fire your weapon.
Show your resistance against them and also keep your eye on yourhealth bar and ammunition.
Don’t get caught because you are on your own. If the enemies findyou then they will torture you and kill you.
Snipe your way into the mid of the city near your enemy territoryby killing every enemy in your way.
Enemy is looking to kill you and he is in the base with urge tofind you but they don’t know that where you are?
Ambush your enemy and kill them before they spot you. You have tobe succeeding at all costs.
You have most lethal sniper rifle; so you have to use your marksmanskills to take out the enemies. Aim on the headshot to kill theenemy instantly!
Swipe on the screen to take aim.
Tap on Aim button to aim down your weapon.
Tap on fire to fire.

Realistic game play.
The controls are smooth and comfortable.
A.I applied is very good with sound effects.
Face challenges and improvise your shooting skills.
Clear wave to unlock new levels.

App Information Swat Sniper: City War

  • App Name
    Swat Sniper: City War
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    September 1, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Desire PK
  • Installs
    5,000 - 10,000
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Join the Military missile games 3d and drive US army MissileLauncher to bomb missiles on militants. This army truck drivingfree game is most realistic 3d Missile Launcher simulation war gamebased on real army tactics. Main mission in modern missilesimulator is to drive army truck transport missile to battlefieldand attack enemies with missiles and save your national defensesystem in extreme combat mission with missile shooter game. Startmissile attack war against terrorist with missile battle to destroythem in missile attack game. Ballistic missile game use in criticalsituation with military missile war games 3d 2018.Buckle up seatbelt and drive missile army truck in this 3d Missile Launcher USArmy Truck driving simulation game 2018. Position missle launcheron parking area and fire missiles on militants and terrorists. Thisepic Missile Launcher Army Truck 3d simulator is best realisticarmy truck driving launcher 3d simulation game.You have a missilelauncher, launch this missile launcher to save people! Enemieswon’t be able to defend your missiles. You have a military scudlauncher and you know how arma ops work in battlefield. Be aware ofenemy ammunition and use military tactics now. Be an Army trucker3d and drive missile army truck launcher with extreme care, avoidcrashes with mines. Aim your rocket launchers towards secret enemylocation to destroy enemy base. Missile attack will destroy enemy’swarships 2018. This is modern army battle and have army missilesystem, attack enemies & destroy them to become a realcommando. Two deadly army choppers are guarding your army missiletruck war simulator.Be a brave soldier in epic Indian MissileLauncher US armeen Drive 3d game because it’s not like a regularmissile games. War is on…!!! Use your ballistics, skills andmilitary school training in battlefield to repel enemies to winwar.Keep an eye on enemy movement. Become the ultimate fanaticalarmy truck driver who is highly skilled in driving real heavy armytruck launchers and military vehicles to deploy zones. You areskilled commando and army misil launcher driver whose job is todrive the army missile truck launcher to deploy zones. Enemy havedeployed troops along border so this is a clear proof that they arethreatening army to wage the war. Be aware of air fighter jets anddeadly gunship helicopters at the base along country border. Yourlocation should be kept in secret. No enemy should be able to findyour location because this mission is very sensitive. Strike themin this critical situation. Be the ultimate army leader andcommando for your nation and take xtreme aggressive steps to defendyour country from the enemy invasion. Defeat enemies in this epicwar game. It’s not like a 4x4 truck game, it’s a missile launcher6x6 army truck so drive it with extreme care. Don’t let it crash inthe mountains by getting hit from incoming Missile attacks. Stopenemy before they hit you with rocket launchers and deadly bombs inwar games 2018.You have powerful missiles loaded on jumbo militarytruck. Drive safe in Missile Attack Army Truck 2017 3d simulationgame and attack enemy with missiles. As militants and terroristsare hiding so you will use ballistic combat truck to attackthem.Stealth is your military tactic in cold war. Attack onfrontline where enemy is passing off road driving. Army rocketlauncher will destroy enemies.Tactile militants and burn enemiesinto ashes. Be aware of air jet bombers that enemies have deployed.Turret and warship are also trying to destroy you. Missile LauncherUS Army Truck Drive simulation game will provide you with extremeballistics, become a member of army games and bomb militants beforethey hit you with nuclear bombers.Become a brave Missile LauncherUS Army Truck Driver and become a part of this epic war truckdriving game. Download Missile Launcher Military Truck Drivinggame.
IGI: War Zone 1.6 APK
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You are the army commando sent on a veryimportant mission in enemy base which is to kill them all.Use your army training and your ultra commando skills to Flank yourenemies from every side. Don’t let them run away.It is your duty to protect your mother land. So take your weaponswith you and take the war to their battlegrounds.This is the D-day battlefield. So prepare yourself for any enemyassault and strike back on them hard.Remember this is your war against terrorism so take your squad andattack on your enemies with full firepower.It’s the final ultimatum to those terrorist. It’s the do or diesituation right now.Become the legendry commando for your country by fulfilling yourresponsibility.Get into enemy base and follow the mission instructions to get yourtask done with successfully.In first mission you have to infiltrate the enemy base camp andclean the area.In the 2nd mission you have to kill every enemy in the base campand then destroy your target.In 3rd mission you have to find some important documents and escapeon a Jet fighter by destroying the enemy’s base.In 4th mission you have to infiltrate other enemy base on themountains. And wipe out the area patrolling with enemysoldiers.In 5th mission you have to plant the bombs on the objectives andget away from the base before the bombs destroy the base.Good luck soldier.How to Play:Use joy stick to move your soldier.Swipe on the screen to take aim.Tap aim button to aim down your sightTap fire button to fire.Features:The hill environment is very realistic.The enemy base view is very good.A.I applied is very good.Controls are very smooth and comfortable.Controls are very simple.Animations are very action base.
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Military Action: You are driving the militaryjeep and transporting the soldiers into the battlefield.Stealth: Stay stealth from your enemy’s eyes and their radars sothey can’t see you.High Ground: Drive your soldiers to the high grounds like top ofthe mountains because it’s the better strike point in everywar.Stay Sharp: The road is very dangerous and its condition is notgood so you have to drive carefully.Sharp Turns: The turns on the roads are very narrow and sharp sodrive slowly to get past these turns.Nature of Road: The track is not easy or straight. It’s bumpy,narrow and there are ups and downs.Fast and Fun: This is the fastest army jeep and you will havefun driving this military jeep.Capability: This army jeep is capable of running on any type ofterrain.Army Hero: Be the Best Army Jeep Driver, and a hero for yournation.Motherland: Protect your motherland from the enemy’sdestruction.Revenge: Take revenge from your enemy for what they did to yourcountry.Skills: Test your jeep driving skills in this game on the mostdangerous tracks.Master your driving Level: You can also master your drivingskills and levels by driving military jeep on these hillyareas.Be on time: Keep your eye on time meter and complete theobjective on time.Checkpoints: You can refill your fuel at every check point onthe way.Specialty: This 4X4 army vehicle is specially made for themountain tracks and roads.Simulation: Feel as a real army jeep driver in this brand newsimulator game of 2015.Take down: take down your enemy from where he didn’t expect.Take care of Jeeps: These are the specials jeeps for armycombats so you should take care of these jeeps. And drive themsafely.Game play: The game play is very simple of this game.HOW TO PLAY:Use steering to control the movement of jeep.Hit throttle to speed the jeep.Hit brake paddle to stop.Use gear to go reverse and front.FEATURES:Controls are very simple and comfortable.Six different levels.Real hill view area.Multi missions to enjoy.Complete objectives to complete the levels.The physics of jeep driving is very nice.Game play is very simple.Heart pumping background music.
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Take your imagination to a whole new level in water world. Getexcited by play this best mermaid game for girls. A fantasticedition in undersea games. Be a real princess in this princessgame. Play the real mermaid simulator 2017 which has smooth skinand blush already applied. A new edition in new top games. Don’t goto the surface of the ocean. Find the hidden objects and treasurecurves. You are a queen mermaid princess. Step into the fairy worldand enjoy adventures games for girls.Play the best of catch objectsgame. Be aware of the fishing nets. You are a cute little mermaidin ocean and trying to find your way. The best mermaid games forkids. Top mermaid games that are free. You can play as many timesas you want. Mermaid simulator games with endless fun.Enjoy andconquer the oceans as a mermaid princess from underworld mermaidRoyale Empire. Avoid all the sea monsters and complete your tasksof collecting diamonds. Cast your spell on them to avoid them. Thismermaid baby lost its precious items in this vast underwater worldand can’t find them on her own alone.Play mermaid adventure who isset out on a long and dangerous journey to find her preciousitems.Dive into deep oceans and find the secrets of underwaterworld. Explore treasure in the beautiful world which is in thedeepest waters of oceans.The legends of free mermaids diving becometrue this weekend. Play as a little mermaid fairy in this bestsimulator game and travel through the magical worlds of oceansmermaid world game. You are medrano free princess to go anywhere indeep ocean.This cute character is mesmerizing and it willdefinitely persuade you to play this game.The vast and dark oceanis not a good place for a cute creature like real mermaid farieswho is going alone in search of her items. Create fantastic sectionto find hidden objects.There are lots of monster in this dark andhorrible ocean which can harm the mermaid princess.You have to playthis mermaid games free because this is new mermaid simulation gameof 2017. Play with carefully by avoiding those monsters sharks.Enjoy see creatures like sea horses while swimming and diving inthe clear blue water of beautiful Indian ocean.Complete thedifferent levels to get to your all items back. You also have alittle mermaid tail. Be a knight princess.Experience the realsceneries and mermaid swimming game fish environment of theunderwater world. Learn how to swim faster undersea. Best puzzlesgame of 2017. A real fun princess games which is a test of yourmemory. Ocean is occupied with pearls and diamonds. Take precisesteps and show your out-class swimming talents. This is a fairytale about courage and discovery of a little young girl whotransformed into beautiful creature. The game will take you towhole new world of xtreme epicness. The free mermaid adventuresgames are filled with epic journey of magical world and myth. Enjoyevery bit of the game while you are in the ocean. Enjoy best ofmermaid games for girls 2017.HOW TO PLAY:Use joy stick to move andswim the mermaid princes in the ocean.Tap on Attack icon toattack.Hit magic button to cast the spell of sirens.FEATURES: Easyand fun to play.Challenging levels to fully master on thegame.Explore the magical underwater world.Multiple levels.See thedifferent ocean animals.Controls are smooth and comfortable.
Sniper Kill: Real Army Sniper Shooting Games 2018 1.0 APK
Desire PK
Welcome to a new era of FREE elite sniper shooting games. You are afrontline commando soldier in Sniper kill: Army Sniper. An army manwho are master in shoots and shooting in this global war.Someruthless traitor army commando brigade did a rebellion, foecommando soldier want to silent assassin massive army commandoshooter and they are stealing oil in big 6x6 oil tankers and 4x4army jeeps. So take revenge, stop killers be a US Army Sniper inSniper kill: Real Army Sniper shooting games 2018 and completeevery military mission. As you are a commando ops and specializesin shoot aim for modern warfare and firearms, an army shooter 3dwho performs fierce shooting bad guys with assault rifle and ak47against death sniper. So snipe shooty and let’s hunt enemies whohave deadly shotgun and become a shoot it sniper shooter 3d inModern Sniper Assassin Shooter igi game.Defeat and attack realenemy in Ultimate Marksman shooting 3d with lever who is performingassault and become a chido army 3d commando counter because livesare at stake in army bases. There is extreme war going on and youare an elite equipped army man with killer firearms in new freegames 2017. Target every killer by aiming and shoting in sight withfierce courage and shoot range and let ruthless killer enemies awin this dead shoting games 2018. Experience the best of sniper armygames 2017.Aim & target killer gun against enemies in Elitesniper ops: real gun war field area and fire bullets with xtremepace to kill and become a fearless sniper bravo in this ninja campfor aw satisfaction. Show courage in this igi mission 2018 and be along shot sniper man 2018. Don’t cry like a kid in free fps games2018, clear army base area in Army Shooting: Soldier Sniper withextreme ak47 gun armory and remember your shooting practice ofAmerican sniper rifle in this marksmen sniper simulator that isincluded in category of best sniper games 2018 in the world. Noarmy truck should escape & no blood should go wasted inContract Killer: Army Soldier 2018.Complete best 3d city snipermission duty and shoot a target assassin with aim by eliminatingassassin’s life that are in shoot range in this easy to playruthless hitman sniper duty game. Enjoy best Modern ArmiaSharpshooter Gun shooting games ever made.Collect gold coins andequip with best sniper rifles and pistols in US army sniper games.defeat terrorists by shooting enemy gunman. Snipe into army baseunit in Marksman 3D Military Commando and defeat hitman with furyand don’t be an ordinary sharpshooter contract killer but be atactical sniper marksman in this modern warfare sniper shootinggame. Be an epic frontline commando counter and complete themilitary mission in this fps shoting game. Enemies may throwgrenades in Real Arma Ops Rifle Top Shoot and fire bullets withpistols so don’t be a deadman hothead victim of contract killerwith sniper marksmen and take action quickly in this Americanbattle sniper army shooter 3d game. Attack enemy hiding in dust andsniper assassin 2018 rebellions with realistic gun leaving no exitfor fierce killer because you are an army commando shooter toperform real mission in best sniper game 2017.Eliminate allrepetitive threats to army bases with your army training in easy toplay free shooter game 2018. Complete shooting mission in duty armysniper 3d game. defeat different targets and show unique skills inmassive shooting free fps offline games 2018 with multiple weaponsin limited time. Earn free gold coins and points by hittingenemies. It’s not like any other military game 2018 because it’sbest of free shooting games 2018. Experience the best fps gamesoffline 2018.FeaturesMultiple Rifles & missionsUltra realistic3d environment & HD Graphics Sharpshooter shooting mission 2018Best offline shooting games without internetMultiple Zoom scopicviewfree sniper game no wifi needed.i.e. shooting offlineDownloadSniper kill: Real Army Sniper 2018 now…!!!