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Hold your breath or may this mission be worth your life! Take Leadin Loss Angeles police squad specialized in SWAT Sniper operations.Play the lead in control of a SWAT sniper (Officer-Baker) A.K.A TheWhisper, the ultimate unit of the SWAT sniper team. StorylineFlashes keep coming to Police Officer Baker when in his previousmission he accidently whispers (shoots down) an unidentified targetduring the exchange between two factions The Drug Mafia andunderworld criminals, on the record it was enlisted as collateraldamage… is there anything left undone? Being the lead criminalshooter, The Whisper is obeyed by the duty to give cover andsupport to his SWAT sniper team for the stealth missions operatingin dungeon buildings and whereabouts. The game takes uncertainturns by the breathtaking decision made by sniper in lead, TheWhisper, turning into drastic situation padding the fast pacedstory towards engaging ends. What else will it unfold? Let the gametakes you to the real SWAT world of sniper criminal shooter.Gameplay Shoot to kill enemies ultimately providing support to yourSWAT sniper team backing the police force. Be The Whisper, thestill breathe acute sniper hitman. Don’t miss any shoot or make anynoise while stealth missions taking place. The criminal shooterwill be in ultimate control of mission progression throughcharacter actions command. Your every wrong move will pay offthrough life of you SWAT team. Don’t let the enemies sense yourbreaths or else they will after your kill. Kill a variety ofenemies while trying to reach your target objectives must. Stay up,hide and shoot the criminals in this advance FPS challenging SWATvs criminal game of action. Features Great story flow streamingchallenging targets to meet On board decision making commandsaiding character action Motion busted bullet animation andcollision effects combined in battlefield sounds

App Information SWAT Sniper Criminal Shooter

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Euro Train Drive Simulator 3D 1.1 APK
It’s time get into the fast drive simulator asyou command the controls of a high end steam engine train. Pacethrough the scenic routes of Europe, delivering passengers to theirdestinations, taking swift drifts and turns to master the drivesimulator.JOINING DAYGreeting driver and welcome to your first day on the job! We’llkeep things straight for you: but the tasks ahead will not be thateasy. You will be have to reach the station in a limited timeframeto pass this preliminary test. Race through the European suburbantracks to reach the station. Beware, don’t try and go too fast oryou’ll end up overshooting the station.Think of it as a professional ride. Fail to disappoint and yourdriving days are over!THE REAL JOB STARTS NOW!!!Good job on the initial tests young driver. It looks like you’re infor one lucky and hectic day today. One of our senior driver isresting injured as he overshoot the train on his last ride. It willbe the biggest chance you ever get. Take your passenger filledtrain through the suburban Europe area to reach the North WestStation.The tracks spread throughout Europe have some very sharp turns, becareful of your speed meters when you encounter these turns.This first task will be a build up to the extreme train drivesimulator 3d challenges, with more difficult conditions and variousdriver tracks approaching you with each level. Completing each ofthese drop offs with a professional grade execution just might earnyou a chance to get in the big league of Europe Cross Traindrivers. Don’t mess it up.FEATURES- Immensely realistic train drive simulator 3d gameplay withauthentically built Europe suburban areas- Multiple tracks with various levels of difficulty- Advanced speed controls with highly detailed gameplayenvironments- Challenging time based tasks
Crocodile Hunt and Animal Safari Shooting Game 2.0.05 APK
In shooting game of deer hunting in safari deserts of Africa, It’stime to get off from your Safari 4x4 Jeep and get into slithermuddy stream at the bank of the river where pool of wild hungryanimals like alligators, Lions, Fox, hyena and other wild animalsare waiting for their next prey. Also, Duck hunting is addedattraction in Bow Hunting. This is an archery game concept. Becomea real animal hunting expert in this animal shooting game. Thisanimal shooting game is full of thrill and surely be count as BestHunting game for life of alligator and Safari wild life because ofaction packed archery shooting adventure includes Duck hunting withbow and arrow, Initially, this crocodile hunting will test you asBest Animal Hunter because this alligator hunting is difficult thanlion and deer hunting in African deserts where you have beenhunting other wild animals. Also bow hunting of ducks will make thehunting journey more adventurous with use of archery. GAMEPLAYThese hungry animals like wild alligators, Lions, fox and hyena arepretty angry and might attack you when you expected the least. Theyis most wild crocodile hunting game. You need to kill these angryalligators who strive for fresh fleshes and blood in this freeanimal shooting game. While struggling between time and shoot, youhave to be absolute in all wild hunts. Shoot more and waste lesstime especially while bow hunting. A perfect head shot is enoughfor one crocodile hunting. This free hunting game will bring backyour wild alligator hunting techniques to conquer virtual huntinggame of other wild animals. Some part of the Island is swampy andfull of nefarious hungry alligator eating mankind! Let’s go huntingwild animals in Wild Animal Safari Shooting Game. But you have tobe best FPS shooter 3D huntsman to shoot these animals. Once youare entered in their territory, you are surrounded by sharp bigjaws crocodiles, Lions, Foxes, hyena and other safari junglebeasts. There is no way return in this animal hunting game, killthem before they attack you. This free fire alligator killing gamehas speed v/s shooting scenario. Initially in crocodile huntinglevels, you will be provided with limited rounds of bullets foryour weapon ASE sniper and other in-app purchase guns and a limitedtime to complete levels. These alligators are ready for Deerhunting as prey; you need to stop these predators from deer huntingby taking head shots. You can move around in the forest formulti-angle shooting positions from where you can select your bestshooting spot for animal shooting that are approaching you toattack. Use your crocodile hunting experience in this animalhunting game and save yourself from being prey to these brutalbeasts of the safari jungle. Duck hunting will like be a refreshingstop with archery. It’s basically a bow hunting round where duckhunting with bow and arrow is an adventure. If you are searchingfor best hunting games for free then DOWNLOAD Shooting Game -Crocodile and Wild Animal Safari and get extreme fun of realshooting experience of hunting simulation environment and Duckhunting with bow and arrow. "
Epic Tank World War Fury - Real Army Panzer Battle 2.0.3 APK
"You are an epic tank world war fury - real army panzer battleexpert and fearless US military commander of war. Enemies know youas successful defeater leader of all WWII tanks and as LegendaryTank Shooter. You have successfully accomplished ultimate fightbattle missions in Heavy Armor war. Your expertise with Russianiron invasion tanks has brought you back in this Russian TankThrill game to fight and make strategy for counter attack on brutalarmy. It’s time to get in to breathtaking war machines tank shootergame and teach a lesson to enemy forces in Tank Battle Shootingfree game. You have received a briefing from the battle stationthat the aerial radars have traced border trespass activity.Enemy’s iron machine forces of tanks have entered in to ourterritory and have get close to our Fortress. This scenario in aTank free game will create full action fighting game ambush withnonstop tanks battle sequences. Enemy wants to destroy yourfortress by modern ammunition in tank simulator combat war of tank2019 game. They are equipped with latest armored combat vehicle,pillboxes, Panzer tanks, nerf weapons, cylinder shape dynamite,ammo, Apache helicopters, RPG, Drones, Snipers and all modernwarfare weapons. Their soldiers operating RPG have stationedthemselves near our base and building up a massive ambush on theAmerican red tank battle panzer alert war army. You will have tolead the US military operation and push back the opponents in thisarmy fighting game. Their snipers shooters are hiding in bushescamouflage, your patrol ops team will have to spot their locationsquickly before they shoot your soldiers. This is real time combatin war of Tanks. You may recoil with battle alloys in desert toengage them in PVP battle and rifle assault. Once you are inEnemy’s territory and close to their army base, be aware ofobstacles like trenches and mines spread throughout the desert,highly equipped weapons, airstrikes, gunship helicopters,assassins, enemy cross fire and missile attacks. As a hero of worldwar 2 fire fighters, attack like a thunder, do surgical strike,engage enemy forces in machine gun battle. Armada platoon TankCommander has come with fleet of Tanks to destroy you. In thisultimate epic tank battle real simulator 3D game ricochet, aim toshoot blackguard enemies with your heavy tank nozzle strike. EpicTank World War Fury - Real Army Panzer Battle FEATURES - Realisticbattlefield environments - Fight against variety of opponents likefighter planes, helicopters, tanks, and armored combat vehicles -Intuitive touch screen controls - Army tank mayhem fighting battle- Best action tank battle game 2019 - Fight with warships in leadermode - Easy and smooth control "
Gunship Helicopter 2019 - Air Combat Fighter Games 1.3 APK
The gunship helicopter 2019 - air combat fighter games battle hasbegun, the enemies has call an army commando helicopter warshooting on your country and has captured the president and hisfamily and taken them to the army headquarters base, the soldiersdidn't fight the kidnappers as they had the president and hisfamily as hostages in extreme battle of raptors air attackhelicopter simulation. The army troops has left the base as theycouldn't fight the aircraft air war combat battle terrorist ontheir own. The helicopter hero gunship air battle army generals andother government officials a worried about the safety of thepresident and his family. The army generals has given hope toeveryone that he is sending the best fps gunner man inaction-filled shooting world war who will bring back the presidentand his family safely in this hostage rescue commando ops. He hasdecided to send you in the best apache gunship helicopter battle ofanti aircraft gun strike jet war soldier in this war of commandorescue hostage who has win every battle on his own. You have torescue the hostages and captured the enemies who attack yourcountry's president and his family in this gunship helicopter 2019- air combat fighter games. The anti aircraft gun defense airstrike shooting terrorist who captured the president and his familyas hostages has taken them to the army headquarters base no one canenter the base that's why the army general has decided to send youin this advance military commando war operation shooting to fightthe terrorist in f16 vs f18 air fighter attack game. You are thebest air combat helicopter fighter pilot who is the best in flyingthe fighter helicopter in real war combat fighting games battle.The gunship helicopter battle strike air war enemies has put somedemands in front of the government officials for the freedom of thepresident and his family but the army general has decided not toaccept and is putting his faith in you to rescue the hostages fromthe hijackers in this heli gunship combat helicopter air gunshipwar. Don't let his hope down rescue the hostages and free the armyheadquarters base from the abductors in battlefield modern commandoshooting games. The heli air attack gunship anti aircraft actionmission for you is to fly your chopper to the army headquartersbase and fight the enemies to rescue the hostages. In this intenseshooting world war helicopter showdown enemies has equipped thefighter jets and helicopters to put a fight against you, so beready for an air combat warfare battle. The helicopter battlestrike clash warfare battleground is set for an epic aircraft jetflying simulator game battle between the two air forces you and theenemies in this action-packed combat in the world of shootingbattleground. The helicopter gunship combat air strike battleenemies has more numbers of aircrafts or fighter helicopters in gungames to put a fight against you so be aware of the enemy forcesthey can attack you from anywhere at any time when you least expectthe attack in this free action shooting game by helicopter battleforces. Rescue the hostages, free the base and captured theabductors, show them what are the consequences of attacking yourcountry's president and his family, army headquarters base in thisjet fighter plane fighting 3d world helicopter gunship air strikegame. Gunship Helicopter 2019 - Air Combat Fighter Games Features -Helicopter gunship free action game - Ultimate air attack of airnavy gunship - Air combat jet fighter plane fighting game - Heligunship combat strike warfare - Action packed air combat gunnerbattle
Apache Helicopter Air Fighter - Modern Heli Attack 1.4 APK
The Apache Helicopter Air Fighter - Modern Heli Attack has begun,the enemies are coming with all the forces they have with mostadvanced combat fighter jets, gunship helicopters, armored tanks tostart gunship apache helicopter battle attack at your base. Withthe help of the traitor, the dogfight combat shooter enemies haveentered your base and have started gunship army battle strikeattacking your base and killing your army commando troop. The baseis being on high alert as the enemies have killed many of yourtroops and have managed to take down the attacking strategy, thebase is under the control of the enemies. The chief has called youthe most experienced and skillful gunship heli warfare battlepilot, you have the most experience in the wars has won singlehanded some of the most difficult gunship helicopter battles realair attack in which everyone seemed to fail. You are famoushelicopter pilot air strike 3d war simulator to fly the mostpowerful combat helicopter and finish the real air fighter worldwar combat mission easily with your flying gunship skills. That'swhy the chief has called the best air fighter gunship flyer in thistime of need to win this world war ii of f18 fighter air combatshooting for him. Get ready for extreme heli air attack antiaircraft action warfare of the highly advanced gunship. Thisgunship helicopter fight gunner war mission 2018 game comes withmany challenging levels & amazing breathtaking environment.This free to play action Apache Helicopter Air Fighter - ModernHeli Attack game gives you a chance to serve your duty of calltowards your country in this thrilling air fighter f18 dogfightcombat. Embark as a gunship battle helicopter simulator hunter onthis special air force jet fighter combat strike war mission tofinish the enemies and take control of your base in your hand. Thegunship air helicopter world war enemies are controlling your baseand can do some serious damage to your country. It's "Now or Never"for you to show why you are the best for gunship air strike mission2018. The chief and the troops have their faith in you to completethis helicopter air gunship war critical and dangerous fury counterheli mission to take your base back from the gunship helicopterstrike enemies. Hop on your helicopter gunship and start gunshipgunner shoot and airplane flight shooting the bad guys. The gunshiphelicopter terrorist has the plans to do some serious army strikewar destruction to your country by using your base weaponry to do alot of destruction to your hometown. Fly your air gunship fightingthe jet fighter modern military attack enemies who have capturedyour base, kill many of your troops and taken hostages of some inhelicopter desert action air heli gunship strike. It's time to youhop on in your gunship and go to the base to shoot the enemieselite anti helicopter missile force and free the hostages and thebase from the control of the enemy in helicopter gunship armybattle top fighter wars. As a helicopter hero gunship air battlecommando soldier, you have to fight this modern fighters jet airstrike military operation and win it for your nation. Heroes likeyou never disappoint your nations in battle so you better win thiswar for your country at its times of need. Get ready for readyextreme world war air attack shooting in this amazing helicopterdefense strike 3d anti aircraft game. This game featured some ofthe latest modern helicopters for you to fly in this amazingbreathtaking ww2 air attack realistic world war 2 airplanesenvironment. Apache Helicopter Air Fighter - Modern Heli AttackFeatures - Advanced chopper simulator flight controls - Arm yourcopter with a variety of weapons and equipment - Best air combatbattle missions - Most powerful combat helicopters - Intense levelsof gameplay - Challenging missions to enjoy the helicopter fightinggame - Variety of aerial enemies from the War eras with fighterplanes and helicopters
Modern Navy Submarine Sea War 1.0.1 APK
The sea war is all set up as the giants, the mighty submarines takeon to set the waters ablaze with their attacks. Take command of anoblivious navy submarine in a sea war of epic proportions. CAPTAINA NAVY SUBMARINE IN SEA WAR Capture the real essence of navysubmarine sea war, with 5 incredibly designed sea war levelsagainst mighty foes of land and sea. Get an engaging and realisticnavy submarine sea war experience, as you maneuver throughuncharted waters to lay assault on enemy ships, submarines andmounted artillery guns on the coast, being vary of the largenetwork of minefields spread throughout the borderline. LOAD UP FORAN ASSAULT STORYLINE Your navy submarine is loaded up with all thecombat weapons required to dismantle the greatest of armies. Takeon unsurmountable enemy gunships, laying havoc on the borderlinewith underwater missiles and torpedoes. Fight over the sea battleswith enemy ships by tracking their movement with advancedperiscopic interface. FIGHT IN ICONIC BATTLEFIELD LOCATIONS Combatthrough enemy attacks, leading the front in an epic third personshooting adventure. With highly realistic battlefield environmentsand designs, based on naval warfare zones around the world, engagein an action simulation experience like no other.
Apache Air Gunner Battle City 1.1 APK
Time to battle with fighter apache air gunner and enemy aircraftsin the next level of Apache Air Gunner Battle Citygame. Encounterthe extreme gunners action packed air combat aiming of long-rangeair Striker and go out with all guns unleashed.The Gunner Battle has begun! Fight back heroically with all gunsunleashed and bring down rove ring assault jet fighters. Beaccurate on time and aim to storm down enemy gunships.Weapon warehouse base is under apache air gunner attack. Battlepanzer tanks, Jet fighters and flight simulator apache strikercopters rove ring around and strike hard on base land. No more timeto waste so take the pace and shoot missile at to destroy enemy.Luckily you are equipped with mega destructive weapons, the missilelauncher air striker machine guns. Go on with your guns unleashedtill the last flying aircraft shoot down. Storm off to the groundthe power threating enemy jet flight gunners.How to PlayTap on target to lock aim, hit Fire to storm missiles on definedtarget and witness the world’s deadliest Warcraft.Gun through 5 waves of formidable opponents as you clear each levelto move ahead. You are equipped with massive gunners and launchersto take down the land as well as apache air gunner enemies.Use Rapid Missile Combos against land enemies. The Gunner can firerapid and numerous missiles at a time to raise havoc on thebattlefield and inflict maximum damage.Your Gunner is also equipped with a highly efficient MissileTargeting system, giving you full command of the air battles. Lockyour targets, fighter jets and apache helicopters, and gun theseheavy artillery gunships down with a bang.Game Features⍟ Mass destruction with Targeted & stimulate gunsunleashed⍟ Hordes of tanks and aircrafts fits to explode on each level⍟ 5 striking levels of total action fittest to extreme warplay⍟ Battle ground arena and air strike shooting⍟ Irresistible Navigational pad controls⍟ 3D crafted battle ground Terrain⍟ Smooth real physic HD graphics rendering
Island Army Commando Siege 1.12 APK
Your masters have sent you to lead an island army to conquer Enemystation under siege through a gunship battle fought at sea. Longfought battle left you with only sniper gun and no alliance forceson the island. What would be your next action? Time will decide!You have to come up with best sniper shooting stunts and take theisland army action to finish this battle with Enemy city islandunder siege. Your island siege mission will be finished when youkill dead each enemy soldier at island with your best snipershooting skills. Attack with force to kill island guarding enemybefore their eye catches you. Fight off this siege till yourcommando lasts!!! Break through the enemy soldier’s barrierguarding the island and strike like a lead army sniper. The siegeis not finished yet! Will your shooting mission be able to surviveyou through back attack of sharks approaching to make you theirbait? Survival will be real hard but you can’t just give up thismission like hell! Show that you are the best sniper unleashed onenemy. Take this full action packed frantic mission to combat withair strike, sea hunt and commando’ threat while securing your lifeas the army sniper unleashed. PLEASE NOTE! Island Army CommandoSiege is free to download and play. Download now! LEVELS TO PLAYGet into Four Intense game levels each to play with great strength.Take immense commando siege challenges while killing enemy commandosoldiers, encounter sharks and shoot down supersonic ultra-fast jetaircraft. HOW TO PLAY >> Touch screen to navigate throughaxis >> Watch for your Aim with an acute sight >> Usethe full zoom option to have the clear view of targets GAMEFEATURES >> Brilliant army sniper action gameplay >>Intense missions with a variety of enemies >> FPS with zoomscope sniper assault >> Unique design in killer 3Dbattlefront environment >> Captive graphics with addictivegameplay >> Enjoy combat gaming in realistic view