2.1 / October 5, 2016
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Play Sniper American Assassin the new thrilling and exciting snipergame. Whenever you feel the need to shoot someone mercilessly inthe head then this sniper simulation is one of the best games youare looking for. The player has to take the role of the killer whois on the mission to terminate some of the most importantterrorists to eliminate terrorism from the Country.Hold your breath& Pull the sniper trigger in this real-life 3D graphics andsounds environment, the game gives an exhilarating experience tocomplete this mission. . Use your ammo wisely and kill the insaneenemies at a distance before they get a chance to aim at you. Aimfor head-shot to preserve your ammo. The enemy isn't aware of yourpresence so take your first shot carefully, to begin the onslaught,because the moment you fire, your gunshot will be heard and theenemy will be upon you before you know it. There’s no turning back,so let the onslaught begin. As a commando, you need a great couragein the face of the fierce enemy. You must destroy the enemies ,complete the tasks.Here you will become one of the world's topsniper, you need a cool head anomaly analysis and fast, aggressive,accurate shooting practices.Quickly pick up the weapon in yourhands, make your blood boil up, do not let the terrible criminalsout of your sight, do not hesitate to experience the excitement ofthe game and passionate sniper thrill it! Dare you accept thechallenge ? Join our SWAT Sniper team immediately and began tofight against the terrorists. ***Features**** Best Shooting Game*Realistic and modern 3D graphics* Upgradable weapons* Auto sniper*Amazing modern sound effects* Shooting all the terrorists will leadyou to the next stage* Free to play!For more fun, please followus!Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TapCell3DInstagram:http://www.twitter.com/tapcell_games

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    SWAT Sniper : Mafia Assassin
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    October 5, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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If you want, you can travel the world freely or you can go on dutyin this massive world. Bring your inner bus driver out, challengeagainst time, discover new places and enjoy the Mountain View.Enjoythe realistic physics that make this Mountain Bus Simulator standout from other Bus Driving Games. Drive your Bus and select otherBuses that allow you to enjoy different game modes. We believe itis time to drive a realistic an off-road tour coach bus driver andhandle off-road tourist bus driving from city to mountain hillystop and mountains in different weather conditions. This beast isso powerful and hard to handle. You might have played many off-roadbus games but this tourist coach bus simulator has its uniquelevels. It is a mixer of off-road bus coach driving games, wagondriving games, and city coach bus driving games.Let’s enjoy therealistic Tourist City Coach Bus Driving Simulator 2018 game andleave behind all city bus games. Tourist City Coach Bus DrivingSimulator 2018 game is the wonderful drives and transportsimulation with attractive hills and wonderful off-road driveexperience. Operate between the mount and peak with a beautifultraveller bus. You love existent drive cruise fashion of city coachbus simulator games as a bus duty driver and also experienceextreme bus driving of off road bus simulator games. You drive yourcity coach through the county town city and transport visitors tooff-road hill stage. You will get to enjoy a variety of city coach,city bus and double-decker bus models as a tourist bus operate inone of the best bus games. If this excites you and you want to be acoach bus driver who can manage public bus transportation todifferent destinations, Tourist City Coach Bus Driving Simulator2018 is the great decision for you.Play the game to pick & droppassengers to transport them to the different off-road hillstations. Off-road and mountain bus driving is full of adventureand crazy experience with the real-time physics-based vehicle todrive around deviant turns and spectacular hilly scenes. TouristCity Coach Bus Driving Simulator 2018 will start from a city andtravel through mount, waterway and green lands cities andmotorways. Tourist City Coach Bus Driving Simulator 2018 is pick& drop passenger’s game that will fulfil city bus as well asdriving simulator needs of a bus driver. City Coach Bus Simulator2018 is a bus driving 3d simulator that offers you this chance tobecome a real-world bus coach driver. Get ready to be a publictransporter bus operator many travellers will be waiting for you atbus stations and you have to carry them to their point ofdisembarkation in coach bus simulator. City Coach Bus Simulator2018 is free bus simulation so enjoy the amazing attractiveenvironment. Heavy coach bus simulator has challenging missions, toimprove your driving skills to make sure to get your passengers ontime.The coach bus game has real mount hill world off roadexperience with gigantic thrilling turns and tricky highway. Makethe visitor in the coach and daring stumble and lead the journey tothe woodland hill ascend exploit. Make the best and the mostcensorious sharp spike turns to play and get the complete roadtrip. Hill driver coach bus is on the way to pick the travellersfrom the terminal and drive them to the mount and uneven district.Practice the actual earth nature and let the people in tourist buslive the moment with tour coach hill transporter game. Features ofTourist City Coach Bus Driving Simulator 2018:-• Tilt your phone torotate bus.• Touch buttons to gas or brake bus.• 5 types of worldtour buses • Control and ride real Mountain climbing buses• Coolhigh definition graphics • Smooth controls for 3d simulation•Realistic bus engine sounds• Day time mountain environments• Pickand drop your tourist at hill stations as duty
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Get ready to play as the world fastest running mammal cheetah inyour smartphone and tablets. Black Panther Simulation is actionpacked 3D game for you.Now you finally have a chance to know thatfeeling! You will have fun playing this game as you can enjoy funsounds and animations along with the hunt. This animal simulatorhas been designed for all ages. You will play the role of the worldfastest running mammal and will have the experience of living alife in a city. Take control of this black cheetah and hunt downanimals, innocent humans and Armed peoples. So what are you waitingfor? Just start this ultimate game from today and tell your friendabout your experience in this game. Hunt out innocent animals andmake them your prey. They can smell you, so don't make any noiseswhen you're out to get them.!Become a real Hungry cheetah and fitagainst all odds, dodge deadly traps in the wilderness, and runaway from gun attacks! You will be going in battle for that huntingsimulator experience, so get ready for the best cheetah chase ofyour life and start hunting for prey in the jungle! Features:◆ 10Challenging missions to hunt and chase.◆ Free roam mode to makerampage in town◆ Superb city area.◆ Realistic animal sounds andanimations to enhance your gaming experience.◆ Smooth and simpletouch and tap controls.◆ Awesome gameplay with attackinganimations.◆ Actual thrill of chasing down animals.◆ Realisticanimal animationsFollow us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/TapCell3DFollow us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/tapcell_games