1.0.3 / May 25, 2016
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SWAT Force Captain! There’s a securitythreat alert from 911 emergency. Members of terrorist organizationare about to rob diamond mine outside city quarry. Join SWAT TeamCounter Strike Force for action against terrorists and eliminatethreats to security.

Terrorists teamed up with underworld gangs mafia to steal diamondsfrom mountain cave. They are excavating treasure from gold mine viarailcar. Enemy will buy advanced weapons and firepower to spreadterrorism in city. To counter this brutal plan, elite police forceis very critical. SWAT team is last hope to control this crisissituation. Take your killer sniper gun and ammo to engage withunderworld thieves and murderers, derail their plan to buy warhead.Terrorists have kidnapped foreman and innocent civilians are heldhostages while some are killed by gunner. Strike with maximum forceto engage in brutal shooting action and kill all armed robbers andterrorists.

Play as elite killer trained under special weapons and tacticssquad. Rush to diamond mine, smugglers are stealing gold treasurein wooden cart moving on rail road. Intercept their robbery planand start shooting terrorists. Aim for head shot and take out enemysniper gunman outside. Create diversion to counter enemy’s escapeplan during hostile situation. In disparate battlefield location,arrest is not an option. Shoot and kill bad guys in mine to saveinnocent civilian and rescue hostages. Kill terrorist squad armedwith sub-machine gun, stun grande and more.

SWAT Force Crime Simulator Features:

10 extreme challenging shooting killer missions to rescueminers
Multiple advanced sniper rifles for battlefield action
Real life crisis situation and massive mine environment
Realistic physics controls for smooth shooting
Console quality 3D graphics and many heuristic features

Download SWAT Team Counter Strike Force and enjoy intense action inthis 3D elite simulator game.

App Information SWAT Team Counter Strike Force

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Secret Agent Stealth Spy Game 1.2.0 APK
Play as Agent swat. Stay Invisible in Spy Stealth Games Agent youare recruited and trained by secret service agency to keep yournation security intact. Live spies life operate under the radar;complete secret missions kill or be killed in challenging spystealth games. Trained as ghost in public for stealth operation,exhibit quickly move and sneak skills to steal information. Shootspotlight, pick lock and move from Shadow to Shadow to strikeenemies with full force. Show & aim with silencer weapon,assault suppressor rifles and sniper gun. Infiltrate EnemiesIntelligence Office Steal Sensitive Information Keep cover inshadow for Stealth Operations behind walls; remain out of sightfrom enemies in secret agent game. It’s vital to become a ghost andstay behind obstacles to past a guard. Sneak behind enemy guards innight and snap their neck with one smooth movement like ninja.Agent you infiltrate enemy territory Shoot the Lights to walkshadow to shadow. Get inside IT room and plant a network hack. It'snot some training mission proof your elite spy skills and gets theblacklist location by terror cells and syndicate. Get Fellow AgentEscape Intelligence Office Prison By All Means Necessary Terroristsplinter groups caught your fellow secret agent and our secretservice agency dishonored him as convicted traitor. But theblacklist shows Agent name lockdown in same facility. Keep yourcover secure the recon mission is now become rescue mission. Useyour gear Night Vision goggle, silencer pistol and MP4 SMG to takedown enemy guards. Become silent hit-man and infiltrate main officebuilding. Keep absolute silence anyone sees you the alarm will blowand missions get failed. It’s an impossible mission but the secretservice agency wants their top agents back. Infiltrate MainBuilding Steal Files Locate Prison American Counter intelligencetrained you as one man army use stealth highly secured areas.Attack frontline or make melee attacks. If any guard see a deadbody they will raise alarm. You can pick lock doors, hack servergather all the information you require from the enemy counterintelligence service office. Locate underground basement prison andgear up to make escape plan for Agent Ten. Walk like phantom indark shadows take down dangerous terrorists cell in counterterrorist missions. Plan Jailbreak Help Fellow Secret AgentEscaping Facility As professional spy trained get ready to executedangerous operations. Rescue fellow Agent escape from prison afterstealing military intelligence collected data. Get on rooftophideout and secure location for agent Ten till he reach heli. Takedown enemy rogue sniper and foot soldier armed with assault rifles.Digital technology is taking countries in field to fight. Spyingand assassinations play key role to serve your nation. Keep balanceof power normal life is dream for a spy agent. Secret Agent StealthSpy Game Features: ★Highly challenging stealth games mission forreal spy ★Real time lock picking and door hacking game play ★SpyGadgets silenced weapons, night vision and melee attack ★A.I basedarmed enemies with Semi-Auto rifles ★Brake light to keep in minimumvisibility ★Intuitive FPS and 3rd Person Controls Get best stealthgame full of drama and intense game play available in Play Storefor free. Download Secret Agent Stealth Spy Game and live life ofspy agent breaching enemy hardline and stealing sensitiveinformation or assassination mission for high profile person.
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Get ready to celebrate Halloween party likenever before and become ultimate surviving swordsman in Zombie DeadZone Prison Escape Game.A dark sorcerer open the gates of hell and Dracula, reaper, ghostsand ghouls are making overrun over our world. Kill all crazyzombies that ruin peace in our town carnival. Human civilization isgetting eroded from earth. The demons walking towards prison nearthe city mansion. Rise as ray of hope to exterminate devourmindless creatures. End the terrible crisis before this zombievirus cause apocalypse to your town. Rescue prisoners get policewarden save him from the outbreak. Hundred of monsters likeDracula, Reaper Grimm, mummies and more ready to overrun theprison. Zombie army has entered into the jail premises. Prisonersare calling jailer for help against hundreds of horrible livingdead ghosts.This carnival season get ready to hunt down undead zombies in darkadventures of Zombie Dead Zone Prison Escape. As night warriorbreak into central prison to save jail inmates and kill thesesavages with katana sword. Turn prison into a slaughter house withyour machete knife fury and rise as powerful swordsman. You cannotkeep calm until the defense against furious zombies and ghosts isensured and evil forces are eliminated. Stand firm for mankindsalvation and run after massive army of mummies and ghouls in thisz war. Help jail inmates to escape from their cells and survivingthis hell. Plague is spreading fast in city and there is an army ofdead walking creatures in streets. This is a horrifying sight andworst nightmare for police warden.These evil forces were summoned by the dark magic ages ago to openthe gates of hell for humans.Enchanting Features:10 action packed killer missions to rescue prisoners fromjailDifferent Halloween creatures like zombies, skeleton, undead ghoulsand mummyReal life jail environment with inmates and cellsOn screen smooth controlsBest quality 3D graphicsAs swordsman warrior stop invasion of such dead monsters and slashzombies with your katana sword. Celebrate the Halloween carnivalparty and download Zombie Dead Zone Prison Escape, newest 3D gamein your android phone and tablets for intense action and killingadventures.