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You might have played FPS action games but get a chance to playSWAT Counter Terrorist Gun Shooter third person best shooting game.Welcome to the swat modern strike gunner shooter. This is the lastday of war in a frontline battlefield and you are equipped withadvanced weapons to destroy all enemies who are targeting innocentpeople. As an elite army commando superhero, eliminate terroristsand destroy enemies who are involved in violent attack anddestroying peace of the world. In this fatal attack you get achance to test your fighting and shooting skills. This game consistof several military missions and as a battlefield shooter you haveto fight the crime. You are on a crazy mission of swat countershoot. This is a survival war to be fought on a borderline. Therewill be a blood rush in the battlefield mission where force ofwarriors is ready to fight for the country. Counter terrorist gunshooting is an incredible action game. You have to use bullet forcein a mobile counter of warfare strike against terrorist andgangsters. This is a critical strike mission where some of yourfellow commando soldiers will defuse bomb and you as a lone sniperneed to eliminate terrorist on the hunting ground. US armycommandos and sharp shooter are supercharged to take on terroriststrike. You are an elite shooter and swat sniper shooting assassinon an army war mission to defeat evil forces with gunshots. If youare looking for shooting games then look no further. There aremultiple realistic environments of modern combat arena in the worldof warships at army warzone. The forces have a freedom to either beheadshot shooter or aim and shoot. You are a part of swat team on aspecial ops mission in this shooter battle. Your presence inspecial forces is a big motivation. Use long range shootinglocation to shoot enemy from long distance. You need to team upwith other swat team members of anti-terrorist force for quickshooting in this survival arena. If you are looking for freeshooting games and 3d sniper games then download on of this topfree games and be a part of counter terrorist force. You havedifferent game modes which does include death match or free for allshoot out. You can either use sniper, machine gun, ak 47 or othermodern weapons to eliminate terrorists and gangsters. You also havegrenades to eliminate multiple enemies at once. If you are runningout of health, you can use health kit to regain it. CounterTerrorist Swat Gunner Shooter is a free 3D military army actiongame full of gun shooting explosive missions. You are a trainedmodern commando shooter and you are being sent on a mission toeliminate terrorists in the battle zone. Terrorist teams have beenspreading terrorism for quite some time now and it's time to payback in this breathtaking modern war action game. - Smart AI, tobring you a variety of challenges- Complex situation, terrain-Exciting map and realistic environment- Eliminate all theterrorists going into the next stage- Real combat effect- Bestshooting game- stunning 3D graphics

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    SWAT Terrorist Shooter
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    August 23, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    BTO Studios
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Drive your jet ski into the sea to begin your jet ski simulationjourney on a beautiful Island. With never seen before levels andrealistic jet ski driving experience, roam around in sea, goanywhere and collect stars using jet ski crazy stunts. Enjoy theperfect mix of racing and driving your fast jet ski in the sea.Notlike ever before, you will have a freedom to enjoy Jet ski as afree ride using "Free Mode" or if you want to take it as aprofession, then you have an option to chose "Career Mode".The mostexciting feature of this game is that you can race with otheronline users. Just select multiplayer option, a random online userwill be searched for you to race. Beat your opponent and win extracash. Get a feel of Uber by driving jet ski, while enjoyingrealistic boat driving you may receive calls from travelersrequesting you to drop them to different places of the island. Bydropping travelers to their destinations, you will receive cash andtip which you can use to upgrade your jet ski. Upgrade to the bestJet Ski for even more realistic driving experience. You can choosefrom 10 different Jet ski simulation. Watch out for other boats andships and avoid hitting them.Drive in the ocean, explore realisticand adventurous island with beautiful dolphins roaming around inthe sea. You are free to go anywhere and witness realistic views ofocean and islands around it.Not only you'll enjoy Jet Ski driving,you'll also work as a life guard to save swimmers from drowning. Asa Lifeguard Rescue Duty is a super energizing and moving in whichyou as a lifeguard rescue operator swim and jet ski and keepindividuals far from beach danger. There are many people whorequire your help at the beach. For example, a swimmer, now it's upto you how you handle the circumstance and save the individuals whorequire assistance. You have to save them and take them to thenearest emergency camp on the island.Go on the joy ride of alifetime with an amazing jet ski and feel the surge of the coolocean. Riding a jet ski is always fun and energizing. So we havebrought little extra for you and combine the jet skiing experiencewith jumps and tricks to double the fun. This simulator will giveyou the genuine experience of controlling a jet ski and performingextraordinary stunts inside an obstacle filled water park.Clear thelevels in time to achieve major bonus points. Be a water stuntmanor stuntwoman and show off your skills as you hightail up into theair and land on the water with style…if you can handle it, thatis.Another exciting feature of this game is Jet Ski Racing. Thisturbo boat racing game is not just about typical jet ski racing orjet ski driving, in Jet Ski Simulator 3D you will not only have todrive the speed boat jet ski, but also collect achievements tounlock other exciting water. Jet Ski Racing Sim 3D is just likecontrolling real jet skis, clear each level of water scooter intime to enjoy major bonus points, and be sure to avoid all thehurdles that come your way.While enjoying Jet Ski Ride, you'll finda place in the ocean where you can race with other Jet Skiers. Beatthem and get extra cash. You can also play with other onlineplayers.★★★ GAMEPLAY FEATURES ★★★- 30 levels with different tasksto perform and complete - Choose between Free, Career andMultiplayer modes- Achieve additional points for being timely-Outstanding controls for steering and riding the Jet Ski-Multiplayer option to play with other players online- Achieveadditional points for rescuing people on time before they drown-Realistic Jet Ski 3D Simulator- Exciting Rescue and DrivingMissions - High Quality Jet Ski Assignments - Enhanced 3D Graphicsand Sounds - Exciting Jet Ski Game Play- Genuine BeachEnvironment★★★ FOLLOW US★★★https://www.facebook.com/blockotstudios/https://twitter.com/BlockotStudioshttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3_UqKrlOw_zeI32igVnVlQ
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