1.1 / May 28, 2015
(3.9/5) (17)


Relax, this is not a "Doodle Jump" clone. sweet Jelly is as sweetas candy just jumps.happy Poo only moves sideways. A game withdifference the sweet jelly is a jealous person and happy poo is howothers see him. Cherry are sweet simple things in life. have funwith sweet jelly and happy poo.Crush the jellyfish switch to happypoo. get super powers.be the jewel of the jelly and happy poo.sweet Jelly will keep on jumping to make him move to side waysturn to happy poo and move .Again to commence jumping tap to changeto sweet jelly.Check how good you remember the positions.Bewarewhen you are happy poo don't take the crap or you will poop and-EXPLODE.The green jam are your jealous friends kids so do not touchthem.Keep bouncing and avoiding, keep scoring more and more keep upyour bounce.#slot game inside to spin and win# many power ups like: Holy Shit for happy poo.#Coffee/goggles/candy tocollect.##mysterious items available#Great music #Lovely fun gameplay for joy.

App Information Sweet Jelly And happy Poo

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    Sweet Jelly And happy Poo
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    May 28, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    S-7 Amit Tower sector-5 pratapnagar sanganer jaipur 302029
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