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Now, lots of girls like eating sweet food like ice cream, sweetcakeand milky tea. Sweets can make us have a nice mood. So Today,in ourbrand new game you will have the opportunity to learn thecookingmenus of delicious sweets food. We will show you thecookingprocedures to cook one piece of sweet ice cream or yummycake.Follow our instructions to cook step by step. Use the cookingtoolsto prepare the raw materials and heat it. Decorate the sweetsfoodand show us your excellent cooking skills. Have fun. Features:1.Choose one type of sweet food you like 2. Prepare the rawmaterialto cook 3. Heat and stir the raw material 4. Put it in theoven 5.Decorate the sweets and show us 6. Sweets cooking menu 7.cake maker8. food recipies sweets cooking menu is an game that youcan play oncoo for free. The restaurant looks a mess. Pick up thecleaningtools, clean up the garbage, dust off, and put the chairsin order.When you're done, start making food. Cooking deliciousnoodles,dumplings, and dumplings. Have fun play with Chinese FoodRecipiesand sweets cooking menu.

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Pregnant Operation Baby Mom Care Hospital 3 APK
Pregnant Operation Baby Mom Care HospitalYou’ve got theamazingopportunity to help save lives and give care to mommy andbaby inthis pregnant mom baby care hospital surgery and maternityhospitalgame! The mommy and baby need your constant attentionbecause thisis mom care and baby care hospital game. Where you haveto calmboth the mommy and baby from pain!!This hospital mom careand babycare game has lots of fun features and game play! Simplydownloadthis loveable mamma game to unleash a lot of new thingslike babycare, childbirth, caring for newborn triplet baby andattending tothe pregnant mom!The first step in mommy care hospitalgame is togive to pregnant mom food. The pregnant mom can choosefrom avariety of food items presented to her for mom care. Afterpregnantmom has been given the mom care food in hospital game thenext stepis for her rest.Help mom care pregnant mom simulator byhelping hersleep. By turning off the lights and putting her to bed.Turn offthe lamp and giver the blanket so she can peacefullydream.Oh no!Pregnant mom is in critical condition!! You need totake her to thehospital for immediate mom care attention!! For thatyou call anambulance and take mamma to the hospital! Thenimmediately give herthe oxygen mask!Then it is time for the normalmommy care pregnantmom, mom care check up. First take pregnant momtemperature, thencheck her blood test in hospital game and thencheck ultrasound ofpregnant mom. After all the mom care tests andinjection it is timefor maternity surgery.Give pregnant momanaesthesia and startcaesarean surgery, get the baby out and thenget all triplet babiesout then start stitching mommy cesareantriplet baby mark. Heal thepregnant mom surgery marks by bandageand give her full mom care!Now it is going to become mommy and babycare!Now it’s time forpregnant mom triplet baby care! Give baby arelaxing shower andthen wrap him in his blanket after puttingpowder, wiping andcleaning him up!As a last step of the game youcan buy the tripletbabies some toys for extra baby care points. Forthat you need tokeep colleting coins during the game so you can getbaby care toystill the end!Features of mom care game:• Multiple momcare and babycare maternity characters• Triplet babies charactersby the end ofgame• Full length maternity surgery procedure• Minigames for extrapoints and coin collections• Hospital settingsurgical instrumentssimulation• Mom care and baby care operationand care toolssimulation like oxygen mask machine, blood pressureand ultrasoundmachine• Mom care and baby care caring accessorieslike feedingitems and clothing items• Pregnant Operation TripletBaby Mom CareHospital• Pregnant Surgery Simulator• PregnantEmergency Surgery
Cake Maker - Cooking games & supermarket cooking 3 APK
Cake Maker - Cooking games & supermarket cookingHi girls!Thisis a free girls, kids, cooking & baking casual fun makergame.Have a lovely Sunday brunch with friends and family by makingyummypancakes virtually on your smart phones.supermarket cookingThegame provides you with everything to cook, bake, make &dressup yummy delicious emotionally filled pan cakes. The best waytokeep your little kids busy that also make others happy bycookingand decorating finger licking Pancakes. Do you know pancakesareloved more than Cakes, Cupcakes, Burger, Cake Maker , PizzaandSandwiches? Enjoy our other games like pan cake maker, CakeMaker ,cupcake maker etc. Be a star on Thanksgiving, Christmas,DailyBrunch, New Year or on any occasions by cooking your ownAmazingPancake dishes and share it with everyone in the family toeat.nthis cake game you have to prepare a cookies for yourfriend'sbirthday. We are not so good in making cakes, so we needyou. Thecake will have three floors and each floor and cream youwill haveto choose or what bakery items to put on it. First, youmust choosethe cake base. You can choose a countertop made ofchocolate,vanilla, strawberry, cherry, kiwi and banana. After youchoose thecake dough, you must choose the preferred model on whichwe put onthe cake, polka dots, twigs, ice crystal, crown ornecklace ofhearts. After choosing the model you have to choose andcream toput on this wonderful cake. You can choose betweendifferentcreams, vanilla, strawberry, cherry or orange. Still youneed toput them and some balls of whipped cream: strawberry withwhippedcream, dark chocolate, vanilla, strawberry whitechocolateraspberries or cherries. Now you have finished the cakebase andyou must make the second floor. Again you have to chooseanotherfloor. You need choose again for the second floor cream,vanilla,chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, kiwi and banana.Afterthis you have to put this cream and after that you have tofinishedthe second floor. Follow the third floor which is all thesame asthe other 2. The cake is ready and we hopes to go toourfriend.Cheese CakeCake PopsCupCake
Orange Cake
Mango Cake
Dark ChocolateCakeChocolate Chips CakeSupermarket – Game forKidsStrawberryChocolate Cake
Orange Chocolate Cake
Supermarket – Game for KidsWhite ChocolateCakeStrawberry IceCream CakeVanilla Ice Cream Cake
Mango Ice CreamCake
Chocolate IceCream Cake
A great new game mode in this version:Cake ShopMode.Let’s download a Cake Maker - Cooking games game now,a greategame of Cake Maker - Cooking games & supermarketcooking! Itfree!And please if you like our games make sure youcomment andrate ! thanks for your visit , and ENJOY !
cooking in the kitchen - Cooking Craze 3 APK
cooking in the kitchen - Cooking CrazeHey boys and girls , doyoulike cookies and cakes ? Sure you like them, you are a kidwholoves chocolate and fruit. Through this chocolate cake cookinggameyou will be able to prove everybody that you are a great friendbutalso a very good cook that can make the best looking cakes ever!Wewant the party to be a very beautiful and all friends of our sontobe happy. If you want to help some children of the same agewithyou to have fun with you please respect the instructions ofthiscooking games for girls.In this cake game you have to prepareacookies for your friend's birthday. We are not so good inmakingcakes, so we need you. The cake will have three floors andeachfloor and cream you will have to choose or what bakery items toputon it. First, you must choose the cake base. You can chooseacountertop made of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cherry, kiwiandbanana. After you choose the cake dough, you must choosethepreferred model on which we put on the cake, polka dots, twigs,icecrystal, crown or necklace of hearts. After choosing the modelyouhave to choose and cream to put on this wonderful cake. Youcanchoose between different creams, vanilla, strawberry, cherryororange. Still you need to put them and some balls of whippedcream:strawberry with whipped cream, dark chocolate, vanilla,strawberrywhite chocolate raspberries or cherries. Now you havefinished thecake base and you must make the second floor. Again youhave tochoose another floor. You need choose again for the secondfloorcream, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, kiwiandbanana. After this you have to put this cream and after thatyouhave to finished the second floor. Follow the third floor whichisall the same as the other 2The cake is ready and we hopes to gotoour friend.cooking in the kitchen - Cooking Craze1) First youwillhave to go shopping, this consists in selecting all theingredientsthat you need, Cooking Craze , they are: flour, bakingpowder andvanilla extract;2) Turn the stove, place a pan on lowheat andplace the cream in the pan;3) In a bowl you must add:chunks ofmelted chocolate and cream, mixing well;4) In another bowlyou mustadd: pieces of butter and sugar,Cooking Craze , now youhave tomix;5) Now in a bowl you must add: flour, Cooking Craze ,salt,cocoa, baking powder and vanilla extract in the end have toplay;6)In a large bowl you must add: milk, coffee and water, youneed tomix until it forms a creamy composition;7) Put a pan on thestoveand then add the above composition;8) Over the composition oftheabove you have to add flour then you must add the eggs andmix;9)Now you need to enter the dough in the oven,Cooking Craze ,wait afew minutes until it is ready;cooking in the kitchen -CookingCrazeThank you for cooking for us today, you are definitelya verygood friend and a very good cook. Our child is very happy, hewillhave to spend the best and most beautiful cake. The party willbevery beautiful and you can stay with us, if you want to helpus,please come back to help us through this kids games withchocolatecake.Have fun and bon appetite!And stay tuned in our nextcookinggames we are going to prepare some more delicious disheslike:Cheese Cake2. Cake Pops3. Cup Cake4. Donut5. Brownie6.FrozenYogurt7. Strawberry Cake8. Orange Cake9. Mango Cake10.MatchaCake11. Dark Chocolate Cake12. Chocolate Chips Cake13.StrawberryChocolate Cake14. Orange Chocolate Cake15. Milk ChocolateCake16.White Chocolate Cake17. Strawberry Ice Cream Cake18. VanillaIceCream Cake19. Mango Ice Cream Cake20. Chocolate IceCreamCakeCooking in the Kitchen is easy to play for kids, a mustplaykitchen cooking game for kids from Top Girl games and is one ofthebest food maker games!And please if you like our games makesureyou comment and rate ! thanks for your visit , and ENJOY
Crazy Mommy Street Food Truck with levels 2 APK
Welcome 2 Crazy Mommy Street Food Truck with levels the mustplaycooking game where you can become the top Mommy of theworld.Thismom decided to run into a cooking challenge that mightmake her gocrazy but to keep her stable she got your help andsupport. Owningthree different businesses requires hard work anddevotion, also acompetent employee that will handle any issue thatcomes along.Crazy Mommy Street Food Truck So, you are going to bethe bestemployee by working on three shifts in the food streettruck. Thefirst thing you will try is pizza making and once yousucceed thisstage the following will just be easier or at leastfamiliar. Allyou have to do is to wear a smile while you aresatisfying yourcustomer's needs. When a client comes by and placehis order youhave a certain time to respond to that and you have todo it fastbecause you'll not gonna make enough money to help outthis crazymom. Prepare the dough, add the asked ingredients and becareful tofulfill your client desires in the matter of food. In theend,CrazyMommy Street Food Truck , you might add a specific sauceortopping, but remember to be practical. You will run out of timeandyour score will be calculated by the number of satisfiedcustomers.You will see that you will get a lot of experience forthe nexttrucks. The ice cream truck requires serving your people asin thefirst truck, but this time with sweet goodies. Pay attentiontoaccomplish your orders as they are asked. Same in the CrazyMommyburger truck, but remember that the more you play the betteryouare. Crazy Mommy Street Food Truck . Show your talent and giveyourbest!These features offered by our game could surprise you inmanyways, so don't hesitate to check them out:- Simple control ofthegame- No charges because it's free for playing-Differentenvironments to attend- Cool procedure to execute-Assemblingspecialties and serving your clients fast- Multiplecookingchallenges- Following a customer's recipe build the requiredorder-Preparing delicious ice cream and other goodies- Owing aburger anda pizza truck filled with homemade plates- Find the besttime ofresponse for your orders- Crazy Mommy Street Food TruckwithlevelsFeatures:Crazy Mommy Street Food Truck! Slice thecapsicum,tomato, onion, cheese, and meat into thin slices ready forburgermaster kitchen cooking.mix the burger meat together with eggsandother ingredients to prepare your meat patties for easyburgercooking.fry your burger meat with salt and pepper using yourownkitchen cooking grill.SLICE your bread bun in half and addthelettuce,Crazy Mommy, burger meat, cheese, tomato, onion, andsauceto create your yummy cooked bun.