2.4 / November 11, 2014
(3.8/5) (687)


Little Ish is a cool fish-dude off for apeaceful swim in the vast blue ocean... Oh wait, there are lethalmines and giant Ish-eating monsters lurking beneath the waves! Andthey're eyeing up our fish-dude for supper.

Guide Ish through deadly waters with easy intuitive one-fingercontrols in this infinite swimming run adventure. Collect coins,steal precious pearls from snappy oysters and somersault into thesky whilst avoiding the perils of the deep blue sea.

Watch out for mines, giant grouper fish, spiky starfish,snap-happy oysters and treacherous tentacled sea anemones andcollect as many coins as you can. Oh, and be prepared for themonstrous angler fish boss that'll come looking for you... Will yoube able to defeat this monster or is battered Ish back on the menu?Ish is a stubborn dude though; he'll keep on swimming even withhalf a body! Or an eyeball.

Use coins to upgrade Ish with cool new skins and become amechanical clockwork fish or a fearsome skeleton fish, and more.Buy upgrades to give Ish an edge underwater or create a newchallenge with shallow seas, larger enemies or mines everywhere...Plus more!

Swim Fish is finally FREE on Android! Download now for an epicand dangerous aquatic adventure.


Endless Swimming Adventure.
Infinite Gameplay.
5 Awesome Gameplay Modes.
49 Missions to Complete.
5 Deadly Enemies to Avoid.
Defeat the Angler Fish!
5 Ish Upgrades.
5 Ish Skins.
5 Boost Items.

App Information Swim Ish Swim

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Pet Run is the best free running game where you can meet you newbest friend and go for a run! Choose your pet pal and dash your waythrough the city and park for fun running adventures! ★ Who Let theDogs Out? You Did! ★ Play as your favorite pet and choose from cutepuppy, kitten and rabbit animal breeds! Help Lucky the labrador,Ginger the cat and their friends to rush through the city streetsand park paths! Take your cute pup for a walk and train your puppyby playing with them in the city and park. Dog walking? This is dogrunning! ★ Explore the City and Park! ★ Run, slide and leap yourway across the city, suburbs, park and forest! Dash forward as fastas you can, dodge obstacles and collect coins! Swipe past trees,slide under funky city birds and jump over logs, broken firehydrants and even swimming baby ducks! Take a trip down a fun parkslide to reach mega heights! The city is your dog show, and theobstacles are your agility course! Game Features: ★ Colorful HDgraphics! ★ Run across the city or through the park! ★ Choose torun with a puppy, kitten or rabbit! ★ Dodge obstacles and collectcoins! ★ Use awesome power ups! ★ Activate rainbow mode! ★ Collectcoins to upgrade and earn boosters! ★ Come back every day for newrewards! ★ Beat your friends high score! ★ Stay tuned for morecontent and pets! What You Get With Pet Run: ★ Run across 4 coollocations. ★ Many obstacles to jump over and avoid. ★ Choosebetween 8 cute pets. ★ Use 6 power ups and boosters. ★ Win dailyprizes and rewards. About AceViral We love fun games at AceViral!It is our mission to create quality fun games for boys and girls ofall ages. You can find our mobile games by searching for “AceViral”on the Google Play Store or keep updated with our latest games onour website. Like Us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/petrungame Follow Us on Twitter:@PetRunGame Send Us Your Feedback! We really value your feedback asit helps us to improve our games and make them even more fun foreveryone. If you have a moment, please rate and review our app. Wewould love to hear your comments and suggestions. Need Help? Talkto Us! You can contact us any time to share your comments orquestions. If you need support or have a problem with any of ourgames then please get in touch with us at [email protected] ForParents Pet Run is free to play but contains in app purchases anditems which can be bought for real money. You can disable in apppurchases on your device within your device settings. Bydownloading Pet Run you agree to the AceViral Privacy Policy andTerms of Service which you can find within the app.