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As the old legend says, there was a dragon which did not like tofly. She loved to glide around with her magical swing and alwayswanted to turn it into a game. There was a desire to be free, andneed to have fun along the way, so the dragon wondered around theworld, until she heard her lair was about to be pillaged. So shemade preparations - she called upon unknown heroes to help herreach her home before someone steals her valuable gold. Shepromised huge rewards to each and every one who helps her get home- or as close to home she can get. And so the legend of the dragonand the swing was born.Fun Arcade Games is happy to present you ournewest fun and free game - Swing Dragon. Be the unknown hero andbecome part of the legend. The swing extends and when you tap thescreen the dragon will swing across the holes in the ground. If youtapped it in right moment, dragon will safely land on the ground.And if you managed to land right in the middle of the ground (onthe little mark on the ground) you will get extra gold coins… Imean points! The pits are wide and changing all the time, so watchcarefully when it's right time to tap the screen. Touch it tooearly or too late - and dragon will swing directly into the pit andlegend will be over. But do not despair! She is stubborn and readyto try again - and have fun along the way - so be ready to beathigh score again in this amazing free game:Travelling through thelegend  - the background looks and feels alive, with music andsound effects that just add to the fun. Use swing in the rightmoment - tap the screen on time so that dragon ends on the otherside. Legend is being born in front of you.Land on the right spot -always aim for the point in the middle of the ground, so that youget more points.Watch for that ledge - if you tap the screen tooearly or too late, the fun is over! Do not feel bad about it - youcan always try again.You can never have enough gold coins… points -get your score to the top of the high score list and stay the bestin this free game.Enjoy the atmosphere that is simply amazing withmusic and sound effects that complete the great impression. Dragonis on her way to return to her lair and by using swing and a littleluck and your help, she will be able to stop thieves from robbingher lair of her precious gold. This free game is made for all agesand both kids and adults will have fun playing it! Start the gameand swing like never before.Dragons are stubborn beings and if shefalls in the pit because you tapped the screen in wrong moment,it’s not the end of the world. She will remember how to fly andleave the pit, because it’s part of being free and feeling fun.That will give you the opportunity to swing again and continue thelegend that ended prematurely. You can swing her again and againacross chasms so she can get back to her home and have some funalong the way. In this free game, there is no need to feel badabout falling down the hole - just hit restart and you can swingdragon again and again.Fun Arcade Games are creating games for allages and all members of the family will have fun time with our freegame. Turn it into competition - see who can get the best score andget the dragon furthest. Become part of the legend and swing herinto the highest position on the scoreboard. Do not let treasure ofthe dragon be stolen! Remember that it’s up to you to help herbecome a legend. Watch carefully and touch the screen in the rightmoment so she can swing safely across the chasm and arrive at thenext patch of land. The beautiful, hand-drawn graphics, engagingmusic and sound effects bring atmosphere in the game to the top andmake legend complete.Be very careful when the swing starts toexpand, so you can tap the screen when the size is right for dragonto cross and legend to continue. You are part of that legend now,and help dragon remain free...

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    Arcade fun games
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Move like a fox and be silent like a shadow in our latest stickhero game. You are ninja on important mission and your skill andreflexes are going to be tested to the limit. Your road is full ofchasms of different lengths, but you have your trusted weapon tohelp you pass them - a stick that changes its size based on yourreaction. Once you step on the edge of chasm, the stick will startgrowing and it’s up to you to stop it at the right time. If you dothat - ninja will walk across that big hole like a hero. If youstop it too early the stick will collapse and brave ninja will fallinto the pit. If you stop it too late our hero will trust you andcontinue his journey over the edge and into the chasm. Be patientlike a warriors of old but also be quick like mouse and react intime to help our hero finish his journey.Fun Arcade Games is proudto present our latest stick hero game - Stick Hero Ninja. It is funand free game that features:• Beautiful landscape - graphic isamazing and full of beautiful hand drawn details.• Move like a wind- the stick changes its length slowly but surely so be ready to actin right moment.• Walk like a panther - once you past the chasm,the next one opens, always different so do not relax.• Listen likerabbit - the music and effects are there to complete the enjoymentof the game, so put them on max.• Keep the tab open - you score isthere to show you how much progress you made, and to encourage youto continue trying to get more points.Our ninja hero is on adangerous but very important mission. Armed only with his trustedstick, he faces numerous chasms along his way and needs your helpto pass over them. Each time the action is the same - just like aseries of ninja movements. Tap the screen in the right moment sothat length of the stick matches the length of the chasm and onlythen can our ninja hero safely across the bottomless pit. If youtap it too early or too soon - the stick will not save him but leadhim to fall into the abyss. But do not despair. Like every ninja,our hero will cheat death and is always ready to come back and tryagain so that his mission is completed.If you wanted to feel whatits like to be in the role of the silent assassin which leaves notrace and is quick and fast, look no further! This hero stick gamewill keep you locked on the screen, because it’s no small task tohelp our ninja hero pass all those chasms just with the stick. Thechanging of the length of stick is there to keep you focused. Tapthe screen in the right moment - not too early or too late or ourninja hero will fall into the chasm and you’ll have to start again.Your score is there not just to show you how much progress youmade, but also to support you to do better next time you startplaying. It’s a fast arcade game, so be ready to react like a trueninja.Fun Arcade Games is always ready to deliver you the titleswhich are fun and ready to test your limits. Do not feel bad if youfail to make the length of stick right and our ninja hero fallsdown. He is agile and will quickly find his way out and be ready totry again, because the mission is too important to dwell on thepast failures. Our games are made for all ages and you can playthem with your family and friends and compete who can get thebetter result and get ninja hero with his stick further. Be patient- sometimes you need to be silent and steady like a tiger ready tojump so do not let panic overcome you. Tap the screen when thestick reaches right size so our ninja hero can safely cross thechasm and continue his journey.This arcade game is free and fun,with amazing graphics, music and sound effects. It will always feellike a new experience each time you start the game. Ninja hero isalways ready with his stick to finish the journey and his mission.So help him with his task and help him travel across the chasmssafely. He will be silent, but grateful.
Swing Thief 1.0.0 APK
The night has fallen and the city is asleep. Everybody arepeacefully laying in their beds, dreaming about fun times. Well,not everybody. A thief with the heart of gold decided to do what hedoes best - to rob the bank of its gold and money. However, all didnot went according to the plan. He accidentally triggered the alarmand police was alerted to his mischievous activity. There was notime to waste - he grabbed a piece of strong rope and bracedhimself to swing his way out of the trouble. And he asked you as amember of his gang to help him...Fun Arcade Games is proud topresent you our latest swing game - Swing Thief. Become support thelittle thief needs and help him escape from the law. The ropeextends and when you tap the screen it turns into swing with whomthe thief will shift across the roofs of the city away from bank.If you tapped it in right moment, thief will safely land on thenext roof. Land him in middle of the roof (right where the littlespot is) and you will get extra points (more of the loot)! Thechasms between buildings are wide and different each time youmanage to safely swing thief on the other side, so be patient andwhen the time is right tap the screen. Touch it too early or toolate - and thief will hit the wall and fall down, right into policearms. But do not despair! He is a fast runner and escape from abank is not an easy task. Be prepared to have fun along the way andget ready to beat high score again in this amazing free game:• Thenight is young - the city looks and feels sleepy but active, withmusic and sound effects that just expand the enjoyment.• Use swingin the right moment - tap the device in time so the thief ends onthe other side of the building. Bank escape is no easy task.• Countthe loot - always aim for the point in the middle of the ground, sothat you more points.• Watch for that ledge - if you tap it tooearly or too late, the police will ar-rest the thief! Do not feelbad about it - you can always try again.• Become escape artist -get your score to the top of the high score list and stay the bestin this free game.Enjoy the atmosphere of the city during nighttimewith music and sound effects that complete the impression. Thief istrying to leave the bank by using rope and swing, and with yourhelp and a little bit of luck, he will escape police. This freegame is made for all ages and both kids and adults will have funplaying it! Start the game and swing like never before.Rememberthat it’s up to you to help him escape from police. Watch carefullyand touch the screen in the right moment so that thief can swingsafely across the pit between the buildings and land safely on thenext roof. The beautiful, hand-drawn graphics, engaging music andsound effects make this escape from bank truly great.Watch thescreen when the rope starts to expand, so you can tap the screenwhen the time and size are right for thief to swing and legend tocontinue. You are part of the gang now, so help him remain safefrom police...Thief is patient and smart and if you tap the devicein wrong moment, it’s not the end of the world. He will take thestaircase back to the roof because he wants to stay as far aspossible from the police. That will give you another op-portunityto swing and try to finish runaway that ended prematurely. You canswing him again and again across buildings so that he can get awayfrom bank and have some fun along the way. In this game, there isno need to feel bad about falling down the gap between buildings -just hit restart and you can swing thief away from police again andagain.Fun Arcade Games are creating games for all ages and allmembers of the family will have great time with our swing game.Turn it into competition - see who can have the best score and getthe thief away from the bank. Be part of the gang and swing himinto the highest position on the scoreboard.
Rugby Ball - Color Swap 1.1 APK
Are you ready? Are you nervous? Are your palms sweating? It’s ok tofeel like that - our newest arcade game will make you excited likenever before. It’s American football ball time - take the ballthrough the field and match the ball’s colors with the ones thatswap on terrain to continue your match and keep your score on thetop. Clouds are gathering and may turn into additional obstacle foryour offense. Do not let the weather slow you down - this amazingcolor changing game will test you to the limits!Arcade Fun Games isproud to present our latest color swap game - Color changingFootball Ball. We worked very hard to bring the atmosphere of theAmerican football ball to your device so that you may experienceSuper Bowl’s atmosphere firsthand. This fun and free gamefeatures:Go on the offense - you control the ball and your reactiondetermine whatever you have a chance for touchdown or not in thislatest color swap game.One hundred yards too far - the field isdrawn and made so realistic you won’t believe its arcade game, itmust be real!Everything changes… - colors are spinning and swap andnot only on field but around it as well - terrain changes colorsoccasionally, and clouds may slow you down....but rest remains thesame - keep going and get your score on the top, do not lettime-out stop you! Try again, make the kick-off and score in thisfun American football game.It’s not over until the cheerleaders’dance - if you lose the ball, do not feel bad! Just hit restart andtry again to beat your own score. Or take turns with friend orfamily member so you can show who the best player is!As a part ofyour team, it’s up to you to give your best and push the defensiveplayers away. All those colors swooping around the field? Considerthem a defensive line that needs to be breached in order to scoretouchdown. And the field color changes too, to support yourprogress. Be quick, just as you would if you played the real match.Avoid passing through the wrong color and ending the match early.And if it happens, do not stop there! Go for the extra point aftertouchdown and try to make extra score. You know you want to befirst in the league.This is Super Bowl and it’s time to prove howgood player you really are in this fun and amazing arcade game.Trust your instincts and hold the football ball tight. Don’t letthe color changing distract you! Do your best to show everybody -the audience, the team and your coach that you are number onefootball player for reason. It’s not just your personal score onthe board, it’s your team’s effort, so make it count. And don’t letit turn into match with no high score! Ignore the clouds that aregathering on the horizon, because weather should not stop the fun.Colors of the field will change and the audience will cheer foreach of your slick moves, but also will react with booing when youfail in matching colors. Change can be fast so do not relax for abit. Instead, go on the offense and pass those ten yards, each timepassing more and more, so you can end this amazing arcade game withbest possible score.Arcade Fun Games creates challenging and fungames that will keep you occupied for hours. Our games are made forall ages and everybody can enjoy them.Just as in game, duringhalftime a famous musician will come to stage and perform. That’swhy our music in the game is unique and completely supports theatmosphere of the arcade game. Sound effects are there to completeenjoyment and give you the chills just as if you were on the gameand part of the audience. American football ball is game like noother - fast and tough at the same time. It’s up to you to proveyou can react rapidly to the color changing and endure throughfallbacks and restarting the game.So step on the field, do theoffence and try to make the touchdown. Score the extra point. Andif all else fails, you can try the kick-off - not just to send theball to the stars, but your score as well...
Soccer Ball - Color Swap 1.3 APK
Take a deep breath, steady your hands and prepare for a match ofyour life in this fun arcade. The ball is in your court and it’stime to swap colors in this fun and challenging soccer ball game.You control the ball and the soccer ball field is the place whereit all happens. But that’s not all! Carefully tap the screen andpush the ball through appropriate colors so You can get as far asYou can through the soccer field. Be quick on your reflexes so Youcan fully enjoy this fun arcade game. And the field changes fromtime to time, to reflect how the crowd reacts to your skill andmastery, and also to booster your skill in this latest soccer ballgame.Consider yourself a new player in this soccer ball match. It’stime to prove your worth to your Teammates, coach and audience aswell. Remember that they will reward You with points if You getfurther than the last time, so don’t stop! It’s time to startchasing the ball through the colors in our latest arcade and fungame.As You step on the field, remember that it’s your reflexesthat count for the color swap. Compete with your friends and familyfor the high score, and show them who the MVP of this matchis!Smart Armadillo is proud to present You our latest color swapstyle game, in which You will enjoy. The game features:• Beautifuland hand drawn graphic which fit perfectly in soccer ball game• Bequick or be dead! - Your reflexes are all that count, and becareful to react on those color swapng.• The crowd goes wild - yourgood moves will always be rewarded with good score.• Scenerymatters - from time to time scene will change, to support yourprogress in this fun arcade game• Avoid the yellow and red card -pay close attention to the color swap, so your game and fun shouldnot end earlier!Imagine yourself being the freshly arrived playerof the hottest team on the planet. All eyes are looking at You -your teammates, whom depend on You not lose the ball in the mostimportant moment - color swap. Your coach - who prepared You forthis match and knows how crazy and arcade it can get. Your devotedfans, who are ready to support You with cheer and points, for Youare truly amazing. Now, armed with all this knowledge and support,go and give your best in this fun soccer ball game, and rememberthat You can always try again. Your teammates, coach and fans willnever lose faith in You and this color swap game will always giveYou the opportunity to get a new high score.The scenery isbeautiful and it offers You a unique approach to color swap game.You have a lovely green grass, a detailed soccer ball and all thecolor fields to pass through. The details are amazing and help Youenjoy this arcade game much more. Be ready to react fast - just asif You are playing a match. Colors are changing, ball is moving andfun never stops. And every step forward will be rewarded with morepoints, so be sure to keep those points coming and have scorealways in the top. Remember that You are the player everybody arecounting on, so make it the color swap match of lifetime. And ifthrough the game color of the field changes, do not worry. It’s notjust your fans making choreography and giving You support - it’sthe way our color swap game tells You that You are on the roll andYou should continue pushing on.At the end of the day, when it’s allsaid and done, You can look at the score-board and be proud ofyourself. You manage to beat the high score and put yourself to thetop in this amazing game. Congratulations! Soccer ball game mayonly last around 90 minutes or more, but your fun does not need toend. Start the match again and try to beat the high score!SmartArmadillo continues to deliver You fun and interesting games whichtest your reflexes and are like breath of fresh air in arcadegames.
Stick Hero Monster 1.0 APK
Once upon a time, a one-eyed monster was travelling through theforest. Everybody was afraid and were running away wherever monsterappeared. Especially because he was armed with the stick, soeverything about him looked terrifying. Little did anyone know thatour monster was a nice person, a hero returning home after a longjourney! His stick was not a weapon, but a tool to help him returnsafely to his lair and get some well-deserved rest. And so, hisjourney back home began, and he was looking for help so he can getsafely there. And that’s where you come into the spotlight!It’stime to stretch your arms and prepare your fingers for fun andexcitement. Fun Arcade games is proud to present our newest herostick game - Monster Stick. Prepare your phone or tablet, becauseunlikely hero is in need of your help and your quick reflexes. Thechasms appear on the road to home, and the only way to pass them isto use the stick in right moment.Our monster hero is not helplessor without any means. He has a magic stick - which he obtainedmany, many years ago, but that’s another story - which can changesize. Once the monster reaches the edge of chasm, the stick willstart to expand. Tap the screen in the right moment - and our herowill pass across the chasm safely. And for every safe passage, yourscore is rising. Also, if you manage to land the stick in themiddle of the ground where our hero is supposed to cross, you willget additional score as a reward for you precision. Also, our herocan collect various object while walking on a stick for additionalpoints. And like all arcade games, it is always more fun when yousee your final result at the top of high-score list.If you tap thescreen too early - our dear monster will trip over the stick andfall in the chasm. If you tap it too late - the stick willoverextend and our hero will end up in another chasm. So beprecise, take a deep breath and watch carefully for the right sizeof the stick so our hero can walk across the pit safely. And do notworry if monster falls into the chasm - our hero is stubborn anddetermined to get home so you can always try again, each timetrying to get him closer and closer to home.This fun andchallenging game features:• Forest like in a fairy tale -beautifully drawn dear monster and background, so you can enjoythis amazing journey.• Trust you reflexes – be careful and move ourhero safely across the chasms by tapping the screen in the rightmoment.• Failure may happen – tapping the screen too early or toolate will lead to the fall over the stick - do not let thathappen!• So try again and again – you can always try again - ourhero is not going to quit easily. Do your best to get that cutemonster as close as it is possible to home, so you can get highscore you want.• Pick up the pieces - there are different objectalong the chasm, try to collect them so your score can improve.•The sound of nature - the music and sound effects that accompaniesthe game are beautiful and complete the enjoyment of this free andfun game. Be ready for anything - the chasms change in size so youneed to watch carefully in order to create. Also, if you manage toplace the end of the stick in the middle of the ground you want ourmonster to cross, you will earn additional score for yourprecision. And our hero will trust you even more, for you willprove that you know how to handle a magic stick.Fun Arcade gamescreates challenging games for the whole family, and we invite youto try them and experience for yourself why our games are reallypopular. All the graphic in the game is hand drawn, music istailored to suit the art style and we do our best to make theminteresting for all ages, so that kids and adults can have fun timeplaying it. You can also compete with your family member andfriends who can get the best score, and help our monster hero getto his home safely, and leave the stick for a while.
Road to hell free arcade games 1.0 APK
Lo and Behold! A wicked little demon withtheheart of gold is thrusted on amazing trip of his (after)life!Listen to the story I will tell You… or even better, play itandexperience ups and downfalls of our fiery hero in thisamazingrun..In a place beyond time and space, little demon finished hisdailyquota of mischievous tasks ordered by the Devil himself . Atlast,decision he made to go home and get some well deserved sleep,foreven wicked need the rest. But alas! Destiny had other plansforour unexpected hero, and so he got lost in the infinite maze,whosebrick walls are deadly to touch. Thus, our journey beginshere...It’s time to stretch your arms and ready your fingers for funandexcitement. Smart Armadillo is proud to present you ournewestarcade game! Prepare your phone or tablet, because unearthlyherois in dire need of your help in this amazing and fun game.Little demon needs You to lead him back to his home - a firepitprepared for a rest of eternity’s worth. Alas, to make themattersworse, a host of Angels was sent by the Almighty Himself tograbdemon and take him back on the path of Righteousness. And soitcame to pass, that in order for fun to continue, it’s Yourmissionto help him get as far as he can. Let him not suffer touchof themaze’s walls or getting caught by Heavenly Creatures. Leadhim onthe road to Hell and collect sins as you tread along to riseyourscore to the Heaven and beyond. Like all arcade games, it isalwaysmore fun when You see your score at the end on high-scorelist.Tap the screen gently to make demon move in differentdirections,and thus help him find his way to the Devil’s company!Avoid theAngels at all costs – those beings from Heaven, withhalos and wings- for their plan is to end Your game and demonsexciting and funnyjourney too soon! Likewise, be sure to collectas many sins as youcan along the way. The Demon is happy when hecan bring sins to hispit and will reward You with bigger score. Bea little mischievous -Your score at the end should always be onthe top of the high-scorelist in this amazing arcade game.This fun and challenging game features:Art made in Heaven - beautifully drawn little demon, maze andtheAngles, so you can enjoy this amazing run.Trust you reflexes – thread carefully and move our braveherothrough the maze but be prepared to act swiftly in order toavoiddangerous brick walls or Angels.Avoid the Holy ones – the beings of Good and Light want to catchthelittle demon and show him the Right Path he should followuntileternity ends. Don’t let it happen – don’t let them interruptthefun!Collect your sins – do your best to gather as much sins as youcanduring this amazing ride, so you can get that High score youwantso muchNo two roads are the same – the maze is different witheachattempt, and as you travel down the road of Hell in thisamazingarcade, so is the difficulty rising and challenge isgreater.Do not be frightened by the content of this story. There areDemonsand Devils and sins and Angels, but it is just a setupforexcellent Arcade game in which you will enjoy for hours. Bebraveand embrace the challenge – our little demon just wants to gobackhome. Help him through the this amazing run and you willberewarded with the unforgettable journey.Our team strives to create fun arcade games, and we offerourinvitation to You to try them and experience for yourselfwhatmakes these amazing rides so popular. All the graphic in thegameis hand drawn, music is tailored to suit the art style and wedoour best to make our arcades interesting for all ages, so thatbothkids and adults can have fun time playing it.More informations about this arcade game You can find insidetheapp, so do not let our little friend remain lost forever. Givehimthe pat in the back and thrust him steadily through the mazeofbricks.And do not forget that old saying (or one version of it).
Swing Hero Monster 1.0.1 APK
In the forest older than time itself lived a happy monster. But theforest was not happy and wanted to stop him to return to hisfamily. And chasms opened so wide that the monster could not jumpover. But monster wanted to experience fun and feel free, so hemade a magical swing to help him get across the chasms. And so thelegend was born.Fun Arcade Games is proud to present to you ourlatest free and fun swing game - Swing Monster. Help our cutelittle monster to return to his family by using magical swing madeby his own hands. The swing extends and when you tap the screen themonster swings across the chasm and if you tapped it in rightmoment, it will land safely on the ground. And if you managed toland right in the middle of the patch of ground you will get extrapoints! The chasms are wide and are changing all the time, so becareful when you tap the screen. Too early or too late - and ourhero will fall into the pit and legend will be over. But do notdespair! He is ready to swing again and have fun so be ready to tryagain to beat high score in this amazing free legend:• Swing like apro - be careful and watch for the right moment to get monster tothe other side.• Hit the right spot - try to land in the middle ofthe ground patch, so your get extra points.• Enjoy yoursurroundings - the forest looks alive and feels right, and musicand sound effects just add to the fun. It’s all part of legend.•Watch not to hit the ledge - if you tap the screen too early or toolate, the legend will be over too soon. But do not worry, you canalways try again.• Your score is on the top - compete with yourselfor others in order to get your score to the top in this freegame.Our little monster is very persistent and if it happens thatyou fail and he falls down into the hole, you will have theopportunity to try again and continue the legend that endedprematurely. You can swing him again and again across chasms so hecan get back home and also have fun along the way. In this freegame, there is no need to feel bad about falling down the hole -just hit restart and you can swing monster again and again.FunArcade Games are creating games for all ages and whole family mayenjoy them, so do not hesitate to try this game. Compete with yourfamily members who can get the best score and take the monsterfurther. Become legend yourself and swing him into high score. Funfor everybody is included, so make the best of our free game. Donot let monster’s family feel bad or worried for he is late home.Watch carefully and touch the screen in the right moment so he canswing safely across the chasm and arrive at his destination. Thebeautiful, hand-drawn graphics, engaging music and sound effectsbring atmosphere in the game to the top and make legendcomplete.Remember that it’s up to you to return our monster home.Be very careful when the swing starts to expand, so you can tap thescreen when the size is right for monster to cross and legend tocontinue. Any other tap will lead to the fall into pit, but thatdoesn’t mean that the game is over. Fun will continue as soon asyou restart the game and try again to beat the high score. And tryto be very precise - hitting the middle of the ground will give youextra point, so it’s the way our free game wants to support yourprogress and precision. The more precise you are, the more pointsyou get for your score and you’ll end on a high score list aswell.Enjoy our game because atmosphere is amazing and sound effectsare there to complete the impression you have about the game. Themonster is on his way to become legend and with his swing and yourhelp, his dream of returning to his family may become reality. Ourfree game is made for all ages and kids and adults alike will havefun with it, so do not hesitate! Start the game and swing likenever before. After all, you are part of the legend now, andmonster is counting on you.