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SwipeLock is an app for helping others mindtheir own business!

How often have you shared a photo on your device with someone,only to have them swipe through your other photos? Showing someonesomething on your phone or tablet, shouldn't mean that they shouldhave open access to all your personal data.

With SwipeLock, you can now limit what your friends see when youpass them your phone or tablet. Lock the current view, and then letothers see just what you want them to see!

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Enhanced Roaming Alerts 1.2.1 APK
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A roaming notification app that will audible provide cues when youare roaming so that you don't incur costly roaming fees.Enhanced Roaming Alerts is a simple, yet effective, way for youto get audible cues when your cellular device starts roaming. Thisconfigurable app can verbally let you know when you startedroaming, play a ringtone, or vibrate. If you live along your cellphone providers coverage border, then this application can help yoube roaming aware!In addition to the audible cues, a small unobtrusive icon can beshown in your notification bar to also provide you with a visualcue.Please rate the app if you like and don't hesitate to contact usif you need help or have useful suggestions!
Enhanced Gmail Assistant 2.3.8 APK
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Enhanced Gmail Assistant can be used to haveyour new unread Gmail messages read aloud to you as they arriveinto your inbox. Listen to your messages while keeping your handsfree with best email reader available on the Play Store.Download the most feature rich talking Gmail app on the market.Enhanced Gmail Assistant can do more than any other voicenotification app for Gmail. No other talking email app has thefeatures of Enhanced Gmail Assistant!Enhanced Gmail Assistant will read out messages as they arrivein your inbox. You can screen your messages using our whitelistingand blacklisting feature. Additionally, you can screen messages byGmail labels!Works with all versions of Gmail (Just make sure to enable IMAPaccess for your Gmail account and to have your labels synced overIMAP)!First app of its kind to use OAuth2 with Gmail so youdon't have to enter a password!What can the Enhanced Gmail Assistant do?• Efficiently fetches all of your unread messages and reads themto you using your devices text to speech functionality.• Easily configure the accounts to read.• Easily configure what to read, like sender name, briefoverview or even the full message.• Easily filter by label, blacklist or whitelist messages so youonly hear the messages you want.• Easily customize the message that you hear.• Works with A2DP compatible Bluetooth headsets and newervehicles in-car Bluetooth!• Includes Locale / Tasker / Probeez plugin support.Enhanced Gmail Assistant does not create the voices that youhear; they are already installed on your phone and require you tocorrectly set them up if they sound robotic (TTS Settings).If you are not happy with the current selection of voices thatyour phone comes pre-installed with, you can find a list of otherthird party voices from Enhanced Gmail Assistant's main menu under"More Voices".
Locale - TTS+ Plug-in 1.0.1 APK
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The Locale TTS (Text to speech) + settingsplug-in enables you to have customized messages read out aloudwhenever a condition is triggered on your Android device.This lightweight Locale TTS+ settings plug-in will allow you toautomatically have messages read out, using the text to speechfunctionality bundled in Android, whenever the condition is right.For instance, imagine you wanted to know when conditions wheretriggered. With this Locale plug-in, you will now be notified withany custom message you choose. We dont stop there! For those of youwith multiple text to speech voices installed on your device, thisplug-in allows you to decide which voice to use on a per settingsbasis! The possibilities are endless!TTS+ Plug-in uses the Text-to-speech functionality of yourandroid phone to speak to you so make sure to enable and set thatup first! TTS+ Plug-in also uses the voices that are built intoyour Android phone. If you want more voices, they are available fordownload on the market and are most likely compatible with thisapp.Note that this is a plug-in for Locale and requires that youhave Locale installed. Locale is sold separately by two forty foura.m. LLC.This Locale TTS+ Plug-in should also be compatible with Tasker(which is sold separately by CRAFTY APPS).This is the initial release. Please report any bugs, suggestionsor feedback directly to us through email. Unfortunately,suggestions and bug reports in market comments will be ignoredsince we cannot follow up with you. Please contact us directly forrefund requests within 24 hours of initial purchase.
Baby Basics (Ad Supported) 2.1.0 APK
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This is the Ad supported Version of Baby Basics!The Baby Basics will help you in ensuring that your child isprovided adequate periodic health care supervision and will helppromote your child's optimal physical, emotional, and intellectualgrowth and development.The Baby Basics can* help you track your child's routine immunizations to helpprevent disease,* help educate you on the screening procedures your doctor mayperform on your child for early detection and treatment ofillness,* provide parental guidance and instruction for propernutrition, accident prevention, and* help contribute to your knowledge the specific care requiredfor the rearing of your child at their various stages ofdevelopment.The Baby Basics uses the recommended preventive health careschedule for children who are developing normally with insight formonths 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 24 and at years 3, 4, 5.We are sorry that we have had to place advertisements in theapplication. Get the full version to remove these advertisementsand to support the development of new features.Please rate this app if you like it or contact me with yourproblems! We have some cool enhancement ideas, but without yourfeedback regarding the current form of the application, it is hardto see what you like.@Sk8r4Life if you would have asked, I could have pointed outthat you can switch the unit of measures in your preferences.If you think that something is missing or you are havingproblems, please let us know by email or by visiting our website atwww.getthebabybasics.com!Thank you for your support.
Locale Gmail+ Plug-in 1.7.1 APK
Ed Kawas
With Locale and the Locale Gmail+ Plug-in,your can send email messages automatically whenever a condition istriggered on your Android device.Keep your family up-to-date. Control your home automation system.The possibilities are endless!With this Gmail plug-in, your security is a top priority! We do notrequire you to enter or save a password. Just enter message detailsand leave the complex configuration to us! All messages sent aredone silently with no interaction required. If a condition istriggered and you don't have an internet connection, Gmail+ Plug-inwill queue up the messages and send them when a connection isestablished.This Locale Gmail+ Plug-in is also be compatible with Tasker (soldseparately by CRAFTY APPS), Settings Profiles Lite / Full (soldseparately by probeez) and Llama (sold separately byKebabApps).This plugin supports Tasker variables.
AutomateIT plugin for eCID 1.1.0 APK
Ed Kawas
This is an AutomateIT plugin for Enhanced SMS& Caller ID. It requires that you have both AutomateIT and thepopular Caller ID, SMS, Gmail and more voice notification appEnhanced SMS & Caller ID installed(http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ekawas.blogspot.com).Currently, this plugin allows you to automatically load differentpreference profiles for Enhanced SMS & Caller ID and to quicklytoggle the specific features. More functionality is coming and yoursuggestions are welcome!This is the initial release. Please report any bugs, suggestions orfeedback directly to us through email.Unfortunately, suggestions and bug reports in market comments willbe ignored since we cannot follow up with you.
Locale - Boolean Condition 1.0.1 APK
Ed Kawas
With Locale and the Locale - Boolean Plug-inCondition, you can better manage your "Situations".By adding the Boolean Condition to your "Situation", you caneasily and temporarily disable or enable "Situations". This can beuseful when a daily "Situation" is temporarily not applicable (likea work "Situation" when you are on vacation).This is a plug-in: it requires "Locale" from the Google Playstore.
SwipeLock 1.0.1 APK
Ed Kawas
SwipeLock is an app for helping others mindtheir own business!How often have you shared a photo on your device with someone,only to have them swipe through your other photos? Showing someonesomething on your phone or tablet, shouldn't mean that they shouldhave open access to all your personal data.With SwipeLock, you can now limit what your friends see when youpass them your phone or tablet. Lock the current view, and then letothers see just what you want them to see!