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A game of logic with the most unusual & tricky questionsthatrequire creative approach. Looking for a game that isbrilliant,creative and strange at the same time? Now you can becomea logicmastermind by solving the most unusual and tricky logicpuzzles youhave ever seen! Logic puzzles contains tricky brainteasers thatincorporate use of memory, attention and the ability tothink inunconventional ways. This is the first version of abrilliant andunusual logic puzzles that tests your attention andability tothink outside the box. - Very simple and addictivegameplay - 100+logic puzzles - 94 logic problems designed todevelop your IQ,memory and intelligence - 24 logic puzzles on speedto improve yourcognitive abilities - Achievement Boards - CognitiveScoreEvaluation - High quality and lovely minimalistic graphics-Stylish and minimalistic design combined with intuitive controls-One finger touch controls CREATIVE LOGIC PUZZLES &ABSURDSOLUTIONS! You do not need to be genius to play SWITCH orNOT.However if you are genius, you're more than welcome to try :)Thereare more than 100 unique and funny logic problems. What youneed isto try various creative approaches to reach the solution.THINKOUTSIDE THE BOX SWITCH or NOT is an addictive free IQ game andfindout if you are genius like Einstein or not! This crazy game isaningenious puzzle with a series of funny brain teasers andabsurdsolutions that you will never ever think before. FEATURES -Worksoffline so you can solve logic puzzles wherever you are. -Unlocknew creative logic problems - Exercise your brain withintellectuallogic games and boost your mental capacities - Improveyour memory,concentration and mindfullness. EVALUATE COGNITIVESKILLS SWITCH orNOT is a fun based brain training game designed toimproveattention, flexibility, visual and spatial processing andmemoryskills. The more you solve the logic puzzles, the more youwillraise up critical cognitive skills that are designed to boostyourproductivity and creating alternative solutions for the dailylogicproblems. Try to advance your mental core abilities, challengeyourfriends, compare your performance and motivate each other.Astronger working memory enables quicker learning and animprovementin brain connectivity. By playing this game you will notonly havefun, but you will also update your mental skills andcognitiveabilities - Improve your memory - Train your creativity -Increaseyour visual processing - Prove your ability of problemsolving -Train shape and color coordination HOW TO PLAY Followtheinstructions carefully. Some questions may be tricky or needadifferent approach to solve. Those small logic puzzles willhelpyou to power up your attention, focus thoughts on a specificitem,train spatial thinking and improve your mental skills atall.TRICKY LOGIC PUZZLE GAME Could you be a genius, are yousmartenough solve all the test to beat your friends to get thethinkhighest IQ outside your game? Try this innovative logicpuzzles toimprove your speed of think and try to figure it outsidethecircle. As you can see people commented that theircoginitiveskills were challenged, they were forced to thinkalternative waysto solve logic problems, so their reasoning abilityprogressed.Enjoy brain training game and improve your cognitiveabilities.

App Information SWITCH or NOT? – logic puzzles & logic problems

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    SWITCH or NOT? – logic puzzles & logic problems
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    August 16, 2020
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    Android 5.1 and up
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    Robin Blood
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    443099, Russia, Samara, Nekrasovskaya 20 - 96
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Do you like taking on the hardest games everto constantly push your skills to the edge? If your answer is yes,then TDMM Necropolis TD game is just the perfect game for you rightnow!Get the coolest and greatest strategy game on your smartphone forFREE now. TDMM Necropolis TD Game is the latest and coolest brainchallenging heroes and castles game on the play store. The mainobjective of this addictive defense game is to defend your castleand kill knights and zombies who are trying to capture yourkingdom. Don't let them to that and use your heroes to defend it.The game will get harder as your progress on it, but you need toshow your strategic and speed skills to put the heroes in the rightareas as they can kill enemies.TDMM Necropolis TD Game is an awesome defense game, one that relieson your speed and strategy to get higher scores. Have fun playingit for hours, you will not feel bored even if you play it for manyhours. When you are waiting in line, when you are on a break, orwhen you are riding a bus or train, play this fun and addictivegame to avoid getting bored with nothing to do.Sounds easy, but can you really defend your kingdom?Why you need to donwload and install TDMM Necropolis TD game onyour smartphone instead of other zombies games'?✓ We made some Cool, awesome and smooth high quality graphics togive you the best experience while playing the greatest strategygame ever! You will enjoy it!✓ Our game is FREE and it will stay Free for life, so there is Nohidden fees, no special memberships and no annual subscriptionfees.✓ On our game, you will find awesome designed characters to letyour playing experience be more realistic.✓ Very interesting game that you won’t be bored up.✓ 14 addictive levels of brain challenging with one goal! Defendcastle, kill enemies.✓ Over 14 different enemies fron Necropolis will rush your peacefulkingdom to smite you and turn your disciples into slaves or killthem. From sceletons, zombies and walking dead to vampires, dreadknights and bone dragons.Each with their own offensive anddefensive skills! (Beware of the Ghost Dragons and DeadKnights!)✓ 3 unique races of defenders: brave knights, sublime griffins andpure angels from Castle, forest elves, greedy dwarves and mightydragons from Rampart, disciples mages, animated golems and immortalTitans from Tower.✓ 42 (14 for each race) battle towers with might and magic skillswill help you to stop kingdom rush.✓ 8 legendary Heroes and generals for each defensive game faction:Castle, Rampart and Tower. Choose your champion to lead your TDtroops to the victory! Each hero has unique skils that fitdifferent play styles in this fantasy strategy game! Some of themare mages with ancient knowledge, and other mighty knights withwarcraft, fighting, kimgdom rush and strategy skills.✓ Tons of ancient artifacts which increase your warcraft, magic andleadership skills.✓ You will be able to play our game in your smartphone or yourtablet, because our game is designed to be played on anydevice.✓ TDMM Necropolis TD game does not require you to be always onlinein order to have fun. You can enjoy it in the subway, while flyingon a (real) plane, in the car on the road, during services in atemple (or maybe even on toilet!). Yes! You can play itoffline.So, what are you waiting for? Download TDMM Necropolis TD game nowand enjoy the best free heroes and castles game ever!VK: https://vk.com/homm3_tdmmFB: https://www.facebook.com/homm3tdmm/instagram: https://instagram.com/therobinblood/
Heroes 3 and Mighty Magic: Medieval Tower Defense 1.9.06 APK
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The Union series of the most devilishly addictive TD strategy TowerDefence games - a strategy where battle towers look like powerfulmonsters. Clash will be held between 8 fantasy factions. Now youcan choose against whom you will defend. Your enemy is one offantasy factions: unlimited Dungeon creatures from abandoned caves,mighty dragons and Minotaur. Against endless legion of skeletonsand zombies from wasteland In the Necropolis of undead. Or versusinfinite horde of darkness demon and devils from badlands hell inInferno. They decided to seize your peaceful fantasy kingdom whereyou a King (or empress) to smite you and turn your hero and hisdisciples to their slaves. Be the defender, save your castle andkill them. Like Tower Defence games about medieval ages? Then thisfantastic strategy game with lots of strategic decisions for you.Get ready for an epic adventure. Choose mighty heroes, exposedefences of your battle towers. Equip your hero in mighty artifactslike ancient sword, shield and armor, keep ready the powerfulspells from magic book, to defend the fortress from legion ofmighty monsters. FEATURES: • Tower Defence strategy, that will hookyou for hours! • 3 different TD campaigns against legendarypowerful black dragons and horde of Minotaur s from the Dungeon,skeletons, bloodthirsty vampires and legion zombies from theNecropolis, horde devils and demon s from the Inferno. • Tons ofancient artifacts that increase your skills of war and money, mightand magic, leadership and defence mastery • Over 42 (14 for eachcampaign) different enemies will rush your medieval ages fantasykingdom to smite you and turn your disciples into slaves. FromMinotaurs to Dragon, Fantastic Beasts with offensive and castledefence skills! (Beware of the Necromancer, Black Dragons andDevils!) You will enjoy the most addictive tower defense game ever!• 5 unique races of defenders: brave knight, sublime forest griffinand pure angel from Castle, arrogant elf, greedy dwarf (leprechaun)and mighty dragon from Rampart, disciples mage, gargoyles, gremlinsand golem from the Tower, orc sniper and ogre mage from Strongholdand Fantastic Beasts from swamp Fortress. • 73 battle towers withmight and magic skills will help you to stop monsters. • Chooseyour Hero! You can play with 40 legendary heroes and generals.Choose your champion to lead your TD turrets to the victory! Heroesand generals have unique specialties that fit different playstyles! One hero is a mage with ancient knowledge, and other amighty warrior with might, fighting and defence skills. • The magicof the 4 elements: fire, water, air, earth • Tons of ancientartifacts which increase your might, magic and leadership skills. •Three difficulty modes! Are you up for a real challenge? Go withHard mode! • Enjoy TDMM Fantasy Tower Defence games TD for Free! •Deathmatch mode that will challenge your tactical skills to thelimit. • A totally free tower defence If you like TD or games aboutthe medieval ages our tower defence games will not leave youindifferent.
Heroes of Mind & Martial TD 1.6.4 APK
Robin Blood
Old School Classic Tower defence (TD) in thestyle of the great, cult game HOMM3 also known as heroes 3.Last handful of people and forest creatures trying to survive underonslaught of hordes of evil.The strongest warriors, powerful magicians, the great generalsunder your command, will lead the defense and try to defend thelast bastion of life on earth. You have to participate in thisconfrontation classic enemies. At your disposal will be available 8unique characters for each of the protected factions. Eachcharacter opens up many possibilities. Their abilities will helpyou out on the battlefield. Under the direction of the warriors,your troops will swiftly throw into battle, and magicians willthrow the fireballs on the heads of enemies.All the characters are at the beginning of his way, and theirskills are only in their infancy.But as leveling and receiving new levels of power and knowledgewill continue to grow by leaps and bounds.And once clumsy and timid generals are already to defend theirhomes army allies and incinerate the undead hordes only hereyes.At the beginning it will be available to only one type of creatureto the defense, and the number of enemies will be minimal.But with each passing level will open new creatures.And the passage of all levels of the campaign, opens survival modewhere you try to survive as long as possible in the favorite levelsusing all available creatures. In general, will not be bored.Features:- 2-faction as protection- 8 unique heroes for each faction- 7 upgradable towers for each faction- 11 powerful spells- deathmatch, after the passage of campaignJoin us on VK: https://vk.com/homm3_tdmmJoin us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/homm3tdmmFollow us on instagram: https://instagram.com/therobinblood/
TDMM Inferno Tower Defense TD APK
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TDMM Inferno Tower Defense TD is a cool andinsanely addictive game to tickle your brain. Get hours of fun byour defense game, you will fall in love with the game, moment youstart playing it. TDMM Inferno Tower Defense TD offers hours of funthat are free of any charge. Many levels to keep you hooked forhours with awesome fun and frolic. Train your medieval kingdom’sarmy of warriors, wizards and archers! Defend the castle fromdemons and devils in this fun tower defense strategy game! Assemblean army of defenders and fight off monster hordes from destroyingyour medieval fantasy kingdom! A simple yet cool game, TDMM InfernoTower Defense provides you a great way to relieve from all thestress with its hours of fun and brain tickling effect. Your onlymotive is to kill all enemies and defend your castle. Make sure toplace your knight’s heroes in the right areas to let them killdemons and devils. Don't let them capture your castle and Rememberthat you need to put your heroes in a strategic area. Challengeyour friends to achieve the highest score in this addictive heroesand castles free game. Show your courage and cunning! Recruit herocommanders, build warrior armies, crush enemy monsters! DownloadTDMM Inferno Tower Defense TD now and enjoy the best among warstrategy games, with knights and dragons.Why you need to download and install TDMM Inferno Tower Defense TDinstead of other demons and devils defense games?TD Inferno Tower Defense TD Features:▶ Medieval Fantasy Atmosphere!- Kingdoms & Castles - Immerse yourself in a fantasy worldwhere your kingdom depends on you to defend the castle fromarrogant demons and devils from darkness badlands- Epic War! - Then rush into dozens exciting tower defense levelsof fun strategic warfare▶ Defensive Strategies!- Tactics - Make your own TD battle plans and fight off both magicand martial attacks- Build & Defend - Create turrets and build your army to crushyour enemies from darkness badlands- Tactical Upgrades – Improve your defenses right on thebattlefield with powerful magic skills▶ 3 Unique Fantasy Armies!- Brave knights and cavaliers, sublime griffins and monks, pureangels and archangels from medieval Castle- Arrogant elves and centaurs, powerful dwarves and dendroids,mighty dragons and unicorns from forest Rampart- Wisdom mages and gremlins, animated golems and gargoyles,immortal genies and titans from Tower▶ Recruit 24 Legendary Brave Heroes and Generals!- Hero commanders with Turret Defense skills - Archery, Offence,Resistance, Artillery, Ballista, Estates and Leadership qualitiesto make your turret towers invincible- Mighty Wizards with Magic Defense skills – Mysticism, Sorcery,First Aid, Air Magic, Earth Magic, Fire Magic, Water Magic rampageskills- Legendary heroes will have to go into the badlands to getexperience and improve their powerful skills▶ Monster Enemies!- Destroy over 14 types of ugly sneaky monsters! Otherwise theywill rush your peaceful kingdom to smite you and turn yourdisciples into slaves.- From Imps to Satan’s each with their own offensive and defensiveskills (Beware of the Devils!)▶ Powerful Spells & Sorcery!- Magic Skills - Cast mighty spells such as Fireball, Lightning,Firewall, Frost Ring to your enemies’ death!- Divine blessing – Cast sacred spells as Bless, Cure, Precision,Prayer, Haste to your turret towers dominance!- Destructive curses – Cast weakening spells as Slow, Earthquake,Quicksand to monsters doom!▶Collect tons of ancient artifacts!- Improve your heroes & generals battle abilities- Increase magical abilities of your hero- Make your turret towers unbeatableLove medieval military strategy games? Then download now anddive into the fantasy action adventure of TD Inferno Tower DefenseTD! Perfect of the skills of your warriors, build defensivefortresses, devise tower defense strategies and become the hero toyour kingdom needs to protect your castle!
TDMM Dungeon TD Defense game APK
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TDMM Dungeon TD Defense game is a simpleaddictive strategy game. You need to protect your kingdom and tryto kill all enemies that are trying to capture your castle. It's agreat game developed and designed portraying an awesomeenvironment. The goal of this addictive strategy game is to killand destroy the enemies from lair who are trying to steal yourkingdom.Our advanced realistic physics engine will let you get an amazingfeeling while you are playing the 14 levels of your game. So, ifyou ever wanted to try a heroes and castles game then download TDMMDungeon T Defense game. It is the perfect game for you.Why choose to play TDMM Dungeon TD Defense game instead of otherstrategy games?GAME FEATURES:✓ Epic tower defense battles that will hook you for hours!✓ 14 amazing levels with different levels of difficulty but withalternate objective : Defend your castle.✓ Over 14 different enemies will rush your peaceful kingdom tosmite you and turn your disciples into slaves. From Minotaurs toDragons each with their own offensive and defensive skills! (Bewareof the Black Dragon!)✓ 3 unique races of defenders: brave Knights, sublime griffins andpure angels from Castle, arrogant elves, greedy dwarves and mightydragons from Rampart, disciples mages, animated golems and immortalTitans from Tower.✓ 42 (14 for each race) battle towers with might and magic skillswill help you to stop kingdom rush.✓ 8 legendary Heroes – generals for each defensive game faction:Choose your champion to lead your TD troops to victory! Each herohas unique specialties that fit different play styles! Some of themare mages with ancient knowledge, and other mighty warriors withwarcraft, fighting, kimgdom rush and strategy skills.✓ Powerful battle magic rush skills: Firebal, Lightning, Land Mine,Firewall, Destroy Evil, Frost Ring✓ Divine blessing magic rush spells: Bless, Cure, Precision,Prayer, Haste✓ Destructive curse magical spells: Slow, Earthquake,Quicksand✓ Mystical summon magical skills: Summon Elementals (Water, Air,Earth, Fire)✓ Tons of ancient artifacts which increase your warcraft, magic andleadership skills.✓ Special units and features on every stage!✓ Three difficulty modes! Are you up for a real challenge? Go withHard mode!✓ Deathmatch mode that will challenge your tactical skills to thelimit.✓ Very Easy to play, you need just to select the hero that you wantto play with, place it in the right area and he will take care ofthe rest. Sometimes you need to place more than one hero to killand destroy all enemies You will enjoy playing this game!✓ Awesome Realistic and Impactful Environment, you will be addictedto this heroes and casltes game.✓ Easy to understand User Interface, all in one go. You don't needto watch any tutorials on how to play or something. Just put theheroes in the right area and they will defend your castle. Do notforget to use some power-ups from the castle to help them and killmore enemies from lair.✓ The size of our game is very small.✓ Amazing graphics, familiar to you on the game hero 3 (heroes ofmight and magic 3)✓ Amazing sound effects to make your experience morerealistic.✓ There's no hiddens fees or annual subscription to enjoy the bestfree strategy game. Enjoy playing for FREE.What are you waiting for? Download TDMM Dungeon TD Defense gameand enjoy the best free heroes and castles game ever!VK: https://vk.com/homm3_tdmmFB: https://www.facebook.com/homm3tdmm/instagram: https://instagram.com/therobinblood/
TDMM Necropolis DEMO 1.3.5 APK
Robin Blood
Here is the demo version of the game TDMM. Youwill be available 1 test level where you can plunge into thismagical and to some extent a nostalgic world. If you have playedHeroes 3, then you will not be able to resist the passage and thefull version, which is also available on Google Play. The game ismade in the genre of tower defence or abbreviated TD. As in anyother game of this genre, you will have to defend against hordes ofenemies. In which you will undoubtedly learn powerful creaturesfrom the castle Necropolis. In the first echelon will skeletons andzombies, cope with whom does not represent any difficulty. However,not everything is so simple and with each wave of enemies, you willbe more difficult to defend against increasingly diverse andpowerful enemies such as ghosts, vampires and lychee. And if youare so agile that you can win and, then certainly you will sweepdeath knights and dragons signs. You have to defend the same withthe help of beings from the Castle and Rampart. In the mostdifficult situations you will gain magic. Just click on the lock,and you'll get a book of spells, with which you draw the enemy toashes or bless their allies. All this is available in the demoversion.The full version offers many different levels of complexity ofmissions, passing that you learn how to use their units, honetactics of protection, and you will know the power of magic. Also,you will be presented with a choice of 8 characters from eachfaction defending a unique set of skills, both combat and magic.Gradually pumping heroes will amaze you with its power.Community fans in VK: https://vk.com/homm3_tdmminstagram: https://instagram.com/therobinblood/
Invasion at Day of the Dead APK
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Unsuspecting citizens continue to celebrateacheerful holiday - day of the dead. When darkness thickensanddescends on the city, the spirits make their way from theGrimFandango world to attack the human world. The strongestwarriorshave to fend off the constant wave of dead skeletons andzombies toprotect the city. A variety of traps from the traps andBright andcolorful graphics will not leave anyone indifferent. Andthegameplay designed in the style of the strategy of linetowerdefense, will surely appeal to fans of the genre TD.In the game You will find:• Super fun HD graphics. Excellent and addictive gameplay TD.• 30 exciting missions in 3 campaigns• 15 brave Mexicans with unique abilities, the forces of evil• 14 sinister creatures from the deadFollow us:• VK: https://vk.com/ddlm_the_game• FB: https://www.facebook.com/diade.muertos.12• Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/game_dia_de_muertos/
Mexicans vs Day of the Dead TD 1.0.5 APK
Robin Blood
In Mexico, the ratio of dead to the special,and two days a year, November 1 and 2 are dead excited and evenexpect to meet with them. And when you - ever heard about the mostfamous of the Mexican holiday - Day of the Dead? It is a festivaldedicated to the memory of the deceased, and beliefs, in those daysthe souls of dead relatives visit home. Día de los Muertos - it'snot just a couple of holidays a year, it is an integral part ofevery Mexican, attitude, in which the dead until they areremembered - alive, and even immortal. These immortals have nothingto do with zombies who want to eat your brains. They have a worldin which they live happily and also look forward to the day of thedead to see his living relatives. This holiday is decorated withribbons and flowers of the cemetery, the road to the houses of thedead relatives make their candles to the dead man could not findhis way home.Additional Paint Day of the Dead gives another neighbor -Halloween.Despite the similarity of the holidays, they differ significantlyfrom each other in nature. Halloween inherent theatricality andtickling the nerves of the fear of the dark otherworldly entities,different werewolves, vampires, skeletons and zombies. While theDía de los Muertos Mexicans - is a time to remember deceasedrelatives and family traditions, as well as along the way - a greatexcuse to make fun of death and to actively enjoy life.The game's main theme is the relationship with the other world. Inthe story, the day of the dead, where all the family are going tothe cemetery to meet their deceased relatives, nobody to them isnot. Spirits who have been waiting to appear in the role ofnegative characters, aiming to take away the soul becomes alive.The brave Mexicans died trying to return back to their world,thanks to the blessing of Katrina, the goddess of theunderworld.Día de los Muertos is a typical line defence game and refers to asubgenre strategies called Tower Defense (TD). Games of this typeare very popular. Perhaps the most famous of them is: Plants vs.Zombies (plants vs zombies). The game tells us about the struggleof Mexicans to the world of the dead. As in Plants vs. Zombies: Weneed to constantly put the Mexicans on a particular field, for usconstantly attacking crowds of spirits. Each time, more and moreenemies and they are stronger. Going through the levels one by one,we get access to new Mexicans are endowed with certain skills. Butwhat can be done, even daring, but simple Mexicans against crowdsimmortal spirits? Then he comes to the aid of the goddess of theunderworld Katrina. Which, giving Mexicans his blessing, givingthem the strength to send the raging spirits back into the world ofthe dead. Will the Mexican forces and whether they know thatangered the spirits?