1.1.6 / January 13, 2016
(4.3/5) (2459)


Taekwondo is a Korean martial art with a heavy emphasis onkicks.Experience cinematic Taekwondo battles and challenging toTaekwondo master.Play it and get a Black Belt.Features- EasyControl- Easy to Learn- Super addictive- Cool Taekwondo movementsAnimations

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    Taekwon Hero
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    January 13, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    서울시 마포구 신수동1 서강대학교 아루페관 3층
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Taekwon Hero 1.1.6 APK
Taekwondo is a Korean martial art with a heavy emphasis onkicks.Experience cinematic Taekwondo battles and challenging toTaekwondo master.Play it and get a Black Belt.Features- EasyControl- Easy to Learn- Super addictive- Cool Taekwondo movementsAnimations
언제나 여름방학 1.1.3 APK
▶언제나 여름방학을 시작하세요! ▶작은 용량(30MB)으로 MMORPG를 부담 없이 다운로드하세요~******게임 특징*******■실시간 온라인게임-게임에 동시 접속이 가능, 실시간 온라인게임-친구와 같이 즐기는 모험과 채팅■여름방학에시골에서 일어나는 다양한 경험과 스토리-과일 따기, 바다낚시, 유물 발굴, 광물 채집, 갯벌체험, 곤충채집 등 무한의경험-마을의 숨겨진 비밀 조사.-게임이 진행될수록 점점 더 미스터리 한 이야기.-과수원, 호수, 계곡, 들판, 광산,해변, 갯벌 등 다양한 맵.■복고풍의 게임-80년대 배경의 아재 감성.-복고적이지만 직관적인 플레이-복고풍 아이템과복고풍의 상점.■나만의 캐릭터 꾸미기-코스튬의 자유로운 교체.-스케이트보드, 롤러스케이트, 스카이 콩콩.** 결제후에다이아가 정상적으로 지급이 되지 않는 경우에 상점에서 같은 상품을 구매 시도만 하시면 해결됩니다 **** 게임 구동시접근 권한 요청은 광고를 제공하기 위한 목적으로, 개인정보를 수집하거나 저장하지 않습니다. **----개발자 연락처:서울시 마포구 신수동1 서강대학교 아루페관 3층씨티유게임즈+82)2-704-8828▶ Always start yoursummer vacation!▶ Please feel free to download the MMORPG with asmall capacity (30MB) ~GAME FEATURES ****** *******■ Real-timeonline game- Simultaneous connection is available, real-time onlinegames on the game- adventure and enjoys chatting with a friend■different experiences and stories taking place in the country forthe summer holidays- fruit picking, fishing, excavation, mineralcollection, tidal experience, including experience of the infiniteinsects- the hidden secrets of the village survey.- story moremysterious the more the game progresses.- orchards, various maps,such as lakes, valleys, fields, mines, beaches, mudflats.Retro game■-80's emotion buttercups background.- retro but intuitive play-retro items and retro shops.■ Decorate your own character- freereplacement of the costume.- skateboards, roller skates, Skykongkong.** it will be solved only if you try to purchase goodsfrom shops as if the diamond after the payment is not normally pay**** access request when the game is driving for the purpose ofproviding an advertisement, does not collect or store personalinformation. **
Funny Fish - Fishing Fantasy 2.4 APK
- Funny Fish is a new concept casual fishing game. - Forget thehard, burdensome fishing games in the past. 1. Enjoy the feeling offishing that goes through the smart Phone. 2. Collect more than 200kinds of fish and diversified items as well. 3. The ocean is filledwith not just fish but all kinds of wondrous items. - WARNING: Becareful about getting the wrong fantasy for fishing^^
Last Agent 1.1.0 APK
The best FPS of the mobile games what made by Unreal Engine 4.Youcan play vast single stages, unsynchronized PvP, and real time PvPmode.You have to punish the terrorists who threaten the peace ofEarth.So you should recruit a lot of mercenaries and grow themup.Collect many different weapons and build them up.Anybody cansimply play it with automatic fire mode.Skilled players could playwith more detailed work by changing the fire mode to manual firemode.This game doesn’t ask any additional download afterinstallation.
Card of Legends:Random Defense 1.4.1 APK
Are you looking for A BRAND NEW GAME? Download now.It’s not a morefun game, but a totally different game.Orcs come crowding.You cansummon heroes as a wizard.If you fuse heroes, you can make themeven stronger.If you want mighty heroes, fuse and fuse again.Youmust endure 10 horrific waves of Orc.Heroes who endure waves havethe fight with Boss of Orc.You may make Boss of Orc stand in ourside at some stage.Card of Legends is completely free toplay.PLEASE NOTE! Card of Legends will be first-ever game for you.=FEATURES =- FREE TO PLAY!!!- Enjoy a Strategy Random Defense gamewith cards- Fuse cards generated randomly and make them evenstronger- Plan smart strategy to make hero cards each time-Discover fun of memorizing Tech tree- Face fearsome Boss Enemies inTeam fighting after Defense mode- Countless upgrading cards: EquipRunes on cards which you want by game money- Battle and Revengewith players- Join new league by raising rank with battle pointsand compete with players worldwide
Fishing Land 2.8 APK
★This is a terminator of fishing game.★★A thrilling feelingconveyed to the hand through a Smartphone!★Be a master ofchampionship fishing in which all the world participates. ★An awardwinner of the championship can receive ocean current bottlemessages sent by other users. ★★★ Fishing methods ★★★1. Watch thesilhouettes of fishes reflected on the water and touch the screenwhen a desired shadow appears. 2. When a fish is hooked, tough thescreen in time. 3. Wind the reel avoiding the time the fishflounces. (If the reel is pressed, it will be automaticallywound.)4. If the fishing gut is wound to the end without being cut,the fishing is a success!
Puzzle Planet with Friends 1.0.3 APK
★Puzzle Planet★ with FriendsCreate & Share your own puzzle!Playyour friends' puzzle!Everyone can create puzzle!Everyone can playpuzzle!Infinite Puzzles!Never-ending Challenge!
KungFu Hero 1.0.2 APK
Experience cinematic KungFu battles and challenging to KungFumaster.Play it and get a Black Belt.Features- Easy Control- Easy toLearn- Super addictive- Cool KungFu movements Animations