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Enter the world of Japanese martial arts once again! It’s time tobecome world strongest taekwondo karate kick fighter to battleagainst martial art kung Fu mafia gang in this deadly action packedgame.In taekwondo karate kung Fu fighting game,earn points for eachwining against opponent champs,fight against powerful karate rivalsand level up your taekwondo karate fighting skills to get top levelmartial art ranking. Prove your skills as the powerful taekwondomaster ninja against karate Kung Fu street fighters. Ultimatekarate taekwondo kung Fu fighter warrior is an exciting deadlyfighting action game, it is the adventures taekwondo karatefighting game to enjoy kung Fu & martial art game play,fighting animations, special 3d effects, thrilling sounds and realtaekwondo karate styles.Play the toughest real kick fighting gameagainst world pro fighting champ ever.Are you expert enough tocontrol a giant champions in this kick fighting match.Control,punch, kick, super punch, super kick, flip kick and fight with allopponent fighters cleverly and defeat them badly in this real kungFu fighting games battle. World ultimate ninja karate & Koreanmartial art game is ready for taekwondo karate professionals &lovers. Fighting opponents are ready for hard punch and flying kickshow.Your enemies use different fighting styles includingTaekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Boxing and other, so do your best toovercome all of them with the power of karate Tiger Claw style!Inkung Fu there are lot of blockage techniques to defend yourselffrom enemy attack. Keep an eye on every move of your enemy that isfighting with you. Use punches and kicks with accuracy and quickly.Take timely decision, attack on enemy with punches and kicks onproper time and block enemy attack using accuracy and speed in youractions. Use enemy power against himself. In the sense of realself-defense & combat game. Fighting logical action is strong,you are presented a visual and sensory double enjoyment. Continuedpassion and blood at the same time. Quickness is basic to win theface to face ninja fights. Play karate action game and learn how tofight face to face, unarmed only with your punches and flying kickshow to use yourself with amazing fighting skill. Block the enemyhard kicks and punches is also essential part of martial arts. Keepan eye on every move of your rival that is fighting withyou.Features:•Choose and customize your own taekwondo & karatekung Fu tiger styles•Win martial art & karate matches & getrewarded points to unlock next taekwondo tournament •Fight againstKorean Martial art fighters and become world taekwondo karatechampion•Taekwondo & Kung Fu Karate tournaments with bigrewards•Level Mode & Career Mode Challenges•Skilledopponents•Get promoted by defeating world martial art fightingtournament hero•Based on authentic motion-captured taekwondomovements and Olympic rules, it’s as near the real thing as you cancome.

App Information Taekwondo Karate Fighting - Tiger Kung fu Warrior

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    Taekwondo Karate Fighting - Tiger Kung fu Warrior
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    December 12, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Vec 3D Labs : Fighting Arena
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Step into the ring to show your power as a master fighter and useall fighting skills to overcome your rivals - make jabs, hooks, anduppercuts, and fight without mercy! Become a fight master with thisultimate fighting championship simulator - Stickman Fighter 3D!Beateveryone on your way playing this fighting sports game and becomemore powerful! Some fighters might be stronger than they look, sotrain a lot to prove your worth as a real athlete! Try new strikes,kicks, and punches or even new fighting styles!Check the Trainingmode – fight/train your stickman fighter against all othercharacter in this fighting championship to get to the top of yourskills or to survive on the ring as long as you can in the realmatches. Become the strongest fighter of the Stickman Fighter 3Daction game!Features:- - Addictive Gameplay- Awesome &realistic Sound Effect- Multiple Arena- Background Music- ManyCharacters to chooseAwesome sounds effects in this game includingtimer & other things that makes you feel that as you arewatching real fight live stream just in the stickman fightingmatches.So what are you waiting for? Let’s download the world's topwrestling competetion game to enjoy the real fighting experience instickman fighter 3D Game.
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