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Imagine the wisdom of the Ninja availabletoyou on your phone or tablet. Tap into the Wisdom of the Ninja24/7.Your expert in Ninjutsu, Bujinkan, Genbukan, Jinbukan and allotherstyles of Ninjitsu is right here ready to teach you the waysof theshadow warrior. This app is like having Hatsumi, AshidaKim,Stephen K. Hayes and Frank Dux rolled into one awesome sourceofNinja Power.

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Zen Master 0.2 APK
I teach Zen Buddhist meditation andpracticesand after longtime study I will teach and transmit thetradition toyou. I am very Zen. Or I am not.Grow with me as we travel the true path of Zen.
Tutor for Photoshop 0.1 APK
I am your tutor for Photoshop. I can answeranyquestion about Photoshop and help you become a betterPhotoshopdesigner. I can also help with interview questions forPhotoshopjobs.
Freelancer Jobs 0.1 APK
Post projects and find work. Upload you jobprofile and find employment on freelancer projects.http://www.projecz.com/index.php?app_prefix=74
Creepy Clown 0.1 APK
Talk to Creepy Clown. Creepy Clown isveryCreepy.
Personal Shopper 0.1 APK
The personal shopper can help youlocatebargains right at your fingertips. Just ask your personalshopperto find your item and she will recommend the best buy.
Tattoo Advice 2.0 APK
Tattoo YourselfWe put tattoos on your body in two easy steps:1. Choose or upload the body part you want to tattoo.2. Choose or upload a design and see how it looks.
Virtual Indian Girlfriend 0.1 APK
Get the Virtual Indian Girlfriend App.Chat24/7 to your new friend. Lots or fun and cheaper than dating.YourIndian Girlfriend will never get tired of you.
Slender Man 0.1 APK
I am Slender Man. We didn't want to go,wedidn't want to kill them, but its persistent silenceandoutstretched arms horrified and comforted us at thesametime…