1.3 / October 5, 2018
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🌊🐚We present the newest 👩Talking Mermaid 2👩 to all of you who lovethis lovely aquatic creature. If you have enjoyed playing firstpart of the game, then you will surely love this one as well.Beautiful Mermaid will become your best friend as you play with herevery day, and you will have a lot of fun with her. This game issuitable for both kids and adults, so it doesn't matter how old youare, you will be able to enjoy this cool app. A lot of things arewaiting for you in this top app, and it will relax you when you seepeaceful scenes of a house in the bottom of the ocean. Little girlswill definitely love to take care of a princess with tale of afish, and they will enjoy listening to her playing a peaceful harp.All of that is a few taps away from you, so download the latest👩Talking Mermaid 2👩 game for free and let the fun begin!Instructions: - Say something and Mermaid will repeat after you -Play mini games, puzzles and more to earn coins - Buy clothes forMermaid and change her house - Unlock all of the rooms 🌊🐚Once youstart playing cool 👩Talking Mermaid 2👩 you won't be able to use alot of things since they will be locked. In order to unlock them,you will have to reach certain levels, and you will have to earnenough coins so you would buy necessary items. If you are wonderinghow to do that, it's simple. You can play mini games, color acoloring book, play with puzzles, and you will also earn coins onceyou upgrade to the next level. Then when you have enough money, youwill be able to buy clothes for your virtual friend, and you couldchange the look of her underwater house. Perhaps your favoriteliving room will be the one with golden pillars? Or maybe you willprefer pink ones? Try all of them, and make sure to complete all ofthe levels so you would be able to buy all of the items in thispopular game. Also, we have prepared a prize wheel for you whichwill enable you to win coins and potions! 🌊🐚When you play top👩Talking Mermaid 2👩, you will have a feeling as if this cutecreature is real, and as if she is your friend for real. She willteach you how to be responsible by taking her to eat, to take abath and brush her teeth, and to sleep when she is tired. If youcan't wait for her to rest, watch a video and you can skipsleeping! If she is not satisfied with something, she will show youa gesture which will tell you what she needs, and your task is tokeep her happy. This beautiful lady is also funny, she will throw aball your way, and she might brake your screen! It's certain thatyou will have a lot of fun by playing the latest 👩Talking Mermaid2👩, so install it as soon as you can and show it to your friends.This game will keep you entertained for hours, because there willalways be a task for you, something new to unlock and try. A lot ofclothes and accessories will be at your disposal, and you can alsochange Mermaid's hairstyle and make her look completely different.You could make a beauty pageant with your friends and vote for thebest one! There are so many things to do with talking games, sostart playing today and enjoy!

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    Talking Mermaid 2
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    October 5, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Bluebody Soft
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This cool talking ghost would like to show you around his newlybought house. He is extremely talkative and will remembereverything you have told him. You will be laughing out loud whenyou hear your own words in his funny voice. This specter isbenevolent and is ready to play. He would even let you slap him,and he cannot wait to show you his hidden talents. Check out hisbest dancing moves, or listen to him playing the piano or thexylophone. Did you know that talking ghosts also fart? Well, theydo. In his living room behind the jack-o’-lantern, an apparition ishiding. Don’t become scared when it starts laughing in an eerieway. All over the place spiders and bats are crawling, but you willnot even notice them because you will have a blast talking to yourpal. Grab this awesome opportunity and download for free thepopular Talking Ghost game. Instructions: • Talk to your newfriend, the ghost, and he will repeat what you have said • Collectcoins by playing mini games and you will open the locked rooms•Poke his leg or slap him until he sees stars• Take your best pal tothe gym or have a blast together in the playground• Help the ghostkeep his hygiene and he will play some instrument for youThis toptalking ghost will also be interesting to your children since itcan help them learn how to count to ten. On the crystal ball thenumbers will appear, and your kid will be able to hear them.Specters also have needs like everyone else. This talkative ghostadores having long showers, and he has never missed washing histeeth. When the night comes, and he finishes everything in thebathroom, it is time for a beauty sleep. Just blow the whistle, andhe will be dozing off in no time. If you have remembered somethingto tell him, and you want to wake him up, all you have to do isturn on the lights. His favorite pastime is hanging around on thegraveyard, in front of a haunted house. There are other scaryapparitions who are keeping him company. Together they are jumpingon the trampoline. This cool talking ghost takes exercising veryseriously. He has never missed out on any training session, and headores walking on the treadmill. The new Talking Ghost app will letyou play the latest mini games so you will be able to collect thenecessary coins for unlocking the closed rooms. There are so manyinteresting ones, and so many heroes who need your help. The boywearing a mask wants you to assist him in destroying the deviousinsects. Play the best Bugs Killer, and win as much coins as youcan. For testing your speed we have prepared the top Tiles Run.Compete with time, and try not to make any mistake. For exercisingyour calculations, you should try out the popular Cowboy MathSurvive game. Jump over and dunk under the obstacles that arecoming your way in the desert, and do the basic math along the way.If you are searching for a rush of adrenaline, then the latestClever Squirrel Jump is your perfect choice. Move your smartphoneand make this innocent animal jump to the highest place. Onespecial thing for all of you who are professional players, is theawesome Make Runners Safe app. This is so extraordinary since itrequires you to guide two or three heroes at the same time. Theamazing Talking Ghost game will provide you with endless fun, andyou will not be able to separate from your phone! It is designedfor persons of all ages, and is suitable both for kids and adults.
Talking Dinosaur 1.8 APK
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Although the Jurassic period is a long time gone, one of thecreatures has endured all the way until today and is looking for anew buddy. If you are ready to befriend him, and you are notscared, then download the popular Talking Dinosaur game free ofcharge. He is a very friendly guy, and is more than happy towelcome you into his house, and show you every part of it. But,there is a slight problem since some of the rooms are locked, andin order to open them you should play the latest mini games orwatch videos. This fellow is also very talented and when you seehim dancing or playing the saxophone and the drum you will beimpressed. Repeating all your words is his thing, and you will havea blast listening everything you have said in a funny voice. Becomethe best friend of the cool talking dinosaur and the two of youwill have tons of fun together. Instructions: • Talk to your newfriend, the dinosaur, and he will repeat what you have said •Collect coins by playing mini games and you will open the lockedrooms• Poke his leg or slap him until he sees stars• Take your bestpal to the gym or have a blast together in the playground• Help thedinosaur keep his hygiene and he will play some instrument foryouYou will discover the embarrassing secret of talking dinosaur,he farts! But, you will forgive him for this because he is soamiable. His living room is equipped with a huge screen and thiswill help your kids learn to count to ten. Tap on the doors of thecabinet and a skull will appear from behind. This creature is sosweet that he is hiding a flower for you behind the logs. Play withhim, and poke his leg. It will be hilarious seeing him jumping ononly one foot! Talking dinosaur needs your help with going to theloo, and since he is not very keen on brushing his teeth or takinga shower, you will have to force him to do this. But don’t give himany slack, and make him do this every night before going to bed.After a long day of fun activities it is very important for him tohave a good night sleep. Press on the music box, make the lightsturn off, and he will be snoring within just a few seconds. Thenext room is the playground. Here, the cool talking dinosaur is infront of his cave and is enjoying playing with the ball or jumpingon the trampoline. Get the best Talking Dinosaur app and check outhow he exercises on the treadmill. Running fast is his favoriteactivity, since he is trying to be in better shape. The top TalkingDinosaur game is suitable for both boys and girls, as well as forthe older ones who feel like kids, and like to play. This can beyour favorite pastime while you are waiting in the queue, orsitting comfortably in an armchair. After you play the awesome minigames, you get coins and are able to inspect every corner of therooms. So much fun awaits you, since there are a lot of heroes whowould like you to give them a hand. First one is the cowboy who isrunning through the desert avoiding vicious enemies and doing math.Play the top Cowboy Math Survive and collect as many coins as youcan. If you want you can assist the cute forest animal reach thehighest score in the fabulous Clever Squirrel Jump. For all of youwho would like to test the speed of your fingers, we have designedthe popular Tiles Run, where you are up against the time. The braveboy with a mask is trying to destroy all the insects that areattacking our planet and wants your help. Assist him in the latestBugs Killer app and have tons of fun. Pretty extraordinary game isthe magnificent Make Runners Safe, where you need to help two orthree heroes at the same time reach their goal. Install the mostincredible Talking Dinosaur app and it will blow your mind andprovide you with a new pal!
Talking Santa Claus 1.8 APK
Bluebody Soft
Christmas time is finally here! What are you going to do for theholidays? Here we have the application that will make your vacationeven more joyful. Meet your new buddy, Santa! He is the cutest oldman ever, and he would like the two of you to become best friends.Download free the latest Talking Santa Claus app on your smartphoneand get to know him. He is an ordinary person just like everybodyelse. He is also so funny, you will see. His dwelling is a bighouse, and he will show you every single corner of it, but you haveto help him collect the coins to unlock all of the cool rooms! So,are you ready for a popular holiday adventure with the best newChristmas game?Instructions: • Talk to your new friend, Santa, andhe will repeat what you have said • Collect coins by playing minigames and you will open the locked rooms• Poke his leg or slap himuntil he sees stars• Take your best pal to the gym or have a blasttogether in the playground• Help Santa keep his hygiene and he willplay some instrument for youGrab your smartphone and download thelatest Talking Santa game, as it will quickly become your favoriteone. Firstly, Santa Claus will welcome you to his living room. Thetwo of you will have so much fun together, as he is really silly,loves dancing and he is not embarrassed to fart in front of you. Hewill play the trumpet or the piano for you, and you will also beable to learn to count. With a simple tap on the Christmas sock orthe sack, you will get some more company. The mouse will come out,a cute snowflake, or the coolest Mr. Penguin! The second room isSanta’s bathroom, where he can use his toothbrush or take a bath,and as every other person go to the loo, after which he will bewiping of course. Hygiene is very important to Santa, and he is abig fan of sleeping too! He needs his rest to be able to chat somuch with you. So the next room is reserved for the beauty sleep.Everybody needs time for a nap. Turn off the light or tap a ballooninstead, and he will be dozing off in no time. You can also slapSanta and tickle him. When he is not on the North Pole and when heis not busy bringing presents to kids with his reindeer and in hissleigh, he spends time on the playground. He also decided to losesome weight so he bought a treadmill and made a top home gym wherehe can exercise to stay fit. He can run on it, or just walk, it isup to you. Get ready to jump on the trampoline with an incredibletalking Santa Claus and have a great time on the playground. Youcan also talk to him and he will repeat your words, but you have tohelp your popular hero collect his coins to access the lockedrooms! Navigate your buddy through his daily activities, and youcan also play amazing mini games to collect more coins. Try themall and you will have a blast! Help the brave boy in the fabulousBugs Killer defend himself from the insects that are attacking him.If you desire to estimate how fast you are, we have prepared thenewest Tiles Run for you. Try to beat the time and your highestscore. For the most fun, play the fantastic Cowboy Math Survive,and help the courageous cowboy do his calculations correctly whileavoiding the devious obstacles in the desert. Would you like tohelp the cutest animal reach her goals and obtain as much hazelnutsas possible? Play the latest Clever Squirrel Jump and you help thisinnocent creature avoid owls and eagles that are after her. Anendless possibilities of good time is provided to you with thefascinating talking Santa Claus. You should definitely try yourluck with the Make Runners Safe app. It is a best pastime thing,and your task will be to guide your two, or three heroes at thesame time over various difficulties. The popular Talking SantaClaus game is perfect for boys and girls of all ages, so do nothesitate and download it free of charge. Feel the Christmas spiritwith the top talking Santa. Share it with your friends so that theycan also have fun!
Talking Mermaid 1.8 APK
Bluebody Soft
There is someone who would like to meet you and become your closefriend. A gorgeous talking mermaid is ready to play with you andhave tons of fun. Swim together in the ocean and have great time inthe playground room or in the gym. Playing awesome mini games willhelp you win coins for unlocking the closed rooms. This mysticalgirl who has been attracting the attention of seamen for ages hasfurnished her house in a new and fashionable way. She is keeping achest of gold in her living room, and if you tap on the pebblesbehind the talking mermaid numbers from one to ten will appear.This is a great way for all kids to learn how to count. This is onemore reason why you should download the popular Talking Mermaidgame. She will memorize all your words and repeat them in a veryfunny voice. This will be hilarious to all the children.Instructions: • Talk to your new friend, the mermaid, and she willrepeat what you have said • Collect coins by playing mini games andyou will open the locked rooms• Poke her leg or slap her until shesees stars• Take your best pal to the gym or have a blast togetherin the playground• Help the mermaid keep her hygiene and she willplay some instrument for youHave a laugh with her by tapping one ofher fins, she will immediately start jumping. How cool is that?Help her go to the loo, and before the bedtime make sure that shewashes her teeth and takes a shower. Her bed is a huge lovelyshell. And when you tap on the lyre the lights will go out and shewill be sound asleep. If you become her best friend, this cooltalking mermaid will feel comfortable enough to fart in front ofyou. How incredible, right? She is multi-talented, and knows toplay various instruments, like the harp and the banjo. Enjoy theglorious music and spend wonderful time with your new buddy. Herfavorite place for spending free time is among the tall corals.There she adores playing with the ball, or jumping on thetrampoline. Join her and the two of you will have a blast. She isvery keen on exercising and that is why the gym is a necessary partof her house. Walking or running on the treadmill is an everydayactivity for this mythical creature. Watch the videos to collectthe coins and open all the rooms in the latest Talking Mermaidapp.If you prefer to occupy yourself during your free time, thenthe best thing for you is to play the top mini games that talkingmermaid provides you with. Assist this awesome masked boy interminating all the insects and become the hero who has saved theworld. Play the magnificent Bugs Killer game and you will rid theworld out of the nasty things. In the latest Tiles Run you arerunning against time, and it is not as easy as it sounds since youneed to tap all the lit tiles and not make any mistake. If you wantto amuse yourself, then the popular Cowboy Math Survive is yourperfect choice. Here, your task is to calculate everythingcorrectly and overcome all the obstacles that are coming your way.For the most entertainment, we are offering you the mostinteresting Clever Squirrel Jump game that will blow your mindcompletely. This cute little animal needs your help with collectingthe hazelnuts. Try to jump all over to the highest grid withoutbeing knocked down by the evil eagles or owls. You will have ablast if you try out the top Make Runners Safe. You need to guideyour hero overcome all the dangers on the road, but depending onthe level, there are two or three of them who need your assistancesimultaneously. With this incredible Talking Mermaid app, bothgirls and boys will have a great time, and it is also prettyinteresting for the adults too. That is why you should get in rightnow!
Talking Cat 1.8 APK
Bluebody Soft
Meet your new friend, a cute talking cat who has been busy duringthe whole summer and has finally managed to construct her house.She will welcome you in and have a small talk with you. Apart frombeing extremely hardworking, she is also very chatty and likes torepeat other people’s words. Listen to yourself speaking in herfunny voice. This multitalented virtual pet has a musical talentand is not shy to perform in front of you. Check out her dancingmoves and she will even take a bow in the end, or listen to herplaying the piano or the xylophone. She is also not embarrassed tofart while you are watching, so this can be pretty funny. When thetwo of you are together the time simply flies. Sit in the livingroom and have a talk with her, or go into the playground and havetons of fun jumping on the trampoline or playing with a volleyballball. Download for free the popular Talking Cat game and you willget the best thing for pastime on your device. Instructions: • Talkto your new friend, the cat, and she will repeat what you have said• Collect coins by playing mini games and you will open the lockedrooms• Poke her leg or slap her until she sees stars• Take yourbest pal to the gym or have a blast together in the playground•Help the cat keep her hygiene and she will play some instrument foryouYour cute talking cat wants you to assist her when brushingteeth or taking a shower. She is a very zealous and wants to takecare of everything in the bathroom before going to bed. Having funon the playground made her very tired and she craves for a goodnight sleep. You should tap on the horn to turn off the light forher, and it will only take a few seconds for her to doze off. Shewants to stay fit and it is of high importance for her to be a goodlooking. That is why this lovely talking cat spends a lot of timeon the treadmill. You can decide on the speed for her, or whethershe is going to run or walk. Her home is so fancy that she even hasher own gym. Her reaction on you poking her lag is hilarious, somake sure to try that and have a laugh. Get the latest Talking Catgame and never again will you be bored.Your buddy needs help whenunlocking the closed rooms and gathering coins. In order to do thisplay cool mini games or watch some interesting videos. Within theawesome Talking Cat app at your disposal are many different onesthat can be the perfect distraction. For example, the newest BugsKiller will need you to destroy all the disgusting insects who aretrying to vanquish a masked hero. Or, if you like to employ yourfingers, then you can play the top Tiles Run. Here you should notat all circumstances touch the lit spots. Check how well you knowmath with the popular Cowboy Math Survive. Do your calculations andjump over and under the obstacles at the same time. For the rush ofadrenaline you will need to choose the latest Clever Squirrel Jump.Try to get the highest score while going up in the air and jumpingon the moving grids. You will definitely get the best experiencewith the cool Make Runners Safe. Here, you will be able to show howgood you are at multitasking since two or three heroes require yourhelp at the same time. The top Talking Cat game is suitable forchildren and also for adults who feel like that. The greatest thingis that it is at the same time educational and can help your kidlearn the numbers from one to ten, so don’t hesitate and get theapp this second!
Talking Unicorn 1.8 APK
Bluebody Soft
Make friends with the cute talking unicorn, and the two of you willhave a blast spending time together. Being very smart, he canrepeat everything you say to him. Listen to your own words in afunny voice and you will be laughing so much. If you poke his leg,he will start jumping, and when you get to know each other a littlebetter, he will show you some dance moves. So many fun activitiesare waiting for you, like playing the latest mini games, orlistening to the cool talking unicorn play the flute or thetrumpet. This being is living in an enchanted land far away and iswilling to show you the interior of his home. The living room isfurnished according to the latest style, and little fairy is thereto keep him company. If you tap on her, she will spread the magicdust all over the place. You should help this creature from thefairy-tales brush his teeth and have a shower. He takes a lot ofcare about his hygiene, and that is why the bathroom is of highimportance to him. Make your children happy by downloading for freethe newest Talking Unicorn game for them. This will be an easy wayfor them to learn to count until ten.Instructions: • Talk to yournew friend, the unicorn, and he will repeat what you have said •Collect coins by playing mini games and you will open the lockedrooms• Poke his leg or slap him until he sees stars• Take your bestpal to the gym or have a blast together in the playground• Help theunicorn keep his hygiene and he will play some instrument foryouAfter a long and exhausting day, your best buddy, the toptalking unicorn, needs to get his beauty sleep. Tap on the fairyplaying a flute and the light will turn off immediately. It is socute how he snores! If you want to enter all the rooms of this hugehouse, then you should collect as many coins as you can. The nextroom is a playground. It is a beautiful yard in front of the house.Check out how much fun is jumping on the trampoline. Here thetalking unicorn is playing with his favorite ball. This being froman enchanted land has decided that it is the right time to losesome weight, and that is why he has a home gym. There he runs orwalks on the treadmill. If you want, you can adjust the speed forhim.How funny is that this talking unicorn farts? He is sointeresting, and within the popular Talking Unicorn app, you havegot so many awesome mini games that you can play while waiting inthe queue or lying around on the couch. For starters, there is thenewest Bugs Killer, where you should assist the masked boy inwiping out all the disgusting insects. If you are craving for therush of adrenaline, then we are certainly recommending you the topTiles Run, where your job will be to tap all the lit tiles as fastas you can. If you want to check what you have remembered from yourschool days, you should definitely try the latest Cowboy MathSurvive. The vicious enemies, like eagles, are trying to preventhim from accomplishing the mission of calculating everythingcorrectly, but you will help him, right? You will be surprised somuch when you check out the best Make Runners Safe app, since thereare two or three heroes going at the same time after their mission.Also, if you like, a cute little animal from the forest would useyour help. She is trying to collect all the hazelnuts and to jumpall over to the highest grid. Play the cool Clever Squirrel Jump,and try to get the highest score. A whole barrel of fun is waitingfor you if you grab your smartphone and download this incredibleand mind-blowing Talking Unicorn game.
Talking Fairy 1.8 APK
Bluebody Soft
Download the newest Talking Fairy game and you will meet a beingfrom the fairy-tales who will become your best virtual friend. Youwill be able to do so many interesting activities together, likejumping on the trampoline or dancing. This girl with wings loves tomove in the beat of the music. She will pay a lot of attention whenyou are talking, and will repeat all your words in a very funnyvoice. Discover her hidden talents. If you become very good friendto her, she will play the flute or the harp for you. When you playthe latest mini games, you collect coins for unlocking the rooms.This talking fairy has a large house and you are more than welcometo visit her any time day and night. In her living room a dragonflyand a small fairy who is spreading a magic dust are keeping hercompany. You will also find out an embarrassing secret. She likesto fart when she is alone. This top talkative fairy has a good wayof teaching your kids to count to ten. On the music box the numberswill appear and it will not take long until your children startcounting. Instructions: • Talk to your new friend, the fairy, andshe will repeat what you have said • Collect coins by playing minigames and you will open the locked rooms• Poke her leg or slap heruntil she sees stars• Take your best pal to the gym or have a blasttogether in the playground• Help the fairy keep her hygiene and shewill play some instrument for youLike every other girl, this onealso takes care a lot about her appearance, and that is why she isspending so much time in the bathroom. Every time before she goesto bed, she brushes her teeth, and takes a shower. And, when youturn off the light she will fall asleep immediately because shealways has a very busy day. She wants to look pretty, and that iswhy she has equipped her home with the gym. Running on thetreadmill is her favorite exercise. Being huge, her house has agorgeous yard. There she likes to spend her free time and do themagic. Playing with the ball or hanging around with her friend, thebee, is her favorite pastime. The popular Talking Fairy app willbring so much fun not only to the children, but also to all therest who like games and want to do something interesting on theirsmartphone. Together with the cool talkative fairy you can collectcoins by playing mini games. So many heroes need your help inovercoming the dangers. If you play the popular Bug Killer, the boywith the mask will definitely appreciate your assistance indestroying the ugly insects that are attacking him. The best way tocheck out the speed that you have got in your fingers is with thelatest Tiles Run. This will test how fast you can tap the correcttile. For the most fun, play the fantastic Cowboy Math Survive, andhelp the courageous cowboy do his calculations correctly whileavoiding the devious obstacles in the desert. Are you into jumpinggames? If this is so, we have a treat for you. This coolest CleverSquirrel Jump app will provide you with so much fun. Help your herogo up on the next grid and run away from the evil owls and eaglesthat want to prevent her in accomplishing the mission. The new gamethat will blow your mind completely is the top Make Runners Safe.First, you need to choose the level, and then you will have two orthree heroes to guide and help them jump over the obstacles thatare standing on the way. Tons of fun is guaranteed to you! Grabyour smartphone and get the fantastic Talking Fairy app that willimpress you and all your friends!
Talking Witch 1.8 APK
Bluebody Soft
Meet your new virtual friend, the cool talking witch! She is sochatty, and likes to repeat everything you say to her. Install forfree the popular Talking Witch game, and you will be able to havefun with her on the playground in front of the haunted house. Evilghost will fly around, laughing in an eerie way, but don’t bescared. She is so friendly and would like you to visit her in thenewly furnished home. It is made according to the latest style fortalking witches. If you tap on her foot, she will start jumping,but she will not hold it against you and would like to show you hermusical talent. Dancing, playing the piano as well as the violin isher thing. She has one embarrassing secret. She farts! To be ableto enter into other rooms, you will need to collect coins byplaying the top mini games. This awesome talking witch has a moderngym inside of her house, and is very keen on exercising. You canchoose whether she will run or walk on the treadmill. It is all upto you. Instructions: • Talk to your new friend, the witch, and hewill repeat what you have said • Collect coins by playing minigames and you will open the locked rooms• Poke his leg or slap himuntil he sees stars• Take your best pal to the gym or have a blasttogether in the playground• Help the witch keep his hygiene and hewill play some instrument for youThis awesome Talking Witch game isperfect for all ages, but especially for kids, since in the crystalball the numbers from one to ten can appear and help kids learn tocount. You will need to take care of your friend and take her tothe bathroom. Just like any other girl she likes taking care ofherself, and needs to wash her teeth and take shower. After a longday of flying on the broom, a beauty sleep is something she iscraving for. Blow the whistle and turn off the lights. She will besound asleep the same instant. There are so many fun things thatyou can do together, like jumping on the trampoline, spending timeoutside, or playing mini games to collect coins. So, don’t wait anylonger, but grab your smartphone and download the best TalkingWitch app. This will become your favorite pastime and you willnever again be bored. The cool talking witch offers you the chanceto choose among so many different games. Vicious enemies areattacking and a lot of heroes need your assistance. Help the maskedboy from the latest Bugs Killer destroy all the insects that arecoming his way. Have tons of fun while playing the newest TilesRun, and try to compare your speed with the one of your friends.Time is after you, and you will need to do your best in order towin the highest score. If you are keen on doing mathematics, thenthe Cowboy Math Survive is your perfect choice. Try to avoid allthe obstacles and still do the basic calculations. The most popularone is the top Clever Squirrel Jump game. Here, just by moving yoursmartphone you will guide your pal, the squirrel, through thedanger forest. And, if you are searching for an exciting game thatwill speed up your heart rate, then it is good that we have createdthe fantastic Make Runners Safe. This app will give you such rushof adrenaline, since it is pretty extraordinary. You are to helptwo or three of your heroes, depending on the level you chose, tonot be defeated by the evil enemies. All of them are running at thesame time. This mind-blowing Talking Witch app is here to provideyou with tons of fun, so get it right now and let the games begin!