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Tally Counter. You can increase the counter up to 100. You canreverse the left and right of the plus or minus button. ON, OFF thedisplay of the button you can negative. You can also can be anegative value. you can choose from four different sound effects atthe tap. You can also silence. Of vibration can be switched ON whenthe tap, and OFF. Display of the number of digits can be changed.You can change the representation of a negative value. When youwant to return to the counter to 0, press and hold the respectivenumbers. Please fill in review, the comments request. I correspondas much as possible.

App Information TallyCounter(Free) byNSDev

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    TallyCounter(Free) byNSDev
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    November 15, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Nihon System
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    968-1 tamura-cho takamatsu-shi Kagawa 761-8057 Japan
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It is an application that calculates the area. We will calculatethe length of the area and some from the sides and angle triangle,square, regular polygons, circles, ellipses, pies, pies ellipse,arc, elliptical arc, or parabola.You can calculate the current 58kinds of shapes. If you have any request, please fill in thecomment. I will also want to add functionality as much as possible.Note: The length of the arc of the ellipse is determined by theintegration because it takes a long time, there is a slightdifference.Paid version (AreaCalculatorPro byNSDev) ad-free is alsoavailable.
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From RGB, from CMYK, from HSB (HSV), you get the color value fromeach other.You can also examine the inverted color andcomplementary color (opposite color).You can also get thehexadecimal color character. If you have any request, please fillin the comment. I will also want to add functionality as much aspossible.
Mini4WD Lap Timer V2 byNSDev 1.2.3 APK
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There is also a paid version without advertisement. Mini4WD LapTimer V2 Pro byNSDevhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.nsgd.nsdev.mini4wdlaptimerv2ProPlease use all means. How to play 1) Place the phone with thecamera facing on a track lane. Keep it still. 3) Press start, thetimer will start when the car passes. (You don't need tocalibrate.) Q&A Q. Can be calibrated when it is started, if theterminal is moved, how to calibrate again? A. You can be done fromthe calibration of the menu. Q.It seems there is a difference inthe accuracy of the time by the phone... A.Yes. There aredifferences in the accuracy of the time by the phone. It seems tovary depending on the preview frame rate of the camera phone. Q. Isit possible to silence sound? A. Yes, I can be changed in theoptions. If you do not mute the sound will increase the accuracy oftime. Q. It will get the lap timer or start with the vibration ofthe car and shadow. A. Please try to increase the value ofsensitivity. Number to the left, which is displayed in the cameraat the value, is the right sensitivity(threshold).Please set numberof value is greater than the sensitivity only when the car was Tsuhorizontal skills. In addition, I can also specify the maximumvalue of the millisecond intervals to get the lap. Car does notcount the lap beside me skills within milliseconds that youspecify, you can prevent inadvertent count. Requests are welcome.Please your post to app reviews. Original app is Mini4WD Lap Timerby Pimentoso.http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pimentoso.android.laptimerThis app has been created and have received forgiveness Pimentoso.Mini4WD is a trademark of Tamiya, inc. There is no relationship atall Tamiya, inc and this app. Change history 1.0.0 first version1.0.2 You can now speed is measured by setting the distance of thecourse. And extend the functionality. 1.0.3 Added a course of OvalHome Circuit. And add the reading features of lap time. 1.0.5 Youdon't need to calibrate. fixed some bugs. 1.0.6 Fixed a bug wherethe camera does not start on startup 1.0.7 Added a feature sharedwith the text data storage. 1.1.0 You can now specify theorientation of the screen. 1.1.1 change required is android 2.3 ormore 1.1.2 Add menu in the upper-right corner for Android 4.4 orhigher
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It is an application that a note of your shopping list. Shops canbe registered to five, you can also change the name. You can enterthe product name, amount, number, store name, priority, and check.If the audio input terminal is enabled, you can enter the voice.There is a Recycle Bin feature. Please write in the review request.I correspond as much as possible.
AttendanceManagerFree byNSDev 1.2.4 APK
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● Basic functions Five of the scheduled date can be entered inorder to adjust the schedule. Assistance, attendance, collection,you can check the participants. You can enter the membership fee. ●Useful features Since five can enter the date, it will be able todetermine the date on which Atsumareru members while checking.Since it is a copy of the event, you can easily input ofparticipating members is the same event. (You can also be insteadof backup.) \ N Because members capture from the address book,there is no need for the name of the input. It is possible to enterthe default value of the event fees, dues of its members created isentered automatically. ● Screen description ○ Events The screen isat startup. A list of events will be displayed. When you tap theevent screen left one-third of the screen opens the Event Edit.When you tap the central one-third screen opens in the planadjustment List. When you tap the right 1/3 screen opens theMembers Check List. If the event to hold a menu is displayed tomove to the above editing screen, order of change of events,Delete, New copy, it can be operated, such as. Different menudepending on the position(left,center,right) to hold. ○ Event editEvent name, location, five scheduled date of A ~ E, you can enterthe default of dues. ○ Schedule List Participation rate of each duedate, summary results are displayed. Participation of mosquitoscheduled date of each member, improper, you will see the pendinglist. When you tap the screen left half of the members will openthe screen of the Members Edit. When you tap the right half screenopens the Appointment Edit. Press and hold the menu is displayed tomove to the editing screen, order of change of members, Delete, Newcopy, can be operated, such as. Different menu depending on theposition(left,right) to hold. ○ Schedule Edit Open pending thescheduled date of the members were, participation Allowed (OK), youcan edit join Call to (NG). ○ Members check list Guidance of eachmember, attendance, collection, will display a list ofparticipation. When you tap the screen left 3/5 of the members willopen the screen of the Members Edit. When you tap the right 2/5screen opens the Members check Edit. Press and hold the menu isdisplayed to move to the editing screen, order of change ofmembers, Delete, New copy, can be operated, such as. Different menudepending on the position(left,right) to hold. ○ Member edit Thename of the members, you can edit the membership fee. ○ Memberscheck edit Guidance of each member, attendance, collection, you canedit of participation. ● Specification The maximum number ofstorage events 100. Number of members of one event is up to 100.
NanoStopWatchFree byNSDev 1.0.1 APK
Nihon System
[Description]Stopwatch that can measure up to nanoseconds.However,the reaction of the people is not accurate to nanoseconds.So itmight make sense can be measured up to nano-seconds, but I tried tocreate.Accuracy will decrease by the processing capacity of theterminal.If you change the format option, you can use it as anordinary stopwatch in milliseconds.You can change the font sizeoption.You can measure lap and split.[How to use]1.Press the startbutton.2.Press the lap button.3.Measurement is finished, Stopbutton.4.Again, press the start button, the measurement isrestarted.[Option]Adjust font size of the timer. Adjust font sizeof the wrap. ON / OFF of the sound. Setting lap, split, the displaycontents. The setting of the display format of the time.
Pocket MeshCode byNSDev 1.2.2 APK
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Mesh code to display the latitude, longitude.You can specify avisual map latitude, longitude.Mesh Code is used in Japanesearea.+Primary mesh (compartment next area 1)+Secondary mesh (thesecond partition area)+5 times mesh+two times mesh +3rd mesh (thethird compartment area, reference area mesh, mesh standardarea)+4th mesh (1/2 mesh area)+5th mesh (1/4 mesh area)+6th mesh(1/8 mesh area)+1/10 mesh (3rd mesh is from the south meridian,parallels from the west direction, subjected a number from 0 to 9,respectively, in the meridian direction . number of two-digitnumber combination in the order of numbers and was subjected to aparallel direction were subjected)
KANJI-ka?3B(Free) byNSDev 1.2.0 APK
Nihon System
It is a game to find the same Kanji character and role model. Kanjiis similar to Chinese characters, but it is character unique toJapan. You will want to say "Whether this Kanji character ?"unintentionally. It is the Kanji character that 3rd gradeelementary school in Japan to learn. You can rotate, kanji or toreverse. Please find the correct Kanji characters common bullet itwill be the origin of the upper left. *Learning mode Please tap thesame Kanji character and role model in the upper left. O isdisplayed for the correct answer. X appears in the case of anincorrect answer. Please tap the button [NEXT] when you move on tothe next problem. The next level will be available if you answerall 30 questions. It is up to the 16 level. *Time Attack mode Andmeasure the time until the correct answer 30 questions. In the caseof all the questions correct, you can record the time. If you makea mistake it is immediately terminated. Time will not be recorded.I will ... I think also to study foreign started to learn Kanjicharacters. Please enter your suggestions in the review. Icorrespond as much as possible.