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Taloor Hunter 3D game is for those passionate gamers who aregetting tired of typical sniper shooting games and want some newfun and adventure. Increase your hunting fever, get your huntinggun and allow us to take you on birds Hunting 2017 adventure. Enjoythe most realistic hunting experience ever. Wild bird Hunting isall about precise shooting, aiming quickly and shooting at theright time. Develop your skills as a bird hunter by shooting downas many birds as possible in a limited amount of time. Become aTaloor Hunting expert by playing this great bird shooting game3D.Everybody likes to play jungle hunting and commando shootinggames, that’s why we are presenting you a brand new idea in thecategory of sniper shooting games, the desert Taloor Hunting - 3D.Play this desert shooting game adventure while taking perfectkiller head shots of black birds which are flying everywhere in thejeep safari jungle. Be a sharp shooter and aim the Taloor birdperfectly. Your accuracy must be very high while hunting the flyingbirds as the accuracy is the key factor in every bird huntinggames. The sniper hunting simulator is specially designed to boostyour sniping skills in most realistic manner. Feel yourself anelite force commando and be a perfect sniper shooter to hunt downall the taloor in this desert game. In this top free birds huntinggame you have to be best birds hunter of 2016.There are number ofbirds flying everywhere like eagle, crow, duck sparrow etc but youhave to hunt only taloor in this Taloor Hunter game 2017. Somepeople loves deer hunting games but some of them like lion huntingor dino hunting games. This game is llike duck hunting game youwill enjoy to play this full of adventure game. You have to be verysharp in this taloor hunting jungle game. Grab your gun for birdshunting season in this new first person shooter game.Multiplestypes of deer and other animals in desert on ground. Deer huntingin desert or Lion hunting in junlge is not included in yourchallenging mission. If you want to be a real animal hunter or realbird hunter or real birds shooter, you have to be expert snipershooter and hunter. In this taloor hunting 2018 3d game take allbirds down.How to Play Taloor Hunter Game:-• Tap the shoot buttonat bottom left corner to perform sniper killer shots.• Use thesniper telescopic zoom to increase your aiming accuracy.• Completeeach sniper simulation mission to unlock the next level.• Swipe thedevice screen to find and hunt the taloor in jungle.• Avoid missshots and delay fires.• Kill all birds within given time.TaloorHunter Features:-- Hunting birds, Best hunting simulator SAFARI3D.- Driving off road on luxury 4x4.- Beautiful graphics andrealistic scenery.- Realistic animated birds to be hunted.- Soundsof Africa, enhancing the reality effect.- Best hunter scoretable.Give your feedback at:-https://www.facebook.com/MartilGames

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    April 10, 2018
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    MARTIL Games
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Taloor Hunting 1.7.4 APK
Taloor Bird Hunting presents you the most addictive and full of funBird shooting game for android users. You can see and install thisgame on Play store for free! Install, play and enjoy it. TaloorBird is found in the Arid areas like deserts. This bird isconsidered as Royal family Hunting bird because Arab sheikhs arefond of Hunting the Bird of this Family. In Desert hunter game youhave to hunt Taloor bird one by one. This Hunting game is arelaxing first person perspective Bird Hunt game. Users can lookaround the map by swiping the screen. There crow and pigeon arealso flying in the air, don't hunt them other wise you will loseyour game. There are deer and other animals in desert on ground.Deer hunting in desert or Lion hunting in junlge is not included inyour challenging mission. if you want to be a real animal hunter orreal bird hunter or real birds shooter, you have to be expertsniper shooter and hunter. You have a Sniper gun and to be veryactive, smart, accurate in aiming and shooting. If you miss to huntBird in your first try, he will fly away from your eyesight. Youhave to shoot him as early as possible. We hope you like our 3DBird Hunt game. There are real 3D Desert graphics in theenvironment of this shooting and hunting game. You have to huntTaloor Bird to clear the mission in given time, if you fail to huntthem, then mission will be failed and game over as well. It is moreinteresting and full of fun game, you will really enjoy to play it.Taloor Bird Hunting FEATURES:- - Radar is available to find bird. -Multiple and addictive missions - No connectivity required - Zoomoption is available - User friendly and easy to play - Real 3Dmodels of Bird - Realistic Sniper Shooting Hunt - Best SniperShooting Experience in Desert Give Feedback at:-https://web.facebook.com/MartilGames
Forest Deer Hunting 1.7.1 APK
If you love to play hunting game then get ready to install thisfull of action game. There are number of animals in the deep andgreen forest. Your mission in this game is, you have to take aimand open fire on the target. Modern and latest sniper gun is withyou to hunt and shoot deer. There are three animals in the veryfirst level and then gradually increasing in every level. Therefare multiples good features in this shooting and action game givenbelow. Game Features:- 3D model of animal Sniper gun RealisticEnvironment
Fast Moto Bike Highway Racing 1.2 APK
Do you like to play endless fast motorbike racing game 2017. Wepresent you a user friendly plate form where you can play endless,challenging and mission based new racing games. Real moto driftracer is a stunning and outstanding game for new genre.Extremetraffic racer game takes the endless racing genre to a whole newlevel by adding a full career mode, eye catching 3d models, bestgraphics and real life recorded traffic rider bike sounds. Rideyour moto bike or city car in the endless city roads overtaking thetraffic, upgrade and buy new bikes to beat the challenges in careermode. You can play this top game in free mode as well. Keepaccelerating moto rider so that the score will be collected, avoidfire trucks, blazing cars, cement trucks and even police roadblocks!Enjoy the modern fast motorbike 3D racing game on yourandroid smartphones and tablet now and enjoy multiple challengingmissions and endless in different location. You are on motorbikeand riding on highway with heavy traffic rider. There is somemountains in this off road climb area but road is completelycarpeted. Moto rider or traffic rider feel relax while riding onthis road. Because they like drifting car racing and jumping motobike. You have to run motorbike as fast as you can, by using yourextra ordinary riding skills. But remember, you need to ride thebike without any collision or crash and enjoy fast paced highwaytrack. Use your extra ordinary bike riding skills to avoid theaccident with the dangerous American truck, oil tankers, pradojeep,bike stunt, traffic cars and vans. New genre are lover ofsports bike and crazy about asphalt racer games.The excitement andthrills not limited, passing close to the highway traffic on such ahigh speed bike is unbelievable. Ride as long as you can on endlessracing track, collect the coins and earn more from close calls.Earn 1000 points to unlock or buy your dream bike is anotherfeature of the Fast Motorbike Racing game. Be careful to collectmore and more coins and avoid to other vehicles to get new bikewith different features. You can go on off road in this highwayescape rush. Subway motorbike is very good in city mania game whenyou play moto hill racing stunt. You are super moto racer in thisgame and you know something secrets about racing like spidersecrets. There is a beautiful and international standard airporthere where you can park your bike or car. Car parking or pradoparking are free out of the airport.Game Features:-• Endless ridingthrough highway • Riding in fast speed to avoid any collision isreally challenging• Unlock the other bike to collect more coins•Awesome 3D graphics and amazing Game Play • High Quality sound andgraphics• Tilt or touch screen controls• Handling and breakingpowers• Easy and smooth handling• Speed meter with score and coinsdetailsGive Feedback at:-https://web.facebook.com/MartilGames
Jurassic Dinosaur Hunting 1.7 APK
Jurassic Dinosaur HuntingIf you are a lover of hunting and shootinggame, then get ready to download and install this awesome JurassicDinosaur Hunting on google play store.There is a beautifulenvironment of sahara dry desert in this game. You with yourfriends went to visit sahara dry desert. You have lost yourfriends. Now you are alone and helpless in the dry desert inAfrica. There are number of Wild Dinosaur in desert and then mayattack on you. You have to survive yourself from wild dino.Dinosaur Hunting games are very popular in US. Dinosaur hunt is nota play of child you can be killed or hunted by Dinosaur Hologram.Dinosaur hunter deadly shores are very bulky and dangerous animalin the world. they are too big in height and healthy physically.You have two weapons with unlimited ammunition one is Sniper gunwith scope and, second is 9 mm Pistol. as you like you can pickpistol made in USA, Russia or china. In US Army Training school orUS army course, you are trained with this weapons. Your sniper gunis a best tool to shoot them in the head from distance, and if theycome closer you can choose the Pistol to shoot them from closedistance.You can enjoy to be a real hunter or real shooter. thereare other multiple wild animals such as LION, Rhino, BEAR, Wolfetc. In any shooting or hunting game the quality of snipe, fire andaim is the basic need. You have to prove you have been a goodshooter in your friends to survive in front of dangerous animalslike Dinosaurs.Shooting Tip: As the dinosaurs attack on you fromtwo directions, you should kill one from the right and one from theleft to not let them come closer to you.How to play:-- Touch &drag navigation on the screen aim/move/rotate your shooting weapon-Tap the fire button to shoot and hunt down the dinosaurs- Use scopebutton to aim on target- The shooting weapon has unlimitedammunition- Move with navigation on left side- Look around usingyour right side navigation button- Chose Sniper or Pistol fordistance and close shooting.FEATURES:-* Real 3D graphicsenvironment.* Addictive, loving & Full of fun. * Sounds On /Off button on display.* The natural sounds of rampage Dinosaurs andbullets fire. * Two guns a sniper and a Pistol. * No Internetconnectivity required while playing. * Multi-touch enabled.Giveyour feedback at:-https://www.facebook.com/MartilGames
Karachi Operation: Free Game 1.9 APK
Rangers in Karachi, no more space for enemy forces, kill themall.Karachi is the largest and most populous metropolitan city ofPakistan. It is the 2nd largest city of the world by population andfinancial center of the country. Since last 15 years, some enemyforces and extremist are active to ruin the peace and progress forthe people of this city. Large no of families have migrated toother city and so many businessmen have left away from thiscountry.Armed forces of this county took charge of this city inwhich rangers is on top, no discrimination operation is started byPak Army to control the law and order situation.A special group istrained to fight and eliminate the enemy forces and you are leadingyou team because of good strategy and sharp in fighting. You haveto be attentive, use best intelligence support about the whereabout of enemy forces and start killing and shooting with snipers.Remember; the best sniper is one who aim and shoot and kill theenemy with single shot. The kill shot is very important for asniper commando who is on strike in the battle area.Game play forKarachi Operation:-You have got an intelligence report about enemyforces residence, you are going to raid and eliminate all enemiesfrom that area. You got a modern sniper rifle to kill enemystanding on the gate of the building. The enemies have tookpositions in the bankers on roof of all high rise buildings of thecity to have better control. They have got support on ground. Oncethe gate is clear you have will have to kill standing on the toweras your commanding point.Karachi operation was launched againstterrorists in Karachi. It was like SWAT Operation in which a lot ofcommandos participate to finish out criminals. The sniper shooterswill clear one by one the gate and all the check points of thebuilding buildings where the enemy forces have takenpositions.Features of Game:-- Easy and user friendly GUI andcontrol.- Realistic sounds of weapons.- A brilliant story line thatwill keep you playing for hours.- Beautiful and eye catchinggraphics.- No connectivity required while playing.- Addictive,loving & Full of fun.- Realistic FPS (First Person Shooting)Controller.- GPS is available to find enemies location.Give yourfeedback at:-https://www.facebook.com/MartilGames
Real Shooting Challenge 1.2 APK
Its not easy to shoot using weapons. You need some practice as adry shooter to shoot in reality.Here is a simple game for shootingpractice for all ages. Its a best shooting practice game. There issame logic in sniper shooting, assault rifle shooting or shotgunshooting. The aiming is similar and the control on trigger issimilar. Important is if you get head shot. You have a pistol andhave to shoot bottle in given time.There are few important tips forbest shooting practice e.g. Comfort, Breathing, Trigger control,Sight and target alignment. A best shooter is one who don't missthe fire and shoot in head or in the center of a human body.Thereare three targets in this gameI) Bottles as targetII) Glasses astarget III) Floating bottles in air as a target.Features:- Real 3Dgraphics environment..* A Russian Pistol. * No Internetconnectivity required while playing. * Addictive, loving & Fullof fun. * Sounds On / Off button on display.* Multi-touchenabled.https://web.facebook.com/MartilGames
Deer Hunting Safari Hunt 1.5 APK
There are number of wilderness deer in the desert, you are goingfor hunting and shooting them as a real expert hunter. As fightingis your hobby, show your warrior skills and hunt them all. Thereare number of modern and latest weapons including Blaser-R93,Deagle, Mp5KA4, STW-25, TT Pistol, Sniper gun and Assault rifle youcan choose the gun whatever you want to try. Game Overview:-In theenvironment of real graphics of desert and whitetail deer aresurrounding here and there. You are lone and lost in the wideAfrican desert. Now, you are in the dry desert, there is no foodand no water for you. You could be a long of time here in thedesert so what would you do to survive yourself. Revise yourcommando shooter skills to hunt deer.You have to search food andshelter for you to stay some time here in the deadly and deathdesert. You have been a shooter and warrior in your army. you knowhow to deal with wild animals. when you see them kill the and shootas a fighter. Target:-You have to hunt whitetail deer to pass thechallenge and mission in given time, if you fail to complete yourtomcat mission then game will be over. There could be it is moreinteresting and full of action game, you will really enjoy to playthis new transformer white tailed deer. Mule deer very active, huntthem quickly otherwise buck will be gone away from your eye-sight.Wild animal hunting has been not an easy task. You have to be anexpert sniper shooter to hunt wilderness deer. Challenge:-You haveto unlock mission to enter next level. You know you are in Africandesert where number of wild hunting deer and deadly jungle animalsare found in abundant. Deer season start now a days. It is a reallycoyote hunting stores. If you want to be a real deer hunter thentake your modern sniper rifle to hunt deer in desert. If deer goaway the sight of safari survival hunter you will be lost thismobile game. So, you have to be sharp and fast in this sniper huntlike a soldier or Commando shooter to take deer huntsman junglesniper down. Kill the deer for your survival in the wild animalhunting game. Deer is very quick to run when you see them you haveto strike and kill the deer. War could also be started with wildand bulky sniper animals.You have to first select weapon as yourchoice, then go for hunting with that gun. In first level, you haveto hunt one deer to pass the mission, have to hunt two deer in nextlevel and so on.... . . .Features of Game: - Multiple 3d realenvironment- Multiple weapons to select- Realistic sniper shootinghunt- Multiple levels for easy to difficult- Best sniper shootingexperience in desert- Best ui and easy to controls- User friendlyand for all ages- Sounds On / Off button display.- Addictive,loving & fun. - Multi-touch enabled.Give Feedbackat:-https://web.facebook.com/MartilGames
Karachi Operation 2017 1.1 APK
Karachi is a main business hub city for Pak. It is the 2nd largestcity of the world by population. There are number of foriegnecounsilate and their offices. Other major governmental organizationand public sector companies have opened their head offices. Sothat’s the main reason Karachi Operation is necessary to maintainthe law and order situation for the people of Karachi.Since last 15years, some enemy forces and Terrorist are active to ruin the peaceand progress for the people of this city. Large no of families havemigrated to other city and so many businessmen have left away fromthis country. High commandant cometty has decided to launch anOperation in Karachi to eleminate and finish the strength ofanti-state group. Armed forces of this county took charge of thiscity in which rangers is on top, no discrimination operation isstarted by Pak Army to control the law and order situation. Head ofArmy is leading this operation to take the final stage.GameStoryline:-There are a group of terrorist who have attacked on thecity and hostage the civilian people. They enemy are worn in Armyuniform to dodge the security forces. So start operation to clearthe city and the people as well. Remember, to shoot enemies don’tkill hostage or our security personal. The sniper shooters willclear one by one the gate and all the check points of the buildingbuildings where the enemy forces have taken positions.Features ofGame:-- GPS is available to find location of enemies.- Smooth gameand easy to play.- Enemies are in uniform.- Best model of snipergun.- You can play without internet connectivity.- Multiple anddifferent mission to play. Give your feedbackat:-https://www.facebook.com/MartilGames