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The best songs of tango music from different countries of the worldmainly in spanish, english, italian and portuguese languagestransmitted from countries as: Argentina, Greece, Germany, UnitedStates, Colombia, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Uruguay among many others.You can also listen to free tango songs in the most representativetango music subgenres: The milonga, instrumental tango, electronictango or electrotango, tango milonguero, tango passion, classictango, tango dance, old tango, new tango, among others. With thebest tangos and milongas of today and always.The tango is a musicaland dance genre of the region of Río de la Plata, and its zone ofinfluence, mainly of Buenos Aires Argentina and Montevideo Uruguay.Among the tango singers, Carlos Gardel stands out, the maximumsymbol of the genre. Within the famous tangos of this exponent arethe songs of tango Mi noche triste, Por una cabeza, Cuesta abajo,La Cumparsita, among others.The radio stations that you will findin this tango App are specialized in transmitting the best music ofthe Argentine tango souvenir, you can also listen to tango songsperformed by the most recognized artists of the Latin Americanmusic genre of memory.Here you can listen to the mostrepresentative tango and milonga singers of all history, as thefollowing artists of tango music of the male genre: Carlos Gardel,Julio María Sosa, Roberto Goyeneche, Alberto Castillo, RubénJuárez, Ignacio Corsini, Agustín Magaldi, Hugo Del Carril, EdmundoRivero, Jorge Falcon, Argentino Ledesma, Anibal Troilo, EnriqueSantos Discépolo, among others and of course tango songs performedby artists of the female genre: Libertad Lamarque, Tita Merello,Adriana Varela, Amelita Baltar and Mercedes Simeone.Listen to thebest old tangos of all time in the voices of the most recognizedartists of the tango genre of Latin American music: Mi Buenos Airesquerido, El día que me quieras, Volver, Tango la Cumparsita and Poruna cabeza by Carlos Gardel, Cambalache Tango by Julio María Sosa,Caminito by Gabino Coria Peñaloza, el Choclo Tango by ÁngelVilloldo, among many others.If you are a fan of the old tangos andthe tango classics you can not stop listening Salonmalaga andIdolos del recuerdo where most of its programming is oriented tothe music of old tango and the classic tangos originating from thegenre with greater participation of the classic Argentine tango andthe most listened artists of the time as Carlos Gardel, Julio MaríaSosa, Roberto Goyeneche, Alberto Castillo, among others.You canlisten to electronic tango or electro tango songs in the stationsRadio Art Tango, Radio Caprice Tango, Tango Radio Berlin andTanguera Radio, style of modern tango by the fusion between tangoand electronic music, turning it into a genre of tango for dancing.Among the precursors of this genus can be found: Gotan Project,Tanghetto, Bajofondo Tango Club, Tango Crash and many other DJs,musical ensembles and orchestras.To extend the range of free tangomusic radio stations, we include Radio Tango, Tango Bar, La 2x4 FM,Radio De Tango, ViceVersaRadio, Radio CAFF, Calm Radio Tango, TangoPasion Radio, Recuerdo Radio, X-tango, Info Tango Chivilcoy, DobleA Radio, Malena 89.1 and Miled Music Tango where you can listen toonly tango songs 24 hours a day.If you want to listen to waltz,milonga, jazz, classic tangos, tango dance and instrumental tangowe recommend the stations Argentine Tango Radio, Salonmalaga,Sintonia 1000, Radio Tango Para Bailar, Radio tango and ReporTangoRadio, with a wide and varied repertoire of tango for dancing.Weknow that listening to tango songs leads to the music of theArgentinean tango remembrance, keeping this in mind, we want toshare it with you. Enjoy it!

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Dog names, Cat & Pet 1.2 APK
The name for your pet is the most important gift it will receive,as it will be heard every day throughout his life. For this reasonwe have worked hard to make available a selection with the bestnames for all kinds of animals (dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptilesor mammals) based on criteria such as: original, modern, easy,classic, common, beautiful, cute, unique, cool, elegant, exclusive,short, long, funny, extravagant, foreign, easy to remember, easy towriting and easy to pronunciation, among others.A collection ofmore than 1000 pet names grouped by gender (male animals names -female animals names) and pet names by initial letter.Choosing anoriginal and nice dog name is not easy, since dog names to makethem more appropriate should match the personality and appearanceof the dogs, but do not worry here we will give you tips to makethe task easier and effective as possible, the first is the genderclassification, do we need male dog names or female dog names ?,next we can keep in mind the characteristics of the dog and filterthe names according to criteria such as: puppy names, names of bigdogs, names for small dogs, names for dog breeds, among otherparticulars. In addition to the classification by boy dog names orgirl dog names you can consider aspects of the personality of thepuppy, for example identifying names for playful puppies, lazy,loving, smart, clueless, among others.Naming cats is also a funtask, you can take into account the same principles as the dog nameconsidering also in choosing cat names easy to remember, to avoidbeing very long and strange, the short cat name is best assimilatedby most pets.For female pets we recommend choosing a female catname or female dog name very feminine, so that it is easy toidentify the gender for the people when it is presented, the tendergirl cat names and girl dog names are preferred by their owner, ifyou look for a pet name with this particularity you can addadditional features like fun, creative or elegant to make it moreoriginal.Domestic animals are many species, the most common arecanines and felines, however there are also many animalsdomesticated within other families, the most common:- Rodents:squirrels, hamster, rats, mice, gerbils, chinchilla and guineapigs.- Birds: parakeets, canaries, goldfinches, cockatoos, parrots,hens, roosters, ducks, geese, turkeys and pigeons.- Reptiles:turtles, lizards, iguanas, chameleons, snakes, geckos and beardeddragon.- Amphibians: frogs, toads, salamanders and tritons.-Mammals: rabbits, horses, ponies, donkeys, pigs, goats, sheep,cows, bulls, monkeys, chimpanzees, camels and llamas.We recommendavoiding animal names that might confuse them at the time oftraining, depending on the language used for that purpose, such as"sit" in English or "salta", "tumba" in Spanish.No matter what kindof animal you have, dog, cat, rabbit, horse, pig, cow, turtle,iguana, snake, parrot, canary, cockatoo, parakeet, hen or rooster,duck, pigeon, squirrel, hamster, rat, mouse, guinea pig, frog,toad, monkey or chimpanzee in this app you will be able to findfunny and creative names, and find the perfect name that suits yourpet's characteristics.Let's fill our little puppies with pride tobe the pets with the best name of your neighborhood.If you want tofind the best and most cute puppy name for your boy or girl petthis application is for you, download it immediately and find out.
Arabesque Damar Songs 1.2 APK
The best arabesque songs of Turkish popular music. Transmitted fromdifferent cities of Turkey such as: Istanbul, Eskişehir, Ankara,Alanya, Antalya, Bursa, Trabzon, Keçiören and Kütahya and fromforeign countries like Germany and India. In addition you will beable to listen arabesque songs of musical groups in the subgenre ofthe most representative Turkish music like: Damar songs, arabesquepop, arabesque rock, mixed arabesque, arabesque instrumental music,classical Turkish music, Kurdish music, zuhal music, Turkish gypsymusic, darbuka rhythms, Arabian melodies, Technobesk, Turkish folkmusic, background music and slow music, among others. With the bestnew and classic hits.The radio stations that you will find in thisApp are specialized in transmitting arabesque songs, since itscontent is focused in this genre in the greater part of itsprogramming. In them you can listen to information about yourfavorite artists and groups (their history, tours and concerts,news and updates, releases, new hits, etc.)Here you can listen tothe most representative arabesque music singers like the followingarabesque turkish and foreign artists: Orhan Gencebay, Suat Sayın,Kamuran Akkor, Neşe Karaböcek, Müslüm Gürses, Esengül, İbrahimTatlıses, Ferdi Tayfur, Ebru Gündeş, Gülden Karaböcek, Ebru Yaşarand Emrah İpek, as well as less commercial arabesque artists.If youare looking for radio stations to listen turkish music andarabesque music in its purest state we recommend: Baba Radyo,Arabesk Radyo, Radyo Arabesk Türk, Metropol FM Arabesk, Kral TürkFM, 1001 FM, Radyo Cinar, Tempo Radyo, Mamas FM Arabesk Radyo,Arabeskinsesi FM, Arabesk Vadisi, Damar Radyo, Radyo Kadirga, RadyoArabesk Alemi, Radyo Nefes, Arabesk Radyo Krallari, Damar Radio,Keyf Arabesk, Ilac Damar FM, Hayal FM, Radyo Arabesk, AnadolununSesi Radyosu, Radyo ArabeskTürk, RadyoDamar, Radyo Mazi, ArabeskMelodi, Radyo Katibim, Imparator FM, Radyoafet, Alemin Radyosu,Radyo Bergama, Radyom Arabesk, Radyo Terapi, Radyo Online, JiletFM, Damga FM 91.7 and Radyo44. Where music programming is focusedto almost all time to arabesque songs.Among the variety is thepleasure, thinking about this we add some radios that besidestransmitting contemporary arabesque folk music and classicalturkish music as its highest priority, also include the songs mostheard in other genres such as foreign music, kurdish music, BlackSea music, arabian melodies, melodies and rhythms of darbuka, slowmusic, background music, thracian music, zuhal music, mixedarabesque, damar music, mixed damar songs, turkish gypsy music,pop, oldies, folk and rock, among the most important we have: BabaRadyo, Radyo 38 and Radio Active.If you are a lover of turkishclassics and classical arabesque music you can not stop listeningArabesk Radyo, Radyo Arabesk Türk, Tempo Radyo, Damar Radyo, RadyoArabesk and RadyoDamar where most of its programming is oriented tothe most popular arabesque songs that originated the genre with thegreatest participation of the classics of the 70's, 80's and90's.For the damar music lovers of Turkey we have a space dedicatedexclusively to this genre with different types of damar songs inturkish, so if you want to listen to the best popular damar songswe recommend: Damar Radyo, Ilac Damar FM, RadyoDamar and DamarRadio.We have made our best effort and dedication to gather in asingle APP the best of the turkish arabesque, folk music genrenative to Turkey. So do not hesitate, download it and enjoy it!
Heavy Metal Music | Hard rock 1.1 APK
The best songs of the genre heavy metal rock around the world andin several languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Ukrainian,Portuguese, Czech, etc.). Transmitted mainly from countries likeUSA, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Austria, Portugal, Mexico,Romania, among many others. You can also listen to songs and musicof the bands in the subgenres of most representative metal asalternative metal, black metal, death metal, doom metal, thrashmetal, gothic metal, nu metal, symphonic metal and industrial metalwith the participation of other genres rock as hard rock, bluesrock, psychedelic rock, AOR, classic rock, gothic rock, progressiverock, punk and alternative rock, with the best new hits andclassics.Radio stations available on this app are specialize inheavy metal music, because its content is focused on this genre inmost of its programming. In them you can hear locutions informationabout your favorite artists and bands (its history, tours andconcerts, news and updates, releases, new successes, etc.)Here youcan listen to artists and bands of heavy metal music morerepresentative such as: Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica,Judas Priest, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, Pantera, Motorhead, Venom,Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Slipknot, AC- DC among many others,as well as heavy metal bands and artists less commercial.If you arelooking for heavy metal in its purest form we recommend 100hitzstations, Bear Radio Metal, Heavy Metal Radio, Ipo Radio Metal,mETaLmuSicRaDio, MetalRock.FM and The Metal MIXX. Where its musicprogramming is dedicated to heavy metal almost entirely and evensome of them 100%.Some say that among the variety is the pleasure,thinking on them we add some radios that apart to stream heavymetal music as their top priority also include some hard rock,alternative rock, progressive rock, punk and other derivatives ofthe metal such as nu metal, thrash metal, death metal, industrialmetal, black metal and doom metal, among the most important are:aBASH the mETAL Stood, Beauty from Ashes Radio, Crucial VelocityRadio, Goth Radio, HDRN, KNAC, MeanzRock, No Boundaries RadioNuclear Radio Rock, Rock Addict, RockRadio1, The Taint, Top RockRadio and Wild Rock Radio.If you're a fan of the classics you cannot stop listening Classic Metal Radio and Metallica & MegadethRadio where most of its programming is oriented to songs thatoriginated the genre with greater participation of 80's and 90'sclassics, additionally in Metallica & Megadeth Radio you canlisten a tribute to two of the biggest heavy metal bands of alltime.English is the universal language of rock, however in this appwe considered all cultures of the metal, so if you want to hear thebest of the genre in your favorite language we recommend thefollowing stations that provide a space for your native language.-Heavy Metal in German: Energy Metal, Metal Only Radio, MusicBaseFMRock, Pure Metal Radio and Star FM.- Heavy Metal in Spanish: AltarRock Radio, Rock and Roll Radio MX, Rock Urbano and Top Rock News.-Heavy Metal in French: Hotmixradio Metal, La Grosse Radio Metal andMetal Biz Radio.- Heavy Metal in Ukrainian language: Voice andRadio ROKS Metal Hard 'n' Heavy.- Heavy Metal in Czech language:Rebel Radio Brod.- Heavy Metal in Portuguese: Rock n Radio.We knowthat listening to Christian songs music helps us achieve innerpeace to feel truly fulfilled and happy with the presence of God,with this in mind we did not want to leave out the metal andChristian Hard Rock genres represented by the station Altar RockRadio.We have disposed our best effort and dedication to meet in asingle APP the best Heavy Metal rock music. So do not hesitate anylonger, download and enjoy it!
Vallenato Music 1.3 APK
The best free vallenato songs transmitted from different cities inColombia and countries that spread the vallenato genre. You canlisten to vallenato music free of artists and musical groups in themost representative sub-genres of vallenato such as: romanticvallenato, traditional or folkloric vallenato music, commercialvallenato, vallenato fusion, vallenatos old and vallenatos newwave. With the best successes in new 2017 vallenatos and classicvallenatos.The radio stations that you will find in this App arespecialized in transmitting vallenato songs. In them you can listento the best of vallenato and the new successes vallenatos free2017.Here you can listen to the most representative Vallenata musicsingers as the following Colombian vallenato artists: DiomedesDiaz, Rafael Orozco, los inquietos del Vallenato, Binomio de Oro deAmerica, los Diablitos del Vallenato, Gigantes del Vallenato,Miguel Morales, Luis Mateus, los Chiches Vallenatos, Farid Ortiz,Ivan Villazon, los Hermanos Zuleta, Las Musas del Vallenato, losEmbajadores Vallenatos, Alfredo Gutierrez, Poncho Zuleta, CarlosVives, Jorge Oñate, Kaleth Morales, Silvestre Dangond, PeterManjarres, Jorge Celedon, Jean Carlos Centeno, Pipe Pelaez, BetoZabaleta, Adanies Diaz, Silvio Brito, Otto Serge, Alex Manga,Martin Elias, Luifer Cuello, as well as less commercial vallenatomusic singers.If you are looking for radio stations to listen tovallenato music, we recommend: 123Vallenato, Cacica Stereo, RadioFundingue.com, La Reina Cartagena 95.5, La Reina Barranquilla 98.6,Radio Guatapuri, Radio Vallenato FM, Vallenato Ventiao, PlanetaVallenato Radio, Vallenato Internacional, La Vallenata station,Zulia Vallenata, Sentimientos Vallenatos, La Poderosa Online RadioVallenato, VALLENATO.FM, VALLENATEANDO.COM, La Vallenata USA, LaVallenata and Oyelo. Vallenata radios dedicated to Vallenatos songsin their entirety.We added some radios that apart from transmit mixfree vallenatos and romantic vallenatos as their highest priority,also include songs in other genres of varied music such as tropicaland pop music, among the most important we have: Arjona Stereo,Viva 88.1 and Baranoa Ciber Stereo.If you are a fan of oldvallenatos and vallenato classics, you can not stop listening toSabrosaZa and Kolombia Estereo Vallenata where most of theirprogramming is oriented to old vallenato music and classicvallenatos with greater participation of the classics of the 80'sand 90's and the most listened to artists such as Diomedes Diaz,Rafael Orozco, Alfredo Gutierrez, Carlos Vives, Binomio de Oro deAmerica, Los Diablitos, Los Hermanos Zuleta and many more.ForDiomedes Diaz vallenato music lovers we have a space dedicatedexclusively to him, where you can listen to all his vallenato songsincluding his old vallenatos and new vallenatos, so if you are afan of the singer Diomedes Diaz we recommend listening to DiomedesDiaz Radio.An ideal place for those in love with romantic vallenatomusic where you can find plenty of vallenato love songs to devote,romantic vallenatos music of artists like Silvestre Dangond,Diomedes Diaz, Rafael Orozco, Pipe Pelaez, Jean Carlos Centeno,Binomio de Oro, Diablitos, Nelson Velasquez, Embrujo Vallenato,Alex Duarte, Los Gigantes del Vallenato, Ivan Villazon, MiguelMorales, Chiches del Vallenato, Los Inquietos del Vallenato, LuisMateus and many more. The best of the romantic vallenato genre canbe found at: 123 Vallenato Radio, Cacica Stereo, RadioFundingue.com, La Reina, Vallenato FM, Vallenato Ventiao, PlanetaVallenato Radio and Vallenato International, only free vallenatosmusic.We have made our best effort to gather you in an App the bestof Colombian vallenato, musical genre of the Colombian Caribbeancoast. So do not hesitate, download it and enjoy it!
Musica Llanera Radios 1.1 APK
Colección con emisoras de radio de musica llanera en vivo paraescuchar online gratis.Estaciones de radios especializadas en elgénero llanero con diferente tipo de programación entre la quepodrás encontrar: música llanera venezolana y colombiana, temasmusicales de diferentes artistas y cantantes del género, joropollanero, música llanera cristiana y música llanera instrumental,todo ello en sus diferentes ritos o divisiones como: contrapunteo,pasaje, golpe llanero, tonada o copla.Estas emisiones de radios delgénero llanero transmiten lo mejor del folclor musical autóctono delos llanos venezolanos y colombianos. ¡Disfrútala!Collectionllanera radio stations live music to listen for freeonline.Stations specialized radios in the burrowing genre withdifferent type of programming between you will find: Venezuelan andColombian llanera music, songs from different artists and singersof the genre, burrowing joropo, Christian llanera music andinstrumental music llanera, all in their different rites ordivisions as contrapunteo, passage, burrowing blow, tune orsong.These emissions gender burrowing radios transmit the best ofindigenous musical folklore of the Venezuelan and Colombian plains.Enjoy it!