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Prepare for the war in Tank Battle: Army Warfare 3D!Get an armoredtank and destroy all battle enemies, war commander! Completedetailed tutorial and join the war! Try the battle in differentwarfare locations - from European cities to dirty swamps. Be readyfor day and night war adventures. Finish all army missions, thebattle is hard, but you can do it with armored tank. Upgrade thetank to armored war machine to defend from attacks, it helps. Then,find weak places in your enemy's armor and destroy them inrealistic army warfare!Features of Tank Battle: Army Warfare 3D- 3Dgraphics- Many types of armored war tanks- Convenient tankcontrols- Army tank upgrades- Challenging warfare missions- Armoredarmy enemies- Various battle locations- Night war missionsEnjoyrealistic 3D graphics of army battle locations. Try how to drivebig armored tank in warfare. Attack or defend in the battle - dowhatever you want. Hit enemy tanks' tracks, stop their army! Don'tforget to upgrade the battle tank - it is better to be armored whenthe war is coming! Drive the tank in warfare, feel how to be anarmy man. Think about war battle - where to attack, how to moveyour armored tank. Use convenient joystick to control war tanks andfire. Challenge armored battle enemies, smash them down. Exploredifferent army locations - swamps, towns, mountains, win thewarfare everywhere. Your war enemies are strong, but with upgradesyou can fight like a real army hero. Survive against armored wartanks and earn coins in battle. Spend them on new armored tanks andupgrades to win a warfare. Be the best tank commander in the war!Try Tank Battle: Army Warfare 3D right now, army needs your armoredbeast!

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    Tank Battle: Army Warfare 3D
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    June 24, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Game Mavericks
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    Bolshevistskaya, 101 Novosibirsk, Russia
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