1.0.1 / February 7, 2014
(3.8/5) (14964)


Tank Perak 3D is a full of a fierce battlescreen new realistic 3D tank combat game, with hot and realisticbattlefield and unique game features. In the game, you as a driverto manipulate the Tigers tank to destroy wave after wave of enemyattack, fight for final victory to set foot on the peak of honor.3D screen, slide mobile phone touch screen, by clicking on thescreen shot. Unlimited game levels and integral ranking.

App Information Tank Perak 3D

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    Tank Perak 3D
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    February 7, 2014
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    Android 2.0.1 and up
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    1,000,000 - 5,000,000
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Sea Battle 3DDecember 7, 1941 morning, the Japanese Imperial Navy over 400aircraft suddenly attacked the U.S. naval base at PearlHarbor.At the time of this national crisis of life and death, you, as aman with the blood of American soldiers, to national dignity,safety and honor of the nation's belief in justice, compatriots,please hand clenched hands of the anti-aircraft guns, use youranger to destroy Those shameless invaders now!Games for the (3D)FPS game, simple operation, content-rich, beautiful screen, fiercefighting, in his spare time secretly play a game, will definitelygive you a new feeling, I am sure you will love It is!Game Features:1.Operation is simple: Just keep pressing the F key can not stopfire! .2.Fierce fighting, music Madden, beautiful screen, smoothoperation, a kind of fantasy realism! .3.Random drop props: medical kits such as HP, increasing thegameplay!4.Unlimited Gold: Players can add their own gold coins, buyunlimited ammo!5.Unlimited levels: Allows you always play to have fun!6.Ranking system: the highest score, a single bureau score, destroyenemy quantity!
Tank Perak 3D 1.0.1 APK
Tank Perak 3D is a full of a fierce battlescreen new realistic 3D tank combat game, with hot and realisticbattlefield and unique game features. In the game, you as a driverto manipulate the Tigers tank to destroy wave after wave of enemyattack, fight for final victory to set foot on the peak of honor.3D screen, slide mobile phone touch screen, by clicking on thescreen shot. Unlimited game levels and integral ranking.
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Counter Terrorism Shoot is a new battlefield FPS shooting game.Inthe real battlefield environment, with modern weapons to shoottheenemy. The game has the best shooting effect and advancedradarsystem that will help you find every enemy in the battlefield.Eachscene and situation are different. You should use powerfulanddestructive weapons and guns to kill all terrorist.Terroristinvade your city, you have to destroy all terrorist. Theenemy doesnot know your existence, but when you start shooting. Theenemywill notice your presence. So after you start shooting, keepyourattention, escape the enemy's attack, survive in this war,completethe mission. Enjoy the game to bring you the realexperience.Counter Terrorism Shoot Features: - Real combat effect -Simple andsmooth control - Excellent 3D graphics - amazing musicand soundeffects - all kinds of high quality and advanced weapons-Realistic 3D shooting battlefield environment
Army Frontline Shooting Strike Mission Force 3D 1.1 APK
Sniper is different from the average gunman, you must quietlyfireda gun! When you are ready to open the second shot, then youare afailure! You fall into the heavy siege of terrorists, pick upyourgun to defend the dignity of the sniper! Use superb gun style,killas many enemies! As an elite sniper no matter how hard themissionyou will go and perform well! Use the favorable terrain,afterdefeating a target immediately concealed to other shelters, soasto effectively ensure the safety of your life. Are you willingtobe a savior at a critical moment or a reckless hero? Theperfectreduction of the sniper battle, the most real war scenes,cleverarchitectural layout, enough to show you all thecapabilities! ArmyFrontline Shooting Strike Mission Force 3DFeatures: - real sound -a variety of powerful weapons - Realshooting effect - New gameplay- HD character appearance - Supermany guns - Changing war scenes
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are you ready? In this game, you can pick up your guns tocompleteall kinds of thrilling actions. This game has a variety ofrealmaps and powerful weapons that can keep you in love with thisgameand addicted to play for hours. Continue to shoot, completeavariety of missions. In this different action shooting game,youare the best fighter, is the hero on the battlefield. As awarriorof the elite commando, you kill terrorists through variousmeans,save every major city and win this war. You fight indifferentareas of the major cities. All the terrorists in the areahavenoticed you and have launched a violent attack on you, you havetoprotect yourself and destroy all the terrorists as soon aspossibleand complete your mission. After completing the firstexcitingmission, you will enter the next more crazy mission level.Aftercompleting the mission, you will receive the gold coin as areward.Use gold coins, you can buy new guns and some otherequipment. Usethese equipment you can more quickly kill the enemy,complete themission. Deep into the enemy control area, fire to killterrorists.In different areas of anti-terrorism operations to showyour superbshooting ability to complete the difficult mission. SWATShooterFeatures: - First Person FPS Game - stunning 3D graphics-Experience the real battlefield - a variety of advancedandpowerful weapons - many challenging missions - Shocked musicandsound effects - addictive game - Play anytime, anywhere