1.1 / January 24, 2017
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Tap blaster is an enrapture game. It is a fun tap game to blast theballs into particles. The balls are falling down and you need tothrash them before they hit the bottom. Test your speed andaccuracy to touch the particles by bashing them. Catch theDifferent hues keep taping them to make a high score. Now it timeto challenge your friend with a massive high score.

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    Tap Blaster
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    January 24, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Tap Blaster 1.1 APK
Tap blaster is an enrapture game. It is a fun tap game to blast theballs into particles. The balls are falling down and you need tothrash them before they hit the bottom. Test your speed andaccuracy to touch the particles by bashing them. Catch theDifferent hues keep taping them to make a high score. Now it timeto challenge your friend with a massive high score.
Galaxy Space-Shooter 2D 1.0 APK
Galaxy Space Shooter is for those who likes sky shooting andsurvival games. The game Contains Asteroids that need to be thrashotherwise they will destroy your planet. Our plane have to face alot more projectiles or enemy asteroids. We have to survive thealien attack. The sky is full of aliensshooter. The whole universeis attacked by galaxy aliens. Galaxy attack had done by the alienplanets. It is pure arcade shooting game as an arcade shooter ishere to defend counter attack by strike. It is the best amonggalaxy games, sky games, alien games and attack games. The game iscompletely endless shooter. Your space fighter is ready to shoot emup the other’s sky force. A heavy force is marching on endless skyand they are ready for space attack. Your jet is full of bullethell for striking the air attack. Plane is based on run and gun.Not any time required for reloading. Your sky is slam jam and youhave space craft because your galaxy on fire. Touch the screen tomove you plane to avoid and blast these enemies . This is morechallenging for you as you are the protector of your Planet. Blastas much as you can to earn more score . So get ready to have somefun with that addictive game and challenge your friends .
Deer Hunting Crossing Sniper shooting 1.0 APK
If you are in love with hunting games and searching for someentertaining and mind captivating hunting games, Deer HuntingCrossing Sniper shooting will fulfill your desire. Deer HuntingCrossing Sniper shooting is an amazing game with HD graphics and 3Dgameplay.While playing Deer Hunting Crossing Sniper shooting gameyou can feel the environment of a jungle with thick trees aroundyou. You will act as a professional hunter and have to hunt deer tocomplete different levels of the game. Deer Hunting Crossing Snipershooting game has unlimited levels that will keep the charm of thegame undying for you.Amazing HD and 3D graphics of thick and darkforest with realistic looking deer will keep the feel of being ahunter real. To make the experience of hunting more real andcaptivating you will have multiple tools to help you. On the topleft side of the screen, you will have a map that will allow you tokeep a track of not only your own location but also about deer inthe jungle. There is a scope for the gun which will allow you tokeep a focus and have a right aim on the deer. In order to moveeasily in the thick and dark jungle, you will be provided with leftarrow to move left and right to move right. Forward and backwardmovement will be a top and down arrows.In each level of the game,you will have different missions that you will have to complete inorder to move on to next level. Jungles are full of differentanimals, you might come across other animals as well such as lions,wolves, elephants etc, but you have to keep a track and focus ondeer, as your mission is to hunt deer. I order to complete amission you will have to use your tools such as gun, scope and mapcarefully to hunt the deer. You will have a number of weaponoptions given in ultimate deer hunting game such as revolvers,snipers, rifles, hand guns etc that you can choose according tochoice and need. In case you lose the mission of hunting the numberof deer, you will have to restart the level and play itagain.Features of the Game:1. Amazing HD gameplay.2. Wonderful 3Dgraphics to keep the environment realistic.3. Different types ofguns to use while hunting.4. A scope to keep the aim steady andcorrect.5. A map of the jungle to keep track of deer and also havea track of your own location.6. Right, left, forward and backwardarrows to move in the thick and dark jungle swiftly.7. Fascinatingbackground music to keep up the thrill of hunting and being ahunter.8. Deer Hunting Crossing Sniper shooting is a completelyfree game, available on Google play store.How to Play:• Locate adeer in the jungle using a map.• Swiftly and slowly move towardsthe deer using arrows on the left bottom of the screen.• Take anaim of the deer, use your scope to keep a correct and right aim onthe deer and shoot.Feel free to give us your suggestions on (emailaddress) and make us improve our efforts.
Super Survival Run 3d 1.0 APK
Are u sure you are lover of a survival game? Or maybe you are ableto survive the difficult tracks. Then be ready to spend some timewith super survival run. You start the game on a fixed camera butafter dodging the obstacles you reached at a point where the camerarotate on different angles.It is Endless adventure, addictive andfull of fun run game. Many troubles have to face in this game foryour player. This is free run game. The game theme is that theplayer is running in super ocean world.Your mission is to dodge thewood logs by taping on the screen. There are different obstaclesthat you need to be avoided for example trees, wooden boxes, andfilled canes. Survive yourself as much as you can by clicking onthe screen for high score.Be careful while playing because at startthe track is long enough that you can survive easily but later asyour score increases the track shrink down. And so there is lessopportunity to dodge the coming barrier.This is the best survivaldodge game because it has unique concept. Your character is movingon the track and he is trapped in ocean and there is no way toescape from there so the only thing is to keep running right andleft so that not any hurdle touch you. If any hurdle touched you oryou were unable to run back in opposite direction then you willfell into the water.The man is in totally trouble and there is onlyone thing for what he is wondering and that is berries. Yourcharacter is crazy enough that he risks his life just to tastedelicious berries. Collect as much as you can because on each berryyou get an extra point. Eat as much fruit as you can to collectbonus points. It is an offline game. The survival guide for thisgame is to avoid outdoor wilderness. It is a challenging survivalgame if you love survival strategy games. Your player simulationsare smooth. Rebuild your stamina to fiz your character. There isnot any shelter so run keeper is the solution. It is best among funrunning games and 3d running game.Run as much as you can How toplay:-Try to prevent every hurdle.-Touch the screen by multi touchto control your character.-Tap to change the direction ofplayer.-Spend more time to make more score.-Collect berries to forextra points.