1.1 / August 23, 2017
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Test Your speed and Focus!!!! Let's Play TAP TO MATCH Game.Tap ToMatch is an arcade game to match the shape with correspondingmoving shapes.Tap To Match game contains easy and simple game playwith adaptive speed. In this Tap To Match game we need to match theshapes with the moving shapes.Here in this Tap To Match game youcan tap any where on the screen to change the present shape in thecenter of the screen.You need to be aware of wrong shapes.You cancompete with the other players in the world. This Tap To Match gamewill test your focus against speed.

App Information Tap To Match

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    Tap To Match
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    August 23, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Q360 Media
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    Quinces 360 Media LLP Plot 1 & 2, Hill 2, Rushikonda IT park Visakhapatnam - 530045, Andhra Pradesh India
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Pin Color is a very addictive, funny and simple arcade game. Justlike normal AA game, here you need to tap on the screen to launch aball and try to avoid colliding the other balls. Pin Color is Justlike normal AA game with colors added to make extreme fun in thegame where you need to target them to the corresponding color towin.To complete the level all the pins should pin successfully.Different modes of gameplay will challenge you.Normal Mode :- inthis Pin Color mode, you can as much time you can to pin all thepinsTimer Mode :- Here in this Pin Color mode, you need to pin allthe pins against the timer.How to play :- Tap on the screen tolaunch pin on to the color wheel.- Never launch on another ball.-never launch on the wrong color.- Need to pin all the pins tocomplete levelFeatures :- Just like AA game with colors added tomake this game more exciting.- Different modes of gameplay willchallenge you.More levels will be added soon, stay tuned!!!