1.0 / September 23, 2015
(5.0/5) (9)


• TAP TOO KİLL a X• KNİFE• X KNİFE• XX KNİFE• Unlock New Weapons•Kill too X• Win To save the day• No Ads• Completely Free• AGAOGLUSOFT

App Information Tap to X

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    Tap to X
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    September 23, 2015
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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    K.Kayaş Mahallesi Şehif Hanifi Mutlu Caddesi 52/B Mamak Ankara
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Horsy Corsy 1.0.3 APK
Steer Horsy Corsy to eat foods! However, if you drink the bottleaccidentally,Horsy Corsy's head starts to spin. Also you should eatfoods before Terriby Spidey store them!- If you cannot eat foodsfor a long time,Horsy Corsy would be starving.- If you drink abottle, Horsy Corsy are confused.- Hamburger's value is 5 points,Ice Cream's is 3 points and Waffle's is 1 point. You must havehighest score! - When one of foods appears, Terriby Spidey gonnatry to hide it.- High quality textures and music!- Have fun!
Car Drive: Audi Avus 3.0 APK
C Drive Audi Avus " the most realistic driving simulation on GooglePlay !!Are you ready to test your driving skills? Download now!nowa lot of fun with a single mode. Free roam mode.********************************************************************************HOWTO PLAY? Gas in the car on the move goes beyond winding roads andhard on you if you do not have an accident. That's why more and gasfrom the gas should be installed together in your hand you can slowdown a pull brakesFEATURES- Realistic car physics and environment-3 different control options- Different camera angles and internaldriving pleasure- Audi Avus- Traffic closed area- Realistic greatutopiamap********************************************************************************
Tap to X 1.0 APK
• TAP TOO KİLL a X• KNİFE• X KNİFE• XX KNİFE• Unlock New Weapons•Kill too X• Win To save the day• No Ads• Completely Free• AGAOGLUSOFT
Handgun Shoot 3D 2.0 APK
A target shooter game for Android. Hit all targets with gun!Thereis a spesific time for every single target.Finish all levels pieceby piece.Discover new guns!- All-new-different 4 guns.- UsesGryoscope with full function.- Bullet backtab.- Real-time bulletspeed.- Great physics.
Funnel Warriors 1.0.8 APK
This is a war game. You can choose a characterin 9 all different characters.And this release is an Early Access - %50 Sale !- You should damage the enemies most.- You should be at least the person who died.- Collect all weapons.==> Weapon Types1 - Rocket : It can go far until explode.2 - Bomb : It won't explode for first 5 seconds ever since youused.3 - Bullet : It won't explode. It will just damage.4 - Speedster : It can boost your or enemies' speed.==> Characters1 - Black Spider : It has 2x speed and 1x stamina.2 - Balba : It has 2x speed and 5x stamina.3 - Rabbit : It has 2.5x speed and 2x stamina.4 - Alien : It has 2.5x speed and 4x stamina.5 - Green Spider : It has 3.5x speed and 2.5x stamina.6 - Butterfly : It has 5x speed and 0.5x stamina.7 - Skeleton : It has 1.5x speed and 2x stamina.8 - Horse : It has 2x speed and 2x stamina.9 - Brontosaurus : Locked for Early Access.
Not Another Taxi Simulator 2.0.3 APK
All we know that you love driving cars. Especially if you are doingit for money (or in this case for coin). If the dream is livinglike a taxi driver, you are in right place. Don't worry, you don'thave to feed yourself, you should feed just your car. Try tosatisfy customer for more tips. We have 4 cars in garage for you. Arubbish truck, a minivan, a regular taxi and a hatchback car. Youwill survive with all cars - with from slowest until fastest.Because you have borned to SURVIVE!
War of Hunger 4.0.6 APK
Help this cute things to eat the eggs! However,you should eat eggsbefore evil- Red Stone Frog store them!- If you cannot eat eggs for5 times, you will lose.- You must have highest score! - When one ofeggs appears, evil- Red Stone Frog gonna try to hide it.- If youhit obstacles, you will die.- High quality textures and music!-Funny 4 levels!Character Options :- Blue Stone Frog- Sara Becky-Butterfly- Horsy Corsy- the Skeleton
Baykuş - Psikolojik Danışman 0.0.2 APK
Büyük Sıkıntılarınız var ama Derdinize bakacak kimse yok mu? İstergece olsun ister gündüz,Sorunlarınızı ve Kişisel Bilgileriniztelefonunuz ile yazıp Gönderin, BayKuş Psikolojik Danışmanları,size özel yorumlasın. * Baykuş - Psikolojik Danışman'ında arkadaşolan ALEX Jr. ve AMANDA Tyson ile tanışın! Aşk, ikili ilişkiler veaile hayatı konularında uzman AMANDA Tyson ve arkadaşlıklar, işhayatı ve maddi geleceğin ile ilgili yorumları ile ALEX Jr.Sorunlarınızı bekliyor.*YAKINDA ! Danışman FERNARDO Taş iletanışın! Daha detaylı ve uzun yorumlar isteyen kullanıcılarımıziçin Danışman FERNARDO tüm yeteneğini konuşturuyor. Bir sorun yazınve gerisini FERNARDO Taş'a bırakın.*YAKINDA ! Facebook hesabınızile giriş yapın, CEVAPLAR e-posta adresinize de gelsin! İster postakutunuzda saklayın, ister arkadaşlarınıza gönderin.Özellikler:-Gönderdiğiniz SORUNLAR binlerce şekilde ve düzende incelenir. -Kendinizle ilgili verdiğiniz bilgiler doğrultusunda size veyaşınıza özel olarak yorumlanır. - Yorumlanan Sorunlar Cevaplarıile birlikte telefonunuzda saklar. - YAKINDA ! Baykuş - PsikolojikDanışman sizi unutmaz, bilgilerinizi tekrar girmemeniz içinhatırlar. - YAKINDA !Facebook ile giriş yaparak tüm cihazlarınızdanfallarınıza ulaşırsınız.SORUNLAR VE DERTLER çözümlü ve umutvericidir!Baykuş - Psikolojik Danışman'larının ve FERNARDO'nun sizeözel yorumları ile hem heyecanlanacak hem de eğlenceli dakikalargeçireceksiniz.Do you have great distress, but no one will see yourtroubles? Whether it's night and day, and your problem is yourPersonal Information Posted by typing your phone, owls Counselorsare, you're special reviews.* Owls - who befriends the CounselorALEX Jr. AMANDA and meet with Tyson! Love, bilateral relations andissues of family life specialist AMANDA Tyson and friendships, workand ALEXA comments regarding the future financial Jr. Awaitingproblem.*SOON ! Introducing the Agent FERNARDO Stone! More detailedand lengthy reviews FERNARDO Advisor is the ability for users whowant all konuşturuy. Write a problem and leave the rest to FERNARDOStone.*SOON ! Sign in with your Facebook account, reply to youre-mail address and you come! Keep it in your mailbox, you want tosend to your friends.Features:- Send you PROBLEMS studied inthousands of shapes and layout.- Based on the information youprovide about yourself and your age you will be interpreted asspecial.- Commented stores Answers Problems with your phone.- SOON! Owl - Counselors will not forget you, you will remember to enteryour information again.- COMING SOON! You can get your fortunesfrom all your devices by logging in with Facebook.ISSUES ANDPROBLEMS are parsed and is promising! Owl - Counselors and you willbe thrilled with both fernardo's specific comments will spend bothentertaining moments.