1.12 / September 5, 2016
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Rule of this game...Please destroy a target by speed of yourlimit.that's all.The score is connected with the world.Please fighta friend of the world.

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    September 5, 2016
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こねこといっしょ 1.4 APK
ある日、ニートのあなたはお散歩に出かけた先で子猫を拾いました。 すると、なんと拾った子猫は猫耳の生えた女の子に変身!ニートのあなたは、養う為にお仕事を始め、この子を養う事を決心します。お仕事をして、お金を貯め、子猫の親愛度を上げ、時には戦いましょう! 少し人見知りで大人しい子猫「しろろ」ちょっぴり大人なお嬢様子猫「クロエ」 とても元気なおてんば子猫「チャチャ」 ゲームを進めると隠し子猫も...?好きな子猫をお迎えしてね! とんでもない速さで子猫が強くなる!? 放置系育成RPG、こねこといっしょ。 ぜひ一度遊んでみてください。このアプリの開発者は、安心・安全なアプリの開発者であるとしてアンドロイダーの公認デベロッパーに認証されています。https://androider.jp/developer/2242814c517ee86d690502d914f05829/
キングオブバーコード ~最強のバーコードを見つけよう~ 1.1.0 APK
読み取ったバーコードからキャラクターを自動生成! 何が出るかはお楽しみ?あんなバーコードやこんなバーコードから、意外なキャラクターが出てくるかも!?そして読み取ったキャラクターは全国のみんなのバーコードと対戦可能!! 最強のバーコードを見つけて、バーコードの王となれ!!●バーコードの読み取り バーコードをカメラで読み取って、瞬時にあなただけのキャラクターを生成します!もちろん、カメラがない機種を使ってる人でも、バーコードを手入力するだけで遊べるよ! ●全国対戦バーコードを読み取ったら、早速全国のみんなと戦ってみよう。 誰でもすぐに遊べるオート対戦。純粋にバーコードの強さで勝負だ!もし負けちゃったら...もっと強いバーコードを見つけてリベンジ!! ●フレンド対戦お友達がこのゲームを遊んでいれば、お友達のバーコードと勝負も可能! お友達のなかで一番強いバーコードを見つけたのは誰かな?●ランキング このゲーム独自のランキングシステムを採用! 世界最強のバーコードを見つけたのは誰かな? ●放置してても楽しめる!ゲームを起動していなくても、誰かが自分のバーコードと戦えば、 どんどん戦績が溜まっていくよ!だから、強いバーコードを見つけて後は放置...でも全然OK! Automatically generate a characterfrom the bar code read! What comes out or enjoy for? From Anna barcode and these bar code, it is surprising character comes out! ?And read characters can play against all of the bar code of thewhole country! ! Find the strongest of the bar code, become theking of the bar code! ! ● reading of the bar code It reads the barcode with the camera, to generate your own character in an instant!Of course, even in people who are using the camera there is nomodel, play with the bar code only manually input! ● nationalcompetition After reading the bar code, let's immediately fightingwith everyone across the country. Anyone soon play auto-play. Wecompete on the strength of the purely bar code! If you wait toolong and lose if ... revenge to find a more strong bar code! ! ●Friends play If your friend is long playing this game, you can alsocompete with the bar code of your friends! Who Kana found astrongest bar code among your friends? ● rankings This game uses aunique ranking system! Who Kana found a world's strongest bar code?● enjoy even if allowed to stand! Even if you do not start thegame, if fight someone with their own bar code, More and more willaccumulate KOs! So, later found a strong bar code is left ... butnot at all OK!
人間メトロノーム あなたは正確にリズムを刻むことが出来ますか 1.02 APK
あなたは一定のリズムを刻み続けることが出来ますか?プレイするBPMを選択し、最初の音を手掛かりに後は一定間隔で画面をタップ。超辛口な判定に、あなたは30秒間耐えきれますか?ランキングで、あなたのリズム感がどの位優れているかもチェック。超シンプルな激ムズリズムゲーム、人間メトロノーム。Can you continue to tick a certainrhythm?Select the BPM to play, after the first sound clue tap thescreen at regular intervals.The ultra-dry decision, do you endurefor 30 seconds?In the rankings, also checks your sense of rhythm ishow much better. Super simple super James rhythm game, thehuman metronome.
971 KunaiKunoichi BirdShoot 1.21 APK
Throw KunaiShuriken in tap, please shoot downthe other side of the bird.With ranking and share function.You can compete with friends aroundthe world.Ninja shooting game.*** Please when this! ***・To pass the time in the train.・A little killing time of meeting with friends.・To kill time until arrive from order the rice in the shop.・To accompany when you are working hard in the toilet.・When easily you want to compete on friends and games.・When you want to check compatibility by tapping alternately andgirls anxious.・When you want to exercise the patience and concentration.・When you want to be a game of Top Ranker is because anythinggood.・When you want to get frustrated with crappy game.・When you want the game to be able to boast a score tosomeone.・The guy that disgusting when you want as shooting it to resemble abird.・For a large number of threats looming, when you want to be cool tobe able to deal.・When you want to put birds twitter as BGM.・Schedule management of time that was available only a little in aday, to make up.・When you want to train the brain and ears and eyes and a finger atthe same time.・When it was no longer to do with company.・When you want to ambiguity care during non smoking.・When you want to play this broad one person alive in the world hascreated games.・You are too tap the smartphone, when you want to shorten the lifeof the smartphone.・When it is no longer suppressed the desire that you want totap.・When you want to waste to use a portion of the superabundantlife.・When you want a handy communication tool as a member ofsociety.・It has a generous heart, when you would like to gently can behuman in all of human.・When you want to install to see the ad in the game.・When feel free to want to fight with the world.・When you want to let throw the KunaiShuriken to ninja.・Since unbearable is less likely to birds less likely when you wantto disinfect anyway.・Since the installation it previously has not been at all, when youwant to install it because it is poor.・When you want to stop human.・When you want to become a presence beyond the human knowledge thattranscends all.
TapTapBreak 1.12 APK
Rule of this game...Please destroy a target by speed of yourlimit.that's all.The score is connected with the world.Please fighta friend of the world.
6x6 Six by Six 1.21 APK
I will explain how to play this game.Please move one piece andarrange it beautifully.that's all.
CoinExchangeRealtimeViewer 1.1.0 APK
This is an application to acquire the information of coinexchangein real time, graph it and display it.Things to do inthisapplication· Graph of coin price· Visualization oforderinformation· Search for stocks· Quick access· List of stocksbeingbrowsedI wish you good luck.*This application is anapplicationcreated by an individual who has nothing to dowithcoinexchange.io.
ノラネコ戦車Online 1.0.4 APK
かわいいノラネコ戦車達が無人島で縄張り争い!木箱を壊してアイテムを拾い、ノラネコ戦車をどんどん強化して無人島の王者になろう!操作が不安?シューティングゲームは苦手?でも簡単操作でシステムがわかりやすいノラネコ戦車なら大丈夫!ゲームを始めると必ず広めの安全地帯からスタートするので、思う存分操作になれてからみんなと遊びはじめよう。1プレイあたりの時間制限がない新しいルームシステムを採用し、いつでも参加&退出が可能だから、いつでも遊べる、いつまでも遊べる。待ち時間にサクッと遊んだり、休日にガッツリ遊んだりとどっちでもOK!とりあえずインストールしておいて、気が向いたら皆と一緒ににゃんにゃんしよ♪★どんなゲーム?ノラネコ戦車を操作して、他のノラネコ戦車を倒すオンラインTPSシューティングゲーム!木箱を壊してアイテムを集め、ノラネコ戦車をどんどん強化して、自慢のショットでみんなを倒しちゃえ。最大16人でワイワイ遊べる、簡単操作でだれでもオッケー!もちろん全て完全無料で楽しめます。★いつでもチャットでお話し待ち合いロビーやゲームルーム内ではなんとチャットで他のノラネコ戦車とお話しもできちゃう。戦略やお昼ご飯や、はたまたおすすめの猫缶や...プレイしながら、好きなことは何でもお話しちゃおう!★お友達とだけでも遊べるゲームルームシステムを採用しているため、パスワード機能を使えばお友達だけで遊ぶことも。ルールを決めて盛り上がろう!★嬉しい低通信量独自の通信最適化技術によって、リアルタイムのオンラインゲームなのに、なんと16人でみっちり一時間遊んでもわずか10MB程度の超低通信量で、ギガも気にせず遊べちゃう!(おおよそ高画質写真数枚をインターネットで表示する程度の通信量)★ランキング機能搭載レートとキル数それぞれのランキングももちろん搭載。世界一のノラネコ戦車になれるかな?※3Dアクションシューティングゲームのため、できる限り高性能な端末でお楽しみ下さい。2013年製の高性能スマートフォンで動作確認済み。※リアルタイムオンラインゲームの為、通信環境の良い所でお楽しみ下さい。Cute Noraniko tanks fightterritories on uninhabited islands!Collect the items by breakingthe wooden box, strengthen theNoraneko tanks steadily and becomethe champion of the uninhabitedisland! Is the operation uneasy?Shoing game is not good? But it isOK if the Noraneko tank whicheasy to understand system is easy tounderstand! Since I alwaysstart from a wider safe area when I startthe game, Let's startplaying with everyone after getting into theoperation to theutmost. Adopting a new room system with no timelimit per play, youcan join & leave at any time, You can playanytime, you canplay forever. Whichever you like playing with acranky waitingtime, playing Gatsuri on a holiday! For now, installit, if youfeel like going to Nyan everyone together ♪ ★ What kindof game? Anonline TPS shooting game that knocks out other Noranekotanks bymanipulating Noraneko tanks! Collect the items by breakingthewooden box, strengthen the Noraneko tank quickly anddefeateveryone with a shot of the brag. Easy to operate with anyoneup to16 people, okay! Of course all can be enjoyed completely free.★Talk on chat at any time In the waiting lobby and the game roomIcan talk with other Noraneko tanks by how chat. Strategiesandlunch, or cats recommended or recommended ... While playing,let'stalk about whatever you like! ★ You can just play with yourfriendsBecause it adopts game room system, you can also play alonewithyour friends if you use password function. Let's have rulesanddecide! ★ Nice low traffic Through its proprietarycommunicationoptimization technology, even 16 hours of playing forone hour evenif it is real time online game, it will be able toplay withoutworrying about giga with an ultra-low traffic volume ofonly 10 MBeven if you play for one hour! (Approximate amount ofcommunicationthat displays several high-quality pictures on theInternet) ★Equipped with ranking function Of course, each rankingof rate andkill number is also installed. I wonder if I can becomethe world'sNo. 1 Noraneko tank? ※ For 3D action shooting game,please enjoywith as high performance terminal as possible. It hasbeenconfirmed with a high-performance smartphone made in 2013. ※Forreal-time online games, please enjoy it in a goodcommunicationenvironment.