1.0 / March 17, 2017
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What is Target Zombie : Shoot To kill 3D game is all about? (DeadMan Walking)It happened when the city in infected with the virusand the dead bodies shaped up of Zombies, zombies first recorded in1819 in Brazil “Zombi”.Zombies most commonly found in horror andfantasy genre work. Zombie Dead Body reanimated through variousmethods, most commonly magic.It’s a game of shooting where a gameplayer goes in the city to rescue the human beings citizens fromthe dead peoples. The zombies on road trip come with many forms andability and some look like crazy terminator which hunts you downsome are extremely danger with sick virus its player mind how toshoot them some time head shoot does not work.Think before shoot ifyou fail you will be among dead man walking.When your home town inoverrun by the zombies the only option left is to load your gunsand enter the city as a CS officer or to leave the town if you canfind the way to escape.As there is no Escape.In the game features;You will find • Gun with endless bullets• Zombies with variouscategories• Map pointed zombies• Escape plan• ScaredenvironmentPlease give us some support by good rating &positive reviews on google play and check updates please Visit usWebsite: www.gamextudios.comFacebook: www.facebook.com/gamextudios

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    Target Zombie: Shoot to Kill
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    March 17, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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What’s in Us Army Mission Cargo as Us Army Cargo Driver?Begin amilitary truck driver you have to put your driving skills andprepare yourself for a dangerous ride on mountains, forest, desertand off road track.US Army Mission Cargo Truck Duty simulation gamenever going to be boring to you and your friends. You can hire armytruck driver. Army Hill Cargo Truck track is an exciting andrealistic army truck military transport game.In this army checkpost truck 3d game you have to transport army tanks, jeeps, bus anddrive off road Army Truck carefully and take the load towards thearmy base camp. US Army Cargo truck simulator Army driver will haveto clear security check posts to reach the army base camp in VRArmy Truck Driver transport games. When you will reach to the armybase camp you have to unload the trucks, big tanks and militaryforce. With snow truck driving or army truck driver cargo 3d youneed to transport cargo filled with things that are necessary forthe battle areas, and in military use in latest army transportgames.Army Truck Military Transport Game Mission:Soldiers are forthe battlefields. They have enough time to reach army check post.In this military truck driving game your aim is to drive a realarmy truck and help commando’s to fulfill their mission. Your mainrole is to pick & drop them to the army check post from thearmy base camp. An adventure drive will start whenever you willstart army truck monster. Tap button to speed and get ready forthrill of mountain truck driving & forest truck driving. Drivearound the forest, desert, jungle, mountain is not easy. Being asoldier truck driver you have to put your driving skills.CommandoTruck Driver Game Environments:In this game there many realisticenvironments like mountains, hills, forest, snow, desert, jungle,all are 3d environments. You have to prepare yourself as US ArmyTruck Driver for a battle war. Army Truck Driver Cargo Duty gameLevels:We designed more than 10 different missions for you. In eachlevel there are different challenging mission levels for you. Thecontrols of Army Cargo Truck such as brake, steering, accelerationand wheel is realistic and smooth with different camera angles.When war start it’s your duty to drive army war truck driver andpick and drop military force to their destination in mission.Playing as pk army truck driver is a hard missions. You have tocomplete missions within a limited time.How to Play duty drivertruck, cargo tank, army bus driver duty Game- you can selectlevels- acceleration for speed- brake for stop- Move left and rightyou can select both button and stearing Please give us some supportby good rating & positive reviews on google play and checkupdates please Visit us Website: www.gamextudios.comFacebook:www.facebook.com/gamextudios