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Tariq Kundan uses his skill to providevendorsand purchasers professional service and advice. Tariq hasachievedInternational Elite Status which is the highest levelofachievement in his previous company which shows his level ofskilland commitment to getting results for clients.

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Ippraisal 4.0 APK
Australia's Most Convenient PropertyAppraisal.Property Sales and Rental Appraisal Service.
Tony Illing Auctions 5.0 APK
Tony is a licensed Real Estate Agent andexperienced Auctioneer in both Queensland and NSW. He is also anationally recognised Trainer and Assessor. Working with bothindependent and franchise agencies, Tony has developed a reputationfor his professionalism, excellent negotiation skills and hisnever-give-up attitude. As a specialised property auctioneer, he isperfectly placed to auction your residential, commercial orlifestyle/rural property. He believes that the auction process issimply about bringing together a buyer and a seller, thennegotiating the best possible outcome. Working as a cohesive team,led by a professional auctioneer will ensure your auctions are asuccess and improve the profile and reputation of youragency.
Tariq Kundan APK
Tariq Kundan uses his skill to providevendorsand purchasers professional service and advice. Tariq hasachievedInternational Elite Status which is the highest levelofachievement in his previous company which shows his level ofskilland commitment to getting results for clients.
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Realworx Marketing Business Card.Realworx offers lead generation through telemarketing, webdesignand mobile marketing.
Vickie Trinder 1.3 APK
In the Logan & South Brisbane real estatemarket, the name Vickie Trinder has become synonymous with honesty,integrity and an unparalleled commitment to her clients.Behind Vickie’s standout performance is a reputation for deliveringto expectations spanning almost two decades. “When a promise ismade, a promise is kept, that’s my personal mantra” it’s thismantra that has seen Vickie recognised as a reputable businessowner throughout the district who is respected by clients and theenvy of her industry peers.Of all the accolades and industry recognition Vickie is most proudof receiving the Quest Albert and Logan Business Achievers Award.“This award was so special to me because it wasn’t about financialgain, or numbers and figures, it was about being recognised by thecommunity as a community-minded business operator, and that hasreal meaning for me.” Having intimate knowledge of the communityhas been the secret to my success, knowing realistically what themarket is ready for has been prudent over the years.Vickie and Harcourts Rochedale are not only a dependable realestate name within the local area, but are recognised nationallywith award winning systems and procedures enabling results thatmatter to property owners such as lowest days on market, lowestrental arrears, highest sales & rental conversions with fairerfee structures.Vickie and the Harcourts team are the genuine article, unlike manyothers in the industry their experience is not substituted withdeception and false promises. At Harcourts Rochedale our focus ison you, our client. We invite you to come on-board, and allow usthe opportunity to demonstrate how hassle-free and enjoyable yourreal estate experience can be.
Geoff Grist 3.0 APK
Geoff Grist is the real estate agentsellingfor motivated vendors with high standards in the MosmanNeutral Bayarea and he is known for achieving results by havinghomes SOLDabove market.
Leanne Roulston 4.0 APK
As a successful businesswoman and mother oftwowith a fervent passion for fitness and sports and anextensivebackground as a personal trainer and bodybuildingcompetitor, itwould be no exaggeration to describe Leanne asenergetic, drivenand focused. That she maintains high levels ofmotivation andenthusiasm is evident from the first time you meether, and shechannels the same determination and commitment that shehas devotedto her sporting and leisure pursuits into helping peopleachievetheir real estate goals and dreams.Naturally an outstanding achiever with an accompanyingstrongwork ethic, Leanne is highly organised and supremelysystematic.She relishes a challenge and is, in her own words,“stubborn – butin a good way”. This single minded and unwaveringfocus means sheis tenacious and unyielding when it comes tonegotiating andfacilitating the very best results for a client.With an innate empathy and the ability to relate to peoplefromall walks of life, Leanne’s natural high level of vitalitycombinedwith a profound passion for selling real estate and herability togo the distance, allows her to stand out from the crowdand offeryou nothing less than the complete real estate package. Ifyou’rein the market to buy or sell, make the best callpossible.
Mike Kavanagh 1.3 APK
Realworx Marketing began in 2004 when a youngcouple started cold calling for a real estate sales consultant inPerth, Australia. The results were so immediate and impressive,they were then asked by other sales consultants within the officeto commence telemarketing for them. The positive vibe spread andwithin weeks they were telemarketing for sales consultants in otherReal Estate offices.Many years forward, Realworx Marketing nowcater for over 1100 real estate consultants and offices inAustralia, providing lead generation services in all areas of thereal estate industry.The key to our service is not only about being the ultimate'link' between Real Estate agents and homeowners, but by alsoachieving desired goals through sharp and intelligent communication- after all anyone can make a phone a call.