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Task-2-Do: Improve your productivity

Task-2-Do is an easy way to manage and share your to-dolists.Are you planning to start a company? Are you planning avacation ormaybe just a shopping list? If that is the case don'twait! Joinus!

Key features
Simple Workflow
Intuitive, Easy to Use and Friendly Interface
Unlimited personal to do lists with unlimited tasks
For each Task unlimited uploads and comments
Collaboration in unlimited categories
Collaboration with different teams for different categories

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GPS Area & Distance Calculator 2.93 APK
You can use GPS AD -Area and Distance Calculator- to measure andtrace distances in your dayly life or work- designed for mobilesand tabletsWith GPS and Map Area and Distance Calculator you can measure onmap or with GPS distances between unlimited points, the AirDistance between first and the last point and the closed area.GPS Location you can enter ist manual or automatically byswitching the GPS Tracker on.NEW - Version 2.11 allows measuring in one screen UNLIMITEDareas- easy switsch between the areas- using the passive areas as border for active area- measurement with GPS or direct on the map (long click on themap). You can combine the both ways as you likeWith this APP you can measure EVERY area precisely, using GPS ordirect input on map, and the calculation is done.As example is Nordeney-Germany Wiki says Area of 26,29 km2, fast inless in minute direct on map - and result is 26,76 km 2 - ourPicture 1GPS Area calculator starts to calculate you area, when you haveentered an least 3 Points. After entering another Point the GPSArea Calculator recalculates the area dynamically.You can make the measure directly on the screen or enter the GPScoordinatesThe following feature are avaible:- Area can consist of unlimited sides- Units can set to metric or imperials- save unlimited areas- edit any area, so do not need to have open all the timeapplication. You can add new points any time- help activity availble- goto any new locationJust try and enjoy it
Task-2-Do 1.1 APK
Task-2-Do: Improve your productivityTask-2-Do is an easy way to manage and share your to-dolists.Are you planning to start a company? Are you planning avacation ormaybe just a shopping list? If that is the case don'twait! Joinus!Key featuresSimple WorkflowIntuitive, Easy to Use and Friendly InterfaceUnlimited personal to do lists with unlimited tasksFor each Task unlimited uploads and commentsCollaboration in unlimited categoriesCollaboration with different teams for different categories
Kalenderwochen Rechner 1.1 APK
Anzeige und Berechnung vonKalenderwochen.Berechnet die Anzahl der Tage zwischen gewähltemDatum oder Wocheund HeuteDisplay and calculationofcalendar weeks. Calculates the number of days between theselecteddate or week and Today
GPS Paths-Tracker with photos 0.52 APK
GPS Paths - the only one app of GPS Tracker combined with photos ,local and public cloud storage and sharing with searchpossibilities. This app is for: - everybody who wants to record acertain track by running, skiing, touring, driving or any activity- to remember a walk in city - tracking your way and takingpictures and show or share it with friends - to make famous yourneighborhood and show with pictures nice places for visit - livetracking for friends or followers, who can see where you are (forbloggers or tourists) - live tracking of kids or old people and allthis is free with no limitations Web viewer for GPS Paths and LIVETracker All this is FREE Http://gpspaths.com We have some videotutorials. Watch our How to start trackhttps://youtu.be/qen1FiYrq8Q How to save on cloudhttps://youtu.be/ph6rT0nGCSA How to manage the settingshttps://youtu.be/_Z1Irna4Dfo Premium paid features are privatecloud and adfree Everything else is free and not limited Full freecontrol over your shared tracks. Be your personal Storyteller. Keepyourmemories and donot let them run away. Create GPS Tracks withpics - share it if you want. Take a look at already shared GPSTracks with pictures from the public cloud. Visit us at Facebookhttps://m.facebook.com/gpspaths/ The story of the GPS Paths Part 1.Weekend I love to make big walks in the nature,  ride bike. Iwanted always to know what distance Iwalked and simply archive itfor my memory. At these walks I made pictures with the camera of mymobile. So I hat the track and the pictures, but they were notconnected. After certain time I forgot which picture from exactlywhere is taken. After some months most of details were forgotten.And this pity for me. I wanted to keep the track connected with apicture-to remember this walk. So that was the first reason towrite this app Part 2 I visit unknown places. I want to make awalk, but I do not know - where to go. I could find pictures withnice seeing, but how to reach them. I thought-it will be great if Ifind a app which shows me experience of other people for thatplace. I could not find such app. So I decided to write my ownwhere you can publish and share your expiriences. That is my Icreated the public cloud - for storing and sharing. One is happy tosee what other have seen in region where you are. And I wrote thisapp. Now it up to you to share your tracks so that we can make alarge collection for those who are looking where to go. Part 3 Ineed to share between my mobile and my tablet the information - thetrack with the related pictures. Or just to secure them and reachthem on every mobile android. So I made the private cloud. Thereyou can store you tracks and nobody has acces to them without yourpermission. So we are coming to part 4. Part 4 If have a private orpublic track how to show it to somebody certain. So I develop thepublic id. You can send this from the app via email to this certainsomebody and he can go to the app, enter this public id and viewthis track and related picture Part 5 follows Everything else isfree With GPS Paths you have the unique possibility to make traceof your way and to take pitures and combine this with the track.You can save your track local or on a cloud. You can exchange trackwith other user or hust take look Over smart search you can findthe nearest fom you, so you can plan your next excursion