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✤ Try new “tattoo designs”, without any pain!Tattoo yourself on your own photos. Using our app ♦ Tattoo PhotoEditor ♦, you will feel like in a virtual tattoo studio! Justchoose a pic from gallery or take one using camera, choose thetattoo design that fits to your style, rotate, resize, save andshare it! Create your beautiful photo with our application.Moreover you can apply effects and filters over your picture. Our“editing tool” contains a lot of artistic tattoo ideas for bothgirls and boys: roses, dragons, tribals... Inspiring tattoocreations are completely free of charge now and they are waitingfor you! Make your own masterpieces which you have not seen beforewith the awesome app which lets you be more creative than everbefore!

➤ A great number of tattoo stickers of all shapes, sizes andcolors;
➤ Silly, love, heart tattoos, skull and tribal tattoos – take yourpick;
➤ Choose the one you like from our tattoo gallery, drag the stickerwith your finger and place it on the picture;
➤ Scale the sticker and adjust it the way you like: change itsposition, zoom in, zoom out, remove the sticker...;
➤ Sharing options for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram;
➤ Get this tattoo “photo editor” for free!
➤ More tattoo apps for AndroidTM are coming soon!

✤ Get this amazing and creative photo editing tool and see howyou would look with a tattoo! When you install ♦ Tattoo PhotoEditor ♦, you can try out numerous tattoo picture designs! Youshould check out which tattoo suits you best and stop wondering howyou would look with a tattoo on your body. Now you have this cool“online tattoo maker” that you can use to try colorful tattoopicture designs virtually. This face in hole editor is perfect forall of you who love beautifying your bodies. The only thing youhave to do is to upload your image and get creative with this photoediting tool app! Make your friends curious, and amaze them andyourself with your fascinating body look. Also, adjust photos instyle you like most and cover images with famous funny (even thisis available) tattoo photo frames. Make jokes with thestickers!

✤ Edit best photos from your gallery, and put them top tattoos.If you like to see yourself different with a peace of art on yourbody, just install this most popular “tattoo editor“ app and youwill get amazing “tattoo ideas“. If you are crazy about pictures ofthe body, now, with this photo editing, you can have a tattoo forless than a minute. If you are scared and not brave enough to makea real tattoo, just download this photo editor app for free, andyour problem will be solved. Make great photo montages, and show toeverybody your unique look. Try out all the shapes, sizes andcolors of the tattoos we offer you. After this, all your doubtsabout tattooing are going to disappear! Thanks to ♦ Tattoo PhotoEditor ♦ you can edit all your pictures, and suit your selfies withcoolest bodies decorated with tattoos.

✤ This is the best “tattoo photo creator” on the market and youcan get it for free now! Download ♦ Tattoo Photo Editor ♦ and makeyour own tattoo in a second. Tattoo in the photo is the bestsolution for you if you cannot make up your mind what kind of atattoo to choose. This is the richest collection of tattoo ideasthat looks so realistic and help you make a decision. Try ourtattoo app and try out tribal tattoo designs or many of them at thesame time on your body. Share your pictures with your friends onFacebook and Instagram! Install one of the best tattoo pic editorsand see which tattoo designs for men or women suit you best!

*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.

App Information Tattoo Photo Editor

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    Tattoo Photo Editor
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    May 28, 2016
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Libbs Apps Mania
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    500 - 1,000
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Movie Effects Maker 3.1 APK
✦ Are you in search for stunning special effects to modify yourpictures? Want to feel like a star of a horror movie, sci-fi movieor an action movie? Check out our brand new application and havefun editing pictures with best collection of “movie effects”. Pickyour favorite movie scene and apply amazing visual effects to yourphoto. ❖Movie Effect Maker❖ offers over 100 great shoots from themost popular movies. Blow everyone’s mind by adding explosionscenes, machines, zombies, dinosaurs or other cool stuff. Feel likea movie director while transforming your pictures into animatedphotos. Download this movie maker effects and unleash yourimagination!✦ Get this fx movie maker and create stunningscenes;✦Upload pictures from your camera roll and start editingphotos;✦Edit photos with special effects and cool filters;✦Decorate your best pictures with a huge number of animatedstickers and cool deco stamps;✦ Make an animation of your picturesand apply camera effects;✦Add photo stickers with sci-fi elementsand horror elements;✦Add UFO, aliens, zombies, dinosaurs, machines,dragons, robots;✦Attach to your pics best collection of funnystickers;✦Take a snap or a selfie with your camera pro and addimmediately super movie scenes;✦Make a photo montage and add toyour face hole your favorite movie character or superhero;✦Makeyour pictures look realistic by applying live scenes and tons ofspecial effects;✦ Add face stickers like glasses, masks, goggles orcool scars;✦Add cinematic filters and suspense scenes to make evenmore dramatic photos;✦Enhance your photo with anime effect and cooleffects: add laser burn, chidori, shotguns;✦Make of your coolpictures funny comic strip creation;✦Share your best photo montagewith your followers and friends on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter;✦Turn your pictures into most exciting photo artwork with ❖MovieEffect Maker❖. Apply tons of fx movie to create fantastic photomanipulation. Evoke famous scenes from sci-fi movies; enter thezombie land and add bunch of science fiction shoots like lasershooting or zombie attack. Pretend that you are in the war zone andadd car crush and stitch a bunch of weapon stickers. Make a terrorscene and apply special effects like earthquakes, lighting balls ormeteor rain.✦ Make everyone’s shake in their boots by applyingscary special effects like ghosts, aliens or monsters. Fightagainst dark force and add laser guns or magic sword picturesticker. Imagine you are in space ship and add comets, shootingstars, planets and other cool stickers. Enjoy in fun photo editingwith ❖Movie Effect Maker❖ and make beautiful photo designs. Adddragons, goblins and wizards, and with a help of our editing toolsrevive your photos. Transform your plain, boring pictures intoastonishing picture artwork by using this incredible “pictureediting” software.✦ Get this application with fx movies and startediting your pics like a pro! Browse our gallery and discover coolphoto stickers, amazing movie effects, stunning filters and manyother editing tools. With ❖Movie Effect Maker❖ you can choose anystunning scenery to embellish your pictures. Don’t hesitate anylonger: get this software for special effects and enjoy using it!
Movie Fx Editor Pro 2.0 APK
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Bikini Suit Photo Editor 2.0 APK
👙 Are you ready for the summer season? Get the bikini body of yourdreams with a help of this incredible application for AndroidTM.Achieve the perfect body figure in a sec by using this awesome‘‘photo editor’’ free of charge. Browse our gallery and discoverlarge number of hot and sexy swimsuits that suits your taste.Confident girls will be thrilled by this amazing and richcollection of ‘‘micro bikinis’’ in different colors and patterns.Edit pictures with various bikini stickers and swimsuit pictureframes. ✥Bikini Suit Photo Editor✥ is a great and unique way tomontage photos and to look more attractive than ever before.✳Upload photos from your camera roll, or take a selfie with candycamera and add bunch of cute bikini stickers;✳ Start your virtualmakeover with the best photo editing program;✳ A virtual wardrobefull of ‘‘bikini swimwear’’ templates;✳ Put face in a hole andchoose your favorite beach body; ✳ Choose between monokini,tankini, trikini, bikini tops or microkini;✳ Best collection ofgirly and cute bikini photo stickers;✳ A wide range of bikinitemplates and suit stickers for creating hot photo montages;✳Embellish pictures with stunning and colorful dress up stickers forpictures;✳ Apply special effects and photo filters to enhance your‘‘bikini photos’’;✳ Scale, rotate, zoom and adjust your picturestickers to fit your photo;✳ Save the picture of your new bikinioutfit or share it with your friends and followers;✳ Sharingoptions for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram;👙 Put your face on ahot and bikini body of a popular super model by using ✥Bikini SuitPhoto Editor✥. If you are unsatisfied with your look, download thisbikini photo editor and modify your pics! Check out sexy ‘‘bikinistyles’’ for season 2016! Use numerous editing tools and transformyour body pics into hot bikini body photos. Explore our virtualwardrobe and place your photos into stylish bikini suit frames.Pick your favorite swimsuit, change its color or design, and leaveeveryone out of breath. Share your makeover pictures on socialmedia and impress your friends and insta followers with hot bikiniimages. 👙 Don’t hesitate to show your bikini body image on anysocial network. Leave everyone speechless and ‘‘edit photos’’ likea professional by using ✥Bikini Suit Photo Editor✥. It’s never beeneasier to have dreamed bikini body now that you got this awesomepicture editing software free of charge. Make stunning photomontages, apply cool photo effects and filters to enhance you pic.Set summer background wallpapers, pick favorite face in a holetemplate and start editing pics. Dress up your body picture withcute and stylish monokinis or tankinis to look fashionable andbeautiful. Beautify your body figure with loads of chic and modernbikini stickers in different patterns, designs or colors.👙 Try all‘‘swimsuits for women’’ that this amazing photo editing app offers.Create awesome photo montages, choose the prettiest body suitsticker and enjoy editing your hot selfies. Start bikini bodychallenge with your friends, and share before and after photos. Ifyou like to see yourself with shaped body and trending bikinisuits, get ✥Bikini Suit Photo Editor✥ and start photo funia! Trythis latest pic editing app for Android and get the most prettyswimsuit template ever. Download Brazilian bikinis stickers forpictures and beautify your body image. With this body changeapplication fulfill your dreams!*Android™ is a trademark of GoogleInc.
Movie Special Effects Maker 2.0 APK
✳ Give your pictures an authentic look with ▼Movie Special EffectsMaker▼. Learn to edit photos like a pro with this brand new app forAndroidTM. Modify your pictures by applying tons of custom stickersfrom popular flicks and various ‘‘movie fx’’. Impress your instafollowers on social media with great photo montage filled withstunning explosion effects, an alien invasion or a zombie attack.If you are a movie buff, you’ll be amazed with our rich collectionof ‘‘cool stickers’’ that represent famous movie characters orobjects like UFO, space ship, meteors, etc. Make awesome photomanipulation by using our special features free of charge.✳ Uploadany image from your phone or tablet device and start fun photoediting;✳ Play with best movie ‘‘sticker maker’’ on the appmarket;✳ Create an amazing photo manipulation by using dazzlingphoto stickers;✳Add action scenes and apply tons of sci-fi movieeffects on your picture;✳ Decorate your pics with great ‘‘movieeffects’’ like meteor rain, tornadoes, bombs, earthquakes;✳Incredible collection of cool designs like car explosions, UFO,aliens, dinosaurs and zombies;✳ Attach easily movie stickers toyour pictures and adjust it with few clicks;✳ Take a selfie withyour front camera and immediately add bunch of super movie effectsand stickers;✳ Apply movie fx stickers from your favorite actionmovies, horror movies or sci-fi movies;✳ Add car crush, robotattack or burning scenes on your photo; ✳ Personalize your photocreation with cool texts or funny stickers;✳ Enhance your pictureswith cool special effects from anime movies like shotguns, laserburn, chidori, etc;✳ Share your cool photo montage on Facebook,Instagram or Twitter;✳ More amazing features are coming soon;✳ Feellike a movie director and transform your regular pictures into bestmovie scenes. Create impressive artwork of your photos with a helpof numerous editing tools. Show your creative side by recreatingbest movie moments like conquering moon, alien invasion or battleagainst dark forces. Add loads of ‘‘photo stickers’’ like robots,wizards, aliens and other creatures to make incredible photomanipulation. Get ▼Movie Special Effects Maker▼ and unleash yourimagination. ✳ Watch your photos come to life by applying widerange of ‘‘special effects’’. Add cool photo effects and filters toenhance your pics: apply sepia filter or radiant filter to make themost of your photo. ▼Movie Special Effects Maker▼ offers you bestmovie animation that you can find in the app store. Improve yourphoto design with great collection of ‘‘special fx’’ and cool decostamps. You can even add speech bubbles and write any message onyour pics. Write famous movie quotes or use your own words to turnyour pictures into astonishing pieces of art. Recreate the war zonescene and add bunch of weapon stickers, like guns, swords, bladesand other cool stuff. Imagine that you are in jungle and add hugenumber of animal stickers and set appropriate backgroundwallpaper.✳ ▼Movie Special Effects Maker▼ offers you many fun waysto arrange and edit your pictures. Make your photos look likethere’re from popular action movies by adding action movie fx. Usesuspense scenery like zombie attack or worlds collide to makebreathtaking pic montage. Feel like a pro while transforming yourpictures into cool animated creation that will leave anyonespeechless. Create space photo, action photo and horror photo, putthem together and make of them stunning picture collage. Thisfantastic sticker app for Android will make your photos look sogood, better than ever before. Don’t wait any longer to downloadfor free this photo editing program.*Android™ is a trademark ofGoogle Inc.
Saint Valentine's Day E-cards 2.0 APK
❤ Looking for the right words to describe your love feelingstowards your partner? Want to say I love you in a creative way?Your search ends here because ♥ Saint Valentine's Day E Cards ♥ hasarrived in app store. Make ‘‘Saint Valentine’s day’’ romantic andmemorable by sending to your sweetheart best wishes and lovegreetings. Browse our catalogue and discover over 50 ‘‘e cards’’with beautiful wallpapers, romantic photos and dynamic layouts. Besure to download this best love cards maker for AndroidTM free ofcharge, and let your love journey begins!❤ Wish a happy‘‘Valentine’s day’’ with our greeting cards;❤ Unlock bestcollection of e card designs and templates; ❤ Upload your lovecouple photo and make of it romantic greeting card;❤ Bestcollection of famous love quotes, inspirational sayings andromantic messages;❤ A variety of love stickers for pictures toembellish the design of your e card;❤ Choose among Cupid stickers,angel stickers, mistletoe stickers, heart stickers;❤ Make your owncard by adding cute wallpapers, glitter stickers, romantic imagesor love notes;❤ Enclose your pictures into romantic photo frameswith colorful designs;❤ Design photo collage for Valentine’s dayusing cute selfies and send it to your boyfriend;❤ Pick yourfavorite text font to write romantic love messages;❤ Apply specialeffects and photo filters to prettify your e cards;❤ Numerouselegant themes, girly themes and love themes to style your e cardlayout; ❤ Save and share your Valentine day e card on Facebook,Instagram or Twitter;❤ Send the unique expression of love with ♥Saint Valentine's Day E Cards ♥. Find the perfect words to showyour affection to your soul mate by browsing our gallery of eternallove quotes, emotional love quotes and touching love quotes. Useyour cute images to make stunning e card designs! Add to your‘‘Valentine cards’’ embellishment like sweet hearts, pink roses,Cupid’s arrow, fairy cakes and many more. Make your boyfriend fallin love with you again and again by sending him amazing pic collagedone of your best love photos. Add a little sparkle on your e cardby applying gorgeous special effects, and share your greeting cardon social media for free.❤ Make your lover feel special on February14 with a help of ♥ Saint Valentine's Day E Cards ♥. Use this lovecard maker to transform your love pictures into stunning greetingcards filled with good cheer, affection and happiness. Writeheartfelt love wishes by using calligraphy font and add bunch ofcute stickers. Make your love ecards very personal by writing yourown love thoughts! If you’re struggling with lack of inspiration,choose one of numerous Valentine day wishes and forward them toyour significant other. This brand new app offers you a wide rangeof romantic stickers to attach to your ‘‘Valentine day cards’’.Evoke the tender feelings in your chosen one by creating speciallove e cards.❤ ♥ Saint Valentine's Day E Cards ♥ is a perfect andeasiest way to let your soul mate knows how much you care for him.You no longer have to spend hours trying to think of specialValentine gift. Create a perfect love e card filled with bestwishes and let that be the perfect gift for Valentine’s day.Beautify your ‘‘Valentine ecards’’ with love birds wallpapers,personalized stickers, lovely deco stamps and cute drawings.Valentine’s day is almost here, so express your heart out to thatspecial person in your life by sending best lovegreetings.*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
Animal Face Morph Pic Editor 2.0 APK
✰ Get ready for awesome photo morphing app! Show your wild sidewith ✪Animal Face Morph Pic Editor ✪ and modify pictures with bestcollection of ‘‘animal face’’ stickers. Transform yourself into awild beast by adding head of a tiger, lion or dog. Pretend that youare in a jungle and make photo montage by using African animalstickers. This ‘‘face swap app’’ for AndroidTM is a great chance tohave best photo makeover ever. Impress all your friends and instafollowers on social media with stunning photo manipulation. Letthis ‘‘pic editor’’ do its own magic and we guarantee you’llexperience hours and hours of fun!✰ Create a picture montage byusing realistic ‘‘animal stickers’’;✰ Automatic face detection toadjust animal sticker; ✰ Over 20 animal faces are at yourdisposal;✰ Enhance your pic with bunch of cool photo effects;✰ Tryout 3 different types of face morphing: part face, split face orchange the whole face;✰ Add cat whiskers, dog ears, horse mane,elephant tusk, etc;✰ Numerous ‘‘face morph’’ effects to apply onyour pictures;✰ Amazing ‘face in a hole’ photo makeover tools;✰Make a funny photo montage by adding hilarious animal face;✰Replace your eyes with animal eyes and make a scary picture;✰Personalize your morphed photo with cool texts, funny captions ormotivational quotes;✰ Adjust the background on your morph photo byadding beautiful landscapes;✰ Share your morph pictures onFacebook, Twitter or Instagram;✰ Download this photo editingsoftware and have fun playing with it;✰✪Animal Face Morph PicEditor✪ is finally here! Release your imagination by transformingyour boring pictures into incredible ‘‘photo morph’’ creations.Morph your face with an animal face, share it on any social networkand make your friends laugh hard like never before. You can evenblend a pet’s face with your to make funny pic montage. Enter yournew photo studio and come out as an animal. With this face changingapp you’ll become a pro in face morphing. Turn yourself into monkeyor mouse and enjoy in photo manipulation. You are just a click awayfrom getting this astonishing picture editing app!✰ Let your inneranimal run free with ✪Animal Face Morph Pic Editor✪! Just takepicture with our sticker camera or choose any from your gallery andadd bunch of cute animal stickers. Go for panda head or try outlion head. When you select desired animal head it automaticallyplace over the one of the character in picture using face detector.It also let you change size and position of photo sticker usingjust one finger. The amazing collection of editing tools helps youto create unique photo montages. Give your photos a personal touchby adding cool stickers, funny texts or speech bubbles. Downloadthis ‘‘face changer’’ for free and leave everyone speechless!✰Browse through our library and you’ll find the best collection ofanimal face templates. Add funny or spooky animal faces and montagephoto in an instant! For more realistic look, embellish your photoswith wild nature backgrounds. ✪Animal Face Morph Pic Editor✪ offersyou a wide range of photo filters and special effects to improvethe look of your picture. Try out numerous face morphing options tomodify photo, from partial face swap to completely new face look.Make a photo prank by adding to your animal head various funnystickers like hats, scarfs, sunglasses or jewelry. With this‘‘picture editing’’ app discover the world of funny photo editingand spread the word!*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
Funny Valentine Cards 2.0 APK
ღ If you want your Valentine card not to be a usual one, then it isthe perfect moment to download our romantic “photo editor” withcustom stickers and lovely wallpapers. The time for expressing yourfeelings is going to come soon! Make a surprise which is going tobe retold for many years! Our “card maker” will help you createromantic cards with funny wallpaper backgrounds that will dazzleall your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Add some shinydetails or cute text stickers for photos and complete your funnycreation. Install ღ Funny Valentine Cards ღ free of charge and showhow much you care in a perfect way.ღ All work is done in asingle screen;ღ Move, scale and rotate pictures to adjust photosize;ღ A collection of beautiful wallpapers for enclosing your cuteimages with photo effects can be found in our ღ Funny ValentineCards ღ for free;ღ Astonishing quotes and sayings to choose from;ღLandscape and portrait screen mode is available;ღ Add stickers tobeautify your funny Valentine cards – you’ll find an impressivecollection of decorations for photos;ღ Save your personalized lovecards, share them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram;ღ New cardsare coming soon!ღ Valentine Day is a great opportunity to show loveto your sweetheart. Send your “funny Valentine” wishes to yourbeloved using our funny maker for free. Why don’t you say Be myValentine forever with our free stickers for pictures! Send aromantic love card with colorful wallpapers in the background. Withღ Funny Valentine Cards ღ, you can create awesome photo cards whichwill delight your love. ღ Get ready for the day full of love –download our “Funny Valentine’s day cards” for AndroidTM and wishyour loved one something beautiful with our sparkling photo cards.Use our fantastic mobile app for card making to get youre-greetings across to your nearest and dearest person. Download thebest picture editing app ever and perfect your photo manipulationskills.ღ Make your beloved feel special! Send a beautiful card todescribe your affection to your sweetheart! Thanks to our freephoto app with awesome stickers and cool backgrounds you will neveragain wonder how to edit photos in order to get love e-cards whichcelebrate the greatest feeling in the world. Now that you have sentyour e-card to your loved one, the only thing left is to relax andenjoy the fruits of love. ღ If you are not sure which picture touse, then make new ones and decorate them with your favoritestickers and wallpapers! Create more than one card! Take yourcamera, make cute selfie pics and put Valentine funny stickers.Combine multiple pictures, stitch them into a really beautifulwallpaper which will help you have the most inspiring “Valentinecard”. Browse through our set of cute stickers for photos includingcute gifts, cupcakes, flowers, stars and hearts and make yourchoice. Apply some of the cool photo effects that this app offersand get beautiful free e-cards in a minute. Be the first to havethis magical “love card”. Download this Valentine card app andbring more fun into your romantic life! ღ Funny Valentine Cards ღis the best picture editor on the app market for creatingValentine’s Day cards and is therefore a must-have app on yourmobile phone. Personalize your romantic wishes with the help ofthis “funny cards” maker and make the most beautiful love e-card.Learn how to montage photos using our photo gallery full ofdifferent effects, glamorous wallpapers, cute stickers and stamps!*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.