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This app is an educational tool with step by step approach guidedbyillustrations and aminations to perform diagnosticcoronaryangiogram and percutaneous coronary intervention afterimplantationof trans-catheter aortic valve.

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HepCure 2.3.0 APK
Sinai Applab
Take an active role in your journey to cure! HepCure is aninnovative app for patients with Hepatitis C that supports you fromtreatment start to finish. Learn more about your condition, trackyour treatment, and connect with your care team. Hep C is a curablecondition, and with HepCure, you can reach the finish line! - Learnmore about the treatments that are best for you- Take charge ofHepC: see your progress each week- Log symptoms and bloodworkresults- Connect to your healthcare providers and care team so theyknow how you’re doing!- Get the best info to learn more about HepCand related conditions- Get medication reminders so you don’tforget any dose- Secure and private HepCure was created at MountSinai Medical Center in NY, with support from the NY State HealthFoundation, Merck Foundation, Boehringer Ingelheim, and GileadSciences.
Bifurcaid 1.6.0 APK
Sinai Applab
In the field of educational tools, the BIFURCAID App has beendeveloped as a means of guiding and teaching interventionalcardiologists across the world the different techniques of coronarybifurcation interventions, in a step by step manner. The App is acombined effort of the Interventional Cardiology department atMount Sinai Heart headed by Dr. Annapoorna Kini and her team offellows: Dr. Samith Bhatheja and Dr. Surbhi Chamaria, and the SinaiAppLab headed by Dr. Ashish Atreja and his software developmentteam. Illustrations were contributed by Christopher Smith at theMedical Illustrations department. Bifurcation means ‘the divisionof something into two branches or parts’. Coronary bifurcations areconsidered as one of the most challenging interventions given thetechnical expertise required and the myriad steps involved. In thiscomplex and advance field of interventions, there is no interactivetool available that aids in this technique of stenting. This appsimplifies the process of coronary bifurcation and is an educativetool for young professionals. It is extremely user friendly and isa good medium for interventionalists to help guide them duringtheir procedures. The app provides: • The basics of bifurcationstenting and the reasons behind the use of specific equipmentthrough the glossary section. • Two separate sections for thedifferent entities of Left Main Bifurcation and Non Left MainBifurcation since the techniques are different in the two diseaseprocesses. • An easy way to navigate back and forth between thevarious combinations and permutations of disease in the main andside branch to devise a treatment plan and walks the user througheach step of the technique. • A glossary section titled ‘TheBasics’ that has a detailed description of all the equipmentrequired, including the type of guide and guidewires to use and thesize and type of balloons and stents to use in different scenarios.• A section regarding methods of troubleshooting when wires orstent delivery systems and balloons are difficult to deliver. •Hyperlinks to the glossary section from the text in the main appwhich will help the user reference the text without having to exitthat particular step in the algorithm.
Sinai Applab
This project will address bothproviderknowledge and patient engagement for chronic diseasemanagement inpersons infected with HCV living in NYS. The objectiveof the MSNYSHCV TMC3 Portal project is to create an innovativeonline resourcefor patients living with HCV infection and PCPs inNYS. The projectis designed to address existing HCV infectedpatient and PCPbarriers by providing web-based resources,navigation,consultation, and support. This draws upon theexperience-base andonline materials that have been developed at theMount Sinai LiverDiseases Outpatient Hepatology Program, the MountSinai HCV PrimaryCare Liver Clinic, which is funded by the NYS AIDSInstitute, andthe Informatics for Research, Outcomes and Quality inthe MountSinai Division of Gastroenterology.
HealthPROMISE 2.3.0 APK
Sinai Applab
Health Promise is Patient-centered collaborative disease managementapp which allows capturing of patient reported data to capturequality of life, and disease phenotype information. Health Promiseis currently part of a research trial with limited availability.Please contact health care provider for more information.
Sinai Ebook Project 1.0.6 APK
Sinai Applab
An ebook initiative to encompass healthcareebooks. Allowing organizations to publish and distribute theirownebooks, articles and news. It includes a social component toit.Allowing the users and publishers to develop rich anddynamiccontent.
RxUniverse 3.1.1 APK
Sinai Applab
AVAILABLE ONLY TO SELECT HEALTH SYSTEMSRxUniverse is a curatedmedical apps platform. Doctors can prescribed medical apps topatients. Confident that the apps are curated and backed byevidence.
HealthPROMISE Survey 1.0.7 APK
Sinai Applab
Easily create and share medical surveys with HealthPROMISE Survey!This cloud-based app allows patients, physicians, and others tocomplete user-created surveys.
InformHealth 2.1 APK
Sinai Applab
This project will address both provider knowledge and patientengagement for chronic disease management in persons infected withHCV living in NYS. The objective of the MSNYS HCV TMC3 Portalproject is to create an innovative online resource for patientsliving with HCV infection and PCPs in NYS. The project is designedto address existing HCV infected patient and PCP barriers byproviding web-based resources, navigation, consultation, andsupport. This draws upon the experience-base and online materialsthat have been developed at the Mount Sinai Liver DiseasesOutpatient Hepatology Program, the Mount Sinai HCV Primary CareLiver Clinic, which is funded by the NYS AIDS Institute, and theInformatics for Research, Outcomes and Quality in the Mount SinaiDivision of Gastroenterology.