2.0 / August 12, 2013
(4.4/5) (8)


Teddy Bear Defender Flying Shooter

Amazing fighter plane in a 3d cartoon environment

Get in flight on a beautiful adventure to rescue, ourlovedfavorite Teddy Bear, now we can get it back thanks a game

Six different fantasy environment levels with severalaircrafttoy to rescue our teddy bear.

Several enemies will make the task more difficult ... but youarestrong and you can do it.

Bring back your childhood Teddy Bear ... atleastvirtually!!!

- Many different enemies
- Very easy just touch and shoot
- 4 different planes to choose
- Background music cartoon theme
- Flying and on ground enemies
- Stunning special effects
- Ranking divided by difficulty level
- Final surprise

App Information TB Defender Free

  • App Name
    TB Defender Free
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    August 12, 2013
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Norberto Blab
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
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Game Maker Social Playing Based On Famous Unity 3D Game EngineGreat News!!! Now you can create game *** Compiled And Signed APKFile *** you will obtain the link to the APK file so you candownload and install on your device or download on your PC andpublish in any store. Create and play with made by you shootergame, then when you like it enough, get the compiled version andshare it or publish on Apple or Google stores for free or paid.Easy development No coding is required. Customise the game look andfeel: - Use your game icon or our proposal - Write your gamedescription - Write your missions / levels description MainFeatures: - Enemies: 1) Zombies 2) Soldiers 3) Robots 4) MutantsAliens - Weapons 1) AK47 Machine gun 2) M4 Machine gun 3) MP5Machine gun 4) M1911 Pistol 5) Shotgun 6) Sniper Rifle 7) Katanasword 8) Shield And Sword 9) Grenade 10) Landmines 11) Bow AndArrows - Survivor Mode 1) Canteen 2) Food 3) Health Case -Battlefield Environment 1) Desert 2) Cave 3) Forest 4) Mountain 5)Jungle Village 6) Swamp 7) Volcano - Levels Settings Many settingspossibility: 1) Sky 2) Fog 3) Ambient Light 4) Sun Light And muchmore What Can You Do Using Game Maker Zombi Shooter 1) Create yourown game then play with it. 2) Create your own game then requestthe compiled version. 3) What is the compiled version? - You canget : Windows executable file (.exe) to play on your PC or give toyour friends - You can get : Mac executable file (.app) to play onyour MAC or give to your friends - You can get : Mac executablefile (.app) to publish on Apple MAC store, in this case the gamedoes't run on you MAC, to test or publish this version you need anApple Developer Account. - You can get : IOS XCode complete projectready to publish at Apple App Store, in this case to test orpublish you need an Apple Developer Account - You can get : ANDROIDAPK file, signed and ready to put on your ANDROID mobile devicethen play with it, you can also publish it on Google Play Store, inthis case you need an Google Developer Account - You can get :ANDROID complete Gradle Project then you can build you apk package4) You can access at all features using default coins granted freeof charge, of course to get better game you have to add some coinson your wallet. 5) Learning : To create a basic game is reallyeasy, there are also useful video tutorial 6) Gamelevels(missions), you can create how many levels you like, it'sgood practice to create levels incrementing difficulty.
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• Set Environment Sky
• Etc..
Once the game is built you can play it.
Game Maker is also social, you can publish your game, so everyothers users can play with your.Creating Game Flow:1) Create Building2) Create enemies• Human• Tank• Helicopter3) Set General Settings• Sky• Enemies damage• Complete environment colour• And many more…2) Set player• Position• Weapons• Bullets damage• Color• Etc…3) Build the game, so you can play it4) Publish the game, so all app users can play yourEnjoy!
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Commands a fleet of sailing ships "Brig" todefend the islands of Tortuga by the Pirate King attack.Do you like playing online multiplayer? We have a system alwaysultra fast with 5 servers all over the world (Asia, Japan,Australia, Europe, USA), if you have experience of multiplayergames lenses with us the problem does not existKing pirates are very aggressive but you have the tools to fightthem.The game is a mix of: Shooter and Strategy.Main features:- You have from 1 to 5 ships to manage- Moorings with ship repair.- Cannon ammunitions unlimited- Shooting system- Many missions- Online multiplayer system super fast, based on 5 geolocatedserver- Chat system- Ranking system- Graphics quality consoleAnd much more ...If you like games:    - Where you shoot   - Of Combat   - As a naval combat   - Of strategy  and you like the sea ...      You have to download it.. is free....
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1) Fly and shoot ready helicoptersNow :- Completely new UI- Completely new heli dashboard integrated in uGUI- 2 Enemy AI:TankHeli follow player- Game scene ready to play- New Heli engine control- Easy and fun to drive- New Helicopter model good for prototypingWEAPONS- Rockets- Bombs- Bullets- 4 camera views- Damage controller- Sounds- Easily change the helicopter model2) Complete dashboard- Altitude- Speed- Compass- Fuel Control- Engine power- Horizon tilting- Toggle indicator steady altitude3) Ready for:Standalone (Mac, Windows & Linux)iOS (tested)Android (tested)BlackberryWp8Webplayer- Scripting C# (Clean code)- No DLL- Unity & Unity Pro- Configure and use in your ready scene in just 30 seconds (timedit)
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