1.0 / March 12, 2016
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The player shall try to fill a whole row with candies in-order toremove it and get bonus scores.

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    March 12, 2016
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Håkan Johansson
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X-Goal 1.0 APK
The purpose of the game is to get the ball to the area marked witha large red X. The player will need to find a way through theobstacles that lays between the start location of the ball and thered X. The obstacles will block, move, destroy, etc the ball. Theballs direction can be changed by tilting the phone towards thedirection the player wants the ball to go. If a side of the courseis marked green then the ball will bounce on that side, if not theball will fall off and user loses one life. Note that the start andthe end of course is blocked by flames that cannot be crossed andif touched will destroy the ball.The player opens the game menu bytouching the screen and if player opens a menu during game playthat will pause the ball and then player is returning to the gameone touch on the screen will make the ball move again.Knownissues:* The ball can get stuck in some cases, then one needs tostart a new game or load a saved game in-order to continue.
T-Candy 1.0 APK
The player shall try to fill a whole row with candies in-order toremove it and get bonus scores.
Mr Othello 1.0 APK
It is an othello single player clone.
Deadly Stones 1.0 APK
The black monsters will eat up Mr Red Ball if they are locateddirectly to the left, right, above or below him, but not if theyare located diagonally from Mr Red Ball.
Candy Hunter 1.0 APK
Martian candy has got loose on earth and you play a martian soldierfrom the elite Martian Candy Hunter troupe. Your task given to youby Mars HQ is to hunt down and capture all martian candies loose onearth.Challange your friends and see who will be the first tobecome General of the Army!
Number Guess 1.0 APK
The game shows an integer operation to be calculated, or player cantry to guess the correct answer. Below the integer operation thereexist sixteen values wich of one is the correct answer. If onechooses the right one the player earns five points and can selectthe next integer operation by pressing the text "Correct".
Package Catcher 3D 1.0 APK
You shall with the help of the brown catcher block catch the greencubes in-order to get points and at the same time avoid the monstercubes. If you are hit by a blue monster cube then the game boardwill start to rotate and to stop that you must take vortex cube,this will earn you more Points than green cube.
Multi Language Trainer Free 1.0 APK
A language trainer for english, italian and swedish.Contains ca1000 words that can be trained either alphabetically, randomly orby predefined categories.It also contains a word training game.Howone creates an user definied lexicon:1. Create a Google spreadsheet with the any name, the application uses the name "Lexicon" ifno one is defined.2. The first raw in the spread sheet states thelanguages and type, i.e.,: first column=, second column=, thirdcolumn= och fourth column=. 3. Raw two and the following rows inthe spread sheet shall contain the words to be trained, note thatat least eleven words must be added for training and at least fiftyfor the game.User defined lexicon is so far supported in:*Alphabetic Training* Random Training* Game