v5. / July 5, 2018
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See the beautiful weather like never beforeThe forecast isfascinating.- The real feeling animation is easy to understand- 5days forecasts make your travel planned- Daily wind speed,humidity,visibility forecast- Multi-Cities supported

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    TCL Weather
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    July 5, 2018
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    Android 4.4 and up
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Joy Launcher – Best & Free Launcher for Android v7. APK
Joy Launcher is a Smart, Safe, Free launcher for Android. JoyLauncher has Smart Center which shows the Weather, Exchange,Calendar, Note for you and keep your phone in the best condition byFast Phone Booster, Smart Battery Saver, Quickly Search, AppDrawer, Convenient Widgets. b Also, Joy Launcher is Theme Launcherapp that will let your smartphone looks amazing than the otherlauncher for Android. We will simplify your phone with the mostadvanced and fully customizable ever! Why do you need to freedownload and install Joy Launcher on your Android smartphoneinstead of other smart and fast launcher for Android?😜 SuperPrivacy Space and Hide your Apps🤫 How can I protect my data andhide some apps? Joy Launcher will be the best and safest launcherfor other launchers for Android.We implemented the latest securitytechnologies inside our android launcher to protect all of yourdata. What’s more, we offer the ability to Hide Apps and weguarantee that no one can get your data as long as you download JoyLauncher. Fast Android Launcher by Powerful Features💪 Want to boostyour phone memory and performances without downloading many apps?Joy Launcher has the solution for you and once you install it youwill have a Fast Phone Booster, Super Junk Cleaner, Powerful CPUCooler and Smart Battery Saver that can boost the performance ofyour phone by 68%. Most of the Android launcher spend your storageand battery energy very quickly and that’s why we added the ImprovePerformance features and Smart Center. Downloading Joy Launcherapk, not only get one of the fastest launchers for Android but alsoget a smarter launcher than default launcher. Personalized SmartCenter🤳 ( Weather * Calculator * Exchange * Notes * Favourites *Horoscope ) With our launcher app, the Smart Center is totallypersonalized. Swipe left on the homescreen, which has the viewingthe Weather, Calculator, Exchange, Notes, Favourite, Horoscope andmore easily so that without spending much time trying to find theapps in your phone. In addition, you can customize the order offeatures or remove them which depending on your preference, soeveryone has a different Smart Center. Quickly Search What YouWant🔎 Searching will be faster than other Android launcher becauseyou just need to swipe up the screen and search bar will appearsuddenly. Not to mention when you entering keywords and about itsapp, pictures, videos, webs, contacts, and SMS will quickly beobtained. Support network search and internal search of mobilephones make searching more precise than other launcher for Android.By the way, you also can get the hot search which is updated inreal time. Let you never miss the hot spot of the moment.Independent Theme Center✨ Smooth, Clean and Attractive Design thatwill give you an amazing experience. Joy Launcher also is anamazing theme launcher app, we added a very wide selection ofthemes and wallpapers in the exclusive “Theme Center” app. In thistheme launcher you can quickly browse all the themes, andwallpapers. Whether it's a holiday-themed theme or anime, thesimple style theme is easy to get. Life free launcher &Upgraded launcher🎁 Our Android launcher app is FREE and it willstay Free for life, so there is No hidden fees, no special members,and no annual subscription fees to download the most upgradedlauncher ever! Based on the development of mobile phones andfeedback from users, we will continue to improve our productfeatures. What are you waiting for? Downloading Joy Launcher - Best& Free Launcher for Android and enjoy the smartest Androidlauncher ever! Contact us: Facebook Email: [email protected] Launcher Online Service: http://www.facebook.com/Joylauncher.
File Manager -- Take Command of Your Files Easily v7. APK
File Manager is a powerful file explorer for Android that you canhandle all your files and folders which stored in your device’smemory. File Manager supports file analyze, clean & boost,search, copy, paste, move, delete and rename files operations. Nowexplore your files efficiently and easily with File Browser. WithFile Manager, you can: ✔ Check your Available Space Left Use fileanalyzer function in File Explorer for Android, you can clearly seethe space occupied by various types of files. Find out the largefiles, redundant and duplicate files in your phone. You can move ordelete it one by one. 🚀 Free up Space with Only One Tap Too muchlag on your phone? File Explorer can free up your storage space byremoving the cache, useless, junk, and duplicate files to make yourphone as new one. File Manager will reminds you to optimize yourdevice's storage when it runs out. 🔃Transfer Files at Speeds above20M/s No need to connect to the network and won’t consume any data.You can share apps, games, music, videos, photos or any other fileswith your friends at any time with File Manager. The speed oftransferring files can reach more than 20M/s. That is to say, amovie of 1G size can be transferred in one minute. 🔍 Locate Filesin a Flash Looking for files, but do not know the exact location?Just need one second. Use the search box at the top of homepage,search the file you need and the result will appear immediately.Have no need to find specific files from every category. 📂 BrowseFiles Intuitively Explore your files easily by clearcategorization, including Recents, Installers, Bluetooth,Downloads, Documents, Audio, Pictures, Videos, Archives, Favoritesand Safe box. Every file is auto classified in its category. Viewfile in each categorization and enjoy files browsing. 💰 Handle withMultiple Files Efficiently File Browser can work efficiency withvarious types of files, like DOC, PDF, MP4, WMA, RAR and ZIP files.Also it supports clean & boost, search, copy, paste, move,delete and rename files that are stored in internal storage.Organize your files in high-efficiency. 🔐 100% Data Safe GuaranteedHave some valuable or private files stored in the phone? And youdon’t want to make it seen by anyone else? File Explorer ensureyour data security with encryption. Create a password, put yourprivate documents, PDF, and media files into “Safe Box”. Secureyour apps from tracked eyes or unauthorized access with “Safe Box”in file viewer. You may encounter the following problems when usingFile Manager in Android: - How do I move or copy a file on FileManager? - Open the File Explorer and go to the file or folderwhich you want to move or copy. Long press on the files, in the topright corner you will find the options. If you forget the filelocation, you can also find it through a search. - How do I encryptfiles on Android phone? - Click the icon of “Safe box” then createa password, then set a security question. If you forget yourpassword, you can reset it by answering this question. Now you canselect the file or folder you want to encrypt. Browse encryptedfiles that only visible to you. - Why can’t I turn on the camera orflashlight on the notification bar? - Maybe the authorization hasbeen cancelled. You can go to Setting -> Apps -> File Manager-> Permissions, then open the authorization. Now you can use thecamera or flashlight. File Explorer is a wonderful file viewerwhich knows you best! Enjoy all these features that File Managercan offer. We will make this File Manager app to be the best FileExplorer on Android. 🎉 Join us to build your dream File Explorertogether 😎! Beta community on Google+:https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/100246800717201746258 OurFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefilemanager/ Gmail:[email protected]
Joy Launcher v2.8.0702.6_zy_1905 APK
The highly customizable, performance driven home screen. JoyLauncher is the top launcher for modern Android, and it is one ofthe best of the AOSP-style launchers available in Android. Fancyfeatures: Boost – A kind of cool dynamic effect which can clean upthe cache of your phone and make your phone faster than before.Search – Slide on the screen can call out search page which canmake it easy to search local Apps、contacts and messages. You canalso use it to search whatever in web. Truly convenient your life.Theme store – Lots of wallpapers and themes in theme store canbeautify your screen. You can turn your phone into any style withthese wallpapers. Dynamic icons – The Clock, calendar, music, andweather icons will provide some most useful info dynamically.MiniApps – Music and sound recorder and many other frequently usedapplications will add a new launcher mode. In this mode it will notbe display within full screen, and easy to access and control.Screen edit – You can change the screens' order in desktop as youlike. App folder– Manage your apps and let your desktop cleaner andtidier.
Weather –Simple weather forecast v7. APK
The Weather App is the best option for accurate forecasts andtimely local weather alerts Make confident decisions this fall,whether you are planning for the day, the entire week or the next 5days. Provide global weather information that allows users toreceive valid weather data anytime, anywhere. Never get caught inthe rain again ★ Know the weather information anywhere ★ • Trackthe local weather whether hourly, daily, weekly, weekend or 5-dayswith your Global and Local Forecast Summary • Various Widget on thedesktop: Changes based on your current location, weather, and timeof day, so you get your current conditions plus the weather infoyou need most. • Detailed Current Conditions: Get Temperature,Humidity, Wind speed, Dew point, UV index , Air pressure and more.• Get local weather alerts: Stay safe with real-time NationalWeather Service notifications of severe weather including severeweather warnings about lightning, hail, flooding and severe storms.★ Plan your outdoor activities with confidence★ • Need weatherinformation to help plan for road trips or hiking? – the app letsyou track and read detailed weather information in multiplelocations around the world. • Dress, pack and plan appropriately –know the rain and wind forecasts, tides, sunrise and sunset times,phases of the moon and even pollen counts! • Get high-risk allergyalerts directly from the home screen, links to allergy insights,and a daily pollen outlook with our improved allergy tracker. •Send you with brief weather tips in the morning before work, and inthe evening before sleep ★ Free detailed weather News & JoyFeatures ★ • News: From severe storms to straight-up bizarreweather occurrences, we’ll keep you up to date. • Stunning Imagery:Amazing background photos match your current weather conditions. •Offer daytime & Moon Phase graphics, help you know weatherbetter. • Animation: Animation effects that enliven simplicity★Need Help? ★ We love feedback! If you love our weather app, pleaserate and review us in the Play Store. If you have questions orsuggestions, please email us at [email protected] with anysuggestions or questions. Be prepared . Know before. Download theWeather, The best free Weather app today!
Turbo Browser: Private & Adblocker & Fast Download v3. APK
Turbo browser is the best free & lightweight web browser forAndroid, offering a top safe browsing experience with incognitomode, enhanced adblocker, smooth video download speeds, and asimple UI design. Now download the best private Internet browser toexperience extreme searching, browsing and downloading. MainAttraction 🚀 🞂Small Size Turbo browser for Android is designed tobe lightweight, versatile and easy to use in order to consume lessphone memory in pursuit of better user experience. 🞂PowerfulAd-blocker Turbo Browser has robust ad blockers that protect usersfrom ads, spam, pop-ups, and viruses while searching forinformation, browsing websites and reading articles. Use the freeadblocker web browser to easily enjoy stable and clean browsingexperience. 🞂Private Browsing With the best safe web browser, allyour actions are anonymous and untraceable in our incognito mode.Whenever you exit the private internet browser, the cookies andhistory are completely gone. So you're under our security to browsewhatever you want. 🞂Speedy Downloading Turbo Browser is one of thefastest free Android browsers. Not only runs fast but also canquickly access any website and download multiple files (documents,PDFs, photos, videos, games, etc.) in a super high speed. With ourfastest internet Browser, you no longer have to worry aboutdownload speed. 🞂Max Data-saving There is no image mode to disableimage and movie loading to save data on the network in TurboBrowser. By using the most advanced programming techniques, thebest safe web browser consumes less memory and power and hasminimal damage to the phone. 🞂Smart Searching In the best safe webbrowser, you can choose from a variety of mainstream searchengines, such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yandex, Duckduckgo etc. Inaddition, you can quickly find any keyword you want through the"Page Search" feature of the smartest internet browser. 🞂Multiplecustomizations To make it easier for our Android browser users touse Turbo Browser, we offer multiple convenient customizations.Full screen, font size, PC version, etc. can be customized to buildyour unique browsing space based on personal habits. No matter whenyou open the best free web browser, you'll quickly find familiarityin it. 🞂Simple UI design Turbo Browser for Android always offersthe most concise interface for users, ensuring that users are freefrom unnecessary information, more focused on their content andfaster to find the information they want. More Surprises 🤠 Trendingnews, If you're interested in news, you can easily keep up to datewith the latest social news and hotspots in fastest web browserapp. Weather, all users can check the local weather and temperaturewithin 5 days from the homepage of the best internet browser at anytime. Exchange Rate, Turbo Browser for Android provides theexchange rate query function, which allows you to directly checkthe latest exchange rate changes without having to open a web pageto search. Warm Tips💐 -How to update the best free web browser forAndroid? You can enable automatic updates so that Google Play willautomatically update it in the background. -How to enter the adblocking mode? Turbo Browser is a free adblocker browser app. Ithas a built-in AD blocking feature and is enabled by default. Soonce you open it, you're in AD blocking mode. -How to enter or exitthe incognito mode? Open the best private internet browser app >Click on the bottom menu bar of > Incognito/Normal. About US 👀If you have any issues, suggestions or just want to say hello:Facebook: Turbo Browser https://www.facebook.com/TheTurboBrowser/Email: [email protected] Nice to meet you and enjoy the topsecurity browsing. 🙈
TCL Weather v5. APK
See the beautiful weather like never beforeThe forecast isfascinating.- The real feeling animation is easy to understand- 5days forecasts make your travel planned- Daily wind speed,humidity,visibility forecast- Multi-Cities supported
Sound Recorder: Recorder & Voice Changer Free v7. APK
A simple recorder application, which makes it easy to record yourlife. You can record audio and voice, or change your voice onandroid phone. Besides, it’s also a screen record and capture toolfor android. You can free and safe download. ★★What features youcan get: ★★ ❤Record sound, voice, audio It’s a smart sound recorderapp designed for long-time sound recording with a nice userinterface, and it can record in the background. Besides, you canrecord high quality audio effortlessly in any occasion. Forexample, you could record your song when you’re in the mood, recordthe voice of your girlfriend or boyfriend in pleasant time, recordminutes in the meeting, etc. ❤Mark points It’s a convenient featurethat you could mark any points you think important when recordingor playing. Also, you can add note for these marks. The all marksand notes can be deleted or edited. ❤Sound list view You could playrecordings quickly in list view. In addition, you could view thedetails of the sound and rename, share, delete sound here. ❤Set asringtone You can set any recordings as ringtone or notificationsound. That is to say, you could turn your voice into a ringtone.❤Change voice It’s an intuitive voice changer app, in which you canchange your voice to man’s, woman’s, child’s, monster’s, Santa’s,squirrel’s, bees’, etc. Besides, you can take it as a funnyringtone maker. For example, you could change your voice to femaleif you are a male and set the changed voice as ringtone. ❤Recordscreen It’s a stable high-quality screen recorder for androidincluding 6.0 and 7.0 that helps you record smooth and clear screenvideos. It provides an easy way to record screen videos with cameraand microphone. In addition, we provide a DJ mode that you can showyour face when recording screen videos like games. And it doesn’trequire a root access. ★★What more? ★★ Permissions needed for theapp are: - Photos/Media/Files - Save recordings to your externalstorage.
- Microphone - Record audio from your microphone. - Takepictures and video – Record screen ★★Need help? ★★ If there are anyproblems and suggestions, please contact us [email protected] We’re always happy to assist you, andappreciate your feedback!
Calendar Lite APK
An easy-to-use and wise calendar with clear and simple interfacecan help you create important events, set up reminders, and notifyyou as scheduled effectively! If you are still looking for a smartand free calendar app on your Android phone, Calendar Lite is thebest choice. Apart from the basic date viewing and events planningfeatures, Calendar Lite helps you manage all the events in yourschedule line efficiently and sync with other calendar accountsperfectly. ♛What Features You can Get:♛ ❤ Clean Calendar InterfaceYou can choose different ways to view the calendar - daily, weekly,monthly, and yearly. All the to-do lists will be listed in theAgenda view. After entering inside, you can check out your agendaand add any new events to it by simply click on one of the dates inthe calendar. ❤ Create & Edit YourEvents/Reminders/Notifications Schedule your life and workeffectively using simple steps. Just click on any date to createyour recurring events - fill in information such as event title,event category, email account, date time, location, note and etc.You can setup reminders so that you won’t miss any importantevents. You can choose the time zone and decide the repetitionpattern for the event. You can add a list of attendees to invite tothe event. You can edit your events at any time and change thecolor for them. ❤Live Search Calendar Lite provides the searchfunction to precisely locate to your events and it’s easy to clearthe search history in the settings. ❤Smart Synchronization Chooseany account from Corporate, Google Exchange, and Google to login toCalendar Lite. It allows synchronization and backup from theseaccounts. >>>Other Features<<< ✔No ads: Freeenjoy the Calendar Lite to help you organize your day and life.It’s totally free and ads-free! ✔Intuitive interface: The interfaceand navigation are super user-friendly and flexible. ✔Setupreminders: You can decide how to get the notifications/reminders ofyour events. ✔Permission of some accessing: We ask for permissionsto access some of your data/information such as WLAN to sync,Contact to link with the appointment and etc. so as to ensure theuse of Calendar Lite. ✔Calendar Widget: Add the Calendar Litewidget to your home screen and customize it. ✔Show week number Youcan choose to display the week number in the calendar. ✔ Week startday You can start weeks on Saturday, Monday or Sunday instead.Calendar Lite team is dedicated to building up a stable and steadyapp-experience for you. Please support us and get more new andamazing features from this app. Just join us to give moreimprovements to the calendar app. Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/CalendarLite/ G+ Community:https://plus.google.com/u/2/communities/107472707740176775532