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Fashion is ubiquitous which is not restricted to a particular ageor gender. It is relative and varies from person to person. Eachindividual has his or her own tastes and comfort level according towhich one should dress up. People need to be very cautious aboutwhat suits them and what not. The most important category of peoplewho are fashion enthusiasts are the teens of today. Nowadaysteenagers have become quite conscious of how they carry themselvesin public. Many of them follow trends religiously but they alsoneed to be very careful not to follow anything and everything.Todaythere is an array of choices in clothes, footwear and trendyaccessories. Usually teens of today have a strong sense of styleand they are aware of how to look exceptional thereby standing outin the crowd. Teens should dress according to their age in order toretain their exuberance and cheerfulness.Teenagers usually preferwearing jeans with a trendy top or shirt in vibrant colors likeblue, pink, green or red. This is one of the basics that all teenswear in their daily routine. Young girls prefer wearing skirts andshort dresses too that look really elegant and fashionable. Girlseven like to adorn stunning accessories to team up their outfit inorder to get that perfect look. These accessories may include abeautiful piece of jewelry or trendy handbags. There is a widerange of stylish handbags that girls can choose from and make aperfect style statement. It is highly important for young girls toadorn right kind of accessories which would compliment their attireand bring out their personality.How to dress right?Teenage girlsneed to take special care while dressing up. They need to wearsomething which is in sync with their personality as well ascomfortable at the same time too. Here are some of the few tips asto how to dress up like a diva:The most comfortable piece ofclothing is jeans and a trendy top. Girls prefer wearing brightcolors in tops which gives them a vibrant look. It is quitefashionable and easy to carry.There are certain occasions such asprom which require a special type of formal dressing that lookselegant and which girls should carry with great poise and style.Such dresses are beautifully embroidered using beads and sequins.These dresses are available in stunning colors such as pink,purple, blue and various others.Teenage girls must know their bodytype to dress appropriately. For instance, girls with broadwaistline and bottom should avoid low necklines and wear longdresses. Empire dresses are a fabulous choice for petite girls asthey tend to look taller in such dresses. In order to accentuatelong legs, girls should go for short skirts and dresses.Teens havebeen great trend-setter when it comes to style and glamour. Trendsare meant to be followed by today's youth. However, they should notturn completely blind to all the glitz and glamour. They shouldmake prudent choices in order to avoid being in the limelight forall the wrong reasons.If you have a teen at home who is starting tobe conscious of what to wear, you have probably gone through acomplex decision making that involves what clothes to wear thisweek and what clothes to wear next week. Teen fashion consistentlychanges every now and then hence for someone going through thestart of puberty, style is more important than the quality anddurability of clothes to wear. Dictated by personality, teenfashion is hardly stationary in most seasons. You probably havenoticed your teenager to look differently from time to time. Not tomention the ever fickle minded personality.No stage in life wouldyou ever want to look at your best, sharp and fashion forward butyouth stage. Dictated by multi-media, teen fashion can go from themost extreme to most conservative. Every teen seem to be in styleat most times. It is expensive to stay up to date with teen fashionbut looking at how happy our teen can be, it is worth the expenses.

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Japanese Fashion Men 1.0 APK
Men’s fashion industry is not stereotyped and limited to one “kei”,which is Japanese and means “style”. Men’s fashion styles arevaried according to age and personal preference of a man. It isalso varied according to where in Japan he lives. Men’s styles aremostly customized and blended with layered articles andaccessories. Formal styles may be divided and identified throughvarious -kei such as the following:Kireime-keiA conservative andminimal dressing style. Most guys love this style; it is notexaggerated and never loud. The Kireime style is minimalistic andconservative, cutting out on the accessories and focusing on onesingle tone. It is almost not considered as subculture of Japanesefashion as tourists can totally relate and blend withKireime-kei.kireime-keiMode-kei.These guys rule the A-List inJapanese fashion industries. One may see them casually strollingaround Tokyo in Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Dior Homme outfits andthe like. This style is the high-end version of Kireime except thatit is more ostentatious and bold. The label name of their outfit isvery important.mode keiOne can never rule out those guys who lovetaking things light, fun and wacky. Fun-loving styles are oftencarried by the younger men in Japan. Through fashion, the gentlemenget to separate themselves from the social norm and embrace theiruniqueness. Here are some of the famous fun and expressive stylesfor guys:Salon-keiIt is not a big thing if one finds out that boysdo go to cosmetic schools. Salon-kei was started by guys who attendbeauty school. This style gears towards the feminine side and ischaracterized by mixed low and high fashion brands accentuated withaccessories like bags, hats, scarf, belt, and sunglasses. Andbecause they attend beauty school, they sweat out in taking care oftheir hair style and make up to match their outfit.salonkeiOnii-keiOnii-kei is the male counterpart of Onee-kei and theconservative big brother of Gyaruo-kei. It is a highly active styleoften associated with rocker and military looks but also withhosts. The fashion style is geared towards high-end fashion senseleaving the rugged elements of street style. Although this style istrendy and edgy, Onii-kei is smooth and artistic. It also makes astrong statement when it comes to hairstyle and fashionaccessories.onii keiVisual-keiVisual-kei is deeply influenced byJapan’s music subculture, Japanese Rock or J-Rock, almostmonochromatic, black being the base hue, with guys wearingeyeliners, leather jackets, tight denims and body piercings.Visual-kei fans are often seen with wild haircuts and hair colors.The guys who love this style are said to be very resourceful,having DIY fashion projects and personally customizing theiroutfits by advanced pattern mixing and alternating second handhigh-end fashion brands with local designer’s creations.visualkeiGyaruoThis is the male version of Gyaru-kei and the little loudbrother of Onii-kei. Just like Gyaru, the Gyaruo boys arecharacterized and easily recognized by their tanned skin, dyedhair, heavy makeup, and multiple body piercings. This style alsohas subcategories borrowing biker, military, or rockerlooks.gyaruoStreet-keiThis style is highly influenced by theAmerican culture. Everything that is trending in the US – thestreet style boys will soak it up like a dry sponge. Basketball andhip-hop music fans can relate to them as they are often seen inbaggy yet neat clothes, sometimes in NBA jerseys accentuated withsignature sneakers or rubber shoes. Street style is very popularamong younger guys from their late teens to early twenties.
Fashion Men Jeans 1.0 APK
Jeans are one of the most preferred outfits for men for acomfortable and effortless causal style. Mens jeans fashion andtrends keep changing though not as fast as women jeans. However,you can come across wide variety even in this ranging from cuffedjeans, skinny, straight leg cut etc.• Coloured Jeans are back infashion this season. Guys are trying out coloured denims and notjust sticking to the traditional black and blue denims. Having saidthat, blue one are still the most popular category of jeans worn bymen.• Wearing white or off-white jeans is found perfect for daytimeevents. It is also a good choice for summers, where one needs toavoid darker shades.• Regular fit, straight cut and original fitare timeless and always in fashion with men as they look casual andeffortless. Straight cut is comfortable as it is little looseraround knees and calf making it a good choice for rugged dailyuse.• Another upcoming trend is wearing cuffed one. Just rolling upyour jeans by a single or double fold gives the cuffed jeans look.•Slim cut jeans are also a choice of men these days. But, it is tobe noted that there needs to be enough comfort fitting in the thighand hip area with a slight hug around these areas and little loosefitting around ankles. Note that slim fit is different from skinnyjeans. Skinny jeans are not suited for a masculine or machopersonality as they resemble jeggings.• Teaming up jeans with theright blazer is like adorning oneself with perfect celebritystyle.Do's and Don'ts for Mens Jeans:Choose a good brand. It willalways make a remarkable difference. Levi's Strauss, Lee andWrangler are some famous and reliable brands. Choose a versatilecolour that goes well with different jackets, shirts andt-shirts.This will make the jeans really useful as you can wear itoften. A general rule is that lighter one look good in the daytimeand darker shades of jeans are more suited for evenings and partywear. A good belt adorns the look of your jeans. So it is best tochoose a stylish belt.Don'ts:• Dressing in jeans is not appropriateat formal occasions or meetings.• Try jeans before buying. I willfitted jeans can look really bad and shabby. Jeans being a casualwear is best when it can give a comfortable feeling.• Don't be overfashionable with your jeans. This is a very casual form of clothingand one does not need to try hard with making it more fashionable.Over accessorizing like too many chains or embellishments on Jeansdoes not look good.• Choose a colour that suits you. Do not justpick the first jeans on the rack. Even in blue, you can choose theshade that suits you.If you think that simply because men are menclothing is not important, think of a peacock. It is the male whois usually resplendent in all his glory. The poor peahen pecks onpetulantly.Down the ages and varying from country to country, mensattire ranged from the simple piece of cloth wrapped around thebody to royal resplendent robes. While the Japanese still continuewith the obi and the kimono, the robe is rarely used. If you willpardon the expression, jeans have reared up their heads (if that ispossible) and now rule the roost from China to Chattanooga. But oneshould know the best kind of jeans which are available in themarket for men. Denims were and still remain the fabric of choicefor jeans since these are tough, wear long and hard and are cooland comfortable. If a thing is so popular and useful can the womenleave it alone? No. Today we have women wearing jeans of all typesand kinds and looking good on them too.After that time mens jeanshave evolved in styles and designs. They can be used for informaland semi-formal purposes. Moreover in the recent years there arevarious patterns of the jeans which are in fashion. Even differentfabrics are used when it comes to jeans used by men. Some of thewell known varieties of jeans which are used by men are as follows.
Top Fashion Women Clothes 1.0 APK
Many of us feel a little self conscious of our bodies and wish thatwe could lose a few pounds. But the way that you dress has a bigimpact on how you look and wearing the right womens clothes canshed pounds visually without even stepping inside the gym.There aretwo key aspects to looking slimmer and wearing clothes that reallyflatter. The first is to choose clothes that lengthen and slim thebody as a whole, the second is to wear clothes which hide, disguiseand balance out areas of the body that are disproportionatelylarger than the rest. By making the whole of your body appear inproportion, you will automatically look slimmer and morestreamlined.Many people religiously stick to black clothing to makethemselves look slimmer but actually there are plenty of otheralternatives that can make you look slimmer. In fact any colour ofclothing can look great if you choose the right style for your bodyshape. If you are struggling to move away from black, try navy,dark purple or dark grey which are all versatile and slimmingalternatives.One of the secrets of looking slimmer is to chooseclothing that fits perfectly. Whilst you may think that baggyclothes help to hide bulges, they actually make you look bigger andbulkier. Clothes that are too tight are also unflattering as theytend to show and cause unsightly bulges and a give a lumpysilhouette.You can draw attention away from a round tummy bywearing empire line tops and dresses. If you have larger hips andthighs, opt for a line skirts or dresses or boot cut trousers whichwill make your hips look smaller. You should also pay attention tolengths of skirts and jackets. Anything that finishes at arelatively wider part of the body will draw attention to that area.Unless you have great legs avoid very short skirts instead optingfor knee length or even just below for a flattering look.If youhave large arms, then choose styles of womens clothes with arms orwear a light weight jacket or cardigan over short sleeved tops anddresses.There are lots of ways that you can make your body looklonger and slimmer. As a general rule anything that creates avertical or diagonal line across the body will have slimmingeffect. Look for clothes with vertical or diagonal stripes ordresses with embellishment or detail that run diagonally across thedress. Looks for womens fashion that make the most of verticallines including v necks, long jackets or cardigans worn open andlong scarves and necklaces which hang down.You probably have heardmany fashion experts say that a black dress is one of the must haveessentials in womens clothing. But the real issue is if these womenare choosing the ideal black dress that flatters their figure.There are so many styles and cuts available for what you may thinkis just a simple black dress. There is no point of owning a blackdress if it is not suitable for your figure. Below are some secretsrevealed to understand how to choose your black dress. These rulescan also be applied to other types of womens clothing you may beshopping for.If you are conscious about your waist and your bottomyou need to select a black dress that focuses on your other aspectsof your body such as your neck or your shoulders. Choose dressesthat have an attractive neckline and flow easily over your body tohide your waist and rear. Avoid Womens clothing that are tooconstricting or tight. Black dresses that have slightly puffedsleeves, or fancy necklines detract attention away from thewaistline. Empire waist dresses are ideal choices for women whowant to conceal their waist line and highlight the better areas oftheir body. This type of womens clothing can also be worn overjeans or leggings when you feel like donning a more casual and laidback look.If you are petite and have a small body frame do notdrown yourself in a large dress. Choose womens clothing that isabove or at the knee.
Ladies Casual Fashion 1.0 APK
Ladies clothing is certainly evolving from earlier decades of thelast fifty years. The Autumn/Winter 2010 fashion trends will bringback the phrase, "anything goes" as far as style, fabrics, andcolours are concerned.Be on the look-out for brighter than brightautumn colours at their best. Orange, yellow, red, and, yes, brownis the new black. Surprisingly, styles from the 1950's bring backskinny jeans with a new twist. Denim comes in many colours and canbe paired with a white button down blouse and topped off with aswing jacket for chilly fall evenings. Pencil skirts are trendy forwork and evening. This sought-after basic in black can be matchedwith a fur coat or cape, with hat to complete the outfit for breezydays or nights.Low rise trousers or hip huggers, as referred to inthe 1960's, continue to rule casual wear. Now found in a variety offabrics, from denim to polyester and cotton, this style is a mustfor ladies clothing. Also, the mini skirt should still have a homein any closet. Along with a snug fitting wool sweater, tall boots,and neutral coloured tights, this trend never goes out of style forthe fall season. It's comfortable for a shopping spree, schoolmeeting, or day at the zoo.Colours of the 1970's are back withadded style, especially purple and pink. Now referred to as grape,magenta, berry, and fuchsia, these colours are seen on sweaters,silk blouses, and coats to match boots, shoes, and gloves.Polyester is now made to accent figures as it has added spandex.Polyester trousers in new styles are on the rise in all clothingstores. Bell bottoms continue to be the best pick among ladiesunder five feet five inches as they add height.Corduroys in basicbrown, tan, and blue were the highlight of the 1980's. They havebecome softer, stretchable, and more colourful to match with anyblouse or sweater. Smock-style shirts with tie back bows arepopular among younger crowds. They are stylish and can be worncasually or with dressier trousers for evening functions.Overall,fashion trends never really go away concerning ladies clothing.Designers and fabric experts look for better ways to make fashiontrends for Autumn/Winter work for geographic regions and seasons.Seasons dictate colours and geographic regions dictate fabric.Together, these factors work into who's wearing what.It's theweekend and it's time to relax in style. Here is a general list ofessential items of clothing to build a stylish casual wardrobe forboth women and men.Ladies casual clothing essentialsWomen t-shirtsteamed with a pair of denim jeans, skirt or shorts, women'st-shirts are a casual summer wardrobe staple and can be just asuseful layered under knitwear, coats and jackets in the winter forextra warmth.Ladies' shirtsYour casual wardrobe is incompletewithout a handful of ladies shirts which can be easily dressed upfor work, or dressed down for more relaxed days. When choosingwomen's shirts, opt for pure cotton because it's the mostcomfortable against the skin and is ideal in most weathers.Women'scasual jacketsIdeally, you need two women's jackets in your casualwardrobe - one lightweight jacket you can throw on during chillyspring days and one thick padded jacket for the cold winter months.Choose a coat or jacket with features like pockets, detachablehoods and quilted linings for all-season wear.Ladies'sweatshirtsThere's nothing more comfortable than throwing on yourfavourite sweatshirt or rugby shirt when there's a chill in theair. Ladies sweatshirts are now widely available in a range ofstylish designs with zips, buttons, optional hoods and frontpockets.Women's polo shirtsLike t-shirts, women's polo shirts canbe worn throughout the summer and layered under warmer clothing forthe colder months. Polo shirts can be worn with just about anythingfrom denim jeans, a denim skirt or shorts.
Japanese Street Fashion Women 1.0 APK
Last week in Tokyo, while twenty somethings ons and middle age dadwent to the baseball, I nipped out to take a few street style shotsof Japanese grown up women -and a couple of men -couldn’t resistthese cute boys above.As well as having a society withproportionally more older people in it than any other country,older Japanese people are a stylish bunch. Their slender frameslook good in most things (I saw almost no overweight people in twoweeks, despite all those amazing cake shops…why are they not allenormous?) and although they have (mostly) conservative taste, theyseem to know what suits them. Street style blogs often focus onJapanese youngsters looking a tad eccentric or wearing denim headto toe (they are mad about it) but I spotted lots of tailoredsmartness everywhere, with plenty of older women looking prettycool too….Japanese women favour a neat, tailored look and can rockthat Chanel-style combo of easy jacket and pencil skirt -topped offwith (Japanese) pearls. They are good at ‘neat’ and I always feelclumsy and scruffy when I’m walking around Tokyo in comparison. Itmight not be cutting edge but it does look great on smaller frames.And white tailoring for the summer does look classically cool.Italso looks great with white hair, one of my favourite images was ofthis stylish woman below, who had teamed her lightweight softcotton tunic blouse -it had a gorgeous gathered back too- withwhite jeans and lace ups, all topped off with a sweep of whitefringe. The patterned scarf is a great neck-disguiser too, ifyou’re a bit Nora Ephron about yours.tokyo street trends againStripesI think it must be a FACT that the Japanese invented thestripe because it’s practically everyone’s uniform for casual wear,old and young alike. I loved this woman’s take on the classic navystriped T -wearing it with smart floral slimline trousers – andgenerally showing the youngsters how to dress with style. Don’t youlove how the navy trim around the neckline of the T balances itwith the lower half of the design?Another current style trend thatcould have been invented by the Japanese is androgyny, Perhapsbecause of their slender frames, Tokyo women really look good withboyish cropped hair and a no-frills aesthetic. I loved this pairbelow, the T shirt is from Comme des Garcons I think.And since manystreet style shooters look to Japan for future trends, it maybeworth noting that I saw loads of wide denim jeans last week, suchas these below, it seemed like it was the edgy way to wear them,although I’m not convinced yet. Also check out the alternativestripes, loving these!Sneakily caught on a train ride, below, Iloved how this elegant woman’s simple black shift dress was liftedby a powder pink chiffon jacket. The Japanese are partial topastels.Tunics, trousers and a trilbyThis tunic dress over trouserslook was everywhere, and I love how it was finished off below, witha great trilby hat-the Japanese are brilliant at hats. This is suchan easy way to wear shorter summer dresses too, if you aren’t wildabout your knees or don’t want to flash too much leg.I saw lots ofolder Japanese women -clearly the more affluent ones -wearingtop-to-toe Pleats Please, by Issey Miyake, below. I’ve got a PleatsPlease shirt I’ve had since about 1990 and it’s still in fantasticcondition.Green floralsMore a coincidence than a trend, but I lovedboth of these green-hued floral outfits. The tunic dress below isgorgeous, but i was fascinated by the pearls, which look like theyhave in part been wrapped in a cloth tube.And I stalked this womanbelow for a while as she looked fabulous, not sure you get thewhole impact of her coordinated hat (with textural floral corsage)and trousers in the image below, but she did look well turned out.The cardigan-coat was in a sage green silk and had a textural edgeto the hemline, weighting it slightly and her beads picked up allher shades of neutrals and greens.
Girls Fashion Blazers 1.0 APK
A blazer is generally a double breasted jacket that was initiallyworn by men and boys of the 19th century. Blazers were very popularin England. The name blazer comes from the bright colors thatcomposed the early jackets. However, today we find many women whowear blazers. These usually come in neutral colors. In earlierdays, blazers were bright in color and came in stripedpatterns.Earlier one would find boys in private schools wearingblazers that were teamed up with short length pants and long socks.Today, even girls who attend private schools and boarding schoolshave blazers as a part of their uniforms. The fabric that composesa blazer may differ from linen to woolen to flannel, etc.It was notuntil the late 1970s that blazers were widely worn also by women.The film Annie Hall triggered the fashion for women to wearblazers. One could also see that even through the film WorkingGirl, there is a clear concept of the eighties style of women'sblazers. By the eighties all women would be wearing blazers totheir respective official work places. Blazers came in differentcolors, had buttons and big shoulder pads. Women usually woreblazers made of wool flannel, cashmere or lighter fabrics such ascotton, polyester or rayon. Women's blazers were more fitted thanmen's blazers. Today we find that women usually wear jackets thatare either short in length or are fitted. The jackets that are longin length are not easily available, but one can be sure thatdesigners will soon get them back in the fashion world.Now a dayswe find that men's leather blazers are becoming more and morepopular. They have shifted from the eighties scene and have becomean easy way of both comfort and style during winters.Blazers alsomake a statement on the person who is wearing it. It gives out animpact that could be either positive or negative. The cut and styleof a particular blazer could reflect on the characteristics of theperson wearing it. Blazers can be worn with any sort of clothing.One can wear it with a shirt and a tie or even without a tie.Blazers look smart with denims or trousers.Then again, blazer typesalso change according to professions. Men's leather blazers come indifferent styles if they have worked in the navy, police force orthe army. Blazers are also worn as a part of a sporting uniformsuch as cricket, tennis, rowing, etc. Men can also reverse theirleather blazers and use them as raincoats.Thus, as we can see, theblazer has evolved through generations. Its use is made widely andis appreciated by both men and women. Some blazers have livedthrough many years, others have been newly created or recreated,while other have lost their touch during certain time frames andthen re-emerged in the fashion scene once again.When you think ofleather, what do you think? Do you see in your mind the leathertight jeans, the leather jacket and a big, sturdy bike that thrallsunder you as you ride it?You are familiar with the power of theleather garments after all, and how they make you feel young,bright and dashing. You know that girls go gaga over guys withtight jeans, and that is the reason why you should sportthem.Leather is found in different varieties like Naked Leather,Full Grain, Top Grain and Finished Split Leather. Apart fromleather pants and leather jackets, there is another leather piecethat is worn for equal charm and appeal. That is the leatherblazers.These blazers not only lie to the world about your age toyour advantage, but they also show the world how dashing andattractive you are. They give you that funky, wild carefree lookthat young chicks cannot ignore, and lend your physique thatgenteel suavity that can drive the girls even wilder! There aresome facts that you simply cannot ignore about leather.
Summer Street Fashion 1.0 APK
Fashion is alive and well on the high street with many classic andexciting haute couture fashion designers such as Stella McCartney,as well as celebrities such as Madonna getting in on the act andlaunching their own clothing ranges to varying degrees of success!There has never been more choice when it comes to high streetfashions and with millions of garments and accessories available,now is as good a time as ever to update your wardrobe.But what highstreet fashions will you be attracted to, and where will you findthem? This year there seems to be an absolute plethora of stylesand looks available although there may be some 'must-haves'. Overwinter the layered look has prevailed and is still very much invogue going into spring, although it is expected to give way to asimpler and much lighter look as soon as the temperatures soar.Asin recent years expect to show off your legs - either the bare lookwith short skirts, leggings combined with longer tops, or for theextremely daring the skimpiest of hot pants. You'll need the shoesto go with all these looks too, and wedges are expected to beessential footwear this summer. Canvas, slingback, round-toe, opentoe; they're all highly accessible in the high street.But, like alltrends this year's high street fashions offer only the tools, it isup to you to achieve your own unique look. The secret to lookinggood is to mix and match, buying a wide range of garments andaccessories of varying prices, colours and styles from a range ofstores. You can then mix it all up and volia! The real you!Choice,as always, is massive in this year's selections. Take jeans forexample; flared, straight, boot cut, capri, cut-offs and hot pantsare all featuring in the high street - and those are just thetight-fitting variety! Undoubtedly the trendiest items on the highstreet this season will be high-waisted flares, paying yet morehomage era. But don't be tempted unless you can carry it off, andfew can, as these jeans tend to make curvy girls look huge and thingirls akin to sticks; so be warned - it takes the right shape tomake it in these jeans.Of course, when it comes to high streetfashions you need to stick to the rules when it comes to choosingclothes appropriate to your body type. And always trust yourinner-self when it comes to deciding whether you look too old towear a particular item; if you think you are then you probablyare!But, on the other hand DO dress out of your age group if youthink it works! If you've still got fantastic legs at 55 then showthem off in a suitable mini and don't feel you have to stash themaway in conservative trousers! Alternatively, if you are 25 andfancy a change then feel free to pull on the trouser suit! The mostimportant thing when it comes to fashion is to wear what looks beston you!Style is synonymous with exotic looks that pop outmagnificently. Summer season is all about juggling with strikingcolors with hippie chic accessories. The current summer fashiontrends showcase the hottest looks from the biggest names of theglobal fashion industry. One can't resist the cuts and shadesbrilliantly matched and crafted for a stunning summery look.Goodnews:Do you know that most of the designer outfits, bags, shoes canbe within our reach? The diverse online shopping modes are freefrom hassles. You just have to log in to capture this excitingexperience of discount shopping. It is time to revamp your wardrobefor a summery gala.One thing to do before cracking is to spot theessentials of a desired look. Indeed, when it comes to investing,better focus on timeless pieces: a coat with a beautiful cut,pumps, a glittery top, a gorgeous leather bag plus bejeweledtrinkets to create a magic spell.
Pakistani Fashion Kurta 1.0 APK
Traditional Pakistani bridal dresses are a must for Pakistanibrides. Otherwise she does not appear to be getting married. Thisis a life changing day for her. She will want to look elegant andbeautiful. Some affluent families go to the point of buying veryexpensive dresses. This could be designed by a professionalPakistani fashion designer. But a graceful dress can be bought at areasonable price. This is also a part of the expense and should betaken into consideration for a Pakistani wedding day.For a groomthe wedding dress is not that expensive. He wears a churidar pajamaand kurta or shervani. Churidar is a tight fitting sort of asalwar. This is mostly made of silk which is a high quality fabric.He may also wears a topee on his head. The groom may look simplebut the dresses are colorful. Some Pakistani weddings are gettingwesternized now. The males have started wearing trousers andjackets.Brides are expected to keep their faces hidden in a veil.Some prefer to wear a burkah. Still they look beautiful andcolorful. Both brides and grooms look elegant on their wedding.They are hero and heroine of the day. They wear lot of make ups.Wedding day is very memorable for both bride and the groom. Theyremember it for the rest of their life. Pakistani wedding dressesare becoming very expensive now days. Rich families wear lot ofgold, diamonds and other jewellery. Girls wear expensive lehnga.This may cost to the amount of thousands of rupees. Pakistanilengha is rich with gold embroidery. Red is the most popular color.Some prefer to wear ghagra choli. Friends of the bride also lookvery beautiful in their colorful Pakistani suits.Pakistani weddingdresses are woven in different fabrics. It could be silk, cotton,zari, georgette, or crape material. They have a lot of embroiderywork done on them. This may be mirror, bead and cutwork. Pakistanishaadi as they would say it in Urdu is very different from othercultural marriages. The unique colors and designs stand out themost as traditional western mix, to create an exotic blend for theguests to see. This also includes the eye catching art of henna ormehndi.. This is where original floral patterns are painted on thebride's hand and feet.Pakistani fashion and bridal wear designershave far to go before they reach the goal of internationallyacclaimed best designers. Many creative and innovative Pakistanidesigners are creating more than waves today in the scene of thefashion industry worldwide.Many of them started haut-e-couturebridal fashion houses that produce masterpieces in the range ofbridal outfits like lehnga choli and sherwani. The designersacclaim international recognition as ethnic designers as well ascosmopolitan mainstream designers to attract every man or woman.Pakistan is a country of rich traditions and the designers born inthis country have imagination that takes shape with their zest tosparkle the world of fashion and design.The bridal wear designersdo every possible effort to please the customers by creating theperfect outfit with mesmerizing colors they are looking for. For aPakistani bride, traditional red is the color of her outfit. Thegroom prefers subtle shades and white usually for his sherwani orkurta etc. Other colors like shades of blue and green are also inuse for a fashion statement. The designer chooses vibrant colors tospread the embellishments and sequins. They offer customizationservices that include designs, shapes, sizes, patterns, color,embroidery and embellishments.In order to meet the both tastes oftraditional and modern outfits for the bride and groom, theypresent a vivacious collection. The western influence makes adesigner to yearn for creating a bridal line with marvelous fusionof eastern and western cultures. The innovative designers, skilledworkers, quality controllers add significance to the bridaloutfits.