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💖💖💖 The best dent doctor game is here for you. Download freethenewest 🌟Teeth And Mouth Care🌟 game right now and become avirtualdentist. Treat your patient and learn how to deal with allteethproblems. Someone is in pain and needs your help. Become avirtualdentist and cure a toothache using professionalmedicalinstruments. Help your patients keep a charming smile andcleantheir teeth. Children will love this virtual dentist anddoctorgame so install it on your phone or tablet. It is alsoeducationalapp and while kids play it they will learn about dentaltools. Theywill not be so scared anymore when they visit theirdentist. Getthe latest 🌟Teeth And Mouth Care🌟 and be ready for yourfirstpatient. Determine the condition of his or her teeth. Makesure tosterilize mouth and destroy all bacteria hiding there sinceit cancause great damage. Don’t forget that healthy teeth is yourtopgoal as if you are a true dentist. Features:- Professionaldentalinstruments - Efficient tools for whitening teeth -Gorgeousstickers for decorating each tooth 💖💖💖 Install the popular🌟TeethAnd Mouth Care🌟 and you will have the opportunity to chooseamongpatients. Select the one you think needs your help the most.Placethe saliva ejector and start the latest treatment. Cleanthepatient’s teeth using tooth paste and brush. Don’t forget toapplyspray against the bad breath. Nobody loves it so make sureyoutreat it first. Discover the teeth with caries and cure them inthebest possible way. Now you are a virtual dentist so giveyourpatient anesthesia using a syringe. Then you can remove alltoothdecay using the cool dentist's drill. Your next step is toplacethe filling in the cavity of the tooth. Imagine that you haveyourown dentist office in which you treat your patient’s teeth. Getthemost popular 🌟Teeth And Mouth Care🌟 and have tons of fun whileyouclean yellow stains. They are formed on teeth while eatingandthere is no way of preventing them to form. That is whydentalhygiene is so important in maintaining dental health. 💖💖💖Treat thepatients and if certain problems persist consider having adentalX-ray. In that way you will know for sure what to do to treatthepatient. If it is necessary use the orthodontic pliers andextractthe tooth which is causing problems. The next step towardshavingbeautiful white teeth is to wear braces. They will straightenyourpatient’s teeth and align them perfectly. When you see theresultsyou will feel like a real dentist who is keeping a charmingsmileon his patients’ faces. Make this top dent doctor game evenmoreexciting. Discover the coolest dental stickers and embellishtheteeth of your patients with them. Try out golden star orcuteunicorn as well as amazing airplane toy. They will make theteetheven nicer so do not hesitate but decorate your patients’teethwith them. Download free newest 🌟Teeth And Mouth Care🌟 game onyoursmartphone and begin exciting dental practice. How to play: -Takeyour pick on the patient you want to treat- Examine the teethanddetermine their condition- Use dental instruments to curecavitiesand rotten teeth- Cure calculus, stains and apply braceswherenecessary

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🍼🍼🍼 Hi! Would you like to play a game where you will take care of apregnant mommy and a newborn baby? If you would like to nurture amother whose due is pretty soon and to deliver her baby, then youcan download for free the latest 👶Newborn Baby Nurture And Care👶game. Your task would also be to provide a medical care for themum-to-be, welcome the new member to this world, change baby'sdiapers, feed her and play with her. The pregnant mum is reallyclose to delivering a baby and she needs to take care of herself.You can help her with that! Give her vitamins, juice and healthyfruit and pamper her with yummy cake. When the time comes she willask you to take her to a clinic. First, you will have to check herblood pressure, give her a vaccine and listen to baby's heartbeats.It is really important to do an ultrasound so you could check ifeverything is OK with the baby. With the popular 👶Newborn BabyNurture And Care👶 you will be able to follow the mum-to-be from herpregnancy to parenthood. 🍼🍼🍼 Newborn baby caring game can be playedby kids and adults, and by everybody who wishes to take care of avirtual newborn baby. All you need is to install it on yoursmartphone or tablet, it is that simple! This casual game willentertain you for hours and you will adore taking care of a mommyand a baby. A part of the top 👶Newborn Baby Nurture And Care👶 is toprepare the mommy for a C-section when time comes. You can do itand welcome a new family member to the world. This little bundle ofjoy needs to be bathed and cleaned and you will be overwhelmed withcuteness while doing this. You should now take care of the virtualnewborn baby and measure her weight for starters. Afterwards, youcan measure her size, take care of a bellybutton and give her avaccine. A baby girl will need your care and love and you willenjoy picking out the best looking diaper for her. You can alsodecide on the cutest baby overall that fits her and choose whatsocks and baby cap to put on. Make sure to give her a bottle so shewouldn't be hungry. The latest 👶Newborn Baby Nurture And Care👶 isthe best game for girls who will one day also be mothers. This appis also highly educational and gives a look inside maternity andparenthood. Features: - Fantastic graphics that will make yourgameplay enjoyable - Chance to turn on a music box toy so the babywould fall asleep - Opportunity to take care of a pregnant mum andof a newborn baby 🍼🍼🍼 Aside from providing a medical care, both tothe mother and the newborn baby, you can also play with this sweetbundle of joy. Keep her entertained with so many different rattlesand stuffed toys. Your heart will melt when she smiles at you andyou will enjoy while playing the popular 👶Newborn Baby Nurture AndCare👶. Taking care of a mom-to-be and giving birth to a virtualnewborn baby can be really interesting, and if you would like tobathe, dress up and give milk to the baby then this cool baby gameis the perfect one for you. When the little newborn girl is takencare of, she will need to get some sleep. Play the music box toyand turn off the light so she would have a good night sleep.Discover how interesting maternity and parenthood is and play acool game of taking care of a mommy and a baby girl on yoursmartphone or tablet. The top 👶Newborn Baby Nurture And Care👶 appwill bring you tons of fun and the best thing is that the game isfree! How to play: - Take care of pregnant mum and take her to aclinic when the time comes - Before doing a C-section measure herblood pressure and do an ultrasound - Measure the baby's weight,clean the bellybutton and make sure to give her a vaccine - Changeher diaper, overall and feed her
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💆💇💅💄👠 Hear hear! A special ball is organized in our kingdomtonight.Our princess must shine and shimmer so download freenewest 👑BeautySalon For Princess👑 game right this moment! Make herthe prettiestone and help her dress up and do her make-up! Maybetonight she willmeet her knight in shining armor so get her readyfor the ball! But,first take her to top Spa Salon and help herrelax before the grandnight with the soothing massage. Win specialfacial treatment thatwill refresh and rejuvenate her skin.Discover other beauty parlorsopened just for her highness and theywill completely take yourbreath away. You will have the impressionthat you have stepped inthe most romantic fairy tale of yourchildhood once you installlatest Beauty Salon For Princess app onyour phone or tablet. Thisis the best fashion game for girls andthey will be enchanted whenthey start playing it. They will havethree princesses at theirdisposal for makeover. 💆💇💅💄👠 Enjoy funbeauty salon with fashionmakeup hair and pick stunning hairstylefor her royal highness. Thedoors of the Hair Salon are wide open.What are you waiting for? Thetime has come for you to provide themost beautiful princess withthe amazing hair treatment. So grabyour smartphone and enter thekingdom playing the newest 👑BeautySalon For Princess👑. You will beastonished with all the hairaccessories but the ones that will takeyour breath away are thecrowns. Scroll through them and pick themost exclusive one for herroyal highness. Then take her to the topMakeup Salon where you canuse the best quality cosmetic products.Apply foundation color thatmatches her skin tone, and then chooseperfect lipstick and eyeshadow to make princess even morebeautiful. Make her eyelasheslonger using the finest mascara. Havefun playing the best nailgames for girls since the Nail Salon isnow open. There you willhave the chance to browse cool collectionof the exclusive nail artdesigns and choose the one according toyour liking for theprincess. Then, scroll through the finest ringsand select theappropriate one. The beauty complex will provide youwith all thebeauty parlors you need to make her royal highness evenmoreglamorous. There is no time for second thoughts as the specialballwill begin soon, so get rid of them now and install latest👑BeautySalon For Princess👑 on your phone or tablet. Features:-Threeprincesses to choose from- Various beauty salons - Stylishfashionaccessories in each salon- Exclusive kingdom themebackgrounds💆💇💅💄👠The popular beauty complex is open today in ourkingdom so take herroyal highness there. The coolest Clothing Shopis open and youshould visit it to choose the perfect evening gownfor theprincess. Scroll through the collection of fabulous dresses,shoesas well as purses until you find the one that suits herperfectly.Do not forget that special ball is held tonight in ourkingdom andyou are the one who have to make our princess shine andshimmerwith complete makeover. The next stop for the two of you istheJewelry Shop. There you can scroll through the finestearrings,bracelets as well as necklaces until you find the perfectonesmatching the fashionable outfit. Once you accomplish this taskherroyal highness will be ready for the ball so take a photo of herinfront of the castle and show it to your friends. Become partofthis newest dress up fashion game and show your passion forfashionclothes and accessories right now. Download free popular👑BeautySalon For Princess👑 app and come back every day to winvaluablerewards. How to play:- Choose one of the three princesses -Takeher to spa salon and win a special facial treatment- Style herhairand do her makeup and nails- Go to clothing shop and pick themostfashionable clothes- Finally select finest pieces of jeweleryforthe top model - Now, she is ready for the special ball
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✂️ The perfect game for little girls is now here! Yourlittleprincess will be entertained while providing foot pedicureandpainting nails, and you will also have tons of fun whiledecidingon the essential oils for a massage. Get your smartphoneanddownload free of charge the best 🚿Foot Salon Care🚿 game thatwillgive your little girl the impression that she is working inasalon. Foot care is a part of our hygiene and enjoyable massageisgood for relaxation, so all the girls who would like to havefunand decorate nails can try that now in this fun andinterestingfoot spa application. Become a pedicure expert andembellish thenails of the feet that you wish to give a makeover.You will bethrilled to find out how simple it is to install thepopular 🚿FootSalon Care🚿 app and start with the relaxing treatment.The girlswill enjoy while playing the game of giving a foot bath.By using asponge everyone will be able to clean these smelly feetand givethem a fresh, new look. There is also a shower to get ridof allthe dirt that has accumulated while walking, and also a clothtodry the feet, one after the other. Features:- Fish spapedicurethat will rejuvenate tired feet - Relaxing feet massagewithwonderful cremes - Gorgeous rings, ankle bracelets and stickersforbeautifying feet ✂️ As you finish one level, you will move ontothe next one of this catchy game. This time the nails shouldbestrengthened with oil. A deodorant will give them a pleasantsmelland with the powder the skin of feet will become soft andgentle.The latest 🚿Foot Salon Care🚿 also has a foot pedicure forthose wholike to have beautiful feet. It is a pretty cool virtualfoot caresalon and the girls who are playing this game should usescissorsto cut the overgrown nails first. After fixing thisproblem, it isthe turn to file the nails and make them smooth andbeautiful. Youshould also use the hold cotton to clean all thefungus that can befound around the nails and then it is the time topaint the nails.Pick out the top color that you prefer and makethem beautiful.There is nothing more enjoyable than having apopular fish spapedicure. Many tiny fish will bite the cells on thesurface of thefeet skin and thus they will be cleaned and smooth.With the latest🚿Foot Salon Care🚿 on the tablet the young girls willhave a blastand definitely learn a bit more about the care of thefeet. ✂️ Thebest massage that can relax the whole body is performedwithessential oils. It is extremely good for the skin of the feetandcan also make them appear better and rejuvenated. In the samewayas we are decorating our hands with astonishing jewelry we canalsoembellish the feet with gorgeous ankle necklace and toprings.Fantastic stickers are going to embellish the skin of thefeet andthe girls can also pick among so many wonderful jewelry. Wehaveprepared incredible rings, and ankle bracelets are somethingthatyou cannot go without nowadays. Let your child explore theworld ofpedicure and find out how exciting decorating the nails is.Don'tmiss out on this fantastic opportunity to install the new🚿FootSalon Care🚿 game absolutely free of charge and provide yourlittlegirl with immense fun! This cool app can come on your phoneortablet right now! How to play:- Wash and dry smelly feet- Putgel,deodorant and powder the feet - Cut, file and paint the nails-Useessential oils and give a foot massage
Relaxing Foot Spa Treatment 1.0 APK
💅 Welcome to the foot spa salon that provides services ofbathingfeet, cutting and embellishing nails and giving soothingmassageswith essential oils. All of you little girls who would liketo playlike you are working in one of these salons can download forfreethe latest ✂️Relaxing Foot Spa Treatment✂️ game and try it outonyour smartphone. Wash the feet of the lady who has come toyoursalon and use wonderful creams and lotions while providingthecalming massage. Scrub the feet and remove any excessive skin.Itwill be like you are giving a real foot treatment in afamoussalon. We have prepared so many exquisite colors for paintingnailsand fantastic jewelry that will decorate feet in a mostwonderfulway. It will be like the person you are treating is goingto a footfashion show. Not only little princes can have fun withthe popular✂️Relaxing Foot Spa Treatment✂️ app, mum and dad canalso play onthe tablet and have a blast! 💅 Go through all thelevels andprovide the full service when it comes to the new feettreatment inthe virtual foot care salon. It would be nice to startthe wholeprocess of care with bathing and washing the smelly feet.They gotdirty during the day and it is your job to make them cleanagain.Of course you could use soap and sponge to rub them and theclothwill help you dry them after showering. It is highly importanttopay special care to the nail plate and for this you could applyoilin order to strengthen it. Lovely deodorant is also availableandas a final touch for these feet to become gorgeous, there isapowder. In the top ✂️Relaxing Foot Spa Treatment✂️ the nails canbetrimmed and cut. Select a nail clipper and get those nailsinorder. Align the edges by using a file and clean them fromanyfungus that might have appeared. Painted nails are the signofbeautiful and well groomed feet, so pick out the color ofnailpolish you like best. Features:- Many pedicure tools fortrimmingand shaping the nails- Beautiful colors of nail polish -Fish spatreatment for relaxation 💅 There is nothing more soothingthan arelaxing massage. When you are playing the latest ✂️RelaxingFootSpa Treatment✂️ game you will have the task of providingmassagesfor the tired foot. The most peculiar and extraordinary isthe onewith many fish. Thanks to the fish spa pedicure theexcessive skinfrom the feet will be removed and they will berejuvenated. Thereis another way to relax and refresh tired feetand that is by usingessential oils. We have prepared so many ofthem for you so selectthe one you like best. The massage is goodfor blood circulationand it can also be very beneficial for all theones who have beenwalking during the whole day. When going for awalk or to someimportant event all of us like to have our feet inthe bestcondition, and to have a certain decoration on them. Whydon't youembellish these feet with gorgeous new stickers andjewelry that weare offering you? Put a lovely ring on one of yourfingers or usean ankle bracelet that will be shining so brightly.Amazingstickers of so many colors will give a cool look to the feetyouare taking care. The girls will be thrilled when they checkthemout, co there is no reason to postpone installing thetop✂️Relaxing Foot Spa Treatment✂️✂️✂️✂️ on the phone or tablet!Thecoolest thing is that this popular app is absolutely free! Howtoplay: - Use soap and sponge to clean the feet - Apply creamsandmoisturizers to make the skin soft- Cut, file and paint thenails-Provide massages with oils and select the perfect jewelry
Bunny Pet Wash Salon 1.0 APK
🐇 Cute bunnies are here! Do you want to look after your own petandwash and feed this sweet animal that can melt your heart?Well,don't wait for a second, download free of charge the newest🐰BunnyPet Wash Salon🐰 game and begin having fun on your smartphoneortablet! These pets are dirty and injured and need your help tomakethem feel better, so rush and take them to a cool pet spacare.Three sweet rabbits are waiting for you and you will bethrilledwhen you check out how cute they are. The new kids game isperfectfor everybody who love animals and especially bunnies! Givethem abath, treat their wounds and beautify them with a makeup.Bunniesare sad, being all dirty and hurt, but you can wash andtreat yourpets and give them food and drinks. Start playing thebestentertaining game and you will fall in love with theseadorablecreatures that are so fluffy and cute. Installing thepopular🐰Bunny Pet Wash Salon🐰 app is so simple and you can do itwith onlya few clicks on your device. 🐇 🐇 You will find threedifferentbunnies who would like to get all cleaned up and fed. Thetop petcare game for kids is giving you the chance to choose theone youlike most. Open the latest 🐰Bunny Pet Wash Salon🐰 and startwashingyour cute rabbit. He is hurting and that is why you shouldheal hiswounds. Use bandage strips for this and give him aninjection. Payspecial attention to his teeth and make them cleanagain. Dry hisfur with a blow dryer and a towel and he will beextremely fluffythat you would wish to cuddle him. For a good lookit is veryimportant to brush the fur of your pet animal. To stylehis hairyou can use a curler roller and spray. So many cuteaccessories areat your disposal and you can select the one youthink would suitbest your sweet bunny. There are so many wonderfulhairpins, bowsand hairbands that it would be difficult to selectonly one. Thanksto the top 🐰Bunny Pet Wash Salon🐰 game you will beentertained forhours and will not be able to leave your phone. 🐇Features:- Cuteaccessories for making your pet even cuter -Delicious food anddrinks- Gorgeous backgrounds for taking a photoof your pet 🐇 Thisbunny of yours likes wearing makeup, especiallypowder and blush,so don't forget to apply that on his cheeks. Healso won't mindwearing a lovely perfume. A part of grooming yoursweet pet in thepopular 🐰Bunny Pet Wash Salon🐰 game is getting hisnails done.There is a nail clipper to help you cut the nails andyou can alsochoose from many lovely colors of nail polish withwhich you canpaint the nails of a cute bunny. This rabbit is readyto hop on thefields, but he only misses a pair of cool sunglasses.There arealso lovely hats that will protect your bunny from thesun, so helphim pick one. From all this dressing up your bunny pethas becomehungry and would like a snack. You can give him yummycarrot,cabbage, celery or tasty ice cream. He also wouldn't mindhaving apiece of delicious cake. Your sweet bunny is also thirstyand youshould give him something to drink after his meal. Allthatgrooming should be recorded, so take a photo of your cutepet.Choose a beautiful background for the picture and share itwithyour friends. Thanks to the latest 🐰Bunny Pet Wash Salon🐰game,that can be downloaded and installed on your phone or tabletforfree, you will have tons of fun! 🐇 How to play: - Clean yourbunnyand heal his wounds- Brush the teeth of your pet and wash hisfur-Comb the selected bunny and choose a lovely hair accessory -Cuthis nails and paint them with a beautiful color
Baby Pets Bathing Care 1.0 APK
🐱🐭🐱Hi! Cute baby pets are so dirty and injured, and they need yourhelp with wash and care! Download for free the latest 🐰Baby PetsBathing Care🐰 game and look after your own pet! Choose one animalthat you would like to take care of and have fun while playing thisbest entertaining game. Take your baby pet to pets nails spa, brushhis teeth, select a lovely accessory and make it look stunningbefore taking a photo of him. This new kids game is going to thrillnot only the youngest ones, but also all the rest who love lookingafter adorable animals that are so cute and cuddly. Your task is towash and treat baby pets in order to make them feel better. Theywill look beautiful after going through so many soothingtreatments. Groom a baby pet that you choose, a little cat, mouseor an adorable bunny, and have fun on your smartphone or tablet.Install this popular 🐰Baby Pets Bathing Care🐰 game and have tons offun while giving a bath or brushing the fur of your cute babyanimal. 🐱🐭🐱We all adore cute pets and like petting them and playingwith them. If you are ready for tons of cuteness and would like tolook after a dirty and messy virtual pet, then you can install thenewest 🐰Baby Pets Bathing Care🐰 on your phone and start playingthis cool animal game. For starters, you should decide which ofthese adorable baby pets you are going to take care of. This sweetanimal is so dirty and needs a wash. Use soap and shampoo to makeit clean again, and don't forget to treat the wounds. It isextremely important to brush teeth every day, so don't forget toclean the teeth of your baby pet animal. What follows after this isdrying the fur and getting all cleaned up. Use the blow dryer and atowel to get the fur completely dry, you don't want your baby petto get a cold. Why not making a top hairstyle to your cute animal.Apply the curler roller for a lovely one, but before that make sureto comb the hair of the cutest baby pet you have ever seen. It issure that you will not be able to get separated from your tabletonce you start playing this cool 🐰Baby Pets Bathing Care🐰 game.Features: - Interesting gameplay - Three adorable baby pets to takecare of - Many treatments for your baby animal 🐱🐭🐱The cuddling babyanimal that you love so much can be even prettier with a topheadband or a lovely bow. You can beautify your baby pet with oneof the sweet hairpins that are offered to you and no matter if youchoose an adorable baby mouse, kitten or a baby bunny, they willlook so fashionable with a lovely accessory. This baby animal likeswearing a lovely perfume and having powder and blush on the cheeks,so make sure to apply the makeup and make your pet happy. Tidy andpainted nails are a part of every good look, so after you wash andtreat baby pets, you can also cut the nails and select the perfectcolor for them. While you look after your own baby pet, you willhave the chance to choose a cute accessory. Put a lovely hat on thehead of your baby pet, select the best fashionable sunglasses andchoose a wonderful collar that is going to suit your baby animal.The popular 🐰Baby Pets Bathing Care🐰 is an entertaining game thatwill keep you occupied for hours. After all that grooming yoursweet animal is exhausted and hungry, so make sure to give him toeat and drink. Yummy cookies, sweet piece of cake or a tasty carrotwill thrill your baby pet. Take a photo of the cleaned animal thatused to be dirty and now is beautiful and share it with yourfriends. Everybody will enjoy while playing the latest 🐰Baby PetsBathing Care🐰 app that can be downloaded for free on your tablet orphone! How to play: - Choose a baby pet that you wish to groom -Wash your pet and cure the injuries - Brush baby pet's teeth, cutnails and paint them - Choose a lovely accessory and give your petfood and drink
Wedding Salon For Brides 1.3 APK
💆💇💅💄👠 Pay attention here right now as we are going to presentyouthe exclusive complex of beauty salons. Rush to the marketanddownload free newest 👰Wedding Salon For Brides👰 game on yourphoneor tablet. Open fantastic beauty complex and get ready forbridemakeover. Wedding day is the happiest day in one girl’s lifebutalso the most stressful one. Help her release all the tensionandprovide her with the most soothing massage in the Spa Salonwhereyou will also win special facial treatment for her. It willrefreshand rejuvenate her skin and she will look gorgeous on herspecialday. Enjoy popular wedding games for girls and have funwhile youtake your girl through all the preparations for her bigday💍. Feelthe excitement while you go through beauty salons to makeher themost beautiful lady. Do not miss this chance but install thelatestWedding Salon For Brides app on your smartphone right now.💆💇💅💄👠Every girl dreams about her special day when she will marryherprince and imagines the ceremony. Now you have to step intothatdream and live it while playing fun wedding makeover game. Ifyoustill do not have it on your phone or tablet then hurry tothemarket and get coolest 👰Wedding Salon For Brides👰 app at no costatall. It is free and always will be. The Hair Salon is open sowhatare you waiting for? Take the most beautiful bride thereandprovide her with astonishing hair treatment. Nevertheless, wehaveprepared exclusive hair accessories for her so choose carefullyandwisely the best one for her. Stunning hats and much more awaitsyouto check them while playing fun beauty salon with fashionmakeuphair. Let’s play a 💍wedding makeover game for girls tobeautify thegorgeous bride. Can you guess what is your next task?The doors ofone beauty parlor are open and that is the top MakeupSalon. Takeyour bride model there and use the best quality cosmeticproductsfor her. You will find an array of lipsticks, eyeshadowpallets aswell as mascaras and much more. The groom will beenchanted withher looks. Visit Nail Salon and treat the girl withfabulous nailart design. Play popular 👰Wedding Salon For Brides👰game and showthat you are true fashionista while you preparefashionable andbeautiful bride for her big day💍. Features:- Threebride models tochoose from- Various beauty salons - Stylish fashionaccessories ineach salon- Exclusive backgrounds 💆💇💅💄👠 What aboutthe clothes forthe 💍wedding ceremony? Have you ever thought aboutthat? With thiscool wedding dress maker you will have theopportunity to browsethrough the fantastic gowns and dressesdesigned for fashionablebrides. Open the top Clothing Salon andscroll through thecollection of most modern wedding dresses, shoesas well as purses.Choose the according to the latest trends andmake the bride shineand shimmer in the loveliest outfit. Once youare done there visitthe newest Jewelry Salon to complete her look.You will be amazedwith the finest necklaces, earrings as well asbracelets. 💍Weddingsalon marry me dress up game💍 will become yourfavorite one. Selectmatching pieces of jewelry and complete thebride makeover. Take aphoto of her and show your friends that youare true fashionista.Come back every day and win valuable dailyrewards. Do not hesitatebut download free the latest 👰Wedding SalonFor Brides👰 game onyour phone or tablet and provide the bride withunforgettablewedding. How to play:- Choose one of the three bridemodels- Takeher to spa salon and win a special facial treatment-Style her hairand do her makeup and nails- Go to clothing shop andpick the mostfashionable clothes- Finally select finest pieces ofjewelry forthe top model - Now, she is ready for the wedding