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telecommande Mobile, convertit facilementvotretéléphone ou tablette Android en une télécommande universellepourvotre téléviseur. C'est simple et facile à configurer et àutiliser,le mode d'utilisation est exactement la même que latélécommande devotre téléviseur.
La différence entre "Remote Control " et d'autresapplicationssimilaires sur Google Play, c'est que notre applicationprend encharge près de 90% de la télévision sur le marché en2017
Comment utiliser
1 Avoir un téléphone mobile ou tablette Android avec l'infrarougeouêtre connecté à un réseau WiFi.
2 Si votre téléviseur est un Smart TV ont il connecté au mêmeréseauWiFi que votre appareil Android.
3.Installez l'application de Google Play
4 Lancement de notre télécommande universelle pour votre Smart TVetregarder votre réseau.
4b. Si vous avez l'intention d'utiliser l'infrarouge pour desvieuxtéléviseurs, définir votre modèle dans les paramètres.
5.Mise utiliser votre téléphone ou votre tablette commeunetélécommande.

Cette application est compatible avec:
1 télécommande pour téléviseur LG
2 Télécommande pour téléviseur Samsung
3 Télécommande pour téléviseur Sony
4 Télécommande pour Vizio TV
5 Télécommande pour téléviseur Panasonic
6 télécommande pour TV de Sharp

Cette application n'est actuellement pas compatible avec touslestéléviseurs sur le marché, si elle échoue, s'il vous plaîtsoyezpatient et nous informer de votre modèle de téléviseur etnousallons essayer de mettre à jour notre application pouraméliorer lacompatibilité. Nous allons recevoir des commentaires etestégalement apprécié.
Remote Mobileeasilyconverts your Android phone or tablet into a universal remoteforyour TV. It's simple and easy to set up and use, the method ofuseis exactly the same as the TV remote control.
The difference between "Remote Control" and other similar appsonGoogle Play is that our application supports nearly 90% of theTVmarket in 2017
How to use
1 Having a mobile phone or Android tablet with infrared orbeconnected to a WiFi network.
2 If your TV is a Smart TV have it connected to the sameWiFinetwork as your Android device.
3. Install the application on Google Play
4 Launch of our universal remote for your Smart TV and watchyournetwork.
4b. If you intend to use infrared for old televisions, setyourmodel in settings.
5.Mise use your phone or tablet as a remote control.

This application is compatible with:
1 remote control for LG TV
2 Remote control for Samsung TV
3 Remote control for Sony TV
4 Remote control for Vizio TV
5 Remote Control for Panasonic TV
6 remote control for Sharp TV

This application is not currently compatible with all TVs onthemarket, if it fails, please be patient and inform us of yourTVmodel and we will try to update our application toimprovecompatibility. We will receive comments and isalsoappreciated.

App Information Telecommande Mobile

  • App Name
    Telecommande Mobile
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    December 9, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    100 - 500
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Email youssef.sword@gmail.com
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Have you ever deleted your photos bymistake?!If that had arrived with you and you are looking for a goodtoolthat can restore your photos. To solve this problem all youhave todo is download deleted photo retrieval from the google gameand letscan your phone looking for you photos.Photos all deleted by accident? This app attempts to recoveralllost or deleted photos on your device. No root required.This application will help you restore all deleted photos,recoveryour deleted photos now with this simple androidfreeapplication!Photo Recovery application allows you to recover your deletedphotosnow with this simple Android Removed Free PhotoRecovery!I am of insurance has been that I deleted an important photobymistake and I was of course the need for this picture but I donotknow that the right path or application you get my deletedphotosin ad card Sd too one day you do the sameAnd you want deleted photo recovery then this is the rightsolutionfor you only if you want to be deleted back photos.Recover deleted photos can not delete and recover lostphotographsand images from your memory card or internal memory sosimailar todiskdigger photo recovery.If you deleted a photo on your phone without intending to do so?Thedeleted Photo Photo Recovery is the best and the right solutionforyou! Do you ever delete files in your phone as imagesand?1-easy to use!2-Best Deleted Application for Phone Photo Recovery Software!3-do not need any computer to restore old deleted photos!4. Do not need root your Mobile Android, restore deleted files onsdcard!5-photos removed in restoration6-erase photos before installation picture 7 - you can!8 - can restore the camera image or the SD card!And of course there is no layer, it's really useful.This is the best recover deleted files for anyone it is workingwithall phones like samsung photo photo recovery and galaxy s3photorecovery also with all android smart phone such as samsungrecoveryphotos.So do not worry deleteany photo by mistake, now you can findthemall in one minute with a memory card photo recovery.Today you can restore sd memory to most of your deleted photosinminutes without needing root!Pecovery's application of photos let you recover your deletedphotosnow with this simple android removal removed photofree!I am sure that I deleted an important photo by mistake and ofcourseI needed this picture but I do not know the right way oraplicationto retrieve my deleted photos from pub sd card you alsosometimesyou were made the same thingAnd you want to retrieve deleted photos so this is therightsolution for you just if you want to recover deletedphotos.Recover deleted photos can restore and recover lost photographsandimages from your memory card or internal memory it simailar somuchphoto recovery
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Kids Education 2017 is a free educationalgamedesigned to help your child learn from 1 to 20, all majorcolors,main shapes and names of fruits. Each educational elementisrepresented with a colored image and a human type voice.KidsEducation 2017 next to the "learning" mode also includes the"test"mode. This mode tests the knowledge of your children aboutfruits,numbers, shapes and colors. Your child never gets bored ofthiscool game. Learning has never been easier than with KidsEducation.This children's game will be an ideal trainer for yourchild andone of the best ways to get basic knowledge. Thousands ofchildrenworldwide learn the count, fruit names, colors and shapeswith Icool game. Start your children learning process now. Downloadthebest game of all educational games for kids now, make learningfunKids Education 2017 is a free educational game designed tohelpyour child learn from 1 to 20, all major colors, main shapesandnames of fruits. Each educational element is represented withacolored image and a human type voice. Kids Education 2017 nexttothe "learning" mode also includes the "test" mode. This modeteststhe knowledge of your children about fruits, numbers, shapesandcolors. Your child never gets bored of this cool game. Learninghasnever been easier than with Kids Education.This Kids Educational 2017 game features thefollowingfeatures.* Number of Learning Count* Learning colors* Fruits Name Learn* Forms of learning* Colorful graphic representation of all items.* Nice voice-over for the educational element.* Test modeLooking for a simple, free and simple educational applicationtohelp your little one learn phonetics and plot letters ofthealphabet? Look no further than the education of children2017.Kids education 2017 is a free phonetic and alphabetteachingapplication that makes learning fun for children, fromtoddlers topre-schoolers and kindergarten children. It has a seriesofplotting games to help children recognize letter forms,associatethem with phonic sounds, and put their knowledge of thealphabet touse in fun correspondence exercises. Any bambino,kindergarten orpreschool child can learn English and Englishalphabet simply byfollowing the arrows with your finger. They caneven collectstickers and toys as they complete plottinggames!.Best of all, the education of 2017 children is complete and freeofpurchases in the application and third-partyadvertisements.Toddlers and elves can learn to learn togetherwithoutinterruption.Characteristics:-A colorful application of early education that helps childrenlearnthe English alphabet.-Inclusion of plotting games, phonetic matching, correspondenceofletters and more.- Uppercase and lowercase letters to plot, listen and match.-Smart interface helps children focus on phonetics andletterswithout accidentally going out of the game.- No third-party advertising, no purchase in the app, no trick.Justpurely educational pleasure
بديل معجون الاسنان (طبيعي) 1.1 APK
وصفات بديل معجون الاسنان مجربة لتبييضالأسنانتطبيق مجاني و بدون أنترنيت يحتوي على مجموعة من الوصفاتالمجربة والطبيعية لتبييض الأسنان تطبيق صالح لرجال والنساء للحصولعلى اسنانناصعة البياض.يحتوي التطبيق على عدة وصفات مجربة لتبييض الأسنان بسرعة وبدونأنترنيت متجددة بستمرار و هذه بعضها :ء خلطة العسل ورماد الخبز لتبييض الاسنان واسافات تاجميلء خلطة رهيبة لتبييض الاسنان خلال 10 دقائق ء مجربةء تعرف علي الوصفة السحرية لتبيض الأسنان واسافات تاجميلء وصفة سحرية تجعل أسنانك ناصعة البياض في أقل من 5 دقائق فقطء وصفه طبيعيه سهله جدا لتبييض الاسنان فى 4 أيام فقطء وصفات الجمال بدون أنترنيتوصفات طبيعية للوجه والشعرء وصفات طبيعية للوجه مغربيةء وصفات طبيعية للوجه والشعرRecipesalternativetoothpaste proven to whiten your teeth free applicationand withoutaccess to the Internet contains a collection of recipesand naturalproven to whiten teeth in favor of applying to men andwomen to getteeth whiter than white.Application on several recipes proven to whiten teeth quicklyandwithout access to the Internet has renewed Bstmrar and someofthese:E mixture of honey and the ashes of bread to whiten teethandAsavat TajamilE mixture terrible teeth whitening within 10 minutes E provenE know the magic formula for bleaching teeth andAsavatTajamilE magic formula to make your teeth whiter than white in less than5minutesE described as normal is very easy to whiten teeth in just4daysE beauty recipes without access to the InternetRecipes natural for face and hairE recipes for natural face MoroccanE natural recipes for face and hair
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Do you want to add writing to your video? Doasearch for the program to write to the video Tired but tonoavail?Today and exclusively offer you modification program and writingonvideo, which does not compete with the application market.Writing the video application allows you to add text or word onyourprofessional video to decorate or video to explain the videoor evenput your name on the video to save the rights.Not all this only, this application contains severalotheradvantages and professional tools to edit the video letsyourecognize them as follows ..Application Features:- You can add your writing to the video- Add music to video- Add effects to video- Integration of videos into a video- Chop video- Writing in video- Collect multiple videos in one video.- Adds tires for new video formats- Convert images and music to a video- Record the video in the phone quite easily.- Participation immediately after the completion of themodificationand Aaiatk with your friends on social networkingsites FacebookCalfaas ...- We hope that the application of Tqqam unforgettable and thankyou..
استرجاع الملفات المحذوفة 2017 1.2.0 APK
تبحث عن برنامج استرجاع الصور المحذوفة ؟ هلقمتبحدف صورك بالخطأ وتريد استجاعهم .ولكن لم تجد الي التطبيقات الكاذبة والدي لا تشتغل ابدا ؟اد كانا جوابك نعم فاليوم قد وجدة البرنامج استرجاع الصور المحذوفةمنالهاتف الدي سوف يشتغل معك 100% فلقد قمنا بتجربته علي انواعمختلفةمن الهواتف واشتغل معهم جيدا وأيضا ساعدا الكثير في استرجاعصورهموسوف يساعدك انتا ايضا فقط قم بتحميله الان وجربه ولاتنسياخبارنا اداشتغل معك جيدا .يقوم تطبيق استرجاع الصور المحذوفة من الهاتف بكل سهولة كل ماعليكفعلههوا الدخول اليه وختيار المجلد الدي سوف تجد فيه كل صوركالمحذوفةوتقوم بسترجاعها وحفظها في هاتفك بكل سهولة مع برنامجاستعادة جميعالصور المحذوفة الجديد و الاول في العالم العربي الدييشتغل100%.الان يمكنك من اعادة الصور المحذوفة بكل سهولة مع هاداالبرنامجالجديد.كيف يقوم التطبيق من استرجاع الصور المحذوفة :1. اختر المجلد الدي يحتوي علي الصور الدي تريد استرجاعها .2. حدد الصور المحذوفة من ذاكرة الهاتف3. اضغط علي زر الاستعادة وسوف تجدها في الالبوم داخل هاتفكالمميزات :* استرجاع الصور المحذوفة 2016* استرجاع الصور المحذوفة من الهاتف* استرجاع الصور المحذوفة من بطاقة sd* استرجاع الصور المحذوفة* استرجاع الصور المحذوفة من ذاكرة الهاتف* استرجاع الصور* استرجاع الفيديوهات المحذوفة من الهاتف* استرجاع فيديوهات محذوفة* اعادة الصور المحذوفة* استعادة جميع الصور المحذوفة- recorvy my filsادا أعجبك التطبيق و اشتغل معك جيدا لاتنسى تقييمه ب5 نجوم ومشاركتهمعاصدقائكم ليستفيد منه الكل .Looking forretrievingdeleted photos program? Did you Bhdv mistake photos andwantAstjallm.But I did not find my father to false applicationsneveroperate?Ed were yes Today has Jeddah program retrieve deleted photosfromthe phone's parents will platters with you 100% have havehisexperience on different types of phones and worked with themverywell, and also a lot helped to retrieve their pictures willhelpyou Lanta also just Download it now and try it and do notforget totell us Ed worked with you Well .The application retrieve deleted photos from your phone withease,all you need to do Hua access to it and the selection dadfolderwhere you will find all your photos deleted and the Bstrjallaandsaved in your phone easily with the restoration of all thenewimages deleted and the first in the parents of the Arab world,theprogram runs 100%.Now you can re-deleted photos with ease with hada newprogram.How does the application to retrieve deleted photos:1. Choose My father folder contains the images you want toretrievemy father.2. Select the deleted photos from the phone memory3. Click on the Restore button and you will find in the albuminsideyour phoneAdvantages :* Recover deleted photos 2016* Recover deleted from the phone images* Recover deleted pictures from sd card* Recover deleted images* Recover deleted pictures from the phone's memory* Retrieve images* Deleted from phone videos retrieval* Retrieve Deleted Videos* Restore deleted photos* Restore all deleted photos- Recorvy my filsWada did you like the application and worked well withyouunforgettable b Rated 5 stars and share it with your friendsforthe benefit of all.
حلويات اليوم 2017 5.2 APK
يحتوي التطبيق على وصفات اجود انواعالحلوياتالمغربية ، العربية والعالمية، والمجربة في مطبخنا، منمميزاتالبرنامج :* انه يعمل بدون انترنت*يمكنك من اختيار الوصفات حسب تصنيف معين من قائمة الإختيارات*يمكنك من استعمال ميزة البحث بكل سهولة*يمكن ان تشارك اصدقاءك وعائلتك كل الوصفات والمقادير عن طريقالإيميل،الرسائل، الواتساب,الفايسبوك ...*يقوم بإعادة حساب المقادير بشكل تلقائي في حالة تغييرعددالافرادلا تنسوا الإنضمام لصفحتنا عبر الفايسبوك :ولا تنسوا مشاركتنا آرائكم، إنتقاداتكم وتعليقاتكمكلمات البحث :كل جديد الطبخ المغربي لأصيلأطباق رئيسية مغربيةحلويات عيد الميلادأطباق تقليديةحلويات عصريةوصفات البيتزاوصفات عيد الاضحىالخبز بكل انواعواالحساء والشورباتالبسطيلة و البريواتوصفات مثالية للعشاءعصائر و مشروباتشهيوات رمضانحلويات عصريةحلويات مغربيةحلوياتحلويات العيدحلويات عيد الميلادطورطات و كيكأطباق رئيسية مغربيةأطباق تقليديةشهيوات منوعةالطواجناطباق الدجاجحلويات عيد الميلاداطباق الاسماكأكلات خفيفةالسلطاتالبطبوطالمعجناتوصفات البيتزاوصفات عيد الاضحىالبسطيلة و البريواتشهيوات رمضانحلويات مغربيةحلوياتحلويات العيدطورطات و كيكحلويات عيد الميلادحلويات العيدحلويات مغربية بدون أنترنتحلويات مغربية سهلةحلويات عربيةحلويات عالميةحلويات عيد الاضحىحلويات عيد الفطرحلويات عصريةtermes de recherchehalawiyat bila internetwasaft alhalawiyathalawiyat 2017halawiyat al-aidhalawiyat arabiyahalawiyat al3idhalawiyat al maghribiya sahlahalawiyat al maghribiyahalawiyat marochalawiyat maghribiachhiwat maghribiyachhiwatchhiwat choumichachhiwat ramadanchhiwat arabiyachhiwat 3alamiyahalawiyat khadijahalawiyatoklashahiyachehiwataidaid adhamonassabaatba9 la7mtabkhwassafat l3idwasfat Eid al-AdhaApplication recipesfinestMoroccan sweets, and the Arab world, and proven in ourkitchen, thesoftware contains features:* It works without Internet* You can choose recipes according to a specified category fromalist of choices* You can use the search feature with ease* Can be involved friends and family all the recipes andingredientsthrough e-mail, messaging, Alwatsab, Facebook ...* The re Ingredients account automatically in the case ofchangingthe number of individualsDo not forget to join our Facebook via:Do not forget to join us your opinions, criticismsandcommentsKeywords:Each new Moroccan cooking authenticMoroccan main dishesHoliday Christmas SweetsTraditional dishesModern sweetsPizza recipesRecipes Eid al-AdhaBread every AnwaawaSoups and soupsPastilla and AlbruatRecipes perfect for dinnerJuices and drinksShahyoat RamadanModern sweetsMoroccan sweetsCandyEid sweetsHoliday Christmas SweetsToirtat and CakeMoroccan main dishesTraditional dishesShahyoat varietyTaginesChicken dishesHoliday Christmas SweetsFish dishesLight cuisinethe authoritiesBatbotPastryPizza recipesRecipes Eid al-AdhaPastilla and AlbruatShahyoat RamadanMoroccan sweetsCandyEid sweetsToirtat and CakeHoliday Christmas SweetsEid sweetsMoroccan sweets without InternetMoroccan sweets easyArab sweetsGlobal SweetsEid al-Adha holiday sweetsEid al-Fitr SweetsModern sweetstermes de recherchehalawiyat bila internetwasaft alhalawiyathalawiyat 2017halawiyat al-aidhalawiyat arabiyahalawiyat al3idhalawiyat al maghribiya sahlahalawiyat al maghribiyahalawiyat marochalawiyat maghribiachhiwat maghribiyachhiwatchhiwat choumichachhiwat ramadanchhiwat arabiyachhiwat 3alamiyahalawiyat khadijahalawiyatoklashahiyachehiwataidaid adhamonassabaatba9 la7mtabkhwassafat l3idwasfat Eid al-Adha