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Do you like to have fun and spend an afternoon of laughter withyour friends? In this is your application you will find the bestfake phone calls jokes. An application that is designed to make youlaugh. This app contains a large assortment of phone calls andheavy jokes. A large number of videos where you can listen totelephone messages made to anonymous, famous or family members.Many recordings to break with laughter. You can also listen to thereactions of the victims. In this app you will see these prankstersdial a number at random, from any of their friends or to a company.In these messages and videos you can hear the most twistedquestions, the most unexpected scares, and very funny topics. Forexample, you will hear a joke or scare from a man to his partner,very strange sounds 📞 In this entertainment app you can take jokeideas to surprise who you want. If one day you are bored put onthis wonderful app and you will not stop laughing, alone oraccompanied. We have a large assortment of recordings and falsereactions. Fun moments to spend with family. Hundreds of videos ofvoice recordings to deceive or scare the person or people you want.An original and fun app available in a simple and free. Downloadand share these funny videos of fake phone calls 📲 Choose the jokeyou want and listen to the messages and reactions we offer you.Laughter can not be erased from this app. This app is also designedto learn how to play phone jokes.

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    December 5, 2018
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Do you want to learn how to make soap in a simple andeconomicalway? Our goal is to teach you thanks to these recipesandtutorials. We propose different techniques with which you canlearnhow to make homemade soap without any experience. Thisproduct, asbasic as soap, is used for skin care and daily cleaning.We use itto wash our hands, face, body and also for clothes. It isone ofthe cosmetics that we use the most. Therefore, it is veryimportantthat it be of quality. ✔️ In this application you willlearn how tomake natural liquid soap, solid, glycerin and evendetergent forcleaning. ✔️ Here you will find a guide with the besttips tocreate your own soaps at home. Nowadays homemade soap ismade withvegetable oils and shortenings, water and caustic soda.These arethe three fundamental ingredients that can not be missing.✔️ Inthese tutorials we show you a great variety of recipes togivedifferent textures and smells. For example you can see recipesofthyme soaps, coconut, argan oil, olive oil, almond oil,glycerin... ✔️ In this application we offer you information on howto makehomemade soap with used or natural ingredients. This appisdesigned for beginners and for those who want to learn new tipsandtechniques. In these videos you will learn to create all kindsofhandmade soaps and naturally. Do not hesitate to downloadthisapplication with the best tutorials and tips to createthisproduct. Once you learn how to make it, you can use it forcleaningthe home, clothes or even for the skin. Learn a varietyoftechniques for free.
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With this rap music app you can listen to the best of hip-hop,thebest songs and hits of all time. You can find the best musicfromyour favorite artists. We offer you the most danceable albumsandrhythms. It is music moved and with rhythm of funk. Hip-hopworkedinitially, as a form of self-expression. His purpose was totry tochallenge the circumstances of that environment, favoringhisartistic development. ° Hundreds of songs that you can listentofor free and that are renewed periodically. Downloadthisapplication and sing with your friends. Listen to the tone ofvoiceof these singers and their instrumental connection. ° If youlikethis urban genre, here you will find the rhythms of this theme.Ifyou want a great collection of songs and rap songs, this isyourchance 🗣 ° Come and enjoy the newest sounds and albums. We havethemost American rap music and the best of these urban artists.°Dance and move with the flow and feel your favorite themes.Hip-hopvaries according to the tone and rhythms with which it issung. ° °It can be sung in prose or verse. You will find the bestaudio toenjoy this genre. Designed for everyone who likes rap 🙃Greatcompilation with videos of singers and artists ofmanynationalities. You can listen to the hits in your favoritelanguagesuch as: English, Spanish, Portuguese. You can listen tothe besttop 10 rap music at any time of the day and anywhere. Youralbumsand singers always at your disposal. Live this urban musicalgenrewith passion.
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In this application you can discover the multiple properties andconnection of positivity that exists between precious stones andenergy. Since time immemorial these objects have been used to takecare of health, attract love or good luck. Nowadays, energeticproperties are attributed to it. These energies can act in favor ofhuman beings. Here we show you videos so you can know how thesenatural objects help in life. We present you with images, stonesthat can attract positive energy and neutralize the negative inyour home and in your life. ✔ There are some that help you calmdown, concentration and balance. ✔ Others that protect you and actas a barrier against negative things. ✔ The pink quartz transmitspeace to the person who owns it. ✔ Others help solve problems. Theycalm pain and avoid sadness. ✔ There are also some that improvesocial relationships, attract love and give confidence in oneself.✔ And others represent pure and strong love. It is related topersonal success. Do you want to attract positivity? If you likethis mysterious and hidden world, do not hesitate. You will findthe best ideas and representation of these natural objects. Thereis a great connection of positivity between precious stones andenergy. We offer you a great list so you can learn the propertiesof each of them. Gems have always been a mystery of nature. Thereare many benefits of always carrying a gem with you. Here you candistinguish and memorize the connection that exists between naturalgemstones and people.
😎 Videos of Blippi toys 😁 1.0.0 APK
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Welcome to this fun application with the best Blippi videos!Throughour application your children can learn everyday thingseasily andfull of fun. They can see everything through games andlearnmultiple concepts such as colors, body parts, songs, puzzles🌍 Thebest educational images for children can be found here.Blippi lovesadventures, travel, tools and having fun in hisplayroom 🌠 We offeryou the guarantee that children will learn alot with thischarismatic character. An application where childrenwill learn byplaying. Great variety of games where children aretaught differentparts of the body, how different vehicles work ...🚐 The little oneswill appreciate having this fantastic app ontheir android device.Live a lot of adventures with theirrespective songs. Meet the toystore with hundreds of puzzles,colorful toys and many moreactivities. The best educational videosHave a great time in thefamous playground. Meet the museum andlearn everything that is init. See how your friend flies byhelicopter and knows what it's for.Walk the old farm and see thedifferent animals that live in it. Weassure you the fun Theseeducational videos are full of adventureand fun 🐷 You can listento the songs in several languages.Everything you need yourchildren find in this app of educationalvideos for children. Themost exciting children's images live herewith Blippi.
Videos of if you laugh you lose 😂 1.0.0 APK
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Do you want to live a unique experience of humor, videos offalls,of babies, animals or funny and funny jokes? In thisapplication ofif you laugh you lose level God will find the bestvideos in theworld. The most viral images of the network, alreadyat yourdisposal in your android system. Spend a good time withyourfriends every day. Try not to laugh neither you nor yourfriends.It will be very difficult that with this content of funnysubjectswill not laugh 🤣 Fun is assured. Come to spend moments oflaughter,fear, frights, falls, with this interface updatedperiodically. ✔️The funniest babies and their little pranks willput you to thetest to make you laugh. ✔️ The most fun falls, ofartists, singersor some careless model. ✔️ We have wedding jokes,birthday partiesto share with whoever you want. ✔️ Great collectionof videos of ifyou risk losing God level on your mobile. ✔️ We alsooffer you thebest skills of anonymous people. You will be stunnedwhen you seethe things they can do. As for example workers doingtheir jobsuper fast. You can see how they chop a watermelon or amelon in afew seconds. Or you will see an athlete make his ownrecord in asimple way. That's why remember to have this app and youcan notstop laughing. Although the goal of this app is that you donotlaugh. Because if you laugh you lose. The content oftheapplication is in several languages. A whole set of jokes ofalltypes, funny babies, sweet animals and all of them at amaximumlevel. We leave you good and funny categories of God levelvideos.
Learn to ride a horse 🏇 1.0.0 APK
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In this application we offer you the techniques and basicexercisesto learn to ride a horse. If you love horse riding andhorse ridingand want to get started in this sport, you are in luck.Come andenjoy these tricks, benefits and great tips. In thesetutorials weexplain step by step what you should keep in mind tolearn how toride a horse: ✔️ Check before going up that it is wellsaddled. ✔Go up or down always on the same side of the animal: onthe left. ✔Keep a straight and comfortable posture. It must be inperfectbalance and stability. ✔️ Wear a helmet and appropriateclotheswhen we go to practice this hobby. With this application youwillnot have the need to go to an equestrian school to get started.Inthese tutorial videos you will find the best training,tricks,exercises and facilities you need to practice. Taking ahorse rideis very pleasant. Even so it is not easy to start in thisactivity.However, in this application we teach you with theseclasses andtrainings. The classes you always wanted to have, nowyou can havethem on your mobile device thanks to this app. In eachof theseclasses we will show you the benefits you can acquire: °Being incontact with the horse promotes trust. ° The fact that thisanimalhas a higher temperature than the human being favorsbloodcirculation. ° Improves the perception of the body schema.°Improves vertical and horizontal balance. ° Improvesconcentration,attention capacity. ° Regulates muscle tone. Thisactivity requiresdexterity, the skill of the rider, materials used,etc. In theseimages you can find great content related to horseriding. You willfind tutorials of the best teachers. Where theywill explain theexercises, benefits, tricks and basic training fora good learning.If you want to learn to ride a horse, do nothesitate. Downloadthis app for free.
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With palmistry you can learn to interpret the meaningandpredictions of the future. If you like the world of tarot andsignsof the horoscope, you're in luck. In these videos you can haveatyour disposal and at any time this app. You will be abletointerpret the different characteristics that each hand ofeachperson has. You will begin to know how to appreciate what eachlineof the palm of the hand tells us. And then in these images youwillalso know the planetary mountains. Will try to know aboutthedestination and the future. A great content to learnbasicknowledge, like this art of knowing how to read the palms ofyourhands. You will not need to be a clairvoyant to discoverthemeaning of the signs of the zodiac ♈ You just need to payattentionto these images. Here we will show you palmistry. Alearning ofboth the horoscope and tarot and the predictions ofdestiny 😑 Weoffer you divination techniques and easy to learn andmemorizetips. If you want to have knowledge in this world, do nothesitate,download this application. Here you will learn the mainaspectsthat every psychic would like to know. This course isdedicated topeople who want to start in the fascinating world oftarot andpalmistry. Learn to read and guess the future through yourfingersand palms 🙌 Have you ever been interested in the importanceof thelines of your hands or that of your friends and family? Welldo notthink about it anymore. Learn what the signs of the horoscopemeanthrough hands, learn to read the destiny and the predictionsthanksto this palmistry app.